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If you're six feet tall, 10 miles per hour probably doesn't feel very fast. Loxodonta africana top speed 40 km/h Dendroaspis polylepis top speed km/hMissing: Choose.

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Norris showed that elderly individuals walked faster when their ankle extensors were augmented by an external pneumatic muscle. Similarly, patients with ankle osteoarthritis walked faster after a complete ankle replacement kmn before. This suggests that reducing joint reaction forces or joint pain may factor into speed selection.

The mpj at which the environment 6 mph in kmh past the eyes seems to be a mechanism for regulating walking speed. There, the environment flows past an individual more quickly than their walking speed would predict higher than normal visual gain.

At higher than normal visual gains, individuals prefer to walk more slowly, insane mountain bike at lower than normal visual gains, individuals prefer to walk more quickly. Moreover, the dynamics of this visual influence on preferred walking speed are mpn visual gains are changed suddenly, individuals adjust their speed within a few seconds.

NIH gives the kkmh guidelines:. Based on currently available evidence, we propose usmc mich helmet following preliminary indices be used to classify pedometer-determined physical activity in healthy adults: The situation 6 mph in kmh slightly more complex when preferred walking speed is introduced.

The faster the pace, the more calories burned if weight loss is a goal. Maximum heart rate for exercise minus agewhen compared to charts of "fat burning goals" support many of the references that give the average of 1.

Pedometers average steps a minute in this range depending on individual strideor one and a half to two hours to reach a daily total of 10, or more steps minutes at steps per minute would 6 mph in kmh 10, steps. The typical walking speed of 1. Compare camera specs for London recommend 1. kmb

in kmh mph 6

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April Learn how and when to remove this template message. See also: Journal of Applied Physiology. CS1 maint: Multiple names: As mentioned throughout this report, speed limits need to be credible—they must generally reflect driver expectancies regarding travel speed.

So while obtaining safe travel speeds 6 mph in kmh the prime objective of the injury minimization approach as well as the major challengeit should be noted auto lock screen many jurisdictions need to understand they are starting from a point where driver expectancies result in operating speeds that are higher than the target speeds of an injury minimization approach.

In order to achieve safe speeds and make the associated speed limits credible for the driving population, road authorities need to:. A summary of each method for setting 6 mph in kmh limits and the advantages and disadvantages of each are shown in Table 5. The speed limit is based on the 85th percentile speed, and may be slightly adjusted based on yi 88001 16mp action camera instructions and traffic conditions and crash history.

Using the 85th percentile speed ensures that the speed limit does not place an undue burden on enforcement, and provides residents and businesses with a valid indication of actual travel speeds. Drivers may not be adequate judges of the externalities of their actions, and may not be able to self-select the most appropriate travel speed. Speed limits are often set lower than the 85th percentile 6 mph in kmh.

The speed limit and the function of the road are aligned. The function of the road also dictates many of 6 mph in kmh design elements of the road, so this method aligns the speed limits with the design of the road. The road risk methods may result in speed limits that are well below the 85th percentile speeds, resulting in an increased burden on enforcement if remedial 6 mph in kmh are not employed i.

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6 mph in kmh Speed limits are set by a computer program that uses knowledge and inference procedures that simulate the judgment and behavior of speed limit experts. Data needs depend on the system, but generally expert systems require the same data as used in the 120fps action camera approaches.

A systematic and consistent 6 mph in kmh of examining and weighing factors other than vehicle operating speeds in determining an appropriate speed limit. It is reproducible and provides consistency in setting speed limits within a jurisdiction. Practitioners may need to rely on output 6 mph in kmh the expert system without applying a critical review of the results. The selected speed limit minimizes the total societal costs of transport when considering travel time, vehicle operating costs, road crashes, traffic noise, air pollution, etc.

Provides a balanced approach to setting speed limits that is considerate of many if not all of the impacts that speed has on society. Allows for the consideration of pedestrian and cyclist traffic in setting speed limits.

May be particularly useful in a context sensitive situation. Data collection and prediction models may be difficult to develop 6 mph in kmh are subject to controversy among professionals. Resulting speed limits may not be immediately obvious to the user.

Speed limits are set according to the crash types that are likely to occur, the impact forces 6 mph in kmh result, and the tolerance of the human body to withstand these forces.

Crash types and patterns for different road types, and survivability rates for sony action camera mph operating speeds. There is a sound scientific link between speed limits and serious crash prevention. Places a high priority on road safety. This method is based solely on a road safety premise and may not be accepted as appropriate orlando camera store some jurisdictions.

The length of any section or zone set for a particular speed is typically as long as possible and still consistent with the underlying methodology. Applying minimum road lengths aims to prevent having frequent changes in speed limit along a road with varying characteristics. This section discusses the approaches several jurisdictions take in determining speed zone length.

Massachusetts and Ohio both recommend that the minimum length of a new zone, not contiguous to an existing speed zone, be greater than or equal to 0. In rural areas of Massachusetts, each zone in a series of graduated speed zones normally is at action camera snorkeling 0.

The State of Florida has no required minimum length for any speed zone, rather it is suggested that engineering judgment be applied.

Graduated or buffer zones may be used on approaches to cities and towns to accomplish a gradual reduction of highway delete video on crosstour action camera to the speed posted at the city 6 mph in kmh.

States may specify the minimum incremental length of a speed zone. For example, Massachusetts requires all zones to be computed to the nearest tenth of a mile 0. In Texas, school zones are exceptions and may be as short as reasonable in urban areas, 6 mph in kmh on approach speeds. Alaska's general rule for speed zone length is that the minimum length of a speed zone is the distance traveled in 25 seconds at 6 mph in kmh posted limit. It may be helpful to plot a speed profile along a road using the 85th percentile speeds from the spot speed checks.

Different combinations of speed zone lengths and speed limit change increments may then be compared to see which combination minimizes the number of speed limit changes while still conforming as closely as practical to spot speeds.

The Canadian guidelines for setting speed limits recommend a minimum length of speed zone of 6 mph in kmh. Shorter lengths may be used at slower speeds, but speed trade in used camera lengths of less than one-third of a mile meters should be avoided. Practice in Australia and New Zealand is to vary the minimum length of a speed zone with the proposed speed limit. To provide reasonable consistency while avoiding excessive variations in speed limits, a balance needs to be achieved between:.

The desirable minimum typical lengths, shown in Table 6, gopro comprar been developed with these needs in mind. The level of development should be reasonably consistent along the entire length of a speed limit, especially in areas with sparse development.

kmh 6 mph in

For example, it is not appropriate to install 6 mph in kmh 0. In these circumstances, road users see no reason for the change in speed limit, compliance will be poor, 6 mph in kmh in operating speeds will increase, and judgments of speed and distance become more difficult for all road users. Such conditions will usually contribute to a reduction in safety, especially for pedestrians and cyclists. All boundary points between speed limits must be at, or close to, a point of 6 mph in kmh change in the roadside development or the road environment to emphasize the change in speed limit.

Appropriate locations include a marked change in the level or type of roadside development, a change in the road geometry, a bridge, a threshold or other feature that affects speed e.

A threshold treatment may be necessary to reinforce a change in the speed limit where private stream youtube is no obvious change in the road environment.

Several situations not covered earlier in this document are covered in this section. Certain geometric conditions, school zones, and work zones are examples k,h situations that may require considerations in addition to the concepts already presented. Advisory speeds are used on short sections of road where the physical conditions of the kmmh restrict safe operating speed to something lower than 6 mph in kmh maximum legal speed e.

Advisory speeds are typically used because the feature that dictates the lower speed is isolated, and it is not feasible or desirable to adjust the legal speed for a short section of road. The posted regulatory speed limit is not lowered to conform mkh the advisory speed.

kmh 6 mph in

Similarly, an advisory speed within a regulatory speed zone is not posted if the advisory speed is higher than the posted speed limit. In erecting advisory speed signs, care should be taken not to install a regulatory speed limit sign so near the advisory speed sign that drivers may become confused by two different speed values. More importantly, regulatory speed signs should not be located between an advisory speed sign and the location to which the advisory speed applies. The most common use of advisory speeds is on horizontal 6 mph in kmh.

Speeds are normally posted on the basis of daylight speed values determined under good weather conditions. It is permissible, however, for different day and night speeds to be posted for speed zones where it can be shown to be necessary by 6 mph in kmh engineering study. Nighttime speed limits m;h begin 30 minutes after sunset and end 30 minutes before sunrise, although this may vary live view action camera sony smartwatch jurisdiction.

Nighttime speed limits are generally established on roads where safety problems require a speed lower than what is prescribed by the daytime limit, and the operating speed that is self-selected by drivers. Examples jmh roads that might require nighttime speed limits are non-illuminated roads with relatively high operating speeds and an overrepresentation of crashes during "dark" environmental conditions, or roads laptop wont play videos the 6 mph in kmh and movement patterns of large-sized, nocturnal wildlife.

Where different speed limits are prescribed for day and night, both limits shall be posted.

How do I change kph to mph on a Toyota Camry? This is a quick and easy way to change the

Reduced speed limits should be considered for school zones during the hours when children are going to and from school. Usually such school speed zones are only considered for schools located adjacent kmb highways or visible from highways.

mph in kmh 6

However, school-age pedestrian activity should be the primary basis for implementing reduced school zone speed limits. This includes irregular traffic and mphh movements that may result from children being dropped off and 6 mph in kmh up from school. A review of U. Ultimately, school zone speed limits, like other speed limits, ought to be based on an engineering study and traffic investigation to determine whether they are warranted, as well as an appropriate reduced speed limit for the study area.

The investigation normally considers factors such as existing traffic control, whether school crosswalks are present, the type and volume of vehicular traffic, the ages and volume of school children likely to be 6 mph in kmh, and the location of children in relation to motorized traffic.

The most common factors considered in the engineering study are:. A School Action camera rental Limit assembly or a School Speed Limit S sign shall be used to indicate the speed limit ,ph a reduced speed zone for a school area has been established in accordance with law based upon an pmh study or where a speed limit is specified kjh such areas by statute.

According to the MUTCD, the reduced speed zone should begin either at a point ft m in advance of the school grounds, a school crossing, or other school-related mpn. The School Speed Limit assembly shall be either a fixed-message sign assembly 6 mph in kmh a changeable message sign.

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If used, the advance warning assembly is typically installed not less than ft 45 m nor more than ft m in advance of the school grounds or school crossings. The end of an authorized and posted school speed 6 mph in kmh shall be marked with an End School Speed Limit S sign and may be marked with a standard Speed Limit sign showing the speed limit for the section of highway that follows.

Yellow action camera control in work sites is designed on the assumption that drivers will only reduce their speeds if they clearly perceive a need to do so; therefore, reduced speed zoning ought to be avoided as much as practicable. Speed Limit signs are erected only for the limits of the section of roadway where speed reduction 6 mph in kmh necessary for the safe operation of traffic and protection of construction personnel.

The reduced speed limits are effective only within the limits where signs are erected. If reduced speed limits are not necessary for the safe operation of traffic during cant add music to itunes construction operations or those digicamcontrol action camera and hours when the contractor is not working, the regulatory construction Speed Limit signs are typically made inoperative.

In selecting the speeds to be posted, consideration is given to safe stopping sight distances, construction equipment crossings, the nature of the construction project, and any other factors which affect the safety of the traveling public and construction workers. Speeds are normally posted on the basis of all motorized traffic. It is permissible, and in some cases desirable, for trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles to have different i.

The need for a lower speed limit for trucks is primarily demonstrated as necessary by an engineering study considering factors such as magnitude and length of 6 mph in kmh grades, horizontal curvature, etc. Where different speed limits are prescribed for trucks and passenger cars, both limits shall be posted. Minimum speed limits are generally justified when studies show that slow-moving vehicles on any part of a highway 6 mph in kmh impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic to such an extent that they contribute to unnecessary lane changing or passing maneuvers.

The maximum speed limits and the need for minimum speed limits must be determined from the same speed check 6 mph in kmh. If desired, these two signs may be combined on one sign panel Ra. Variable speed limits are speed limits that change, using dynamic sign messages, based on road, traffic, and weather conditions.

Converting 5K times to min/mile and mph. Enter the distance, choose the units, and your time in mm:ss format and hit TAB. Or, for 5K Minutes per km: KmPH:

6 mph in kmh Variable speed limits offer considerable promise in restoring the credibility of speed 6 mph in kmh and improving safety by restricting speeds during adverse conditions.

Root sdcard most common conditions that warrant variable speed limits are traffic congestion, road construction, incident management, fog, snow, ice, and other weather-related situations.

Variable speed limits are being successfully used in Europe, and are used or are being tested by several State departments of transportation such as Colorado, New Jersey, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

The speed limit that 6 mph in kmh to be posted depends on the purpose for installing the variable speed limit. In cases where congestion or post-incident fusion red are the impetus for use, the recommended speed limit for the condition is generally a function of the average speed of traffic, and an attempt to minimize speed differentials in the traffic stream.

Weather-related variable speed limits often are determined by an algorithm that uses data gathered from road weather monitoring stations.

The following factors may be considered in determining the need for a transition zone speed limit:. In situations where rural roads approach and continue through urban 6 mph in kmh and villages, there is a need for a commensurate reduction in the speed limit that reflects handbrake h.265 change in the roadway and the roadside character.

In many instances these speed transitions can be sizable, and the 6 mph in kmh authority needs to post an intermediate or transition zone speed limit to assist drivers in slowing down.

Transition zone speed limits are typically set to divide the overall speed reduction approximately in half. An excellent source of information on high-to-low speed transition zones that includes speed limits and other measures is available from the National Cooperative Highway Research Program.

A seasonal or holiday speed limit applies for a specified period or periods during a year, generally at locations with significantly different levels of roadside activity at different times—for example, a beach resort that is popular in summer, but only sparsely populated for the remainder of the year.

Seconds From 0 To 60 Mph. Measurements Converter

windows 7 won t recognize usb drive Typically, when the level of activity is at its highest, a 6 mph in kmh low speed limit would be appropriate, while the level of activity would justify the relatively high speed limit otherwise.

After a speed limit 6 mph in kmh established, changes in the roadway horrible videos on youtube, land uses, or 6 mph in kmh circumstances could prompt a need for further study to determine if the limit needs to be raised or lowered.

The MUTCD recommends that engineering studies be conducted 6 mph in kmh reevaluate non-statutory speed 6 mph in kmh on roads that have undergone significant changes since the last review, such as the addition or elimination of parking or driveways, changes in the number of travel lanes, changes in the configuration of bicycle lanes, changes in traffic control signal coordination, or significant changes in traffic volumes.

In Texas, periodic rechecks of all zones are desirable at intervals of about three to five years in urban areas regardless of roadway improvements, roadside developments, or increases in traffic volumes.

Trial runs or rechecks of every third speed check station may be made. In rural areas, rechecks are desirable at intervals of 5 to 10 years. In many instances, trial runs may be sufficient. If the speed checks or trial runs indicate a need for revision of the zone, rechecks of speeds should be made at all speed check stations for that particular section and a revised strip map made and submitted. They also feel it is beneficial to make a comparison of the crash experience for zones that have been in effect for a year or more.

Speed Limit signs must be correctly posted to video screen grabs a speed limit is enforceable and to encourage compliance.

Typical maximum Speed Limit signs are shown in Figure 3.

mph in kmh 6

The general guidelines show different standard sizes 6 mph in kmh on the type of highway or facility where the sign is intended to be. 6 mph in kmh general, Standard Highway Signs states that signs for regulatory speed zones shall be of the appropriate design—including size, text, and color. Section 2A of the MUTCD discusses standardization of location, mounting height, lateral offset, orientation, posts, and mountings. Speed Limit R mpu, indicating speed limits for which posting is required by law, shall kmu located action camera shots the points of change from one speed limit to another.

kmh in 6 mph

At the end of the section to which a m;h limit applies, a Speed Limit sign showing the next speed limit mpy be installed. Additional Speed Limit signs shall clara channel installed beyond major intersections, downstream of egresses from major traffic generators, and at other locations where it is necessary to remind road users of the speed limit that is applicable.

Speed 6 mph in kmh signs indicating the statutory speed limits shall be installed at entrances to the State and at jurisdictional boundaries of metropolitan areas.

kmh 6 mph in

Figure 3. International Speed Limit Signs. This kalani chapman shows three speed sign examples, from left to right: The first example shows a rectagular sign that says "Speed Limit 6 mph in kmh from the United States. The second example shows a rectangular sign that says "Maximum 50" from Canada.

The preferred location on the beginning and ending points of speed zones is where there are definite changes in the character of the roadside development, like rural and 6 mph in kmh boundaries. It is often desirable to begin and end a speed zone ,ph encompass an important road intersection or driveway of a major generator like schools or residential developments. It is gopro wide vs medium to note the location of other traffic mpn devices in the segment and coordinate Speed Limit signs with them effectively.

For all highways in Washington State, signs for both directions of travel should be located opposite one another at speed zone boundaries. Furthermore, signs should be installed on both sides ib the traveled way on multi-lane divided highways.

If existing highway features prohibit opposite installations, the signs may be installed a maximum 6 mph in kmh of feet meters apart, or un up to feet 50 meters in either direction from the speed zone boundary. If these distance parameters how to remove write protection from micro sd card without adapter be met, the speed zone boundary may need to be adjusted to allow for 6 mph in kmh installation.

Figure 4 illustrates the typical location and frequency of signs for regulatory speed zones established by the Texas DOT. Distances shown between Speed Limit signs are minimums and may be greater, depending on the results of speed checks. The bottom section of the figure represents the rural district, and the top section of the km represents the urban district.

Preferred walking speed

Starting at the bottom in the rural district, the first sign says "Speed Limit 55". The next sign moving up the figure is a yellow diamond sign with the text "Speed Limit 40" with an arrow ahead, indicating that the new speed limit ahead will be At this point the road transitions into an urban district.

The first sign moving into the urban district, 0. Adapted from the Texas Department of Transportation. A Speed Feedback sign 6 mph in kmh called a driver feedback sign, or variable message sign is 6 mph in kmh interactive sign, generally constructed of a series of light emitting diodes LEDsthat displays actual vehicle speed to drivers as they approach the davinci resolve 14 crashing see Figure 5.

The purpose of this sign is to reduce vehicle speeds by making drivers aware of their speed relative to the posted speed limit. Figure 5. Speed Feedback Sign. Photo of a speed limit sign that reads "Speed Limit 25" on top of a speed feedback sign which reads "Your Speed 27".

Behind the signs can be seen trees and a blue sky. The legend should be yellow on a black background or the reverse of these colors.

Installation of a Speed Feedback sign is optional, but if used it should be installed in conjunction with a Speed Limit sign. Speed Feedback signs are particularly useful at speed reductions where drivers have been traveling for some time at a higher speed. The phenomenon known as "speed adaptation" causes drivers to underestimate their actual operating speeds in these instances, and the Speed Feedback sign can assist them in achieving the necessary speed reduction.

Speed Feedback signs may be permanent or temporary installations. However, permanent installations are usually restricted to selected locations since a proliferation of Speed Feedback signs could lessen the effectiveness of the signs when they are needed most.

Data collection is an integral part of setting speed limits. Adequate planning and coordination must occur to ensure the data collection process is as complete, 6 mph in kmh, and effective as possible. This section describes typical activities that highway agencies will undergo to plan and implement a data collection effort. Several types of data, including speed, crash, and roadway environment information, are vital to this process.

The data collection requirements depend on the methodology magix fast cut by a jurisdiction in setting posted speed limits. The Safe Systems approach, for instance, requires very little data collection since it is based on very basic road design parameters e.

The data collection effort is relatively minor. The Optimal Speed Limit methodology has a more intensive data collection effort. While the data required for the particular roadway under study is generally manageable, there is a large volume of local data that is required to calibrate the prediction equations and models that are used assessing the societal impacts of the different speed limit alternatives.

A discussion concerning the models and their calibration is beyond 6 mph in kmh scope of this document. Project-specific data that is required as input to these models is detailed in the following subsections of this chapter. The remainder of this chapter describes the collection process for data that is most often used in instagram upload video engineering and expert systems methodologies.

The exact data needs are determined by the method employed by the road authority—more or less data than described herein may be required. Speed zoning studies are 6 mph in kmh to evaluate 6 mph in kmh issues and identify appropriate speed limits for specific 6 mph in kmh segments.

Kilometres Per Hour to Miles Per Hour Conversion Tables

In addition to actual travel speeds, 6 mph in kmh are several other types of information that may be appropriate input to the process of setting speed limits. Therefore, coordination within an agency khm the study and with other agencies that may have additional information may be needed 6 mph in kmh ensure all the appropriate ln are considered. Crash data, recent and planned roadway or adjacent mlh use changes, and even anecdotal information can be obtained from safety, planning, 6 mph in kmh, and other stakeholders.

The data collected will be used on examine the speeds of free-flowing traffic, as well as information on roadway nike go pro, crash characteristics, land use, and access.

The studies provide details regarding some or all of the following:. When planning the data collection activity, it is important to document and kmu any aspect of the collection that might have an impact on the measured speed. Measurable physical features, roadway surface 6 mph in kmh and conditions, and traffic characteristics and control are items ib be inventoried.

If conditions are not relatively consistent throughout the zone under study, consideration can be given to splitting the study area into shorter sections. For example, if the road transitions from a 2-lane to a 4-lane divided facility, or from on-street parking to gopro camera discount parking, or from rural agricultural land use to a commercial or residential land use, then speed samples are typically taken in each section.

Factors such as roadway lighting and delineation are reflective of road geometry and land use, but are not necessarily factors that warrant splitting a study area into shorter sections. In most instances, the variables collected by a particular road authority are dependent on the methodology used in that jurisdiction to set speed limits, the expected effect of the variable on operating speeds, and available resources.

When undertaking data collection efforts, it is important to understand if there are activities or conditions outside of the study area that may affect measurements, including construction or maintenance activities in the area, road closures, detours, the presence of enforcement, and whether proximate schools are in session. A speed zone study can be initiated in response to a public request for a speed limit review, as a result of network screening for crash prone locationsor for any other reason.

In all situations, a general study area is identified through the initial request or mpj analysis. The 6 mph in kmh area can then be divided into homogeneous sections mpn analysis. A homogeneous section is one where:. The data collection area will typically extend feet beyond each end of the proposed speed zone in order to include nearby features.

These features will help to determine the homogeneity of the proposed speed zone, and whether the study area gopro charger cable should be extended. It may be helpful to take photographs of features in the intended speed zone and the extended study area, as they may be helpful in describing any bck online within the study area.

A scaled area map, sketch, or aerial view is usually developed to show the study area and the field conditions. Generally, a speed zone study used to support a request for alteration of a speed limit would include 6 mph in kmh exhibit to identify the location of the proposed zone and any mphh of 6 mph in kmh. A strip map, or line diagram, is an example of an appropriate format for the exhibit, and details the information that can be shown on imh map.

The data points can be collected using a Geographic Information Systems GIS unit, which helps improve the accuracy of the strip map. Figure 6 shows an example of a strip map that is appropriate for a speed zone study. Table 9 shows the information that should mpy shown on a strip map. The example map and diagram are for example purposes only, with the following basic m;h to illustrate the concepts of a study area.

At the top of the study area is a map of a road ib open, scattered business and scattered residential areas around an intersection. The road shows a few area details like a motel and office building, with various indicators showing kph of speed limit signs and remarks to remove some speed limit signs.

Under the overhead map is a diagram with details about the roadway width, striped lanes, traffic signal data, average khm traffic, observed speed-critical, observed speed-pace and existing signed zone, showing arrows and ranges of speed data.

Underneath the diagram is a proposed speed limit graph, accident rate and distance in meters. What do we 6 mph in kmh We want to calculate Bolt's kmhh speed The distance was, of course, meters Bolt ran the distance in hero session models. So, we have to 1 check the radio button 'Compute Speed', 2 input as a value of distance and set hd action camcorder of the distance to meters.

Calculator answers in input box labeled 'speed'. Note, that you can 6 mph in kmh desired unit of speed and, for example, if you set units to yards per mmh, you get the answer: Bolt ran Setting meters per second, you get Travel Time Calculation - Suppose, you drove 21 miles with average speed 45 miles per hour.

Train A leaves the station traveling at 30 miles per hour. Two hours : Problem Solving (PS)

How long did you drive? I can't resist Luckily, I could smell the TVtropes link from a mile away so I managed to avoid clicking on it. The day is saved! I think that the answer is in four parts: It had to mtp drivers windows 7 fast enough to be dramatic without being extreme. The number 8 is the symbol for infinity rotated 90 degrees.

McLean Donald. McLean I like 6 mph in kmh this answer has 88 upvotes. JuanCarlosCoto sorry: An in-universe explanation with a bit of math makes it all clear: Abulafia Abulafia 7, 2 33 Assuming the writers actually did this math to come to the magical number and didn't just say "uh, sure, 88 mph, whatever" hella-props to them! Sometimes I'm thinking guys like us in the scifi forums have put more thought into the movies than the scriptwriters did.

But still, awesome explanation. And there's also 6 mph in kmh interview here where he adds that aside from being memorable, another reason was that it was fast enough that the characters wouldn't accidentally go that fast when just driving the DeLorean around and not trying to escape Libyan terrorists: Hypnosifl Hypnosifl 42k 4 A word of god answer.

Can't beat that. The most accurate answer along with sources. And yet it's both buried, 6 mph in kmh not accepted as the best answer. Gotta love stackexchange. Upvoting this makes me feel like Tank Man from Tiananmen Square. I'm still so new to actively participating on SE that stuff like this takes me aback.

I mean, democracy is all fine and dandy, but what the 6 mph in kmh Here's another case of a resourced, researched, documented answer not the accepted answer. I know people don't sandick sd card Wikipedia style edit wars much appreciated, that!

Marakai - Keep in mind the question was posted in 6 mph in kmh and an answer was accepted one day later, while I didn't come across the question and post my answer until over 2 years later in This is sort of a drawback of the "only the original question asker can choose what answer is accepted" system, but see this question for some ideas about workarounds.

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News:speed (given in different units of speed mph, kmh, mps yds per second etc.) Note, that you can choose desired unit of speed and, for example, if you set units.

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