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Apr 15, - They allow you to position your device on the dashboard for easy With so many to choose from, it becomes difficult to determine which one Here's another phone car mount that's made to attach to the vehicle's air vent. It has a sturdy suction cup that can be placed on the car's inside windshield, or you.

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The dash cam can also be fixed right on the stage above the air vents. Put it at the corner to avoid it blocking your sight.

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I haven't used a dash cam but i hope it might work. Dimas Active Member. A little grease helps. I use silicone grease for heat resistant and not becoming gummy.

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Lazarus Ball joint mount Member. Dimas said: Gabacho Member. Joined Feb 19, Messages 60 Reaction score Proextender said: I usually think of myself as a pretty inventive biped, but that never occurred to me.

I had been looking for a mount WITH a silicone suction cup, but no luck.

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Windshieeld of silicone mounts for phones and GPS, but none for dash cams. Then I hit this page and a truly inventive hominid quietly educates me on creative thinking. Works like a charm particularly here in Florida where it has a tendency to be a bit humid and warm. cutting videos on mac

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Silicone grease is usually available at most auto parts stores as bulb grease. Gabacho said: Sometimes the simple way is best.

Step 1: Try to Stick the Suction Cup

Viking Well-Known Member. I clean the surface where I stick the cup and the cup first. Make sure that both sucion spot free, then a put a drop of water in the cup. That will stick the gopro prix much longer before it get lose.

Apr 24, - Our pick Whether on a dashboard or windshield, it's easy to set up, grips nooks and crannies of the dash more easily than a suction cup. It's not quite as easy to attach and remove a phone with a tension-arm mount as it.

Still its not permanent, but last longer. I won't use any grease, the only thing that gonna happen is when your clean it, it will spread as a thin film inside the windshield.

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Good luck to get it off. I tried various ways of cleaning the glass before mounting before using greasebut in the end the thing always came loose. When I removed it, after using the grease, to move it fly 360fly action camera a bit I did have to clean the window, but a bit of enthusiastic rubbing with a paper towel or three then wiping with a soft cloth and the glass was how to make suction cup stick to windshield stock the proverbial whistle.

I've never owned a proverbial whistle, or any other kind, but I assume that one would be pretty sparkly. It even comes with a tripod mount adapter and thumbscrew to help you secure the camera in the base plate no matter where you're using it. Did we mention that it swivels?

Windshield mount falling off

The SublimeWare Suction Cup is a very straightforward product. Made with industrial-strength silicone, it attaches to any flat, non-porous surface so that you can capture photo drvm action camera waterproof tutorial video while you're on the move.

However, it does offer a unique, low-profile perspective how to make suction cup stick to windshield to the compact nature of its extension arm, and you can lock its position in place even at high speeds. It will be more than enough for dindshield POV hoa.

The SublimeWare Suction Cup might not be the fanciest model on the market, but there's a reason why it's one of our favorite GoPro car mounts.

Universal windshield and dashboard mounts

Look into stkck nice little extension arm if you want a simple but effective mounting system for your vehicle. The fantaseal Chimera Camera Car Mount lives xiaomi yi vs gopro to its name by providing many different functions and features like a multi-headed chimera. In addition to using it on cars and trucks, you can also use it how to make suction cup stick to windshield boats, motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis and surfboards.

This GoPro car mount also allows you to capture footage with non-GoPro cameras.

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It can support a staggering 33 poundsso it can be used with the heaviest of your DSLRs. This my karma isn't playing around when it comes to functionality, so it's great for sudtion and outdoor enthusiasts of all types.

We've already covered the triple-suction mount from Delkin's Fat Gecko line, but we'd like to spotlight the Fat Gecko Mini as well. It's a smaller, how to make suction cup stick to windshield product than its cousins, but it's still a great accessory for photographers on the go.

For starters, it hasn't lost an ounce of its strength. It might be more compact than other Delkin mounts, but it's still made with a commercial-grade zinc bike handlebar slr camera bag been tested on glass, metal, plastic and many other materials.

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Are you ready to take dynamic POV footage without the use of a how to make suction cup stick to windshield, lofty mount? Consider the Delkin Fat Gecko Mini. With its sleek black mmake and red rubber grips, the Joby Suction Cup is definitely one of the most stylish products on this list. But don't assume format sd windows 10 it's flashy without function! It can serve as a powerful tool for GoPro users.

For example, the Joby Suction Cup is made with medical-grade windsyield elastomers that are both waterproof and rust-proof.

Airbase Wireless | Fast-Charging Suction Mount | Qi-Wireless – Kenu

Nothing about this product will get damaged by the elements, and it will be fully operational even in the middle of a storm.

It's also quite stable. The suction cup mount is proof that you can create products that have both style and substance. Not only will it look good on your vehicle, but it'll work like a charm as well. The Tackform Solutions Headrest Mount can attach to both the front and backseat of your vehicle's interior, so you'll have plenty of options when operating your GoPro how to make suction cup stick to windshield the car.

Shoot dreamy window footage for a documentary; capture your children's silly faces during a road trip. This mount will clamp right on the metal rod of your car's seats, so it can be used for all kinds of footage.

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The only real drawbacks of the Tackform Solutions Headrest Mount relate to its functionality. It isn't meant for exterior use, and while it's adjustable, it isn't really pliable.

How to make suction cups stick to glass - iSuctionCups

It's meant windshueld for stability than flexibility. However, this is a small price to pay for an Extending a full 11 how to make suction cup stick to windshield, the fantaseal Magic Arm can be used for everything from vlogging to live streaming.

It clamps to any rod or pole, so it's ideal for shooting interior vehicle footage. I love it! Put it up on suctuon dash when I need, snap in the and I'm go to go. When finished, unsnap theput the bean bag on the floor and no one ever knows it was there - sandisk extreme 32gb micro sd of sight, out of mind - no temptation for the no-good-niks. It absolutely doesn't move while on the dash.

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Other than the weight itself, the bag is made of some kind of of non-slippery material. Another advantage of the bean bag is lack of glare. Just tilt your nuvi down a little bit or windshiedl and the glare is gone without you having to move the bag at all. Try lifting the edge of the suction cup with your fingernail, or other very thin object.

This will break 6k resolution pixels suction, and the mount will come off immediately.

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Hope this helps. Yeah, I called and they were very nice and sent me one without me even asking for one.

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I just said that itdoesn't stick and they said, "Yeah, we know and will send you a new one". Log In Sign Up.

Apr 15, - They allow you to position your device on the dashboard for easy With so many to choose from, it becomes difficult to determine which one Here's another phone car mount that's made to attach to the vehicle's air vent. It has a sturdy suction cup that can be placed on the car's inside windshield, or you.

Is the mount worn and I need a new one, OR I need to clean the window and or mount, wet the mount or other procedure? Login or register to post comments.

How to make a Suction cup mount work again Car Life Hack

Try this thread. Unfortunately How to make suction cup stick to windshield had mae pay for my bean bag but just love it and would not use anything else. I'll post and let you know how it works. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

In taller vehicles with large, vertically-oriented windshields, typically the bottom center, top center beside the rear view mirroror side walls of the windshield hero base good places to set up a gopro hero battery pack phone mount for driver visibility and ease of use.

In lower vehicles with very sloped windshields, stick to the bottom edges of the windshield.

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Some creative ideas for phone mount placements include:. These are especially great alternatives for states where mounting a car phone mount to the windshield is disallowed.

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The rule with products is that coloncho get what you pay for, and phone mounts windshied no exception. Remember these tips about shopping for a car phone mount to make your comparisons easier:.

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Leave a Comment. Dashboards can be made of:

News:Please check suction cups occasionally to make sure they are still sticking. De-grease the glass with rubbing alcohol if necessary, (bathroom/window cleaners damage to the cup edge caused by the "finger nail removal picking action”).

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