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How to do slow motion in sony vegas pro 13 - Slow Motion in Sony Vegas Pro « Wonder How To

Nov 3, - Let's take a close look at the features of the different automation VEGAS Pro 14 significantly increases the event Velocity envelope's maximum range. So, let's say you want to create a slow-motion effect where the star of the Right-click the video event and choose Properties from the context menu. On.

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Unfortunatly, the Velocity Envelope feature is only available in the professional version of Vegas. Thanks a lot Steve, bad news for me I guess. Oh well, one more reason to start thinking about FCP!

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You mean one more reason to get Vegas Pro! The grass is not any greener on the other side Chris, take my word for it.

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To make it more realistic, you need to apply some Motion Blur on it. Just go to View and then to Video Bus Track. This is the What the wifi password Track of all Motkon Tracks you have in your project: A pink envelope line appears, and works just like the velocity line seen before, through points.

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The more you pull up the line, the more blur you apply. If you check your rendered project, before and after the Motion Blur, you will see that for both Fast or Slow Motion effects, things improved a lot, with a more realistic view.

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Plus, through the points, you can also decide when to apply Motion Blur, pulling down the line when you don't need it in other static clips. Mind that the Motion Blur is 1.7 update advanced effect: Thanks for watching this video! Check the following ones to discover more about Sony Vegas Pro 13!!

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Activity Activity Annotations Notes Edits. Hello Derek, i have one problem: I want to make my normal speed video go slowly to slow-mo with the original sound included, for that is perfect that velocity adjusting for all white charger, but there is one big problem that the sound of the video is still in normal speed is there a possibility to adjust the same velocity for the sound?

Yea I know that method, but then i don't achieve the efect that the video goes slowly from normal speed to slow-mo?

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When you are using that method, you can't really use Audio as well. Most people vegsa your method do not use Audio from Video and use something completely different like music or sound effects.

Hello Derek, can i serie black the same thing with Movie Studio Platinum 13?

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If so how? The first thing I said at beginning of article, is that 2 methods will work in Movie Studio Platinum versions.

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So yes, this will work in Movie Studio Platinum There is only one method out of the three, that is for Vegas Pro users only. I have pixels and 30 fps video.

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Slkw something I did wrong? If you are using Vegas Pro and are talking about using the Velocity Envelope tool, this is normal for video to start lagging when you add effects, because your CPU is trying to process video in real time.

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Once you render the project, it should play back smoothly. Drop your Preview Window to a lower quality setting while you edit, should help.

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Also make sure you have your GPU turned on if you have one. Does this work for Movie Studio 13 as well?

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I'm not sure vegaas this will work in the basic version. You will have to try to find out. All my Movie Studio tutorials on this website are made with the Platinum versions, because you have full control.

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The non-platinum version is only very basic and not designed for more complex functions. Hi Derek, Nice vids and tutorials.

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Just a tip on this one - you foudn that in SVp you can only slow down to 0. Just save the first one as a Project, and then load that project as a clip into a new project. gegas

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Slow the New project down, and then render. Regards JOhann. No matter beginner or professional would like some way to optimize your work in Sony Vegas Pro.

To present you a free program by hotkey Sony Vegas Pro!

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Selecting a platform you can use the application as a prompt for your work. Thanks to this application you can quickly learn the shortcuts that will enable you to optimize your work and regardless of content to perform it in the same unit of time. The user can tto send yourself a file with the keyboard shortcuts for that platform, it needs!

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In this version: Reviews Review Policy.

News:Interested in creating a slow- or fast-motion effect in Sony Vegas? are a seasoned digital video professional simply looking to pick up a few new tips and tricks, y more A shorter Sony Vegas Pro 8 tutorial that teaches you how to make your clip go super How To 12/13/ pm: Track motion in Sony Vegas Pro 9.

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