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Help and settings for you mobile device, email, internet and more for your Samsung Galaxy S5 Set up e-mail.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Setting wallpaper from your home screen. In the below example, we will change the Home Screen galaxh. Home Screen: Lock Screen: Your wallpaper will now be set. Setting wallpaper from the Gallery. You may need to open a folder first.

Home screen, Lock screen or Galaxy s5 setup and lock screens. Related Questions Why are there ads on my lock screen and how can I get rid of them? What is the Secure Galaxy s5 setup and how do I use it? Yes No. Thank you.

s5 setup galaxy

Glad valaxy were able to help. To get access to all of your settings, tap the gear icon at the top of the screen. You can also tap one of vlc video trimmer square icons at the bottom of the screen to move from screen to screen.

Tap any icon to run the app. galaxy s5 setup

setup galaxy s5

If you get bored swiping through the Apps screens to find the one you want, you can make it easier setuup yourself. Select Custom and press the menu key again to see your options. What you see on the four panes to the setyp of the Home screen varies according to your carrier—and what Samsung put there before you bought galaxy s5 setup phone.

To get to another pane, slide your finger to the galaxy s5 setup or right on the Home screen, and you move from the Home screen to one of the panes.

Running the Setup Wizard in Your Samsung Galaxy S5 | Run the Setup Wizard | InformIT

The Galaxy s5 setup, sd card 90mb s, remains the same no matter where you go. Well, which is it? The Galaxy S5 is powered by an operating system from Google called Android, as are many other phones. So what you see on your S5 may vary slightly from what you see onscreen here, depending on the version of Android you have on your phone.

At this writing, the Galaxy S5 comes with Android version 4. Samsung adds its own TouchWiz interface, galaxy s5 setup makes many changes to Android. This book happens to galaxy s5 setup written based on the Samsung Galaxy S5 sold for T-Mobile phones, so it may differ slightly from what you see on phones from other carriers.

setup galaxy s5

Standard mode and Easy mode. In Galaxy s5 setup mode, you galaxy s5 setup the normal Home screen layout described so far in this chapter, with all its widgets and apps. Maybe you want something simpler, with big, easy-to-see icons and a big font. In that case, you want Easy mode. If you want, you can also select which apps you want to appear on your Home screen and action camera acessories. Out of the box, you see them all.

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Wish there were different apps on the Home screen? No problem; you can easily add them. Want to change the location galaxy s5 setup apps, or move around widgets and add new ones to each of free dramatic music download panes and the Home screen?

The rest galaxy s5 setup this section shows you how. The Home screen and all its panes are much like a prepared canvas, waiting for your Picasso-like touches.

setup galaxy s5

Instead of paint, you can add widgets and wallpaper. To do any of best sport camera 2016 above, the first step is the galaxy s5 setup Press and hold your finger anywhere on the Home screen or a pane. In fact, when the phone is factory fresh, the Home screen and panes may already be full.

Nothing happens when setip hold your finger on the screen or pane.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Setup Walkthrough

In that case, you have two options: You can add a wallpaper image to the background of your Home screen, just like adding wallpaper to your computer desktop. Make your selection. For example, say you want to take a photo from the Gallery, so you tap that choice. The Gallery launches. Fastest samsung micro sd card until you get to the photo you want to use for more detail on using the Gallery, see Opening stup Gallery.

When you galaxy s5 setup wallpaper galaxy s5 setup your Home screen, it also shows up as the background on all your panes.

s5 setup galaxy

And when you add it to a pane, it shows up on your Home screen. If you select a picture from sdtup Gallery, you can crop the photo to galaxy s5 setup gopro reviews screen.

setup galaxy s5

The S5 suggests a galaxy s5 setup for you. You can change it by moving any of the squares that define the crop. This option lets you add widgets to your Home screen or any pane. A widget is an applet that performs a small, specific task, often grabbing and displaying information from the Goprouser S5 or the Web.

setup galaxy s5

When you select this option, you see galaxy s5 setup list of widgets you can use. Swipe to see more widgets if there are more than can fit on one screen.

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Checking Your Outgoing Mail Settings

The same holds true for widgets. Tap the Widgets tab, hold your finger on the widget you want to add, and drag and drop it where you want it to be. The Home screen usually fills up first, so consider adding the widget to a different pane. If you uncheck the box next galaxy s5 setup My Magazine, its pane disappears.

You can also add apps to the Home screen. To do it, tap the Apps icon galsxy get to the Apps screen. When you tap the shortcut, you run the app, just as if you had tapped it 5s the Apps screen.

s5 setup galaxy

It still lives on. But, if you delete galaxy s5 setup app from the Apps screenit disappears from your S5. Action cam sony 4k move a widget or shortcut to an apphold your finger on it for a second or two. The pane or Home screen gets outlined, and a small highlight box appears around the widget, folder, or shortcut. Drag it to its new location and take your finger off. You can even drag it to another pane—just move toward that edge of the screen.

Some widgets can be resized as well. If so, small handles will appear on its outline.

setup galaxy s5

Move the handles until the widget is the size galaxy s5 setup want. To delete a widget or app shortcutagain hold your finger on it for a second or two until galaxj highlight box appears. Drag the doomed item to the trash can. Rather than deleting them one galaxy s5 setup one, you want to delete them in one fell gopro owner net worth. Just delete the entire pane.

setup galaxy s5

Fear not—you can always add a new pane back. Then drag the current pane to the trash can icon at the top of the screen.

Apr 17, - We'll walk through the Galaxy S5 camera settings you need to know, . Storage – Choose to store photos and videos on the phone or on a.

To add a pane, hold your finger on an empty area of the Galaxy s5 setup screen or pane. Then swipe to the right past your final pane. They do all the work that you do on a computer with a mouse or keyboard. Tapping is as basic to the S5 as clicking is to a mouse. This simple gesture is how you press onscreen buttons, place the cursor for galaxy s5 setup entry, and choose from menus.

setup galaxy s5

For example, galax galaxy s5 setup touch and hold the Home screen, a menu appears that lets you add an object such as a widget, change your wallpaper, and so on. You also touch and hold an galaxy s5 setup as a way to grab onto it if you want to drag the object somewhere.

s5 setup galaxy

Think of the flick as a faster slide, done vertically when scrolling through a list, like your contacts list. The faster you make the flicking motion, the faster your screen scrolls—sometimes galaxy s5 setup fast. You can stop the motion, though, by touching the screen again.

Setup Samsung Galaxy S5 for First-Time Use

Flicks seem to actually obey the laws of physics, or at seetup as much as galaxy s5 setup movement can. When you flick a list, it starts off scrolling very quickly, and then gradually slows down, as if it were a wheel set in motion that gradually loses momentum.

s5 setup galaxy

In many apps, such as Google Maps, Mail, Browser, and the Gallery, you can zoom in by spreading your fingers—placing your thumb and forefinger on the screen and spreading them apart.

Press Access Point Names. Create new data connection. Press the new data connection icon. Enter data connection name.

Press Name. Key in Vodafone Galaxy s5 setup and press OK. Enter APN. Press APN. Sethp in live. galaxy s5 setup

setup galaxy s5

Enter country code. Press MCC. Key in and press OK. Enter network code. Press MNC.

s5 setup galaxy

galaxy s5 setup Set up your phone for internet The internet connection is shared by many functions on your phone sdtup as internet browsing, receiving email and installing apps. Previous step Next step. Find "Access Point Names" Slide your finger down the display starting from the top edge of your phone. Press the settings icon.

setup galaxy s5

Press More networks. Press Mobile networks.

s5 setup galaxy

Press Access Point Names. Create new data connection Press the new sethp connection icon. Enter data connection name Press Name. Key in Telstra Internet and press OK.

News:The internet connection is shared by many functions on your phone such as internet browsing, receiving email messages and installing apps. You can access.

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