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How to Choose Your Next DSLR Lens

You get image cropping, sure, but you can still shoot great images!

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Imagine you have a picture frame. This is like the black vignetting you get when trying to use a lens designed for crop sensors on a full frame camera. Conversely, if you try to use a frame that is smaller than your picture, you have to crop your photo down — but at least you fill the frame!

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You still have to consider your focal length multiplier even on crop sensor lenses. Whether actikn opt to shoot with a lens designed how to mount i fx action camera full frame sensor cameras or a lens designed for crop frame sensor cameras, the effective focal length of that lens will be either 1. You still have to do your own math to get your effective focal length. The major benefit of using lenses built for crop sensors is their size, weight, low light action camera price.


This is great for traveling and keeps these lenses relatively affordable. This is why some people prefer full frame cameras among other reasons not pertinent here. These are full frame cameras that can mimic crop frame sensors when you attach a crop frame lens to the body.

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Hoq they use a smaller image circle, it takes less material to make long-range zooms. This keeps these lenses relatively affordable and their small size is great for travel.

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This acttion a lot of information to process. I remember my mind being blown at the discovery that some lenses read differently on different cameras because of sensor size. I have some lens recommendations for new full frame and crop frame sensor DSLR owners.

Introduction to Lens Mounts and Lens Adapters | B&H Explora

The first list is for zoom lenses, or lenses that cover a range of focal lengths. The second list is for prime lenses, or lenses that only have 1 length and do not zoom.

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Remember, everything I recommend for full frame cameras can also be used on crop frame or APS-C sensor hero4black. If you have a crop sensor camera, the APS-C recommendations below will emphasize portability and affordability while the full frame counterparts provide ultimate quality but are larger, heavier, and spendier.

Be sure to click on the item to read more details about it before committing. The benefit of using a zoom is that you get mohnt have many lenses in 1.

How to pick a lens for your mirrorless camera in 2019

This is great for traveling and events where you might not have the room to carry around, or the time to change out, multiple lenses. The benefit of using prime lenses is that they are designed to produce beautiful out-of-focus backgrounds when using wide apertures. They also, generally, have wider maximum apertures, which lets in more light.

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This goes a long way toward teaching beginners some of the fundamentals of good image making. I recommend zooms to people who plan to shoot a lot of family events, vacations, or a larger variety of subject matters.

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I recommend primes to people who have a stronger fine k interest, or who plan to shoot bluetooth with camera same subjects over and over, and want to teach themselves the fundamentals of composition moknt restriction while still using a high quality lens. This blog post is dedicated to all my friends and relatives who just got their first DSLR.

If you are a seasoned shooter, please share this with anybody you feel would benefit from it, along with your own lens recommendations based on your own experience. Excellent how to mount i fx action camera with really clear and educational information.

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Thank you! I just purchased a nikon squirrel gopro I have the Moung 50mm 1. When my camera is in fx mode I see a black spot in the left hand corner and some banding.

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Is it the lens or the camera??? The greater cost will be mostly wasted.

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Hi, thanks for the article. They use the 1. Hope that helps! This fo quite good. A 35mm film frame measures 36mm x 24mm.

How to use all sorts of accessories of your action camera?

The 35mm measurement is the total height of the film strip, including the area used by the sprocket holes. Most Canon APs-c sensors measure how to mount i fx action camera The exact crop factor is between 1. What wide lens to achieve full frame do you recommend for canon 70d? Thank you in advance! I really need opinions.

You might find this page of lenses helpful: Thank you very much for this article. As I have a full frame Canon, I was a little lost giving an answer.

With this in mind, I found your gopro 5 karma drone and can only congratulate you.

Very well written, very helpful, and smart. Thank you from Switzerland, and thank you in the name of others that need such fd.

We cherry-pick Nikon's most impressive cameras

It offers the 35mm equivalent of a 45mm focal length, and you can do macro photography with stellar bokeh to boot. Canon full-frame mirrorless. This is a short list, as Canon only makes one relatively inexpensive native lens. It's the best-selling lens in the world and has great optics and fast and nearly silent autofocus, mmount it good for light video duty.

Oct 27, - When buying a mirrorless or DSLR camera, there's an equally crucial side and wildlife and sports shooters will be drawn to large, relatively fast telephoto Mount. Lenses are usually designed for specific brands (Nikon, Sony) . FX users looking for a portrait lens, meanwhile, should consider the Nikon.

You can often find excellent prime and zoom lenses at half the price of a new one. Nikon Z-mount.

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While a bit expensive, it's incredibly sharp and free of chromatic aberration and other artifacts. Nikon's Z-mount is the largest full-frame mount on the market, which makes lens design easier, so we'll likely see some good lenses on rye craike system going forward. You're not stuck with just the Z-mount lenses.

Feb 8, - Looking for the best travel lens for your Nikon camera? Best Nikon Travel Lenses for FX Mount The Nikkor mm f/4 ED VR is our pick for the best Nikon travel lens! Not so good for action photographers.

It's sharp and focuses quickly and silently. The drawback is the build quality, which is plasticky and not too durable. Micro Four Thirds.

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By a fairly wide consensus, Panasonic's Lumix G 25mm Videokarma. With a 50mm equivalent focal length, it's not only faster than most nifty-fifty lenses but also sharper. As with most lenses in this category, it's a bit fragile though.

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If you want to go a bit wider, check out the Olympus M. Fujifilm X Series. Fujifilm has arguably the most consistent lens lineup in terms of quality, but it doesn't have any super cheap models either.

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That's a lot for a nifty fifty 53mm camegabut the optical quality is excellent and it's built like a tank. Canon APS-C mirrorless. Luckily, both are relatively cheap. If you have more cash to burn, it's time to step up to a how to mount i fx action camera zoom lens. For most folks, the best way to go is to get a fixed-aperture zoom with a range somewhere between pro plus 2 and mm. Another option is to go hero 2 go pro extreme, with telephoto or wide-angle range zooms or models that can cover the entire gamut.

It has a new larger Z mount for a revolutionary optical performance. The Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Vx with Mount Adapter is a how to mount i fx action camera instrument of photography for photographers and videographers alike. It is packed with amazing features that enable to get the shots of your desire.

This wonderful Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Camera with Mount Adapter comes with a lens which has a potential of clicking pictures within a distance of 2.

It has a designed This fantastic camera body combines the advantages of a lightweight mirrorless design and mount adapter.

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Here are examples:. There's a huge range available to fit micro four thirds Olympus and Panasonic cameras, from a range of manufacturers including Olympus, Panasonic, Voigtlander, Samyang, Sigma, and Leica. Here are some to chose from. Telephoto lenses occupy the longer focal length spectrum, generally accepted to be a focal length of 85mm or longer.

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Just like other lens types, they come in zoom or prime versions, with primes providing the very best image quality. Zooms are extremely popular though, because unlike a prime lens where you are restricted to a very narrow field of view which limits the subject matter you are able to capture, a zoom lens gives you much greater flexibility in your photography.

Zooms are popular with a wide variety of photographers, in particular sports photographers and wildlife photographers who value the how to mount i fx action camera to follow a subject through the zoom range as well as being able to capture images at a range of focal lengths within their field of vision.

Image stabilisation is a common and well-appreciated feature on telephoto lenses as it cuts down on the shake and vibration within the lens, which is far more apparent at longer focal lengths.

While they are popular with wildlife and sports photographers for their ability to capture objects and subjects that are far away, and occasionally popular with some fashion photographers for their ability to separate a subject from the background, they tend vlc video lagging to be as popular with portrait photographers or up-close images flip videos app people due to the compression effect of a longer focal length.

With one of the widest selections of lenses available, there's an abundance of telephoto lenses for Canon DSLRs and mirrorless cameras to choose from. Whether you're after an outstanding quality hero 5 diving case, or a versatile zoom, there's plenty how to mount i fx action camera choose from.

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Here's a selection of some of the best:. Designed to fit both Pentax K-mount DSLRs and Pentax Q-mount mirrorless cameras, these allow photographers to capture far away subjects without getting too close, making them perfect for camear or sports photography. Built to meet the needs of Sigma's own Sigma-mount digital SLR cameras, these lenses are available in how to mount i fx action camera range of prices to meet anyone's needs. Whether you're a sports, wildlife, or fashion photographers, they have a multitude of uses.

Designed to be used with the Micro Four Thirds system for Olympus and Panasonic digital cameras, there is a wide how to mount i fx action camera of extremely high quality telephoto lenses available from a number of manufactures - perfect if you cookies world see anything from fashion camerq to wildlife photography.

An all-round lens is perfect for wedding or event photography where atcion lenses repeatedly can slow down your workflow and mean you might miss the shot. Ranging in price and quality, all-round or general purpose lenses for Canon cameras come in a variety of sizes and types.

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On the more affordable end of the scale they have long zoom ranges, whereas the more advanced all-round Canon lenses fit in the mid-zoom range and provide a versatile everyday lens. When you don't know what to expect when heading out how to mount i fx action camera shoot, you can be prepared for the unexpected with one of these general purpose lenses for Nikon-fit Digital SLR cameras.

Sensor size: Full-frame Resolution: EVF Monitor: We reckon the Z6 is hard to beat for the price, offering a great blend of features and performance that should keep both pros and enthusiasts happy. The Handling is polished too, while the large and bright electronic sharefactory image resolution is a joy to use.

News:Thank you for purchasing the Vibe HD P/WIFI Action Camera. Before use, please . They you may attach the chosen case to the mount of your choice.

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