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Nov 20, - Jones Snowboards' founder Jeremy Jones helps you find your perfect snowboard in a new multi-part video series that explains how key.

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Look for good peripheral vision.

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Newer, lower-profile styles fit better with a helmet and look cooler than traditional styles with large lenses. But if you choose the low-profile look, make sure you have enough peripheral side how to film snowboarding — some goggles skimp out on that.

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Ideally, you should be able to see degrees from side to side, to help you avoid skiers and riders. If you prefer sunglasses, choose a wrap. Make sure the goggles fit.

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Take the time to adjust the strap to your head. If the strap is a complete pain to adjust, or if the buckle doesn't stay in adjustment, move on.

Snow for all abilities

Make sure they will fit with or without a helmet. Even if you don't use one now, you may in the future. Some styles have softer, more rubbery buckles that won't dig into your scalp.

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Wider bands are more comfortable than narrower ones. And foam inserts keep out wind, ice and dirt.

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The foam should be thick enough to help cushion your face if you fall, but not so dense that it encourages fogging. The salesperson should be able to help you make this judgment.

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If you wear glasses valentino rossi house, make how to film snowboarding the goggles will fit over them.

Some goggles are designed just for this. And many optical stores, especially those near ski areas, will make up prescription inserts for goggles that can accept them, so you won't need glasses at all.


Wrap-style sunglasses and ski goggles can't always accept prescription lenses because of the frame's extreme curvature. An optician will know which frames are prescription-suitable and will be able to order and fit them snowboardinb you.

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Bring an anti-fogger, such as these Defog It dry anti-fog cloths in a hw pouch. Other options are anti-fog solutions let them dry before you start and fog erasers that include a sponge on one side and a soft cloth on the other side.

Skiing vs. Snowboarding: The Hard Truth About a Ridiculous Argument

Look for anti-fogging features. Choose goggles with double lenses that discourage condensation from forming when the warm air of your breath makes contact with the cold lens.

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Anti-fog coating inside the goggles helps, while vents along the sides, top and bottom clear the warm air out of the inside of the goggles. World-class cinematography.

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Shown in crystal-clear high definition, the film tour crisscrosses the nation and nine countries worldwide. Snowboarving the necessary spots are here, as the world's best skiers tackle Alaska, California, Norway, Colorado, and British Columbia.

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Of special note in this film, Chris Anthony treks his way through China in search of the birthplace of skiing; and Warren Miller opens up his vintage vault dash cam gopro mount reveal film treasures of the skiing kind.

As always with a Warren Miller film, the photography is breathtaking, the editing precise, and the skiing will hype how to film snowboarding off the couch.

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All the legendary spots are in line and accounted for. Alaska, Colorado, B.

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Shane McConkey's segment is classic Shane, back-flipping off an endless cliff and deploying the shoot, James Bond style. Also look for Jeremy Bloom, the one-time University of Colorado football stud and moguls champ. Perhaps jealousy will ensue as your lady frantically tries to how to film snowboarding Mr.

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Bloom on Facebook. An instant classic when it was released inthis Warren Miller film features two world breaking records.

Ski goggles: A buyer's guide for skiers and snowboarders

Ski jumper Matt Chojnacki lands the first quad-quad do the math yourselfand B. Amazing feats of athletic how to film snowboarding, but the best part of Cold Fusion is the screen return of the legend himself, Warren Miller. Making awesome videos means getting multiple angles.

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how to film snowboarding The important thing is to shoot from multiple vantage points so you can cut back and forth in your final video and keep the attention of your viewers. Get creative using what options you have available and have fun with it.

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Jenny is doing a short series of blogs for Sonic Eye on using GoPro for shooting snowboarding video. Read more tips on shooting Snowboarding and Action Hos.

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Your snoowboarding address will not be published. Watch these four videos to understand how waist width, flex, sidecut and shape should determine which Jones board you should more photos riding.

In episode two, Jeremy breaks down how board flex affects performance and details the flex specs of several key boards in the Jones line.

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In episode three, Jeremy breaks down how sidecut affects board performance and details the sidecut specs of a few foundation board models in the Jones line. In episode four, Jeremy breaks down how board how to film snowboarding affects ideal board size and details the go-to sizes of several key Jones models.

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Apparel Neckwarmers Organic Apparel Headwear. Backcountry Safety. Gear

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News:Jan 14, - The first in our snowboard How To series helps you choose a freeride board. Follow the advice of our science grad and handy ripper Paul.

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