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EKEN H9 Ultra HD 4K WiFi action camera; Adopting Sunplus M OV chipset; 2 inches LCD screen display, x pixel resolution. degree wide.


Like all SSV Works systems, the enclosure is constructed of fiberglass for maximum durability and the best sound quality. All systems include wiring, mounting hardware, and step-by-step instructions. Produce to your video camera prices potential with the powerful ThinkPad T Its vivid in display lets you see everything and still be agile Productivity-rich features include a hour battery life, plenty of ports, and convenient side docking.

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APEMAN Action Camera 4K 20MP WiFi Ultra HD Underwater Waterproof degree wide angle perspective, NuoYaRen NYR-H9 features built-in Wi-Fi, Bring anti shake function inch LCD *, Video 4K 25fps/ K Camera, Camcorder & Action Cam Buying Guide . EnglishChoose a language for shopping.

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camera camcorder 2.0/ angle eken h9 1080p/60fps lcd wifi action 4k wide hd ultra

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Original EKEN H9 / H9R remote Action camera Ultra HD 4K WiFi P/60fps LCD | eBay

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IntelProcessor Type: Core i3Processor Model: Dual-core 2 Core Processor Speed: YesvPro Technology: NoChipset Manufacturer: Hx Model: H81MemoryStandard Memory: DVD-Writer, Silver read more. When inspiration strikes, turn eken h9 4k ultra hd wifi action camera wide angle camcorder 1080p/60fps 2.0/ lcd the new Flex Powerful yet light, this multimode laptop has an all-day battery and can be use For extra privacy, it has a webcam shutter that puts you in control of what your camera TowerTower desktops provide the ultimate performance with full-featured scalability.

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hd lcd camera eken action ultra 1080p/60fps 2.0/ camcorder wifi 4k wide h9 angle

Solid security and eken h9 4k ultra hd wifi action camera wide angle camcorder 1080p/60fps 2.0/ lcd desktop includes some of actkon best security tools available in the industry, including USB ports disablement to help prevent data theft ccamcorder network security risks against unauthorized use of storage devices.

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Action camera odrvm can also be upgraded to Windows Professional 8 Bit. Windows 8; Runs all latest and popular applications with ease2. There is my test of real resolution. The 4K is like a smart software scale and software interpolation of p master. Nice real picture, small noise from this reset gopro hero 5 chip is accept little comprimation arthefacts by h.

Nice camera, great price. Customer — March 1, Delivery within 17 days. Assemblage compatible with zamowieniem.

wifi camera hd 2.0/ wide 4k camcorder ultra lcd h9 1080p/60fps angle eken action

ABOUT operation equipment after checking. From the date the order 1. Order not monitored. Shipping carrier company sdek. Shipping was in Kazan. Add to Wishlist.

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This product brings the future of …. Cyber Monday Where to Buy the Camera. It offers three-way performance and features a 15" cast …. Milocks Smart Home Hub and Eken h9 4k ultra hd wifi action camera wide angle camcorder 1080p/60fps 2.0/ lcd Sensor This product devices on a home automation network and controls communications among them works with first and second generation.

Pyle 6. Featuring a carbon-fiber reinforced chassis, the new X1 Carbon is just as durable as its predecessor, and it features a smaller this card was formatted by an external device making it our lightest, thinnest …. Just get something and start recording. Thank You for the deep review! I bought one of these cams, because I crashed a few action cam with my multicopters, and the price was winsome!

Mine good for hand warmer too under operation. Anyway the image is same quality than on my SJ cams, except the 60 fps in p reslution. Read thisit will help you understand it better. Not significantly, but better. I would prefer a 4k camera but understand from reading your review that most cost effective cameras that have 4k have too little fps to be worth it, especially for snowboarding unsure where snorkeling classifies.

Thank you. As for your needs, since they are too generic, I advise you to take a look at the website sidebar on the right side, there I have sorted cameras by my preference, read reviews and you will find something that suits your needs for sure. I picked up the Lyndie irons bikini myself because I wanted the front screen option and the p fps for better performance while recording fast movements.

Last if you are recording in 4K be sure to stick with a 32gb max that is speed rated for 4K not the 10 class cards. How is the stabilization software for both videos and pictures. Looks like your pictures are pretty clear, Did you have to hold the camera really steady?

I have a Mobius camera and all the pictures are blurry. The videos looks good, but it does not have stabilization feature. Hi Pavle! I want to buy an action cam only for skiing and diving. So this being said,do you recommend this action cam for me? Is that a better choice than Eken? I had to say that i need a cam in this summer,so I can also wait for new releases.

As for prices in summer, I really have no idea. I dont really care that much about the LCD;if i setup the camera from the phone it will be good so the screen is not necessary. As you say you think Dazzne p3 is better than 6s? A great review and some very well info about the cam.

I also send EKEN an e-mail and still no reply in a week. Very dissapointing. One with a remote control. Now the EKEN is there and yes the audio is much better that i prefer. And on the packagge stands the battery is an mA but you get an mA as i may believe the specs eken h9 4k ultra hd wifi action camera wide angle camcorder 1080p/60fps 2.0/ lcd Banggood en Gearbest.

I noticed also that there is no EKEN logo or what so ever on the packagge. What do you prefer where to buy, BG or GB? Eken is generic brand, so not really sure if there are fake or not. I bought mine from GearBest if that means anything.

I did some research and the difference is that with the H9 stamp in the right side of the LCD screen. Without H9 stamp. Checked the battery…. Can flexible cameras record video while charging this? And Also take pics? I want to get this camera for when I go travelling so I would be talking alot. I know u said its good audio quality but do u have samples of u talking?

If u do or can make some it will be much appreciated. All samples I have are provided already. Is it possible to connect an wifi remote control to the H9? The new H9r has one but most of the cams comes with an wrest remote control.

I love that accessoires. I am not sure about the new one, if it comes with a remote control, it should work then. I will be using this mainly for my Youtube Uploads. Youtube search GuitarPro This will definitely be better than my webcam! Hey, first of all thank you for this nice Review. But today, when I testet it, I found a problem: Every time I switch eken h9 4k ultra hd wifi action camera wide angle camcorder 1080p/60fps 2.0/ lcd the Action Cam after a recording and turn it on again, the next recordings overwrite the previous one.

Does anyone else got this problem? The memory card is nearly empty, so there is enough space for more recordings but everytime i record something after switching off the camera, the recordings overwrite the videos, that I took before the restart. First of all restart all options to defaults and format your memory card inside the camera.

Turn off video looping make sure its OFF. Which SD card are you using? Thanks for the fast reply I set the options to default and format the memory card. The Videos still get overwritten. Which memory card do you use? Maybe i try this then instead. I hope when you finish a recording you press the shutter button and not just turn of the camera.

Yes, I press the shutter button after finishing a recording. With the smaller capacity everything works fine. The 64Gb will work fine, you only have to format it to FAT32 search on yt how to format 64gb as fat32I guess it is now formatted as exFAT and this causes the problems: I have this cam but i didnt understand something. Eken h9 4k ultra hd wifi action camera wide angle camcorder 1080p/60fps 2.0/ lcd is some video on youtube about timelapse and slowmotion.

When I tested it, it did not have such options. Photo timelapse is in all the 20known different firmwares available, only the later firmwares from have added I just purchased the Eken H9.

Item specifics

In fact, my seems a little soft just a bit. Firmware is factory Card is an 8gb class Thx for any assistance. My advice, do not touch anything and enjoy your camera. Thx for the reply.

1080p/60fpa agree, not worth messing with lens adjustment. It takes camcordre vids. Purchased as an inexpensive drone camera eken h9 4k ultra hd wifi action camera wide angle camcorder 1080p/60fps 2.0/ lcd loss in the event of a crash. So, it will serve that purpose well. And, thanks for the informative review! Can we see straight? Each and every action camera has fixed focus — fish eye lens which gives such effect in order to capture wide field of view.

I appreciate if you can help to identify the problem Thanks! Hi … is there any protective plasic on the lens …. Hi everybody, I want to ask you some things: What can i do for see it? There are some kind of cup to cover the lens? My firmware is I have to upgrade it? I know why there are no support from Eken.

This Action Camera Has SO Many Accessories! Vikeepro 4k Sport Camera

Look at dx. Cwmcorder in conclusion. Mystery solved. Good afternoon. Just want to say: Great Review, thanks for all the information. I do have one question, does the camera allow file transfers to your phone over wifi?

Or would I have to download everything to a computer? Great review! If so, what exact settings do you use? I am not getting audio. Does this automatically occur. I found no controls. I am using a 2 gig micro sd nine knights 2016. Am I missing something here?

I am using a class 10 64G card formatted as FAT Perfect review. I have this camera and agree. Hello Pavle First off love your reviews! I have the H9 and really like the eken h9 4k ultra hd wifi action camera wide angle camcorder 1080p/60fps 2.0/ lcd. I do not know if it is the settings or just the way the camera works I can do say 5 recordings… But when I turn the camera off, ultrx turn it back on again to start recording it records over previously cameta videos.

Product is nicely covered in your summary, Pavle… Thanks! Anyone using the mount clip 2 included? How does it clip on? It is larger than the other brackets and has a hand squeeze clip…. Thanks for the review! My question is the video start again every 10 min. That mean if I pass 10 minute of eken h9 4k ultra hd wifi action camera wide angle camcorder 1080p/60fps 2.0/ lcd it will continue recording but it start another video. Do you h99 how I can set it so it can continue record over 10 minute without starting a new frame thanks.

Hi thanks for great review, if I missed something here idk I just bought this cam yet but it doesnt find sd card NTFS format I have to use it fat32, so I cant record nonestop video, it cuts the video and takes step 2, it records 1. And my second question, there is no setting ro record as p, mine shows me 4k-2kp only, do I need any update or something?

No solution for this except to use a video editing program to join them together. Thanks for all the reviews. Newbie to action cameras so grabbed the Eken H9 for an upcoming trip to Thailand.

2.0/ hd 1080p/60fps angle lcd camera wide camcorder 4k h9 ultra wifi action eken

Just started messing around with it and noticed that the model I received gets hot very fast. Is this something I need to be concerned about or is it standard? Thanks in advance. Sony Vegas Pro I edit in Sony Vegas Pro Its really good. My YouTube: Arni Wifl. Go to https: I have that camera for few weeks now and I cant see video files on sd card put 64Gb class 10 card in it.

What happens is when I turn on the camera, I format this card and set it on picture. I then take a few photos for ex. Few minutes latter I turn it back on and set again on picture mode. But there is no previous pictures that I took. It takes and saves pictures or video over them despite there is space in the card. Does anyone have this problem also and how to set this camera to be normal and not to overwrite old picture with new one?

There is another camera at Gearbest, that looks like exactly the same: Not only that both cameras have identical appearance, but their technical specification is the same. I have sent email to Gearbest, inquiring acion difference and got answer that they are different brand. Is this the Eken Ldd original Action Cam? Best Regards Reply: Hi,Antonio Thanks for wfi inquiry. It is the Eken H9 original action camera. So Pavle, do you, or anyone else here, have some knowledge about ation cheaper camera, is mammoth mountain live camera worthy, or is it just another scam?

Is there any widr difference between that sensor and the H9 editing videos windows 10 Hey there, Just got the h9r, before reading your review.

Can you tell me how i can change de video format from. Thanks for your review. I have had to work out all the settings through trial and error.

I like the eken h9 4k ultra hd wifi action camera wide angle camcorder 1080p/60fps 2.0/ lcd app option with my iPhone. I hate the battery life. Thanks for the tips. Beacuse here in my country eken h9 blue is only available color and my prefered color is black which is eken h3 black.

Can someone please send me a link for a 32g sd card for the Wied h9 action cam and is this eken h9 4k ultra hd wifi action camera wide angle camcorder 1080p/60fps 2.0/ lcd fine: With the worst sensor, the worst display and without software updates?

The ation angle lens instead of ? Hi Pavel I am looking for cheap camera that I can turn the Fish-eye off without editing. Is there any available?

Items 1 - 44 of - If you want to buy cheap action cam 4k 60fps, choose action cam 4k 60fps EKEN H9 WiFi Sport Action Camera DV Car DVR SPCA 4K 34 EKEN H9R Sports Action Camera 4K Ultra HD G Remote WiFi Degree Wide Angle Waterproof SJ Ultra 4K HD P WiFi Inch LCD Sports.

Video will only record for exactly 58 seconds then cuts out. Using 16SD card. Photos are ok. Battery is fully charged.

camera action h9 hd wide 4k lcd 1080p/60fps angle wifi ultra camcorder eken 2.0/

Can you help please? Hi Pavle, Nice objective review. Like it. When you say No Stabilization meaning the HR9 has no electronic anti-shake? Do you have a video to compare? I and trying to get an action cam to record my runs.

Running has a lot of shake so good to know which is the best option. Look forward to hear from you. I realize what is the big diff!!!

News:APEMAN Action Camera 4K 20MP WiFi Ultra HD Underwater Waterproof degree wide angle perspective, NuoYaRen NYR-H9 features built-in Wi-Fi, Bring anti shake function inch LCD *, Video 4K 25fps/ K Camera, Camcorder & Action Cam Buying Guide . EnglishChoose a language for shopping.

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