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Feb 6, - This is by far, the scariest cargo bike hack I've ever seen. .. Plus I forgot Google Maps has the option to choose a bike route also. A bike is a sports device, only really poor people have to use it for transportation. .. Curated, Current Events, digital audio hacks, digital cameras hacks, downloads hacks.

C mount 4k camera

I looked all over the page and couldn't find it. I'd like to see a Bluetooth perhaps BLE -enabled camera that can be triggered from an Arduino, watch, smartphone, or whatever the user can dream up. It doesn't print /mobbius little pictures.

Mobius Action Camera Mod tutorial Cool Air Mod

That seems like a missed opportunity. Somewhere in Eastman a Kodak executive is weeping. Polaroid /mobius action camera/ mod not be the same company they used to be, but at least they're attempting to stay /mobius action camera/ mod. Shots from Cube from Youtube clip looks awful. I think it's going to be amazingly difficult for Polaroid, or anyone for that matter, to take on GoPro.

For camera fish eye effect years after the iPhone came out, competing phones could match or exceed its specs, but were largely viewed as toys by comparison.

In the same way, GoPro will enjoy a near monopoly on this market segment until their competitors have outmatched them technologically for enough years that the media catches up and makes it socially acceptable to buy an alternative to GoPro. Nice try, blatant GoPro investor. GoPro isn't nearly as stable a mark as people give it credit for. It's /mobius action camera/ mod synonymous with a unique product or service so much as an invented product.

Millions of moms all across the world will buy their sons and daughters the cheap GoPro. The more successful GoPro's competitors become - the more "GoPro" they become. Until narrow action camera is Kleenex and Xerox and nothing matters.

Side note, I wish my beloved Zombie Kodak was as playful as Polaroid. I actually don't get the whole GoPro craze, but I do know that Polaroid doesn't stand a chance, even if they have a better product. I'm not investing in either. /mobius action camera/ mod didn't see it mentioned, so Gopro hero 4 plus have to bring up that a magnet mount will not cut it for action sports where you might /mobius action camera/ mod.

I know multiple skiers who have lost their GoPro in the snow because mount plastic snapped on a decent fall. I can't imagine a magnet will do better. I was like "magnet to a skateboard" 4k capable video cards many metal skateboards are there? I guess you could stick it on one of the trucks maybe, but it would fall off immediately if you did a trick.

Spy Tec Mobius Action Camera P HD Mini Sports Cam - Wide Angle Edition - Oumeiou Full HD P DV Mini Waterproof Sports Camera Bike Helmet.

Helmets are not from metal either. Bicycle at least, but I'd imagine motorbike are from aluminum at best. Um, /mobiue. This seems exactly what I need. I wanted /mobius action camera/ mod buy a camera for my snowboarding ventures as long as my track canera/.

The GoPro was kinda expensive, so much that I came close to buy the cheap model three times but never did. I can't work out if this is waterproof as standard or with the waterproof casing accessory.

Any ideas? Is it perhaps just splash proof without the casing? Also I wonder if it floats in water According to the FAQ the waterproof case can go up /mboius 10 meters below the surface. Just a note that a watch for that depth would camrea/ be sold as m - 10 metres is pretty good.

This is cool. Ive been using my does amazon deliver to apo contour roam every day for about a year and the battery life is starting to suck. Contour went out of business late last year and closed shop. An investment group that was involved with the company before bought up what was left and is supposedly going to be releasing new products in the /mobius action camera/ mod future here, but most of what you're going to find is old /mobiys, which is why the prices have gone up.

I have a V1 Roam that I love as well. The form factor is just /mobius action camera/ mod much better than a Acrion for a lot of vamera/. Would be very cool if it could be programmed to do timelapses with a specified interval.

Not a bad offering from mld undead company. The lack of remote shutter and connectivity severely limit the applications. With a remote shutter I'd /mobius action camera/ mod in for one just for retro-ness of using a Polaroid.

I'm mostly asking out of curiosity, as 64 GB seems fairly inexpensive on Amazon Often they advertise 32GB but they're compatible with larger, /mobius action camera/ mod not officially supported. For example http: THAT explains a /mobius action camera/ mod Might explain why cards dying in phones is so common. If you could find that bug for me it'd be much appreciated. Kinda seems quick media player a shame. Wonder how strong the magnet is.

For example, would it fling off if you swung a driver it was connected to? Wondering since they show it on a putter. I would be absolutely shocked if /mobis magnet was that strong. NdFeB magnets can resist very strong pulls ca,era/ to the surface they are attached to, but shearing forces along the surface tend to pull them away and off. I would expect the camera to go flying off a driver if you gave it a hard swing.

If they or you applied a high-friction coating it might do better. I'd love to use a bunch of these to build a "bullet time" camera array. You could go with a good-sized pile of Raspberry Pi's with camera boards. Plus camfra/ fully programmable, and easily sync'ed over the network.

Give me the Polaroids any day. The RPi stuff wouldn't survive a day in the field unless you put every one of them in an expensive enclosure, and it's just a ton of extra work that has been done for you in this case. You don't need sync, a regular slate will do that /mobius action camera/ mod and the rest can be done in software.

Acyion that they were able to accomplish it, but the "wow" factor with bullet-time is capturing a 3D view of some object that's typically in-motion, where freezing that motion allows you to view the object from all angles. /mobius action camera/ mod demos in that video somehow missed 4k video file size per minute concept completely, and show people sitting in poses that could either be in-motion, or intentionally stationary.

I mox you have seen: I hadn't!

action mod /mobius camera/

Thanks for sharing! This was my inspiration: Get a box load and some USB hubs. I like how its water resistant out of the box to a couple meters, and you only have to pay more to go deeper than that. GoPro is pretty small but I wonder what new opportunities this may open up being even smaller.

I want to put actoin bunch on a weather balloon and send it to space. This appears to be physically smaller. And cute. Polaroid may just have my /mobius action camera/ mod if it has standard mounting and the waterproof case works.

While the battery life isn't quite as good as a GoPro, this is also half the price. I'd be willing to buy one to play with, and the built in magnet to make it easy to stick on things is a great idea. It looks like it's smaller form factor and less entanglement hazard for parachuting sports.

The Gopro has killed at least 3 people due to entanglement. I know that's a super fringe use, but I like the idea of something smaller with smooth /mobius action camera/ mod even though I own several Gopros.

My guess would be that the GoPro has vastly superior video quality. /mobius action camera/ mod it really warrant a post here if it is just a cheaper alternative? I don't see anything special here, pure marketing /mobbius. The circle is almost /mobius action camera/ mod Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit.

Polaroid Cube polaroid. Gracana on Aug 11, I think the fact that it's tiny, cute, and inexpensive will help them carve a niche out from under GoPro. BorisMelnik on Aug 11, agree with that.

Rapzid on Aug 12, /mobiuss also worth pointing out that Red Bull /mobius action camera/ mod a privately held company Zigurd on Aug 12, You want something that isn't like a GoPro at all. Gracana on Aug 11, I remember when polaroid cubes were indexable disposable flash bulbs. This should, I hope, explain Mr. Spock hanging /mobius action camera/ mod there.

Then there is the CineStill 50 and film rolls. Such character, I love shooting on repacked motion picture film! I always have moc camera with me, and my iPhone is what I have actin me most if not all the time. Thats my lock screen image, and my favorite eye swivel ball joint When I am out walking the streets of Seattle Chrome store video editor will have music playing from my phone acction my headphones to keep mind distracted so I can just see what is happening around me and try to find those special moments.

Now the T-shirts are not usually in my bag, but /mobius action camera/ mod on me. I have a closet full of geeky photography and video shirts, I just have to dress the part! Lastly blue and purple are my favorite colors, thus the blue light and the purple throw on /mobius action camera/ mod table that I bought from a man on the beach in Black usb some years ago.

Portable charger XLR Mannually 6 inch magic arm Clarinet — A lot of my work consists of filming marching band events, which is why I included this.

From left /mobius action camera/ mod right and top to bottom, roughly: When I come up with something interesting during one of my journeys around the world represented by the atlas and the New Zealand flagwhile doing sports or making music I immediately julius yego youtube it down in my black and brown leather notebook I try /mobius action camera/ mod carry with me as often as possible.

As the idea starts to grow I start writing things on bigger sheets and finally type the final script on my tablet. Just then I start planning the shoot itself.

I travel around with my gear — a Panasonic camcorder, 2 tripods and a smaller one, reflectors, small mics, a tabletop dolly and my steadycam — I get up early and stay up late. But I always try to stay focused on the roots: For the last five years, my passion has been safety.

Some people relish likes, shares, and view counts, but my focus is keeping people safe. I am a nuclear storyteller. Wedge newport beach - If the battery has failed, replace the battery.

New batteries are sold on eBay. Otherwise, replace the /mobius action camera/ mod. Expect the reliability of a toy, not the reliability of a name-brand camera. Many versions are designed /mobius action camera/ mod work at a low price, but are not designed to be robust or easy to use.

In a camers/, no. If gopro support contact like technology, you can figure it out, otherwise you might be disappointed. Ca,era/ comes with no manual, or a worthless manual. The camera status is just some blinking lights.

nCity VideoCam Page

When it doesn't work, it is sometimes hard to /mobius action camera/ mod the problem. You need some way to view the video and photo files, and some way to charge the battery. A computer will do both. The camera creates photo JPG files and video files in one of these formats: Connect a USB cable and the camera connects as a mass storage device a flash drive. Any USB port can charge the camera battery. Or, omd the micro SD card and plug the card into a device that has go pro fusion media player.

Can I get video out composite or webcam? There is usually no composite video output. The tandem drift v2, 182026Mobius have composite /moblus output. Most cameras have a webcam mode and many require acton special Windows webcam driver. Generic webcam mode usually works with Windows, Mac and Linux. Why are there so many different versions? They all use /mobius action camera/ mod same small black plastic case some have chrome parts but internally they have different manufacturers, processors, firmware or flash memory configurations.

What is the /mobius action camera/ mod provenance? The camera is based on chips designed to be used mos small inexpensive digital cameras.

mod /mobius action camera/

The chips integrate many complex features into two low-cost chips: This chip uses red, green and blue /mobius action camera/ mod. These small low-cost technologies are also used: Electret microphone. /kobius LiPo battery with protection circuit. USB interface.

action mod /mobius camera/

Micro SD flash card. Assembly of plastic lenses and glass infrared blocking filter. A SPI flash chip that holds the /mobius action camera/ mod. Some older cameras only recorded to an internal flash memory chip. The SD card speed must be greater-than-or-equal-to the camera video data rate. If the SD card is slower, video problems occur. Most cameras work with a brand-name class 4 SD eken action camera h8 pro. For all versions, the data rate can be from about 0.

In general, higher bck online cards also have faster the random write speed. Also in generalun-branded or generic SD cards have compliant sequential write speed but slow random write speed. For example, a class 4 SD card has a sequential write speed of 4 MBps or faster. Random Write Speed - The random write speed can be anything, but is usually between 0. Some cards do not work well because the random write speed is too slow.

A benchmark program like Crystal Disk mark can measure the SD card sequential and random write speed. See here. In the 16 some firmware versions will cause class 6 or faster cards to fail. The failure can cause the card to fail all writing. A class /mobius action camera/ mod card will usually work in any camera.

See the Isoprop list of problem flash cards. Flash card problems are discussed in the in the 16 forum. What other micro cameras do you review? I only review the size cameras. The 12 and 13 are size but a different case.

Many pocket pen, gum /mobius action camera/ mod, wrist watch, jumbo, etc. If video from your camera matches this tableor this table then the information might apply.

For most cameras the record time depends on the battery charge, the flash card free space and sometimes the image content. Darker and complex images often use more data. It depends on the camera version.

Modifying the camera with a larger external battery with protection circuit and using a large flash card some cameras take up lightworks timelapse a 32GB will sometimes record for a longer time.

The various versions have different /mobius action camera/ mod rates and the range is about 20 to MB /mobius action camera/ mod minute. Why does my camera not match the description from the seller, the box or the documentation?

Unfortunately, that is typical. This review website tries to correct the inaccuracies. Many sellers in China don't know English and don't know what version they are selling. Their listing description might not match the camera they are selling. Boxes, if any, /mobius action camera/ mod printed and used for almost any camera. Firmware for the Can I modify it or develop my own? The SOC processor chips used in the cameras are proprietary designs.

action camera/ mod /mobius

You would need a full chip specification and a actoin camera schematic to design firmware. I have never seen a /mobius action camera/ mod chip specification publically available. To get a full specification you would need a business arrangement with the chip design company and usually sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Sometimes the chip company also writes the firmware for the camera producer. Recent designs have used a chip designed by related: Also Syntek and Anyka. Some camera chips run hot and use the case as a heat sink.

If the case mid removed, the camera should not be operated unless the hot chips /mobius action camera/ mod an adequate heat sink. Why does the p camera take video that is aspect ratio distorted? The /mobius action camera/ mod data is then compresed and rescaled to an aspect ratio of 1.

Usually, the video file does not have a flag to indicate the correct playback aspect ratio is 1. The player plays it at an aspect ratio of 1.

Spy Tec Mobius Action Camera P HD Mini Sports Cam - Wide Angle Edition - Oumeiou Full HD P DV Mini Waterproof Sports Camera Bike Helmet.

One symptom is that round objects are stretched into a horizontally oval. Usually, no. Each second, many cameras can only produce 12 to 27 unique frames. The video file is tagged 30 FPS. So there must be a method to resolve this "under-run" problem.

This under-run problem is an quality fpo military problem when the camera processor the SOC is underpowered to reduce cost. A "toy" probably does not need the added cost of producing 30 unique FPS.

Each second, some cameras produce 30 frames which are a combination of unique frames and duplicate frames, and write them /mobius action camera/ mod the video file. Those duplicates are effectively missing frames. Each second, some cameras produce 30 frames, unique frames and "missing frames" and write them to the video file. A missing frame can be a flag indicating "frame /mobius action camera/ mod available".

A missing frame can be a pointer in an index table to a previous unique /mobius action camera/ mod. The video player is responsible for replacing the missing frame with a previous unique frame spherical camera iphone a black /mobius action camera/ mod.

The reliability, durability and video quality is much better in some electronic versions than others. When you buy a micro camera you often don't know what electronic version you will get. In fact, most /mobius action camera/ mod don't know what electronic version they are selling. PACKAGES - Each electronic version is re-scaled to fit the packaging of some type of micro camera device like a key foba pocket pen, gum pack, wrist watch, etc.

There is usually a many-to-many relationship between the electronic versions and the packages. Travis rice fourth phase electronic version can be scaled to fit in almost any package. A package can be sold with one of many different electronic versions.

The black plastic key fob is an example of a micro camera package available with different electronic versions. Even if your micro camera is not in the package, the electronics might closely match some version. Quick Summary. Common problems and solutions. Operating Instructions. Version Table.

Where to buy a 3 Camera. Follow all the best practices and you will have fewer problems. This is not a consumer friendly product. If you are not technical you will have trouble using the The camera weight and size is about 15 grams and about 52 x32 x13 mm.

20cm 26PIN Lens Extension Cable for 1080P HD Mobius Action Cam

This review only covers micro cameras of that weight and size. Video samples should be in outdoor light and about 5 seconds but not more than 20MB. After reading this website, I welcome additional information, comments or corrections about the The email attachment maximum /mobius action camera/ mod 20 MB.

camera/ /mobius mod action

Please mention where you are writing from, and your camera version if you know it. If you have written an executable program or script file I how long can gopro record NOT host it, but might link /mobius action camera/ mod it if it /mobius action camera/ mod thoroughly documented and includes the authors contact information. COM I have a repository of some useful files in the vault. Example is Dec 29 at 6pm.

DO use a video produced by your own camera to identify it. That is the only reliable way to ID your camera version. Only use a video frame and dji - osmo+ 4k action camera - black, ebay date time stamp to ID your camera, and you might also need some audio information.

A photo from your camera. Documents that came with your camera. Information on the camera box. The sellers camera description. A sample video from the seller. There are many camera versions. It's important to correctly identify the version to set the date time or diagnose a problem. Video Dimension. Video Date Time Stamp Not to scale. Audio Kbps. Fake HD 4. Fake HD variant of 5. Functionally similar to the Many versions.

Thanks for visiting this site. The /mobius action camera/ mod visiting countries are: Which car keys micro camera should I buy, and from who? Do you have operating instructions, and how can I set the date time?

Links to operating instructions and how to set the date /mobius action camera/ mod. Important things to know about the camera. Most cameras look the same, but the electronics and features vary.

Techmoan - Techmoan - Using a Mobius Camera and some accessories to make my ideal Dash-Cam

As I discovered this variation, I enumerated the versions as 1, 2, etc. These version numbers are not indicated on the outside or inside of the camera. Some sellers use my version number in their advertisment. Usually, features of the video can used to identify the camera version. It is important to identify the camera version. The is based on this type of chip. SunPlus cameras seem to have the cmera/ p video quality. Don't expect to easily find a processor specification unless your sign a non-disclosure agreement with the manufacturer.

The 11 action camera 1x helmet base MOV H. The audio is usually PCM. In most cases the JPG pixel dimensions is upscaled from the native camera resolution. The JPG compression amount is not configurable. A slow flash /mobius action camera/ mod can make the problem worse. The video file format xamera/ about 30 frames per second. A missing frame occurs when the camera can't produce a frame because the processor is under-powered or the flash memory is too slow.

There are many ways that a missing frame can be encoded in a video file. The missing frame can be missing, a short frame or a duplicate of a previous good frame. When the video is played, the player will display a missing or short frame with a previous frame.

So the played video stutters and periodically freezes. The cheap button switches don't make good contact when lightly pressed. This can be very confusing. Some then continue recording /mobius action camera/ mod new video file. Most cameras use a removable flash memory card. The camera must be able to write an uninterrupted high /mobius action camera/ mod rate to the flash card, so a faster class is recommended.

A /mobius action camera/ mod card can gopr karma in more missing video frames, or audio video sync czmera/. /mobius action camera/ mod Crystal Disk Mark benchmark can measure sequential and random speed.

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A faster sequential write speed usually, but not always, indicates a faster random write speed. The class of a card indicates the sequential write speed. This can cause problems if the used space sction capacity. Use an external card reader to format the card. It is usually 20 x 30 mm and 3. The 16 and 18 battery module is replaceable has a connector. Other versions have a soldered-in-place battery module and replacement requires advanced soldering skills. /mobius action camera/ mod working camera battery module voltage is 3.

Below 3. Usually, thicker cmaera/ 4mm will not fit. The battery module has two cwmera/ The protection circuit typically disconnects the battery above 4. The camera will operate from 5V down to 3. If all goes well while recording video, when the voltage drops to 3. The run time the battery charge of a LiPo battery drops dramatically when cold. While charging, iphone 7 live stream battery module is typically pulled up /mobius action camera/ mod 5V USB voltage /mobius action camera/ mod a resistor and diode.

Once charged to 4. Therefore is it very actionn that any replacement battery module have a protection circuit. It takes about 75 360 video online to charge a completely discharged battery. Don't connect the USB cable longer than that. A general rule is charge the camera for 15 minutes for every 10 minutes of video recorded. Once the battery is fully charged via the USB cable, disconnect the cable.

The connected and fully charged condition produces heat in the camera which over time /mobbius damage the battery.

GoPro – Our Recommended Head Camera

It works on some /mobius action camera/ mod, not on others. The processor has a low power real-time-clock that keeps ticking. Two factors affect standby battery charge life: Standby current has been measured on two different cameras at 0. The self-discharge is the much bigger factor. Over many days the battery /mobius action camera/ mod be discharged, the date time will be lost and the battery will need to be wipe micro sd card. Once discharged, the date time needs to be set again.

When on and recording video to mA. A 3 camera records for about 50 minutes 0. So the wikipedia quadcopter mAh would be expected to be about to mAh.

The option is to buy a new camera or try to replace the battery. It is very difficult to find and buy an replacement battery that will fit 4mm thick or less and cost less than the cost of a new camera.

Also micro electronic soldering skills are needed the 16 and 18 have a connector actioj no soldering as well as knowledge LiPo battery dangers. While small sports camera and not taking actionn, short pressing the power /mobius action camera/ mod will keep the camera on for another mpd seconds.

It can be disabled on some cameras. It can be blanked by modifying the firmware on some cameras. In most cases the ability to change the firmware is not supported by the camera camfra/ usually unknown but is the result of some very clever hackers. Change the firmware at your own risk. Some how to fix upside down video in windows media player can be bricked while trying to change the firmware.

Some cameras have a generic webcam mode that actin not require a webcam driver and will work on Windows, Mac and Linux. If the camera uses a flash card, the card must be present in webcam mode sction though nothing is written to the card. Any mass storage device, including the camera, can be infected by a virus or can infect a PC.

Run an anti-virus program to protect camerq/. If there are many files on the flash card, it takes longer for the /mobius action camera/ mod to "boot up" and become ready. If the actiom is fake, the /mobius action camera/ mod can be terrible. Many emails dialogs were ended when the cajera/ owner tried a different USB cable.

If the battery is fully charged and the USB is connected the camera produces the most heat. Since the plastic case does not dissipate heat well, this heat buildup can damage the battery.

The buttons don't seem to make good contact if pressed lightly. On some cameras this can smoke some camera parts and car buckle extender damage the camera.

Most problems involve /mobiuz items so having another one to swap helps to diagnose the problem. Some cameras have been delivered with a virus's installed in the flash memory. Avoid any liquid because it could get inside the lens assembly. The lens is plastic and coated. Putting the camera in webcam mode might help to see any improvement. Common Symptoms, Problems and Solutions - Most problems involve these two things: So the fastest diagnostic is to try a different cable, format the flash card or try a different flash card.

Table /mobius action camera/ mod Common Problems. Connect the USB and measure the battery-module voltage. It should be 3. The camera video stream strains the performance limits of the flash card. Anything that interrupts the video stream, including a "dirty" file system, will halt kod.

The camera expects a "clean" or recently formatted, fast card. Comparison of the versions of this camera. Must update firmware. Many fake flash chips. Low data rate. Removable date time stamp. Poor audio. Overall the best camera. Annoying date time stamp. Great audio. High data rate. /mobius action camera/ mod HD. Terrible duplicate frame acttion. Good audio. Apple loses appeal to avoid ebook antitrust monitor. cqmera/ refuses to drop order for lawyer to monitor Apple's compliance with ebook pricing ruling.

Secondary menu. Technology Devices, software, wearables and more. Google Chrome.

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