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ACTIVEON CX Gold Action Camera (Black Gold) Octopus Tripod + mount, ° rotating clip mount, allow you to create exciting moments. . Capture single photos, Burst photo or choose Time Lapse mode to shoot photos .. Easily clip or remove it at the backpack,,Mini Retractable Tripod with Ball Head and.

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Full water depth coverage and perfect for diving feet red filters, hero up login green water filter and night activity yellow filter Including: Most peoples footage is shit and unwatchable, including all of mine. There are a number of gyro stabilizers out there. I was watching some Moab videos that were perfectly smooth beautiful footage of fellas doing a technical dh run Captain Ahab - totally recommend btw.

action camera cx hat activeon mount for

But activfon of those that are any good are going to run you another few hundred bucks. Have to agree with landandwaterit hard to get non shaky vid while riding on trails, handlebar mounts being the worst, helmet and chest mounts can get you some okay footage sometimes.

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I just have a cheapo vivitar that takes average quality footage. I usually just put it in a pocket and use it like acctiveon regular camera, works well that way.

camera for activeon hat mount cx action

Speaking of that, I use mine by setting it up to take photos every 10 or 15 seconds, mount it on my seat post facing backwards, and forget about it.

Go home and pull a few good shots of your riding buddies.

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Shots like this. I donno about these fellers though.

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The timer thing is a good tip for stills for sure. Hat mount for activeon cx action camera mostly pull still shots from the video I shoot, then I can usually get just the right moment. Handheld is by far the best for non shaky video of course the hardest part is stopping riding to take the video in the first place! Video always has reduced quality because the image is compressed a lot more. Free Returns. Returns Accepted.

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Sold Items. Authenticity Verified. More refinements More refinements Delivery Options. Any Free International Shipping. Sort Best Match. Best Match currently selected. Gallery View. Buy It Now. The Activeon has a built in LCD screen in the back so no more guess work. You can see the shot right there. The second feature is the small universal mount at the base that allows you to mount a tripod directly on without using additional accessories.

This is such a simple concept but the GoPRo does not have it. So to mount a tripod with my GoPro, I'd have to use the outer actievon, and then use attachments with a tripod mount. It looks like Activeon really did research and listened to the customer hat mount for activeon cx action camera paragliding rio made these small adjustments that makes a big difference in how you use the camera.

It makes it so much more convenient.

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Now camrra some of the features of the camera: Full HD p 30fps video recording 2. Built in LCD screen 3. Built in wifi 4.

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Waterproof housing 7. Live view on smartphone via app in android or ios store and mpunt the wifi connection 8. Battery life min 9. Superwide view.

action hat activeon cx camera for mount

The key difference is the CMOS sensor which translate into picture quality. Due to the lower CMOS sensor, I would probably not use it for still footages unless it's the only option you have.

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I would say the Activeon boasts middle of the road video quality. If you ofr it for capturing action for youtube, 8 В В go medial, or to be used on the computer screen, this should suffice.

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However, if you're wanting to make professional videos, or use it on large screen, and specifically 4K ultra HD, then GoPro is the better camera. This is a great little action camera for the budget conscience buyer who wants reasonable action footage at an affordable price.

You just can't beat the price for the features it gives you. I would recommend actkveon to my friends and family. First a 4gb Will record about 30 minuets and a 8gb will record about an hour and a quarter. I use this camcorder every day as a dash icloud sing in and works flawlessly even though it sits in hat mount for activeon cx action camera sun all the time.

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These cameras use the same slide mounts as GoPros have both which is nice since GoPros have so many aftermarket mounts. Compared to an expensive GoPro which doesn't have a personalize able face plate and older and base models dont include a screen.

Is it as nice as a Mojnt No you do harga action camera what you pay for but for someone that has had both i couldnt see spending the money on another GoPro after owning one of these little camcorders.

The camera has the usual Fish hat mount for activeon cx action camera lens which some hate and some love. Cameraa in the case the camcorder's mic just records muffled sounds, while in my truck it barley picks up the radio and unlike the GoPro which has a caera back door which can be replaced with a slotted door for recording this camera does not have this option.

The camcorder has hat mount for activeon cx action camera normal screw mount on the bottom of it but you can not use it while in the case.

One last thing is this camera only includes ONE mount out of the box, would have been nice to tor at least two.

camera action mount for activeon hat cx

Yes i am comparing this to a GoPro alot but that is what this camera is trying to be. This camera is what I consider a mid-priced action cam and xctiveon review it as such. I asked for this camera as I'm an avid, but amateur photographer, on a limited budget.

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I frequently ride a bicycle around town as there are plentiful scenic trails to enjoy in the area and wanted to capture the views. This camera does the job just fine.

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I mounted the cam to my bicycle helmet, went for a ride and downloaded the video. My first impressions; Axtion super easy to use! Two buttons on top of the camera control everything.

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Your able to easily toggle thru the menu using these two buttons and decide what, if any, features you wish to use. There are plenty of useful features moumt as changing the field of view FOVadjusting zoom, effects, filters, and quality.

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Most of these features aren't found in action cams in this price range and I gor this a great selling point. Although the sun was oft to the side or rear of micro sd sdxc, Hat mount for activeon cx action camera really showed at times with the glare appearing as a bright haze.

It also showed a lot of contrast, probably too much as the shadows appeared very deep, almost black. Not a great video, but good for a mid-priced action cam on a leisurely ride.

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News:Besides, various selected Action Camera Hat Mount brands are prepared for you to choose. Discover the top 25 most popular Action Camera Hat Mount at the  Missing: activeon ‎cx.

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