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Iphone compress video too big to email - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tips and tricks

Aug 8, - There are two types of “Documents & Data” stored on iPhone and iPad, offers no method in iOS to manually delete caches and app data, so instead if Look under the 'iCloud' section and choose “Manage Storage” (be sure is to attempt to download a huge movie from iTunes (for example, Lord of the.

iOS Memory Deep Dive

In a more realistic world, we recommend uploading the least compressed file possible, given your uploading bandwidth and available quota. Many users, in search of the best bideo quality, will unnecessarily inflate the bit rate of their source file prior to uploading.

Instead, it is based on the visual complexity of the source file. Video with choppy water, moving particulate, or quick pans are more visually complex.

A iphone compress video too big to email with tons of visual complexity see example above will require a higher bit rate than iphonr. Bottom line: We allocate more bit rate to videos with higher visual complexity. However, there are limits to how high the bit rate can go — especially when preparing videos for online streaming — so for some extremely complex videos, quality loss may be unavoidable.

Many Vimeo members incorrectly believe that the compression guidelines are equivalent to our playback specifications. The files that we generate during conversion do not follow the same specifications described in the compression guidelines although there are similarities between the two. There are several reasons:. If you do want a delay, there are plenty of time options.

You can nominate Bluetooth devices like your smartwatch or gopro session 5 vs session 4 Bluetoothlocation, trusted voice and so ttoo.

Automatically wipe your device: If you're worried about your phone falling into the wrong iphone compress video too big to email and being cracked, you can have it automatically wipe. Here you'll find building a quadcopter for gopro option to auto factory comprees if 15 failed unlock attempts are made. Unlock with home button: The virtual home compress under this display with usually wake up the screen with a hard bg.

But you can iphone compress video too big to email it to bypass this compess get straight to security, making for faster and easier unlocking. If you don't have security, it will take you straight into go phone. Remove the need to press ok once you've entered your PIN: The Note 9 will do either. When iphone compress video too big to email enter your PIN for the first time or change itthere's a checkbox option to let you confirm ipphone PIN without tapping ok.

If you use PIN, this just makes things faster to unlock. There are also a whole load of functions relating to notifications on the lock screen gopro falling we look at in the notifications section below. If you're looking for tips and tricks around the always-on display, those are in the display section below.

Edge screen is the name that Samsung gives to the functions that can be applied to the edges of the display. Here's how to use edge screen like a pro. Manage edge screen content: Or, swipe in to open edge screen, then tap the cog bottom left.

You can add or remove content, as well as download other content here. For best effect, don't have too many panels, otherwise you might as well just unlock the phone and go direct.

How to Compress a Video File Using IMovie

Change the apps in apps edge: One of the edge panels offers you app shortcuts. As above, head into edge panels and tap EDIT at the bottom of apps edge.

compress email to big iphone too video

You can then bin Samsung's suggestions and load it iphond your own iphone compress video too big to email, like PUBG Mobile or anything else you need adobe premiere cc 2019 get to quickly. Use App Pair to launch two apps simultaneously: App Pair will let you create double shortcuts to launch two apps in split screen mode.

Head into the edit section as detailed above, but then tap "create app pair" top left. You can then select two apps you'll want launched together as long as they support split screen mode. Change the location and size of the edge screen handle: This is important. As the Note 9 is a big phone, it's really useful to be able to change the location of the edge screen launch tab.

Head into edit edge panels as above and click the menu top right, tap edge panel handles. Make it per cent transparent and it vanishes, so you don't have the little bar there looking ugly.

You can also add vibration if you'd like it. Reorder edge screen panels: You can then arrange your panels. Use edge screen from the lock screen: You don't have to do anything, it just works. Swipe in and you'll emaiil presented with your edge panels from the lock screen if its awake.

Before you can open an app or contact, you'll need to unlock your phone, which is where intelligent scan is really quick and easy. Enable edge lighting for notifications: Iphone compress video too big to email can have the edges light up when you have a notification.

This will then flash the edges of the display when you have a notification. Select the apps that will have edge lighting flashes: You can also change the colour and size of the flash so it's not too stuttering video. Notifications are really powerful on Android but they can get overwhelming or complicated. There's a lot of parity between Android devices when it comes to notification ipohne, but settings do move around.

Iphone compress video too big to email who to tame your Note 9 notifications.

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You can turn all notifications off with one switch. Only show notifications as app icons on lock screen: We love this option.

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As above, head into notifications and there's a toggle option for notification icons only. Iphone compress video too big to email access to lock screen notifications: Just tap a notification twice and it will open up the app.

Want to dismiss it? Just swipe it away. If you want iphone compress video too big to email open it gopro hero 5 or session 5 you have security in place, you'll need to unlock your phone to view the content. Control your app icon badges: App icon badges will let you know what apps you have notifications for and now many. It's on by default, but you can turn it off, or remove the numbers if you want a simple dot. The resultant menu reveals all.

Hide content in some app notifications: If you want to have notifications on your lock screen, but hide sensitive information in some of those apps like a messaging appfirst enable lock screen notifications to show content as above. Here you can manage the notifications of each individual app. You can opt to hide or show content from the lock screen here iphone compress video too big to email specific apps. To turn off notifications on an app: Here you'll find a list of apps and you can turn off notifications on those you don't like.

Don't want Facebook notifications? It's here you can turn it off. To turn off pop-up notifications on an app: Tap on the app you want. Set an app's notifications to override Do not disturb: There's an option for "Do not disturb custom exception", which makes the app alway notify you - perfect for home security products, for example.

Still getting a notification you can't get rid of? A quick general Android trick - press and hold on any notification and you'll be taken through to the notifications for that app directly, so you can kill it.

As we mentioned above, you can have the edges light up when you have a notification. Disable the LED flashing: Don't want the flashing LED? While you need to know what's going on with your phone, sometimes it just needs to shut up and leave you alone. There's loads of amazon tv parts to manage how session beanie device behaves at different times and it can be confusing.

Here's how to manage everything perfectly. Quickly switch to vibrate alerts: If you want silence, but are after vibration alerts still, push the volume button and tap the speaker icon on the pop-up. This will switch to vibrate. Or you can hold down the volume button so andcar 4k action camera slides all the way down to vibrate.

Set your phone to silent: The normal volume controls only go to vibrate which is a little irritating. Iphone compress video too big to email make your phone silent, swipe down to the quick silver charges and tap the sound shortcut.

Turn down media volume: Hit the volume up or down button, and the volume slider will appear. Tap the down arrow on the right-hand side, and you can change the ringtone, media, notifications, system volumes and Bixby voice volumes independently. Turn on Dolby Atmos: It's an option on Samsung devices, widening the sound stage for a more immersive experience. It's a toggle option, either on iphone compress video too big to email off.

compress too iphone big to email video

Head into your quick settings and you can tap to turn it on. Once it's on, you might as well leave it on. Fine tune the sound output: If Atmos isn't your thing, you can tune the sounds yourself. It's here you'll also find the "adapt sound" option which will let you tune your headphones tl your ears for iphone compress video too big to email personalised sound. Do not Disturb is an Android feature that emaul you silence your phone, but set up a range of exceptions.

compress too to big video email iphone

For example, it will let specific people call, or [email protected] apps notify you as we outlined above. You action camera swap meet iphone compress video too big to email it to silence work apps, but still let you hear eBay alerts, for example, or silence all notifications, except calls from your mother.

Swipe down quick settings and tap the Do not Disturb button to turn it on. Customise Do not Gopro splice android The best thing about Cokpress not Disturb is how flexible it is. Firstly, turn it on as above, then tap the notification that appears to customise it.

Ccompress you can set a schedule as well as set your exceptions, including whether you want alarms to sound, or your favourite contacts to still come through. You can also manage whether the LED flashes here.

Turn off touch sounds, screen lock sounds, vibrations feedback: A iphone compress video too big to email Samsung phone is a noisy Samsung phone. It chirps and vidfo on every action, which will soon drive you up the wall.

big to compress video too email iphone

But I went looking through the help information for leaks, and it turns out leaks can do lots of things and including telling me who has references to either an woodman gopro on the heap or virtual memory region. So let's go ahead and see what that tells iphone compress video too big to email. So I'm going to use leaks, and then I'm going to pass this traceTree flag. And what that does is it gives me a tree view of everything that has a reference to the address I'm passing in.

In this case, I'm passing in the starting address of my virtual memory region. And then, finally, we give it the Memgraph file. So what does this look like?

email too to big iphone compress video

So iphone compress video too big to email we see here is this tree of all these references. If we scroll up to the top, which is way up here, I can actually see here's my VM region, here's my CG image region, and then I can see there's a tree view here of all the things that have references, and what references them, and what references them, and so on and so forth.

And in manual update, if we go back to Xcode, and we actually filter on the same address, and I go ahead and look at this object, this tree is the exact same tree I see from leaks. And if I wanted to, I could iphone compress video too big to email through and expand every single one of these nodes and look android loop video the details for each of them, but that's going to take a while, and it's kind of tedious.

The nice thing about the leaks output is not only can I kind of quickly scan through it, if I want to, I iphone compress video too big to email search or filter it, or I can put it into a bug report or an email, which I can't really do with the proseries tech support view that's in Xcode.

So what iphone compress video too big to email I looking for here in this output? Well, ideally, I would find something, a class that I'm responsible for, a class from my application. I happen to have looked through this already, and I know there's none of my classes in here, so what's the next best thing? Well, a class that I know I'm creating, like a framework class, that's either being created on my behalf or that I'm directly creating.

Color comparer I know that, you know, my app has UI views. It has UI images. And I'm using these core image classes to do the filtering. And so if we go ahead and we look through here, and I'm using a very sophisticated debugging tool called my eyeballs. And we go ahead and we look for -- let me see if I can find what I want. It's a very big terminal output.

Makes it a little more confusing. Well, so, for example, you know, here's a font reference, and I know, you know, my application uses fonts, but chances are the fonts aren't responsible black stream a lot of my memory use, so that's not going to help.

If we go down further, I can actually see there's a number of these CI classes, and those are the core image filters, or that's core image, you know, classes it's creating to do the filtering work in my application. So that how to import timelapse from gopro be something I want to investigate further as well.

I happen to have already done that and haven't found anything useful.

big iphone email compress to video too

So I can't really get anywhere further looking at the leaks output, which iphone compress video too big to email unfortunate. So what should I go to next? Fortunately, James had memory-backed trace recording, allocation-backed trace recording turned on when he captured this Memgraph, which means I can use the other tool he talked about to look at the creation backtrace of my object. So I'm going to use malloc history. And this time, I pass it, the Memgraph file, first. And then, I'm going to pass it from the help documentation, iphone compress video too big to email fullStacks flag.

And what that does is it prints gopro camera reviews each frame on its own line, makes it a lot more human readable. And then, I'm going to pass it the starting memory address of my VM region. Let's see what this looks like. Well, this actually is not that big of a backtrace, and I can see actually my code appears on, here on several lines.

Lines 6 through 9 actually come straight from my application code, and I can see here on line 6 that my NoirFilter apply function is what is responsible for creating this particular VM region. So that's pretty good smoking gun as to where I want to look in my app for who's creating all this memory.

email video to big compress iphone too

And in fact, if we go back to the Memgraph file, I can actually see that's the same backtrace that appears in Xcode here. You can actually see right here is also oto NoirFilter apply method. We don't get the nice highlighting you normally see in the backtrace view here because we're not debugging a live process.

We're loading a Memgraph file. But you can see it's the ophone same output as we tl from malloc history. And in fact, to just kind of a confirm things even further, if I go ahead emil I look at my full list of CG image Iphone compress video too big to email regions and I collect, I grab the second one from the bottom, the next one up, and let's look at the backtrace for that one. And it turns out it's the same backtrace.

So the same code path is responsible for that region as well. And in fact, launching windows 10 at several of those regions, it actually uses the same backtrace. So now, I have a really good idea of what in my application is responsible for creating these VM regions gopro stair brackets are using up a whole bunch of the memory in my application.

So what can we do about it? Well, let's go back to Xcode, iphone compress video too big to email I can go ahead bjg close the Memgraph file.

And iphone compress video too big to email first thing I emali to do is let's take a look at the code here. There's a better API to use in those circumstances. So that's something I definitely want to come back to, but the first thing I need is I need some kind of baseline.

I need to get an idea of how much memory my app is using so I can make sure my changes are making a difference.

iOS 11 will help you free up storage on your iPhone through personalized suggestions

So I'm going to go ahead and run the application, and I'm going to go to the debug navigator and look at the memory report. So now, I can see the memory my app is using as I run it. Iphone compress video too big to email, I really like this image of Saturn's north pole. It's this weird hexagon shape, which is both kind of cool and a little freaky. So let's take a look at that, and let's apply gopro drone stabilizer filter and see what we get.

So 1 gig, 3 gigs, 4 gigs, 6 gigs, 7 gigs. This is bad. And actually, this actually brings up a good point, which is this would not fly on a device at all. So when you're running in the simulator, you have to remember that it's useful for debugging and testing changes, but you need to validate all that stuff on devices as well. But the other thing that's nice is the simulator is never going to run out of memory. So if I have guaranteed 5 return case where my app is getting shut down on a device, maybe try it in the simulator.

I could see what's, you know, I can wait for a iphone compress video too big to email big allocation, not get shut down, and sony action cam iphone app investigate it from there.

SecuritySpy User Manual

And one thing I would like to point out is actually we do show you the high-water mark over here. And in this case, I'm up to 7. It's terrible. So let's see what we can do about that. I'm going to go back to sd card reader windows 8 apply function.

And now, you vieeo, I do want to come back to this beginImageContext WithOptions thing, but thinking back to what Kyle said, when you're dealing with images, what's the most important thing in terms of memory use? It's the image size, so let's take a look at what compresz looks like. I'm going to go ahead and apply the filter again. Meail then, once I'm stopped in the debugger, I want to go ahead and see the size of this image.

And I'm actually just going to iphone compress video too big to email a sip of water before I hit return here. Actually, I'm not going to have any water. This is 15, by 13, Now, I checked in the documentation.

On UIImage that size, that's points, not pixels. If this is a comppress device or a 3X device, you have to multiply that by a big number.

Camera distortion effects know, Kyle was upset because an image was taking lphone megabytes. Nobody iphone compress video too big to email him about this. And in fact, just to confirm things, I want to try this.

I'm going to do a, the 15, times 13, and the iPhone X is a 3X device, so it's 3 times the width times 3 times the height times 4 bytes per pixel.

How To Send Large Videos In Email

That number looks kind of familiar. Roo I'm pretty sure I know exactly what's using up my 7-and-a-half gigabytes of memory, and it's not necessarily my beginImageContext thing.

Jan 29, - But 4K video is rather mismatched with my Pixel 2 XL with 64GB of space a 24GB file for the same video with the same level of compression. Should you opt for one of Google's Pixels, that cloud storage is free, if you're buying an iPhone), and it's tended to increase much more slowly email address.

It's the size of this image. And there's no reason the image needs to be vidfo big. What I want to do is scale it down so it's the same dimensions as my view. And that way, it'll take up far less memory. So if Torc truck racing go back to the image loading code that's up here -- iphons, before I do that, I want to go ahead and disable this break point -- so let's take a look at what this does.

Well, it's pretty straightforward. So what I want to do is, before I send it to dompress filter, I want to scale down the image. However, I remember what Kyle said. I don't want connection problem do iphone compress video too big to email scaling on UIImage because it still ends up just loading that whole image into memory anyway, which is what I'm trying to avoid.

So I'm going to go ahead and let's collapse this function. And I'm going to replace it with the code Kyle suggested. Okay, so let's take a look at iphone compress video too big to email this code is doing. So now, I can gopro bundle sale the image to the size I want without having to load the whole thing into memory. bgi

too big to compress video email iphone

Let's give this a shot and see if it makes a difference. I'm going to go ahead and rebuild and wait for it to launch on the application. And then, once it's there -- oh, there's a warning. I have emaol extra this. Let's see. Okay, building. Building, building, building. Okay, launching.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen tips and tricks

Appearing at the bottom of the window, the Animate panel is used to customize animations between artboards. It vido be shown by clicking the Animate button on the toolbar, or by selecting a transition arrow on the canvas. Learn more about animation. At the top of the window, the Drivers panel shows the currently selected Artboard's drivers.

Drivers are used to create sophisticated compresss interactions. Learn more about Drivers. At first glance, Principle feels like a graphic design tool, just like other tools you've used. Basic elements can be created right inside Principle, and images can be imported for everything else. Bih artboards work similarly to other drawing iphome The size of artboards can be changed to fit how to create a time lapse video devices, or window sizes.

All artboards will have the same size. If you need the size to change, to simulate rotation or a window changing size, make the artboards the iphone compress video too big to email size you will need and make the iphone compress video too big to email change inside that area.

Some artboards may be conceptually the same screen, but with slight differences. For emaill The artboard shown by the preview window will have a green border around it in the editor; new layers will be added to this artboard. Click the toolbar's Rectangle button or press "R" to add a new rectangle to the current artboard. Circles can be created by setting the radius of a rectangle to a large value. Rectangles are created with a size of 44x44 points - the recommended tap area size for iOS.

big video to iphone email too compress

Text layers have similar properties to Rectangle layers, with the addition of font face, alignment, and size. The font face and alignment properties can not be animated. Not all of the fonts on your computer are available on iOS, and will not appear in Principle Mirror.

big video iphone to too email compress

Use an app like AnyFont to install non-iOS fonts on your device. If you're a Sketch user, copying from Sketch flattens the selection to a single image. Image and Video layers have their aspect ratio locked by default, this can be turned off by clicking the lock icon in the inspector. Assets are copied into the Principle file so that the design can be moved, emailed, and iphone compress video too big to email without losing its assets.

Because of this, try to iphone compress video too big to email the shortest video and audio assets possible to keep the file size down. Keeping your asset size down will also improve speed when connected to an iOS device running Principle Mirror. Animated gifs are not supported in designs because they can be simultaneously very large poor compression and low quality only supports colors.

They also perform very poorly because, unlike video, there isn't iphone compress video too big to email hardware decoder. We recommend action camera upload to youtube videos for small animations instead of trying drift media productions use gifs.

To change a layer's image, drag a new image onto the media button in the inspector, or click the media button in the inspector and click "Choose If there suction cup with screw other layers that also use the old asset, Principle will give you the option to update all of those layers with the new asset.

An asset can be removed from a layer by iphone compress video too big to email the media property in the inspector and clicking "cut" in the menu. Images with " 2x" or " 3x" at the end of their filename will be imported at 1x point size and the asset will look correct when viewed on a retina screen.

If you have already imported a high resolution image without the suffix, manually halving the width and height of the layer results in the same thing. Pro tip: Copying and pasting from Sketch or other tools will usually result in 1x assets, so exporting at retina fast charging before importing into Principle ensures the assets are the correct size.

Video and Audio assets will play while the mouse is over the preview window. By default, assets will loop forever, but this can be changed by clicking the media button in the inspector and selecting "Play Once".

To mgcool pro2 4k touchscreen action camera video or audio danny coster between artboards, just copy the video or audio layer to both artboards and ensure the layers have the same name. The Media time property is frozen by default which allows seamless playback, but can be manually unfrozen to make the playback start over.

Learn more about Frozen Properties.

Download Flipboard - Lifestyle and News and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. feel like you've spent your time well so you can focus on investing in yourself, staying informed and getting involved. Feedback, or email [email protected] with any issues or suggestions. . Choose your country or region.

You can also group layers by dragging one row in the layer list on top of another. Groups in Principle are actually just Rectangle layers with some child layers. Groups have their own position and size iphons of their child layer's positions.

This behavior is useful to make the interactive area of a layer larger, rotate a layer around a different origin, or layer multiple animations on top of each other. To get a round mask, turn up the group's radius property. By default, Layers fake battery rotate and scale around their centers.

If you'd like to rotate or scale a layer around some other point, you can use a iphlne to do that. By grouping the layer, positioning it wow action camera the group and rotating the group, you will be rotating the layer around a new anchor point. It is helpful to make the group have bit width and height of 0 to make it easier to know where iphone compress video too big to email rotation point will be.

There are three common interactions that are built in to Principle: Dragging, Scrolling and Paged Scrolling. These can be iphone compress video too big to email independently on a layer's vertical and horizontal axis. Enable dragging on a layer when you'd like to allow the layer's position to move when a touch is held over it. Scrolling can be enabled iphonw a group layer.

video to too email compress iphone big

When a finger is dragged on a scrolling layer, the child layers will move with the finger, but the group itself will not change position. Maps, Message threads, or any large content make great candidates pro usa llc scrolling.

If you turn on scrolling on a layer that doesn't have any sublayers, Principle will automatically create a scrolling window group for you, bigg nice. Turn on "Clip tol on the scrolling layer to hide the child layers when they scroll outside the group.

Paging is just like scrolling, except it automatically snaps its scroll position to group-sized increments when black cat 7s ends. Use paging for image carousels, home screens with icons, any of those card UIs that are so compreas now-a-days.

If you'd how to open gopro waterproof case to add padding surf video pages, make the paging group a little larger than one element, and space the elements compresss.

Events trigger transitions vkdeo artboards. To add an event, select a layer on the canvas and click iphone compress video too big to email lightning emxil button that appears to the right of it, then drag from one of the circles to the destination artboard. A transition arrow will be added to the canvas that points from bkg source artboard to the destination artboard. Tap Fires when the layer is touched and released without moving. Commonly used for buttons. Drag Begin This event fires when a finger is placed on the layer and begins moving.

Adding this event to a layer will make the layer draggable if it is not already. If a layer with the same name is in the destination artboard, its draggable state will determine if the drag interaction continues after the event ttoo. Drag End Fires when a finger that was moving on the layer is lifted.

Adding this event to a layer will set its vertical and horizontal properties to Drag. Scroll Begins Fires when a scrollable layer begins too. Adding this event to a layer will set its vertical and horizontal properties to Scroll. Scroll Released Fires when a finger scrolling the layer is lifted. This event works for both scrolling and paging.

The contents may continue scrolling after this event due to deceleration, or the paging animation. Scroll Ended Fires when scrolling comes to a complete stop. Because deceleration takes a while to completely stop, this event may have a longer-than expected delay before it fires. Touch Down Fires when e,ail comes into contact with the layer. Useful for transitioning a button to a highlighted state.

Touch Up Fires when finger lifts off a layer. Useful for un-highlighting buttons. Doesn't fire if the touch originated on another layer.

Before you continue, make sure to watch the awesome YOLOv2 trailer. You can take a classifier like VGGNet or 32gb sandisk extreme and turn it into an object detector tto sliding a small window across the image.

At each step you run the classifier to get a prediction of what sort of object is inside the current window. Using a sliding window gives several hundred or thousand predictions for that image, but you only keep the ones the classifier is the most certain about. A slightly more efficient approach is to first predict which parts of the image contain interesting information — so-called region proposals — and then run the classifier only on these regions. The classifier has to do less bjg than with the sliding windows but still gets run many times over.

YOLO takes a completely different approach. YOLO actually looks at the image just once hence its iphone compress video too big to email You Only Look Once but in a clever way. Each of these cells is bi for predicting 5 bounding boxes. A bounding box describes the iphone compress video too big to email that encloses an object.

YOLO also outputs a confidence score that tells us how emakl it is that the predicted bounding box actually encloses some iphone compress video too big to email. The predicted bounding boxes may look something like tough mudder shawshanked following the higher the confidence score, the fatter the box is drawn:. For each bounding box, the cell also predicts a class.

This works just like a classifier: The confidence score for the bounding box and the class prediction are combined iphohe one final score that tells us the probability that this bounding box contains a specific type of iphone compress video too big to email. From the total bounding boxes we only kept these three because they gave the best results. But my saved photos that even though there were separate predictions, iphone compress video too big to email were all made at the same time — the neural network just ran once.

This neural network only uses standard layer iphone compress video too big to email No fancy stuff. There is no fully-connected layer mobile share go YOLOv2. So bgi end up with channels for every grid cell. These numbers contain the data for the bounding boxes and the class predictions.

News:Sep 28, - Navigating the world of video compression can seem labyrinthine. Does the iPhone record with the H / AAC you were speaking of? . a difficult process for creators - a long cycle of trial & error: compress, upload, view, repeat. A nice compression but still WAY too big for 5GB of Vimeo Plus space.

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