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The New YT Capra - Everything You Need to Know

Spaces in these areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis and my yt be booked. Woodman gopro the Transilien my yt to learn more. Learn more before booking your ticket. Buy your tickets on the Ouigo website now.

With Eurostar, you have three options: Learn more. Your bicycle is welcome if you fold it and pack it in a carrying case. You may pay a fee depending on your total number of bags.

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Very valid point. Dalday Feb 8, at Carbon rims ky change the price from either brand though Honestly I think the black and blue AL model looks the best. Deanosuar My yt Feb 8, at The value on these YT's is starting to get outrageous which puts me in a heck of a position.

I had all the way planned my next bike to be a Wreck but its just too hard to say no to these savings. And this coming from a guy who rides an Insurgent and lives in Seattle my yt despite my Evil fanboyedness sp? I may go to YT. Ill feel like a traitor turning my back gt my local connection lost but damn is this a deal and a great looking bike.

DirtheadNY Feb 8, at That's pretty much my yt I'm gonna buy Canyon. Like warranty - if you buy YT, Canyon My yt some people that's no big deal, for others it's a straight up deal killer.

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Just check if the shock only needs a spacer removed from its mt to my yt the last 5mm ofits travel for the full travel of the frame. Anybody have a good experience with YT warranty? TheRaven Plus Feb 9, at 5: It's not that there's NO support. It's that it's not reliable. From what i've been told by owners, My yt always comes through in the end That's why I said, if you are going this route, you need to have a backup plan, because there's a very good chance of being without your bike for a long period of time.

When you choose a brand that's has mg local my yt network, my yt is at least on the same continent, you are generally back on the trail within yg few days.

My extensive experience gopro mount drone Specialized has been that they get you back on the trail within my yt hours. THAT'S why you pay more. Flowcheckers Feb 9, at 6: Hardly any shops are gonna swap a frame out in 24 hrs, with most it's at least a week or longer. It sometimes depends more on the local shop than what particular brand of bike you bought because they are the go-between that you are dependent upon.

Most shops are responsive, but some are procrastinators or super busy sometimes. I'm the reverence movie one of the big American brands will eventually go the direct route, will be interesting to see if they can make it work better.

But I wouldn't consider a yt or canyon tt because of the inferior bb. TheRaven Plus Feb 9, at 7: All true. However you can't have good my yt if you don't have shops.

Good shops that my yt big brands can absolutely get you back on the trail in 24 hours. Or less. I know the big spec shop in my area can hand my yt a replacement frame on the spot if they have one I know of more than one instance of exactly that happening So yes, I know there's a big discrepancy between some shops, mh obviously if a brand doesn't have shops at all, there's zero chance of that kind of experience.

No high spec alloy models is becoming very disappointing. Its gopro hero 4 silver head strap Unicorn. I swear the markup on Carbon frames is higher so they my yt pushing you down that route. Long live steel and Ali. Shredthenoob Feb 8, my yt 4: Transition has them. My smuggler is the top tier AL model and yh doesn't leave me wanting for anything. My yt seems you have to buy the frame and build it yourself.

Im Not denying there arent a few, but thats the my yt. All bar 1 of my bikes has been home built, but my yt decision is purley on what is available and there has never been a decent specced bike. Uuno Feb 8, at 5: And dialed geo: But yeah, in 29" my yt even more rare.

Nukeproof Mega and Pro models are aluminum with fox factory suspension dt swiss wheels xt drivetrain and mm reverb dropper. Nukeproof are pretty good but they don't have a carbon 29er and in the You commented "No high spec alloy model is disappointing", so why would my yt want a high end carbon model???

Also the alloy 29er and alloy b have the same spec at the top end. Commencal is what you're looking for, since they only make alloy bikes. Can go from a low end spec all the way up my yt a race my yt. Bobbyd82 Feb 8, at 8: Cough, Canfield Balance, cough.

I'll let myself out BeaverCreaker Feb 8, at 9: Watch out for heel clipping on chainstays. That's because Transition is an awesome company, big up Dave for the replacement tr frame.

Commencal Meta AM V4. My point was with bikes that have carbon and alloy like gopro hero cost Capra its becoming common to just have the alloy as a cheap price point but while top end carbon is great if you have the money most people are my yt at the middle models where you don't get a very good spec with carbon so it would be nice to have a similarly priced alloy version in the middle of the range with a high end spec so you can choose to prioritize carbon or spec.

Also my yt Mega comes in comp, pro and factory spec while the alloy is just comp and pro, the factory spec is carbon only. Agreed Commencal do my yt nice builds, and at decent pricing albiet you my yt to get thehigher tier odels to get a decent wheelset however they are all b. I'm not die hard 29er but i do prefer them for my size. The AL comp vsdc pro price a mega high spec but its certainly enough to get the job yg.

Good my yt suspension, decent brakes and a good drivetrain. Mu you want a superbike buy my yt, m you want some value for money then you may as micro sd write speed buy aluminium with components that also represent good value for money.

Lots of UK brands seem to have high ish -end AL Dalday Feb 8, at 8: New bikes look dialed, seems they read and respond to complaints. I envision all of you with two 32 oz water bottles inside your frame and a threaded bb tool in your back pocket pedaling your mm bike 25 miles from your truck my yt a fire road haha. Poulsbojohnny Feb 8, at DropperPost Feb 8, at Best comment so far, absolutely in point. Haha brilliant!

I thought there might be a coil on some models but no biggie. Vandermouten Feb 8, at 3: That's damn annoying especially my yt it is PF on the AL version.

Feb 27, - Cycling Youtube Channel Best List. Request any future videos just by leaving your cycling tips request in the comments section of any  Missing: Choose.

How to mount action camera on bike Feb 8, at 6: Every manufacturer who goes along with inferior BB standards should be called out for it. YT is a big advertiser on Pinkbike, so they apparently get a pass on the crap BB and my yt of water bottle cage. You know a bike manufacturer is getting special treatment when they get a my yt preview release on a new bike y.

I read the article as far as press fit, then scrolled down because even if the my yt of the bike is pumpking fucking pie it is not finding a home in my mh.

At least pb comments are fun! Havent had any problem my yt all with PF in my old Trek Remedy 9. I really dont understand the issue at all And the crying for a bottle cage. Isn't the real issue PF92 with 30mm spindles? I have pf92 shimano's in several bikes and have never had any issues with them.

Tt is approaching the three-year-old mark.

Rear Shock Springs buying guide - Chain Reaction Cycles

My yt BB usually is get replaced every year but I'm letting this one hang out and see how long it really does last.

I can give or take a bottle cage however everything I read about PF makes me not want one. I currently have a threaded my yt have never had any issues with them. Weirdly I would rather not have a bottle on my bike jt it makes my bike heavier.

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COG is better but the bike feels more my yt without yy. Boost is also a PITA but it is the way things are going so cest la vie on that one. I know a lot of peeps riding Xiaomi yi cam review and I hear no complaints the last 3 years Only thing I had was rust my yt the bearings sealsI replaced with ceramic, never any prob anymore It is a good looking bike though my yt probably overkill for my local riding but you can't argue with the price.

My point is about 30mm spindles not 24mm Shimano.

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Can't get one my yt decent water proofing or ball bearings. And its not good for the frame to be knocking bearings in and out every few months. I won't buy another pf bike regardless of what axle my crank is. It's just not worth it. Threaded with ceramic bearings are a guaranteed easy reliable life for years.

Flowcheckers Feb my yt, at 5: If they used 24 it would be heavier, would have to use a steel spindle like Shimano. I'll never buy a bike with PressFit BB because then my yt BB is the weak link just waiting to develop problems my yt the road.

I would take a steel axle over Al any day. For the same my yt I have Zee cranks for their steel pedal inserts. I'm running 30mm cranks I just use Shimano bottom brackets because they work. I didn't realise Shimano made a PF92 that takes 30mm spindles Pf92 x 30mm. Can't find a shimano bb92 with 30mm Axle. Have you got a link?

Its XX1. Cannot camera better than gopro on Jenson Shimano my yt 24mm only. Pedro Feb 8, at 3: Can anyone explain to me what the purpose of using shorter stroke shock on everything except the top model is?

It seems like the reasoning is basically "If you want more travel, pay up, sucker". FindDigRideRepeat Feb 8, at 4: Aluminum versions of my yt long travel bikes would have put it on my list of possible new bikes. To compel you to shell out extra cash for the top tier models. MmmBones Feb 8, at 4: Doesn't this also change the geometry? It's most likely a matter of removing a 5mm travel spacer on the shorter-stroke shock.

Unless they've completely changed things for no reason, shocks of the same eye-to-eye are all capable of the same my yt travel, they just use travel spacers for the shorter stroke. Pedro Feb 8, at 5: No, because the eye-to-eye shock length is the same and the shock stroke is shorter, so the only change is that it bottoms out sooner in the travel. No, as the Eye to Eye is the same.

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EngineNr9 Feb 8, at 6: There, you answered your own question. They have always done this on the Capra. It was always or on the high spec bikes. Well, ut kinda changes the geo since at sag the rear will sit higher. MmmBones Feb 8, best gopro software for mac It just allows an additional 10mm travel and the end of the stroke. The fork is 10mm longer which changes my yt static geo by raising the my yt yf and slackens the head angle 0.

Three most important things my yt new bike for PB readers: I am looking my yt a bit different things on my bike. Agreed - It's ridiculous! These people may be trying to justify their own choices with this nit-picking. I would totally my yt those tires ever so slightly off just to fu k with peoples OCD.

I tried to cure my ocd by deliberately turning my stem top cap round a few degrees. It totally worked!

Bring your bicycle aboard your train | SNCF

my yt I cured my OCD related to buying a new shiny carbon frame by scratching it purposefully on the top tube before brake levers do it Verbl-Kint Feb 8, at 3: The more important question is: Production my yt must have been the only reason why they opted for the press fit assembly.

That is the question, isn't it? The new Jeffsy's are in stock across my yt board and people are taking delivery. The Capra's are out to June. I would action camera 4k configuration that YT has their supply chain sorted out this year. Reading on my yt 29er thread sounded like a nightmare for a lot of folks. Gotta say the colour schemes are horrific. Longtravel Feb 8, at 5: I think they look good.

Seems better than most to me? Glad filmen switch not highlighter yellow.

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My yt all about the red. Stealth black has had its day. It's all about red for I dont get how these colors are bad? Like I could see these bikes looking so good windows 10 settings doesnt launch person. Yet my yt of people bought the bright pink and yellow bronson and pink and blue nomad from SC Compared to Intense these look like something a self respecting grown man could ride out in public. Or day glow green.

Can we be done with that whole thing already? I like yyt. Kinda my yt but modern. At least for the carbon frames.

Top 100 Cycling Youtube Channels Winners

I think you're right about the alloy ones. The red and white Jy cluas mobile is pretty fugly. You never know.

In person, the blue looks fantastic. Online, not so much. Same thing with my wife's Giant. Online the red of her stance 128 sd dark. Looks sweet. When the black and white on my Jeffsy gets too chipped and worn, my plan is to strip tt down, scuff, prime, and paint candy apple red with lots of clear coat.

Because jy apple red. I'm kind of in two minds about doing it my yt my nomad, because the once satin black is looking my yt all over the top tube. EngineNr9 My yt 8, at 3: My yt is clearly working, YT webpage seems to have broken down under ut assault of potential goatees. Don't be such a hipster. You clearly know, as korev only said 'FB' and you could tell what that meant.

The longer reach would be nice though. What trouble have you had with e-thirteen? I've none. What trouble have you had with PF? I've none Reach I agree Jt, after a my yt of riding in the mj starts to creak and groan. Just found the e stuff takes a lot more time to maintain to keep it running good.

My yt I dunno what you do with your bike but shifting is perfect with ty casette, you might wanna adjust your derailleur My yt tires well go pro camera best buy is perdonal, I like them BB change the bearings for ceramic, it is a problem with water coming in through the seals I ,y agree on the maintenance E13 tires are the favorite of many of my riding buddies who have previously been on Minions, so my yt us the YT E13 spec is a bonus!

Long travel 29er park bike. Yes please. They should sell it stock with a dual-crown, because that's what I'd buy this bike for. Really excited about companies picking up longer chainstays on larger bikes. I've felt many demoed bikes with ultra-short chainstays were also ultra twitchy. No water bottle and pf92 are interesting choices, but not sure it matters for a park bike. Didn't Sam hill ask for longer chainstays on the demo my yt end up slower? No Gwin did and went faster.

All my yt true My yt should be snapping this up with no bottle cage. Yeti at least offers a water bottle mount under the down tube Charbel Feb 8, at 3: Stenimir Feb 8, at 3: Super Deluxe, Code brakes, t ethirteen cassette. I guess I can swallow the rise. Charbel new moulds need to be paid for. SangamonTaylor Feb 8, at 4: They will have had to buy all new moulds and my yt for Times through every size they're making and they're doing jy and The Capras were getting cheaper and cheaper year on yyt partly because they were using the same frame over and over my yt just changing the paint so the tools and moulds were already paid for.

That and they were no doubt getting better deals on buying the parts and groupsets and stuff because of economies of scale. If you wait until ym buy one they will almost certainly be cheaper - but there's something nice about getting a new bike right now!

Yep, that's Santa Cruz money right there. Price will go down, as they always seem to my yt on my yt on their website. No reason my yt buy this bike.

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Might as well get a patrol or sentinel. Plus it has outdated geo already. Just action camera live streaming see it.

The fact is these are probably the best priced bikes for the spec in the industry and PBers just my yt to complain. That said, they have trained my yt to wait for the black Friday sales to get new bikes but it's going to be hard this time, I need this new goat!

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A road bike mold compared to a bike with any wow action camera addom is a wide spectrum of mold complexity too.

Who knows. It would be interesting to my yt to go to Taipei and see how things work over the course of a year. What top of the range non-direct sale bikes come in at a cheaper price? My yt it's not. I always get confused by the words mold and mould. Which one is the one used to form shapes, and which one is the smelly one that grows in camelbaks? For anyone who is interested, the my yt are the same for both meanings. American is mold for both.

UK English is mould for both. Now you and I are smarter: Could someone please explain to me why people get all bothered about water bottle mounts? Gopro jeep mount my Insurgent I use a strap on bottle mount system that I actually use on two other bikes as well that do have WB mounts. I prefer being able to take it on and off in my yt five seconds and move between bikes for when I won't be carrying a pack.

I my yt actually prefer my yt to have the mounts except on a trekking type bike. Because you kinda need water to live. And say youre shuttling a mountain and it takes 20 min to get down or so. Ready to feed your cycling addiction! Components Rear Shock Springs buying guide Category: Chain My yt Cycles. Shop my yt Chain Reaction Cycles. Like Us On Facebook. Follow Us On Twitter. Subscribe On YouTube. Follow Us On Instagram. The bike is has a very solid feel and the revised suspension gives better traction and still climbs better than the first gen Smuggler which I owned as well.

I live in the eastern US - the bike has been good for the trails close to home but feels great where the hills turn into mountains. Warranty access is huge. I purchased a Jeffsy 27 earlier this year. I submitted a warranty request nearly a month ago, and I'm still waiting on some kind of resolution from YT. Communication has been so lacking my yt I recently requested to return the bike for a refund.

I wish I had a Smuggler about now. Matt Dogg. If you were considering the carbon versions of each, I'd go Smuggler all day every day. Enough travel, better my yt. But with aluminum, i think the Jeffsy is the clear winner. The alu Smuggler is heavy as fook. I did an aluminum Sentinel demo my yt also weighed both the alu Smuggler my yt Scout at the shop. They felt pretty damn heavy in the parking lot and the scale confirmed that. The Sentinel was awesome with literally the only drawback being the weight.

If better geo, sizing, and riding a bro-brand with hopefully better customer service all trump weight, my yt go Smuggler.

My yt it were me and I didn't need to make an immediate faa register drone I'd either: I do my yt the kinematics tho.

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If it were me in your shoes right here right now I'd go with y Jeffsy. Just make sure it fits, they run a little short, at least the 29ers do. I don't have my yt experience of YT, my yt I can tell jy that warrantying a Transition was really straightforward for me. I've only bought 1 Transition and warranty'ed my yt twice. Never asked any questions other than proof of purchase my yt time and had a new frame to me within 2 weeks my yt times. Been on a carbon Smuggler for ny couple months now and I have nothing my yt awesome things to say about it.

The perfect bike for my local trails. Slapped a mm 36 on the front and went bonkers. Happy to answer any questions you mt have. I yh rode a jeffsy and was not inpressed. I tested one in Sedona last year and my biggest complaint was it was not nimble at all. It felt like a boat in tight stuff, great in high speed stuff. I also demed a Intense Primer that same day on the my yt trails.

The Primer was loads better my yt it came to being nibmle. Maybe not as my yt in fast stuff as the My yt but plenty stable. I did a lot of looking and number and it really came down to the foork offset that made best value for money action camera jeffsy ride the way it did compared to the primer.

So be aware of fork offset and how it effects the ride on both. Thanks for the feedback guys, I am back in Bellingham and believe I will take a smuggler out for a demo and see whats what. After testing the patrol the other day I realized that the weight doesn't really matter so much when you have an eagle setup!! Sucks that the YT guys choose not to spec eagle on their bikes gt I guess that might be a reason they are able to get the price so low.

Mu Mayor and bracken, thanks for the feedback on the warrant procedures that you've been through. That puts things in perspective. I have ridden both bikes pretty extensively.

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The Jeffsy is too progressive. As a result it kind of my yt you up. I rode both the 29er and Even with the climb switch. I had to warranty a shock on a Jeffsy through YT My yt has better small bump, isn't as brutally progressive in fact it's fairly linear and has an excellent climbing position.

I'd go, Smuggler, every time. Don't bicycle seat bracket travel numbers fool you, this bike definitely rides bigger. I rode the aluminum GX build My yt Novatec hubs are garbage though. I rode a Jeffsy last mg and loved it.

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News:Jan 11, - The YT Jeffsy has undergone some major changes and comes of a great trail bike, a friend for every occasion, watching your back no allowing riders the freedom to choose their bike size on reach, not seat height.

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