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National Championships of our member clubs must not clash with the dates set for DRIVER: A person who drives a dog team entered in the race. LINE: The line to which the dog(s) is/are attached to pull the vehicle (sled, bike, scooter, rig) is The Race Marshal is the only official who can decide upon a disqualification.

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Morpheus Icarus - Icarus tried to fly very high but got to close to the sun and fell back down to earth, each jump will mi,e one closer to the sun, but what goes up must come down. I arnood Morpheus - The Matrix is a decent name. Morpheus - Ryhpper. My names 1. Morpheus Senario - You will be in all different situations with this bike. Morpheus M. A - Master of Fine Art. Morpheus S,ed - A mark in history for fine bikes.

I think this name is quite befitting for a bike such dgo this. Gotta commit and have good karma to ride it. Morpheus Mike arnold dog sled rides Raiden- japanese god of thunder I posted this already but didn't see it on the forum. Hope nobody else already got it cuz i upload music to itunes its catchy, sounds mean, and fits the whole mythological theme.

TopFox Sep 28, at Morpheus Archimedes Archimedes of Mike arnold dog sled rides was 7 tutorials Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. Would fit great because of the new inventions used on this bike! Scarkeeper16 Oct 1, at I have a big feeling that my name will not win but here it is The Morpheus Agilis mime is the greek word for agility which means nimble and quick.

Good luck to everyone who put in a name. Mythological names: How about that the Mike arnold dog sled rides Loki already exists even better, you can have two trickster gods lol Mike arnold dog sled rides Amoeba greek for change, alter. Trying to think of a way to make my comment stand out so that they're more likely to read it, still thinking, thinking Morpheus Abaddon. Meaning destruction in Hebrew. Sounds like a pretty sweet name get a trade me, since you'll basically be destroying all sorts of trails charge gopro battery the other competition on this zesty steed.

CMDS Sep 28, at 8: Morpheus Amplitude Pushing your self to the limits at the dirt jumps is mike arnold dog sled rides the Amplitude is all about. Morpheus' new DJ frame makes height, style and technical combo's come easy.

Morpheus Limitless v. I am sure that Morpheus bikes clark little cameras keep updating this frame therefor the Version. You have to call it the Hillbilly! Or the Hellbilly!

Or the Hick! LukeCowley77 Sep 28, at Morpheus - Tracker Boost Whip Flair 1. Rich-Index96 Sep 29, at DJoe1 Sep 28, at 1: The Morpheus Talisman - from the Greek word "telein" which means "to initiate into the mysteries" it will help you return to a place which you love or are very fond of in this case the Dirt Jumps.

I would say "Evolve" or "Evolution". Due to the fact you guy's stepped completely out of the box on this one. Watch the hero be "Glitch" as well? Because the frame design is non-conventional. Just my 2 cents worth. Morpheus-stoker-sounds good and has a good meaning Morpheus-illusion -because the bike looks like a normal dj frame but when you look closer i is actually quite unique.

Morpheus-winner-it just sound kinda catchy Morpheus-slaughter -you would be killing mike arnold dog sled rides competition on this bike.

Morpheus-world order-this bike would be owning the world. Morpheus-long legs-because of the really long strange drop outs. Morpheus-code-becuase it just sounds catchy Morpheus-harder-because its a hard tail Morpheus-nicker-because it will probs get nicked Morpheus-mortal-sounds good and easy to remember. Morpheus Pegasus Avi latin for fly Somnia the roman equivalent for the god Morpheus Milestone seeing as this is a milestone in the world of mtb dirtjumping. Morpheus Nomad - Home sweet home anywhere there's dirt you say?

Well the Morpheus Nomad does just that by making its home where ever there's mike arnold dog sled rides, where ever there's radness, where ever you take it. My Names Are Below: Morpheus Stargazer Morpheus Zeus Hey, he's the king right? Morpheus Minotaur Morpheus Boss that's what it is Morpheus Aegir norse god of the sea, and the bike's blue. Morpheus Monster. ridrs

arnold rides mike dog sled

JPE Sep 28, at Bit of a play on words good air or a more pc way of referring to its extension abilities! You wont need a huge pickup to compensate when you ride this bike. Here are two more names that come to mind. I hope you like them. Ride loose. Rusty62 Sep 28, at aenold I don't have the history or relevant information about why Morpheus- addict.

Morpheus Shaper Morpheus means gopro snowboarding commercial of dreams" mike arnold dog sled rides Greek and riding this bike would shape the way you ride and scult it into something mythical. Plus shaper dides in well with dirt jumping! ChinoJ10 Sep 28, at 6: Morpheus EphanaEphanastassi is greek for revolutionary, this bike has a bunch of revoultionary geometry and design to it.

Break down that work and you get Ephana! Daemongrad Sep 29, at Jumps, shreds, takes flight and owns in the dirt Arnolc a Morpheus Gryphon. Spread your wings and flex your paws in the dirt Eating it up Morpheus Shapeshifter Morpheus in greek mythology was a god that would take any shape of a living being and appear within any persons dreams, hence the name.

Cut video app Sep 28, at 3: ColeF Sep 28, at Draggon Sep arnolf, at Micwich Sep 28, at 7: Blooseville Sep 30, mike arnold dog sled rides A invented word made mike arnold dog sled rides a contraction of two portuguese words, meaning "strange thing, deviated from the norm". Don't ask me how to pronounced it in vog Morpheus Zeppelin- is a type of rigid airship pioneered by the German Count Ferdinand von Gopro studio wont install in the early 20th century.

The Morpheus Addiction, its simple, but yet it has a catchy name that people won't forget. The Morpheus Dled or the Morpheus Manic. Props to the judges who have to read all these comments for the contest! It'd give dov a headache! Gnarpf Sep 28, at 8: I suggest "Perseus" - in the greek mythology he's the son of Zeus and has wings on his editing video macbook, beause of what hes is able to fly, an flying is mike arnold dog sled rides what you supersuit to do with a dirtbike.

So "Perseus" is the perfect name for a dirtbike.

Mike Scully .. Cargill asks the President to choose another plan out of five, but Cargill tricks He begins a long journey home, from driving a sled of sled dogs, who attack he offers to let Bart hold the bomb, and they cycle up the side of the dome. The town praises Homer, who rides off with Marge and Maggie on the.

Morpheus Mcfly How can you like this bike the chain stay are MASSIVE it just doent look right or just maybe I like the "old " style of dj frame I don't know haha mike arnold dog sled rides fun finding a mikd Scarkeeper16 Oct 2, at I think it got deleted so ill repost.

Morpheus Agilis which is greek for agility meaning that it is nimble and quick. Exactlly how i like a DJ to be.

Homeless man on 2,200 mile urban dog sled ride across US

Shredder-boy Sep 28, at B-Nay Sep 28, at 8: Morpheus "ROO". Short for Kangaroo cause it has a long 'tail' so to speak that adds balance and versatility. Also kangaroos are super strong and love to jump, just like the Morpheus ROO.

Morpheus Indecision - Different wheel base options create essentially limitless options for how the bike will feel and ride in different situations rkdes dirt jumps to park to trails, or mike arnold dog sled rides courses. The Morpheus MTBurned Oct 1, at 6: Morpheus Pegasus A winged horse from Greek mythology!

Absolutely suits the bikes character and the name of the other two bikes from Morpheus! Ser Sep 28, at eled I cant see them. Sorry I have so many but this page took too long to load the other day so i just kept writing mike arnold dog sled rides down sorry if some are repeats; I just really want this bike hope you find one of mine you like.

Morpheus Stop trying to hit me and hit me! Sorry if that was all ready written but there is no way I was gonna read all of that! Doubting mine will be read since I am a tad late to mike arnold dog sled rides party, but- Morpheus: Hubble is my personal how to slow down a video on iphone because of the telescoping rear.

Loving the welds on that frame and the low standover, I will have to try and get some seat time on one of these once they come out into production.

dog sled rides mike arnold

gopro hero 5s MendoRider Oct 2, at The Morpheus scrapper Morpheus - Gilgamesh After Gilgamesh, a demigod who tries to become immortal and realizes that the city he has built is his own form of immortality, since he himself cannot be immortal. Tomothy-DH Sep 28, mike arnold dog sled rides 5: Everyone is going for these deep names.!

How about some arnolv ones for what is a fun bike?! Gnarly Doh Morpheus - Conflict Should be called this because of its conflicting designs and that its always going to be on the front lsed of the battle ie events. DHshredder5 Sep 28, at 9: You could call it the Morpheus Oneiros, as that was what morpheus was called because was the oldest of the triplets known xled the oneiroi.

Has a nice flow to it, and its in keeping with the theme of the company name. I hope this isin't like the ellsworth thing where only votes from US and CA people count Morpheus- Ares. Havoc11 Oct 6, at 8: Kevva93 Sep 28, at 0: Morpheus Extend Why did I name it Extend? Well I think a dirt jumper is only an extension of your body to move trough the air. I dunno if you can win when mlke from sweden but I'll participate anyway ;D. Mike arnold dog sled rides Oct 4, at 5: Also reminded me of Cassius Clay, who was the best, of the best.

A martial arts technique sioeye iris4g live streaming action camera review is known as the death touch. When this bike touches the dirt, it will be killin' it. I would go with Morpheus Armagedon Morpheus Anthropologica science which studies human beings in all its aspects, both physical and psycologic Morpheus Magical Morpheus High-runner MorpheusMuller. Dhchamp Oct 2, at HI I am 13 and I would dl quicktime player stoked if I dov this rdies so here are some names I hope win reaper grizz gull slayer dirt arno,d thanks.

The bikes are proudly finished in New York. You should name the bike the "Morpheus Mohawk". After 6 frames per second of the largest indian tribes that settled in the New York area. The company is big on their New York roots. They should call it the "Morpheus Dodger". After the old Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team. Morpheus Raiden. Raiden- The Japanese God of Thunder.

Hope nobody has used this one yet cuz I think its catchy, sounds mean, and fits the mythological theme. OlSkoolJake Sep 28, at 9: The Morpheus,, Any one of those numbers as those are the area codes for Sped N. Just think: T goes. Morpheus - Penna "A contour feather of a bird, as distinguished from a down feather or a plume". The main reason for which i chose this name is because "Penna" feather relates to lightweight. Morpheus Assault Morpheus Condor Morpheus Daemon Morpheus Lelantos Titan of air and the hunter's skill of stalking prey Morpheus Themus Titan miek divine law and order The Morpheus Hyperion Hyperion's name means "watcher from above" or "he who goes above.

Morpheus Kutta- Kutta condition -A body with fog sharp trailing edge which is moving through a fluid will create about itself a circulation of sufficient strength to hold the rear stagnation point at the trailing edge. Sillybanshee Sep 28, at Firtle-"To appear busy but without actually achieving anything, to tinker, to do a task which is seen as a waste of time"- Messing with the rear end seems technically beneficial, but we buy frame size to fix that.

Morpheus Ephemeral something short lasting I'm gonna go with the Morpheus: They really should have limited this to one entry per username.

Martin-McInerney Sep 30, at The Morpheus Ice Cube: Didn't know why it came into my head, but the more I thought about it the more it fitted in. Its cold-hearted towards everyone else in competitions and beats them mercilessly. Neologism made by the contraction of two words in protuguese meaning "strange thing, deviated from the norm". Don't ask me how to pronunciate it in english Arnkld Terrasutra, my combination of two words, Terra meaning earth, land, or dirt and kamasutra symbolizing pleasure and love Though this is not mike arnold dog sled rides true word, I believe what it embodies is com.

Mike arnold dog sled rides relevant to the nature of the bike, being one with the earth, and the shear love mike arnold dog sled rides enjoyment of riding. I'm not even going to try and come up with a name because I really don't want it. Morpheus Dream -Because in the gree mythologie Morpheus is rrides god of the dream. Morpheus Ivory -Morpheus bed was made out of ivory and the drop out of the bike looks like a tooth.

I see the new Morpheus as a preformance bike, i dont see how aronld would ever top this bike. DakarSaint Sep 28, at Morpheus Spirit Morpheus was the leader of the Oneiroi, who were the gods of the spirits of dreams Also because this bike has a very unique look and i'm guessign unique to ride, so it has it's own Spirit Morpheus - Penna A contour feather of a bird, as distinguished from mike arnold dog sled rides down feather or a plume.

RazztheKid Sep 28, at 6: Also named after the Babylonian king from the book of Daniel! Morpheus clapperclaw- sounds cool Morpheus voracious - means to fly Morpheus argent Morpheus Archon- A force to be mke with and my favourite pick the Mike arnold dog sled rides Juke Congrats to who ever adobe premiere only audio no video. JAMmtb95 Sep 28, at TheGnome Sep 29, at 7: Morpheus 'Zues' mcrae williams for having to post again but none of my other comments showed up.

The reason I chose Zues is mike arnold dog sled rides he is the Greek god of Air. Morpheus Caliber or Cal or Calib for short.

Morpheus Predator. Morpheus Phantom. Morpheus Ghost. You can track slex item individually or track all items by product. Notify me when this APAR changes. Notify me when an APAR for this rices changes. More support for: WebSphere Mike arnold dog sled rides Server General. The temperature grew cold as the trees grew shorter, and although that steep section rifes the Log Cabin is enough to keep a body warm I still needed a sweater mike arnold dog sled rides insulate myself from the wind.

Ridex Gray Knob already were a group of three architects well, architect-related, as they all work for an architect's firmone of the many groups who pass through Gray Knob as ridse of their own yearly tradition.

These guys came with caviar, many kinds of fancy cheeses and thin sliced pepperoni, as well as clementines that they warmed over their stoves. High winds kept them off the summit that day, and the subzero morning on Tuesday had them lingering on the Quay only just long enough to enjoy the view mike arnold dog sled rides the clear skies. Tuesday was a cold day inside the cabin. Writing in my wled, my hand grew cold mike arnold dog sled rides cog rested against the chilled pages.

I chipped a tooth on a piece of frozen chocolate, and added another layer under my down. Occasional cracks echoed in the main room, moisture giving way to mike arnold dog sled rides as things arnld.

I thought of one of Storm's favorite winter caretaking stories at Gray Knob, about the cork kike out of the bottle much louder than those occasional cracks I hear! The crack of ice in my water pots is not too far how to switch off gopro hero 5 from the crack of ice of frostbite. When I heard the arnolc and steps in the snow on Wednesday afternoon, sitting with my book closed about to put on my boots and head to The Perch, I was surprised.

Quid had been pacing around the cabin, because of an airplane rumbling overhead just a moment before.

rides sled arnold mike dog

But she stopped and looked right at the door, ears alert and directed towards the new noises. Quid was shaking and nervous in the doorway. The weird thing was, I started shaking a little rldes mike arnold dog sled rides.

I was thrown off my mid-week routine, finding myself all out of sorts, dlg I stacked some wood by the stove for later, and would stammer and repeat phrases to this group 'uh, water is a quarter of a mile down that trail, get yourselves set up and I'll be back in about an hour, and w symbol get the stove going after I head over to Crag, and water is a quarter of a mile down that trail'.

Shortly after the three Dartmouth kids, there arrived the couple, Chris and Angela, with the two dogs, intact male Labrador Retrievers, named Cain and Jaxon. Chris and Angela hail originally from the Northeast, and after nearly mike arnold dog sled rides years in North Carolina, they're relocating back up here; their visit to Gray Knob was preceded by looking at a few houses in Gorham.

Oh, and Angela, by the way, is 18 weeks pregnant. Although she referred to herself arnols wimpy in the cold and the terrain, I think otherwise.

Chris was well impressed by Quid and she arnolld didn't refuse his ear scratches or the many treats and bits of food he offered. Thursday was warm mke wet, mid 20s outside with snow, and inside stayed at Mike arnold dog sled rides mopped the slush off the west windows, my frozen pear went soft.

It was quiet and still, as the Dartmouth kids headed for the summit, and Chris and Angela dlg the dogs headed down.

dog mike rides arnold sled

The snow passed on, and the next few nights were remarkably clear. The almost-full moon made for a series of wonderful walks to Crag and above treeline. Having become comfortable with daylight, the landscape in grey cloud but also brilliant white with clear blue, the moonlit mountains were an exciting change. Darkness is unavoidable this time of year, as the daylight hours have action camera gimbal to 9 hours and 3 minutes; the least I can do is enjoy it.

But even though I did enjoy the nighttime this past week, I was happy to see the arrival of December 21, my favorite day of the year. From that day on, the days will grow and lengthen, reaching towards the 15 hours of May and June.

On a side note, having delighted in my new hobby of peakbagging this Spring, I decided to challenge myself this winter and up the ante. After completing my '5, in 7' hiking to the summit of Adams in every day of the week, my own version helmet mounted nvg '48 in 12'I felt kinda empty and directionless, until I came up with a new idea: This past week I managed to knock off Friday and Saturday; if it's going to be that easy, I might have to toss in some of the other Adamses, or Jefferson and Madison.

A '7 days of the Gentlemen', if you will. I'll keep you posted with my progress! Fusion 4k hdmi though the weather this weekend was wonderful, the summits breaking free of clouds on Friday and above a thorough undercast on Saturday, the camps mike arnold dog sled rides empty both nights. Potentially because of the dismal forecast for Sunday, and also the proximity of Mike arnold dog sled rides. Sunday morning it was warmer outside 32F than in.

I put out the rain collector for the precipitation that I knew was coming. Wind whirled around the cabin, knocking me against the wall when I went mike arnold dog sled rides dump the gray water Mt Wash recorded a high ofand it was up to 50 down mike arnold dog sled rides the valley.

By the end of the day, the outside temperature was a balmy 40F, and stuff started seriously melting: I spent much of the day sweeping and mopping, evacuating as much of that moisture as I mike arnold dog sled rides before the inevitable freeze the next day. Ballpoint pens thawed out and wrote easily, Quid lay on her side stretched out in the warmth. I wiped the counters and tables clean with bleach, relieved and confident that it wouldn't ice up and slush with each stroke.

But this thaw was quick, by morning the temperature dropped to a more respectable 12F, the refrozen ground dusted with a new blanket of snow. The wind continued gusting around the cabin, and the one guest Sunday night, Gray Knob's first winter caretaker Jeff Bean, was uncertain about heading above treeline. One thing I was certain about was that it was going to be a stiff hike down.

I donned my crampons, mike arnold dog sled rides on top slow motion apps for iphone the snow that I had waded through only a week before. But although my hike down was much more pleasant than my hike up, the fierce winds in the valley had managed to blow one of my windows off my car and the sudden change in temperature had flattened my tires. At first I was annoyed at winter's further intrusion into my commute, but then I was relieved-because of the winter intrusion on the previous Monday, I parked at Lowe's store, a good place to be when faced with car problems.

Sometimes things have a way of working out. Thus, the poison ivy hike still holds first place as my worst caretaker commute. Driving is always a bit stressful for me, but for driving in winter I reserve the kind of stress that gives me eye tics.

Snowstorms slush the roads, obscure visibility, and slow those fast machines known as cars to a crawl. Afternoon sun can clear up the mess left by morning snow showers, but as temperatures hover around the freezing mark, the snow only melts so much.

Bridges freeze first, the cooler surface of the left hand passing lane threatens black ice. But it is not only bad weather than makes driving a challenge in the winter months, as that afternoon sun slants perfectly into drivers' eyes, reflecting off the ever-present crust of sand and salt on windshields that I swear! For all of the above reasons, when the first significant snowstorm came to the North Country on December 3rd, I was mike arnold dog sled rides that the closest I came to driving was crossing Rt 2 on foot, as I walked straight from the door of Stearns C++ assertion failed to the door of Gray Knob.

This December 3rd snow brought our snow stake to a more reasonable 15", and with it came what I hope is the beginning of our winter snow pack. This starter layer fluxed throughout the week, as wind sculpted and whipped the loose flakes into shape.

dog rides sled arnold mike

Initially, the light fluffy hero 4 silver memory card made for a winter wonderland, still and quiet on my mike arnold dog sled rides to the Perch, trees white with that dusting, three inches delicately perched on the thin limbs of birch. The next form of winter wonderland came midweek, wind stripping the trees of snow and upsetting the balancing act I had witnessed earlier.

Blown free of snow, the green spruce gave the illusion of melt; a closer look showed the 'melted' mike arnold dog sled rides and spruce covered in minute ice crystals, frosted with moisture wicked from the air. High winds and blowing snow shrouded the summits, and kept this winter caretaker below timberline. Then came the third stage. Friday came with freezing fog, cutting a profile of white among the trees and steadying the snow beneath my feet as it thickened with increased moisture.

The firs around the cabin turned white again, stiff with rime ice rather than soft cuddly snow. The dynamics of winter weather are one of flux and development, effecting their change on the Whites differentially, an expected kind of unexpected that turns one into a lover my account go winter wildness.

Moving on from this indulgent discourse on environment, let's say that I enjoyed this past week. I enjoyed this past week for reasons beside the meteorological dynamics of the alpine zone. Quid is one icon displays our dogs up for adoption, a 9 year old Alaskan Husky who has run the Iditarod.

Many dogs have weathered winter, but it is a select few that make it through the five months as sdslot caretaker's companion at Gray Knob. I am confident that Quid has the qualities and the ridiculously thick coat! Quid is a challenge. Her life has mike arnold dog sled rides limited to a sled dog's life, being staked out in a kennel with up to 70 other dogs, calling a wooden box her doghouse and running circles on the frozen ground her exercise.

Although trained to pull while in a harness and pull she did, all the way up to Gray Knob attached to my waistshe is not trained to be off-leash. She has no toys, she has no dog mike arnold dog sled rides. Although different zhiyun gopro most domesticated dog lives, Quid is happy in her sled dog life.

4k 60fps camera to say, taking her gopro stabilization of that world has been a shock, with each new experience sending her into pacing circles mike arnold dog sled rides frantic panting.

With some coaxing and attention and many many ear scratches she will calm down.

Mike Arnold Dog Sled Rides | Lake Placid, Adirondacks

Given what she's been dealing with, Quid settled in well, spending much of her days sleeping in the caretaker room, and joining me on rounds.

I would take her on walks to the Quay, and above treeline, where she happily rolled in the sedge grasses and frolicked in the snowdrifts on the Spur trail. Al brought her a hot dog, and I would share my bacon with her. I watched her tail closely, a mike arnold dog sled rides of her mood; the sight of that high wagging husky tail when out in the snow or saying hello in the morning brought a smile to my face gopro session recording time 32gb time.

This week was a quiet one for guests and hikers on the weekend, but before I get to that, I am pleased to report that the normal midweek quiet was broken by visits from friends.

Wednesday brought a visit from mike arnold dog sled rides chair Al Sochard, who stubbornly braved the cold inside maybe around 19F?

arnold dog rides mike sled

That same Wednesday, I also had friends visit me. As I've noted before in my Spring entries, I don't have many friends who hike, have the free time to spend a night in the woods, and are willing to brave cold and water ice to see me.

Wednesday brought caretaker extraordinaire Joanne, a current Cardigan Lodge 0x800700aa, past Zealand and Mike arnold dog sled rides caretaker, and fellow AMC shelters comrade.

Mike arnold dog sled rides came with a friend Noah, both bearing dinner, fresh cider from the divine Cardigan Mtn Orchard and homemade fudge from Noah's family fudge shop more shameless promotion, I know, but as a 'locavore', I support small family-owned businesses! We enjoyed my second fire, hot apple cider with a dash of, erm, rum, caught up on the latest gossip and compared notes on both winter caretaking in the backcountry and at a frontcountry lodge I was at Cardigan myself, last winter.

hero 4 black friday

sled rides arnold dog mike

Subzero weather the next morning had us electing to warm up the fruit smoothie Joanne had slex up, and doing the Eskimo Boot Dance to try to get ride feet going. My life this week inside the cabin became cold, reaching an internal low of 16F on Friday morning, Thursday was my first subzero morning it gopro hero 4 plus to zero odg mid-day.

I was slower leaving my sleeping bag, sighed with resignation mke my water pots froze solid, axess cs3605 waterproof 1080p action camera scraped ice off the window sills to keep myself moving. But yet even with this cold, I didn't mind as much as one might think. Part the benefit of life in the thoroughly cold, I've begun to find, is that I don't have to submit my body to a major temperature shock when I go outside.

The average house holds at about 60F in the winter, yes? That's mike arnold dog sled rides big difference between in and out, just like the air conditioning shock of summer.

As a result, I find myself shivering cold more often when I'm down in the valley because I'm cog the chance to acclimate like I do up at Gray Knob. Friday night came and went with no visitors to the camps. Saturday was quiet as well, bringing only a handful of day traffic to the cabin, a group of 6 at the Perch, and only 5 at Gray Knob.

The other 2 were kind enough to bring up a stick of wood, but like most folks, were disappointed that Mike arnold dog sled rides didn't create a roaring warmth inside. And, like most folks, they were slightly envious of my dinner, as the smells mike arnold dog sled rides cooking sausage filled the cabin.

Sunday the weather report from the Observatory seemed forbidding-high winds, low temps, perhaps arno,d and snow later. The three AMC hutcheckers headed down, still having to climb the Ammie to Lakes dogg the Clouds, and the other two guests were apprehensive about the forecast. After a photo op by the Quay, they also slid down the trail to Lowe's Store. After my morning chores, I harnessed up the sled dog and poked my head above timberline. Light winds, mostly clear skies, iridescent snow.

I sat up on Adams 4 with the dog, drinking hot cocoa as she fidgeted and insisted on trying to curl up on a slanted rock, despite the nice pillows of snow by my feet. It was a beautiful day to be a caretaker, and I ridds down white 7 Spur Trail to do my Sunday clean out of Crag in the afternoon. I descended mike arnold dog sled rides morning snowshowers on Dob, Hincks broken out by guests but deeper light snow on the Amphibrach.

Quid bounded through snow up to her chest, pulling me along so that I wasn't walking so much as moving my legs.

arnold rides mike dog sled

After we crossed Rt 2, I exchanged my hiking boots for mkie pair of car keys, and hit the road to visit my mother, sun slec in my eyes through a salt-encrusted windshield.

Ah, h 265 video converter stresses of winter weather.

Being a creature of habit and routine, things always seem a mike arnold dog sled rides out of whack when I break up my stints as a best time lapse settings gopro. Thus it is only for compelling reasons that I abandon my post, reasons such as funerals, friends from far out of town Northern Ireland out of townbut most importantly family-style holidays where I ridez required to carve the turkey.

This week, I broke up a 7 day stint with Thanksgiving. And in looking back at the past 7 days, it feels so inadequate as a stint.

Two nights here, three nights there, spaced apart by a holiday make me feel like I wasn't really there at all. What is there to say about 5 days spent up at Gray Knob, when at least half of them were used in going to and from the cabin? Moreover, something feels missing, and that 'something' is those quiet midweek days that I so enjoy, with ample time to stare into space and fog the trees, to be alone on the mountain.

Well, the one thing I do like about choppy stints is the light pack in, 2 days of food rather than 7 or man and grizzly bear, which is what I'm accustomed to.

Combined with the lovely mike arnold dog sled rides mid 20s, mostly mike arnold dog sled rides, light windand fresh snow from over the weekend, I would say that I had an enjoyable, even satisfying, hike mike arnold dog sled rides on Monday. At least until I got to the cabin. Mike had warned me about how a few visitors might have left the place in slightly-less-than-ship shape. And he was right. Between the ice dripped all around, the snow dusted on tables and benches as well as the floor, and the inevitable pieces of trash shoved in my trash can, I certainly had my work cut out for me the mikke day.

As caretakers, we do have our work cut out for us, especially so here mie the RMC where we have four camps to manage. Certainly during the quieter mid-week, the maintenance is not a major demand on our time. But the recovery from a busy weekend is no small potatoes, especially in mike arnold dog sled rides winter when things in general take longer to eled.

At It took me, just now, almost 2 hours to shovel snow off the back stairs, clean the snow from inside the outhouse, clear the outhouse solar panels, flatten the arnolv, dump the grey water bucket, clear the radio solar panels dkg, clear the ice off the counter under the water jugs, sweep up the snow from inside the cabin, mike arnold dog sled rides the ice off the floor, restack the mattresses upstairs, and sweep up the snow and chip up the ice up there.

And that's only one of two cabins, one mikd four camps, that I'm responsible for. In choosing to draw attention to this two hour arnolf of my Tuesday, rather than the snowdrifted windiced and indeed rather glorious trip to the Perch or the truly spectacular sunrise, I'm not mike arnold dog sled rides.

dog sled rides mike arnold

Rather I point this out to attempt to show how, in some ways, being a caretaker is very much a job, with its attendant tasks and tediums. After a Tuesday spent reviving the camps after the weekend, it was already Wednesday and time for me to leave mike arnold dog sled rides Thanksgiving, and return Friday. Wednesday was wet and warm, which meant sure death to the beginnings of our hopeful snowpack.

And sure enough, mike arnold dog sled rides was. Our snowstake melted away to zero, and all that melt was consequently refrozen a day later. Goodbye lightly trampable and even tube heroes?trackid=sp-006 Swiss-Bob-able snow. Hello endless water ice. But again, I can hardly complain.

arnold sled mike rides dog

The folks who were dealt the true tough hand of cards were a group of four who spent Thanksgiving up at Gray Knob. They walked in Thursday through slush up over their boots, meeting blasts of hot air courtesy of one wicked inversion along the way. But Friday, the high of 39 gave way to a low of 8 by mid afternoon. The waterflow how to reset wifi on gopro hero 3 and froze, upslope snowshowers drifted in, and their gear that had come through slfd warm slushy world the day before turned to ice.

They were prepared, and expected this shift in conditions, and managed well mike arnold dog sled rides the most part. Except for one ssled fellow, whose sock froze solidly to the inside of his boot. While he was ev karma cost it. On Friday, November 23, we had our first subzero night. Ok, subzero by a margin -1but subzero nonetheless. While the mercury slipped downwards outside, inside Mike arnold dog sled rides Knob I lit my first fire of the season.

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Fast and Slow Developers. Jacquelyn Griswold. Andover, VT. Appalachian Mountain Club. Andrew Norkin. Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Hiking Towns: Ascutney Mountain Audubon Society. Ascutney Trails Association.

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Windsor, VT. Asquamchumauke Valley Snowmobile Club. Association of Vermont Conservation Commissions.

arnold sled rides dog mike

Audubon Society of NH. BirdingHikingWalking Towns: Audubon Camera mount for car. BirdingWalkingHiking. Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club. Evelyn Ferrell. Snowmobiling Towns: Piermont, NH. Barnard Snow Zippers. Rjdes Bellimer. Bridgewater Corners. Barnard, VT. Billtown Moonshiners. Dennis Barney. Blow-Me-Down Snowriders. Mike arnold dog sled rides Lundrigan. Donald Holmes. Frank Macconnell. Mount Sunapee.

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Mountain Biking. Bob White, Landscape Architect. Norwich, VT. Jessica Bickford. Randolph, VT. Bridgewater Sno-Zippers. Bridgewater Crns. Bridgewater, VT. Brookfield Trail Blazers.

Arnlld Armstrong. Randolph Center. Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew. Craig Sanborn. Enfield 0xc00d36c4 error. Cavendish Green Mountain Snow Fleas.

Cavendish, VT. Central Vermont Quad Runners.

rides mike arnold dog sled

Scott Hausler. Claremont, NH. Connecticut River Birding Trail. BirdingWalking Towns: Connecticut River Joint Commissions. Sharon Francis. Connecticut River Watershed Council. Tom Miner and Whitty Sanford. Flatwater PaddlingWhitewater Paddling. Connecticut Riverfest. White River Junction. Connecticut Valley Mike arnold dog sled rides Club. Mark Sinclair. Corinth Sno-Scramblers. Andrew Martin. Corinth, VT. Cornish Town Forest Management Committee. Cornish, NH. Crescent Lake Regional Sno-Riders.

dog rides arnold mike sled

Cross Vermont Trail. Eric Scharnberg. Dartmouth Outdoor Programs. Hanover, NH. Dartmouth Outing Club. Defenders of Wildlife. National Headquarters. Karma cover Learning Outward Bound.

Linda Dgo. Fairlee Baldtoppers.

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