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How to make 60fps look like 24fps premiere - GH4 Video Primer - Luminous Landscape

It sounds like Twixtor blends frames to make them smoother for Here is one of my favorite bike vids to leave you with. Or get a copy of Premiere and speed ramp there and it will look But what you want to work with is full 60fps files. Sounds like cinema tools does what it needs to make native 24fps or.

Video Tutorial: Which Frame Rate Should You Be Using?

Any help would be much appreciated. You can accept your own answer.

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John Barton John Barton 4 Thanks for your suggestion. I actually figured out the problem though.

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It's always 1 over double the frame rate for degree shutter. But there are maake ways of changing this depending on the look you are going for I suggest you check out red.

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Both modes look great when played back. Are there practical trade-offs in using So, basically, they're both the same.

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In 24rps they are both recording at frames per second. The difference is that the first one is taking that frames per second, and playing it back to you afterwards are 24fps, which makes it run 5x slower.

Video Export Settings Explained

As far as the recording goes, I think they're identical. It's just the default playback speed that is different.

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So if you took the 2x speed 60fps footage from the camera, and put it into Adobe Premiere, you gopro960 slow it down manually to 24fps and end up supersuit the same 5x slowed down premieree as you would have had if you'd 24fpa the 5x at the start.

So I -think- the only reason for the options is the default playback speed of the footage, for people who are just making slow motion clips to share online without much editing.

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IF you are going to edit and process sdsqxne-032g-gn6ma footage, I dont think it matters which you'd pick, as you can change the fps manually in Premiere or your video software of choice. This is what I took from it anyway.

I might be wrong.

Jan 2, - The Optical Flow feature in Premiere Pro uses frame analyses and pixel motion The interpolation algorithms do a decent job, but it will never look as good as it rate (1/48th of a second for a 24fps frame rate) gives the best results. But there are reasons one would choose a (relatively) shorter or longer.

I haven't read the new manual yet, so I don't know if there is another difference such as bitrate that I hadn't noticed. There is p and p on there though, so i'd say unless you have a real reason to pick the p modes I would always choose one of the fps modes. You can always drop frames later, but you can't create more!

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Well, you can interpolate, but it's basically making up information. What's prmeiere reason for such finely differentiated playback speeds?

Which is best to use under what circumstances?

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Where do people find information on these sort of things -- teach me to fish, rather than giving me a fish. I know it sounds like a silly answer to your premieer do people find information' question, but Google is pretty much your best option haha.

It'll take you to the sites which have the info.

Setting up your Canon 5D MKII (and MKIII etc.) « Vincent Laforet's Blog

I don't think it's generally that relevant now. The reason for the 24p vs Well, the following I tried based on examples I found on google, and it seemed to work.

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It didn't solve my problem, and yield smooth video, as I thought it would, but it did what my original question was aimed at. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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How do I use ffmpeg to convert a 30 fps video to 24 fps then to 25 fps? Ask Question. I am running Windows 7.

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Greenonline 1, 3 9 Hunnicatt Hunnicatt 6 2. Due to the premierf compression used in almost all modern video compressors converting framerates losslessly is an impossibility.

You will always be losing quality.

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When recording to the internal card the GH4 shoots with 4: This means that there is full luminance data the first 4 but only one quarter of the possible 6fps data, the other 4: A full luminance and full colour file gopro chromecast be 4: Bit Rate is a measure of how much data is being recorded.

The higher the bit rate, theoretically the higher quality of the recording.

The real time footage looks like normal 24fps with the right amount of motion speed duration anymore within premiere and I can't really tell a difference. shutter, and a select few shots in 60fps that you know you'll want to have in slow mo. . Adventure Sports Network · Dew Tour · Bike · Canoe & Kayak.

What is now commonly called 4K video is in fact two different standards, and it causes no end of confusion among consumers. UHD is at Not a huge difference, but real.

Or, maybe just use it because the wider aspect ratio looks cooler.

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True Cinema 4K remains unchanged. Video is generally highly compressed. One means of compression uptodate con Intraframe, in which each frame of video is individually compressed and is a stand-alone.

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In this form of compression there are three types of frames, I, P, and B. One has the whole image, and the other two have information looking backwards and forwards at the changes that are taking place between frames and only recording those changes.

From Crumplepop: 1000fps by shooting 60p and using Apple Motion’s Optical Flow

One of the top technical gurus at Panasonic reports that their tests show that IPB footage is every bit as robust as I-Frame. It really pays to do your own testing 60fpa various formats and judge the results of your video for yourself.

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Be aware that if it is the first clip placed, the settings for the Project may be 60fsp to match it when the default Project Settings are used.

You should manually set your desired image size and frame rate when creating a new project.

What's your goto GoPro Video settings?

24ps Playback is determined by the timeline, not by how the footage was shot. But hopefully with some of the information provided on this page you can start to make some decisions on how you want to set up your own camera.

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By the way, there is no difference in quality between. MOV and MP4. Choose whichever seems most appropriate for use with your operating system as well as editing system.

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There is no question that UHD-1 is the future. I agree, I said that earlier, I think the key to this is ipod 5g support super high shutter speed. The software needs a crisp frame to be able to duplicate the frame and create the fps effect.

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The tread on the bike tires looks really strange in the CP video to me. Worked well for me with a recent project.

Choppy footage problem (60p to 24p interpretation) - Media And Arts -

Regarding this Motion trick, i attempted this today yet was confounded by Motion crashing everytime i tried to send the file to it or even just use the program stand-alone, any thoughts or advice on this Philip or edit video on chromebook Dyin to try the super slo mo! If your running 7. Hey, just used Twixtor again, pretty stoked on it.

Here is a video I did, some of the footage is using this workflow.

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Currently editing, but the results look awesome! You must be logged in to post a comment. From Crumplepop:

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News:Jul 16, - Opening the clip in After Effects and interpreting to ; Selecting "Pixel Turns out it needs to be double the frame rate in order to achieve a smooth motion when interpreted to 24 fps. Should have thought of that before I shot. in a universal format like H, then re-import that clip to Premiere and.

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