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Jun 7, - Get a slice of the action with our expert tips for shooting videos and photos space jump or backflipping over a canyon on your bike, but if a cycle around the .. rather than just making them look like they were made in the seventies. However, if you want to tinker, GoPro cams will let you choose the white.

How to get the famous cinematic look with a GoPro

Lastly, the handlebar mount gives me a sturdy mount on anything with amke round shape from handrails to the bars on the front of an ATV.

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Oh, and I use my GoPro on my tripod a lot so a tripod mount is always in my bag too. The GoPro has become an indispensable tool for me to capture one of a kind images while I travel. When it comes to GoPro video, the most important things is to get lots of good, usable clips. If you watch a lot of how to make gopro footage look cinematic on YouTube most of them are pretty shaky and pretty unimpressive.

Here we are going to show you ways to get more quality usable footage from your GoPro. Make your next hot air balloon jump video better with these quick and easy tips.

The most important part of having a great GoPro video is that you tell a complete story.

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how to make gopro footage look cinematic Make sure to film all of the things leading up to the main event you plan on filming to give your video context. Make sure that your video has a beginning, middle, and end.

Too many videos start right goproo the action without showing microsd and adapter viewer how they got there, where they are, or why they should care. Great footage is nice, but great footage that tells a story is actually great.

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Let the people watching your GoPro video feel and see everything you are. The most distracting thing while watching videos is shaky footage. The best way to beat shaky shots is using a gimbal. Oook accessories are best for walking shots and filming B-roll.

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They are also not waterproof, howw this will limit how much you can use a GoPro gimbal. However, if you are serious about making great GoPro videos, these are a must.

A five-minute planning session before the day starts will make a huge difference in the editing room. An example how to make gopro footage look cinematic this is a video that has jvc action camera mounts repetition of you walking at the camera in different amke on your trip.

Another way to get smoother footage without a gimbal is to use higher frame rates to get good slow-motion footage.

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Record fast action scene in very high frame rates like fps or the highest your GoPro will looj. When you go to edit your GoPro video, you can slow the footage down significantly enhancing the look and making it a lot smoother. No one whats to see you snorkeling underwater for 5 minutes straight pointing your GoPro at a fish under the water.

How to make GOPRO Footage CINEMATIC in 60 SECONDS

Instead get shots of the boat ride, a view cant remember password the bow of the boat, the wake the boat makes, scenery on the ride, a time lapse of the boat ride, you jumping in, then give the camera to a friend underwater and jump in again, then swim with them filmed selfie-style, and then put a clip or two of the coolest how to make gopro footage look cinematic you saw.

There is so much more than just the couple of fish you saw that makes a better story and ultimately yow better GoPro video.

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Also try and film various angles of the same thing — wide, very close up, straight down, really high, or really low angles, mix it up and get creative. All too often when I first started shooting video with my GoPro I would take scan disc massive several minute long clips with one really cooling thing somewhere in the middle.

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Then when I got back from a trip trying to remember where in this super long clip how to make gopro footage look cinematic one thing I actually want to show was. So, if you are going to keep the camera rolling, try and stop the footage periodically when you know there is going to be a break in the action and restart iphoto support, this will speed things up when you want to edit later.

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Also the shorter the clips the easier it will be able to edit because your computer will handle the smaller files sizes better, especially if you have an older computer. We love a gorilla pod and a tripod mount.

5 Easy Hacks to Make Your GoPro Edits Look SoPro | Bicycling

This gives you tons of options to hang, mount, or steady your GoPro for stationary shots. As great as shots with movement are, you still need some nice steady shots in your video.

This is great of a shot of you walking by to establish a shot or give a sense of place.

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This is also great for time-lapses, which are good to mix into your videos. Since the GoPro camera is so wide and it can lead to most of your clips feeling far away and look too much the same. If you are using the automatic modes of the GoPro, the camera sd mini card constantly adjusting the settings to give you a balanced photo, but when you point the camera toward the sun the bright skies will make the camera adjust the footage darker to compensate.

How to make gopro footage look cinematic you can instead keep you back to the sun when you film your footage will look much better.

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Another way to make how to make gopro footage look cinematic moving action footage feel a bit more stable to keep something not moving in the frame. Our tip to do that is to mount the GoPro in a way where part of an important object stays in the same spot in the frame through the clips.

There are a lot of tips and tricks that can be applied to get the cinematic look, in this article we are just citing a few that are easy to use without being a professional film maker. This can be checked by looking at the screen of the GoPro and the best solution to this problem is to use a ND filter Neutral Density how to make gopro footage look cinematic. Save my name, email, gopro with lcd screen website in this browser for the next time I comment.

GoPro Settings Explained: Best for Action, Travel and More

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment how to make gopro footage look cinematic is processed. Previous Next. When to Time-Lapse Action cams take great stills too. Then select the most epic still from the dozen or so the camera grabs. When to 4K Reserve 4K shots for when you gopor want to reproduce the scene, like taking a panning shot of the stunning view from the mountaintop.

Use it sparingly—it devours memory card space and battery life. Wired Recommends: GoPro Hero6 Black Advanced image stabilization gets you smoother shots; meru on itunes software helps you share them.

This article appears in the January issue.

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Subscribe now. The spot meter is useful when you have uneven lighting across the frame but you need a specific area uhs-1 the how to make gopro footage look cinematic to be exposed correctly. Select PAL or NTSC depending in which country you are shooting, or else you may encounter a video flickering effect when shooting near tungsten lights.

I write all of the cienmatic you'll find on the Gopro deals best buy GoPro blog. Save my name, email, and website in hos browser for the next time I comment. Are you struggling to understand your GoPro settings? How to use resolutions: Small file size.

Jan 19, - But what about all those nifty GoPro videos you see online that have the mount for filming mountain bike and snowboarding excursions, or decide to the sky's the limit when it comes to giving your videos a unique look and feel, which keeps footage from looking too jarring like a Jason Bourne movie.

Used for smartphones and web. It's the most common option.

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But aspect ratio is 4: Can be used for digital zoom in editing. Can be used for digital zoom in editing or gopro harness for cat large 4k screens. Big file size and shorter battery life in shooting. GoPro Frame Rates Yow are frame rates?

How to use frame rates: No slow motion. Slow motion 4x. Not good in low light conditions. Slow motion 8x. Bad quality in low light conditions.

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News:Jan 15, - Get great results from your GoPro or other action cam as you Save it for when you're shooting video of your friends—place the camera at ground level to film a This makes a tree run look like the speeder bike chase on Endor from Then select the most epic still from the dozen or so the camera grabs.

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