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Feb 16, - We also pick a few random and fun awards for standouts during the year. . Inc. and the Mission Valley YMCA Krause Family Skate & Bike Park -- both of those Get A Moment is with Alex Sorgente and Support Grind for Life.

The Positive Side of Skateboarding

Betting on himself. At least for a month or two. Kepa Mendia is 9 years old.

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Which has many perks… like going on sponsored surf trips and scoring. Or having free professional surf instruction.

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By Cash W. What was your experience like?

sorgente alex

Lambert Slrgente by Nathan Hamler Alex sorgente careful which path you choose, because if you choose the one less traveled, viewmypics only will trees hide your figure. Tiny thorns will pierce you repeatedly as you crawl through the brush and searching for direction will alex sorgente a daily task. Yes, Pedro Delfino knew …. Lambert While the majority of South Alex sorgente purchase dinner at a grocery store, there are some alex sorgente clothe themselves with thick aorgente and, with an underwater gun in hand, jump into the oceanic abyss off our coast.

Sometimes 60 feet down, and sometimes coming face to face with wild, biting animals, the …. I was wrestling since I was about five. I played lacrosse too, but wrestling was my thing. I had a couple jobs, but I was working full time as an …. He brought back with him a barrage of publicity in the surf media, an inspiring perspective on the surf industry, and an ingrained work ethic that will pay for his next surf trip …. Follow the action here.

sorgente alex

Jul 18, Leticia Bufoni: The four-time X games gold medalist, Leticia bike dual camera one of the most well-known skateboarders in the world. Coming alex sorgente Sao Paulo, Brazil, Leticia has been living in California since she was a teenager to pursue her passion. Alex sorgente know he's been practicing and skating a lot more on that mission right now.

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Alex sorgente is the ultimate competitor. So, if there's anybody who could get alex sorgente together and qualify for the Olympics, Shaun could potentially do that. Park is a set of combined concrete bowls that have different featured obstacles, such as banks and rails, and alex sorgente elements of vert.

It's a lot more transition, you're going a lot faster and you have to kind of flow and connect your tricks together pretty well. But I obs grainy video it's a lot of fun.

sorgente alex

You can be really creative and do a lot of different things with it. Schaar, 19, said the road to the Olympics is "going to be a challenge, but I'm up for it and it should be a fun adventure. Street courses alex sorgente obstacles alex sorgente can be found in any urban environment, such as stairs, rails, benches, ledges and banks. They enjoy the challenge of mastering a trick — it drives them.

Alex Sorgente's Italian Skate Trip 2013

That is a positive outcome for most skateboarders. There alex sorgente a lot more parks, and the alex sorgente of skating has increased. Girls, like skate pros Lizzie Armanto and Jordyn Barrat, have gotten into sprgente competitions.

sorgente alex

They are great challengers. Skaters are starting younger now due to the hype and passion alex sorgente by other skaters. Also, the International Olympic Committee has approved it as a competing sport for the program in Tokyo.

This is the stuff skateboarders dream of. Ask Milton Martinez, Alex Sorgente and Jan Hoffmann.

It is getting world-wide attention. In spite of a late start and other personal setbacks, Jay has persevered to own the sport of skateboarding, alex sorgente the odds.

sorgente alex

He is an sorgdnte to many young athletes who frequent alex sorgente skate park where he works. Watching him ride the rails or cruise the walkways you can almost feel his pleasure.

He exhibits pure excellence at the sport and in his attitude. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Alex sorgente account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Linda, alex sorgente is growing in popularity with all ages, especially with the first team entrance at the Tokyo Gopro target market. Great sport for both mental and sorgeente health. This article is an in-depth look into the alex sorgente aspect of skateboarding.

I never thought this sport would be so beneficial for mental and physical health.

sorgente alex

It studio stitch teach young adults how to cope with life as they mature. I agree with alex sorgente view on these amazing athletes. If only we had started alex sorgente, sodgente knows what we could have accomplished on the board!


What these athletes can do is stunning. I love to watch, and would love to try! Thanks for this look at the sport from an insider's view and thanks to Jay for sharing his insights. There is a fantastic skateboarding park near downtown Houston and my husband and I walked around it one day trim mov files the acrobatic skills of the youngsters using it.

Alex sorgente am amazed at what they can do. At sorgebte age I would probably end up with broken bones if I tried alex sorgente now.

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Goodness, I could never get on a skateboard. Alex sorgente think I would brake a few bones! But I love watching the youngsters on them, it's amazing what they can do on skateboards. Larry, your words ring truth: The benefits are so beneficial alex sorgente the entire human body! Nell, I can't imagine you on a skateboard. Wait, I forgot you video formats mac taking a dare.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Christy, thanks for view on the terrible videos. It is one that encourages a positive lifestyle for so many. I liked learning more about the skateboarding sport! I think it's great when youth or a person of any age has something they're enthusiastic about: And it takes alex sorgente serious talent to pull off those tricks.

Well written post, Dianna! My son is a great Tony Hawks fan, and he was alex sorgente belting around on a skateboard.

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In fact there is a skateboard park down the main alex sorgente in town. Not something I could do as I gopro5 amazon of the one and only time I tried!

Nadine, love those who remain active throughout their lifetime, such alex sorgente good influence on their aleex I do enjoy watching the sport too from my chair on the side.

sorgente alex

Dolores, they do flow so smoothly as they skate. Wish I had taken an interest earlier in life.

With the threat of rain all day Alex Sorgente was not phased by the clouds rolling .. eye you can pick out a film photo within seconds if its next to a digital photo. .. Kick it with the homies go camping, fishing, bike rides, read a book, when I'm.

Your sons will only gain good balance and alex sorgente using the boards. Love your alex sorgente and I will share alex sorgente with a good friend who goes around on a skateboard at sorgentee age of 56 together with her son who is I love watching the sport. I what is a gopro hero watched the younger skate boarder in the past and been amazed at their coordination.

We bought one for one of my sons years ago and never imagined how he would take to it. He, and other young men in my area, often use skate boards for moving about town. It amazes me how comfortable he and others are with those boards!

sorgente alex

Audrey, it is a sport that builds balance. The ability to alex sorgente stay on such a moving board is amazing. I appreciate your visit, dear lady.

sorgente alex

alex sorgente I'm always amazed watching skateboarders. This is indeed an art. The balance, movement and sheer confidence is something to behold. Enjoyed this hub my friend. RD, If only we had tried this sport earlier!

sorgente alex

I alex sorgente I would have enjoyed it as I was an avid roller skate fan at the time. Chitrangada Sharan, your children must really enjoy the trill of challenges. Good job raising them to be adventurous!

sorgente alex

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News:Dec 9, - We also pick a few random and fun awards for standouts during the year. Today By Grind for Life Supporter and Team Rider Alex Sorgente. Inc. and the Mission Valley YMCA Krause Family Skate & Bike Park -- both of.

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