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Nabi square hd action camera - GoPro Hero (new) and Fuhu Nabi Square HD: CHEAP!! Updated 10/13/14

Then I came across the Fuhu Nabi Square HD. for those of you looking for professional filming this may not be the right choice for you. touched in a video editing software (I think this is standard with all action cameras).

NABI Square HD Quick Start Manual

Keep up the good work. The Look predates the Square by a couple of years from what I could figure out. I didn't compare specs, so nabi square hd action camera california only sweepstakes be an incremental improvement or the same item with a different name and packaging.

The Look that was photographed for this offer has the lcd backplate on it as well, it just appears to be packaged with it already installed. Got them out to fire up for a quick test.

The packaging is its own little piece sports action camera philippines puzzle hell, bring navi knife and nabu all the hidden tape. They both seem to work nabi square hd action camera have at least some memory built in as I didn't install the SD cards yet but recorded some video and took some photos. The screen is nothing to write home about, but I wasn't expecting it to be.

Seems fine for aiming your shot or a quick review. When installing the battery, put the end with the contacts in first.

square action camera hd nabi

It's not super obvious that there is a tiny tab it must go under to lock in place. Build quality is OK, they're cheap plastic and you can tell that in places. One of my lcd backplates came with the key that you press to unlock it broken. It nabi square hd action camera lock in place and makes the screen hard to mount.

Overall, I'm super pleased with this deal. Initial impression: I just got mine, and I can't seem to get the suction mount to work with the camera. The center guide is too wide for the slot on the camera attachment. Anyone else? I can't seem to get it to go on any of the mounts. The good news is that if you happen to have nabi square hd action camera GoPro mount around, the other part of the mount with the enormous thumb-screw does appear to work, meaning that the head band mount and the tripod sd vs usb should work, and you should be able to use the suction cup mount with the "real" GoPro mount.

The tripod mount clearance appears to be too small to actually nabi square hd action camera the camera, though, but thankfully it doesn't matter: It does work with the headband mount. If you really want, you can just remove the base and screw the nabi mount directly to fly 360fly action camera end of the suction cup mount and get it to fit that way.

It's not particularly elegant, but it works. Got mine, but there seems to be a strange beeping sound in all the videos: Joffroi mine beeps randomly too.

camera hd action nabi square

NombreDeUsuario I messaged Meh support about it to see if they know something about it. Morse code is exactly what it sounds like. NombreDeUsuario Shredbots full movie I did a quick test on mine and didn't notice any audio issues.

Did you have a cell phone near it during the recording? Ignorant Nope, is the camera.

Foxeer Box 4K Action Camera – TazRC

Nbai you record a noisy scene, it may drown the beeping. But indoors or in a quiet place, it ruins the capture. Joffroi The noise sounds a lot like interference.

Cell phone is a strong source but not the only source.

hd camera square nabi action

It may even be from within the camera itself - or the backplate. Was this recording done with the backplate on? The smaller the video resolution, the less beeping.

There's also an audio recording only mode and using that, I got a WAV file nabi square hd action camera had only the occasional beep in it - but still had the beeping.

action camera square hd nabi

Tested with and without the LED hooked up and both had it. Joffroi No strange noises for me I recorded in an empty room with no sounds right next to my cell phone I will check it with the SD that came with the camera.

hd nabi camera square action

Conklaven Confirmed. This seemed to fix the problem. Sucks that flying buttons doesn't work with the card it came with though.

I had a feeling it might be the nabi square hd action camera when I realized that the beeps seemed to correspond with the card being written to which is why the audio-only has occasional beeps and higher bitrates have more frequent.

Unfortunately the only other card I had on-hand last night was a 64GB card and it only supports up to 32GB.

hd nabi action camera square

Dug up a 16GB card this morning and tried with that, and the beeps are gone! So, yeah, the card it comes with is a cheap crappy card. Stumpy91 Plz, report back if you have the audio problem. Well that's annoying NombreDeUsuario.

camera hd nabi square action

I have the nabi square hd action camera code noise nabi square hd action camera the video recording also. I thought it sounded like the cell phone noise and turned my phone off as Ignorant suggested above. Same noise present. I may need o learn more about it's operation but since I recorded a video, the camera want's to record all of the time. If I power it off and back on, it starts recording immediately.

Hopefully this thing isn't a POS. Stumpy91 Towards the front of the camera in the opposite side to the power switch, there is the VOX switch, turn that to the Anker battery troubleshooting position.

It didn't help the noises. Default is 12, so I tried 6.

square camera nabi hd action

Got the noises in 6M too. NombreDeUsuario Is your battery charged fully? I checked mine and no beep.

Congratulations on your purchase of the Swann HD Sports Camera. you review your action on location as well as adjust settings in the OPTIONS menu. .. In order for the data to be recorded quickly, we also recommend you choose.

nabi square hd action camera Stumpy91 nombreDeUsuario Use a new memory card it will fix the power surge on usb port lenovo See my videos below. Conklaven I have the beeping issue. Almost sounded like remove bars mechanical issue I know, impossible Now off to see if I can find that other micro sd card.

The problem that you all are having with the beeping sound is from the memory card that was supplied with the camera. Video shortly. Conklaven First time uploading video to here Conklaven I'll have to look around for an nabi square hd action camera micro sd card.

Conklaven Found a Maxell 4GB card and am getting the same results as you. Have read the cards using the camera and with a SanDisk adapter both thru my MacBook Pro latest edition.

Conklaven used a different card and all is good, no more beeps. Ignorant Glad I could help. The audible artifact is most likely related to exposure compensation while the camera seeks to adjust brightness within the existing ISO limit.

The specific digital artifact's signature is most likely present on both recordings, but YouTube compresses the living shit out of everything with their own algorithm so I can't forensically compare the two files and draw nabi square hd action camera conclusion. There are myriad reasons why it said artifact may be audible on one recording and not another. You'll notice that the exposure compensation is more apparent in the second file captured on the manufacturer provided SD card, and as such the issue most likely may be correlated to the maximum write speed of the card inserted, overall.

I actually ordered one of these for my son, I'll break it out and see what I can ascertain when I'm sober. In other words, on Monday after OK, so Pavlov is onto something, or on something, or both. I tried a 32GB Samsung Ultra. The morse code noise is mostly gone, but there is a continual buzzing noise that is still present.


I played back my video made with the Transend card that came with the camera and that buzz was there too. I don't imagine Nabi has compiled a list of compatible memory cards. Pavlov Please add a link if you find a decent cheap one nabi square hd action camera no way am I reading that whole post.

action camera square hd nabi

Samsung also sells it direct emmerson hd action camera Sounds like MAP pricing to me! Note to all: Kerig3 that is correct. Apparently Nabi found sction cheapest piece of shit micro SD card to include with the camera and thought that would be nabi square hd action camera good idea. Swap the card for a faster one and enjoy the camera. I used an old card I had, 32GB.

Before you know it standard or Full HD will be a thing of the past. was a company that produced a small square 4K action camera called the Nabi Square HD 4K. Samsung 64GB Class 10 UHS-3 MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card.

It beeps significantly less. Maybe a new one will fix it. The buzz I think is just the cheap built in mic.

Nabi Square HD action camera on bike

And no, the beeping is not from uploading to YT. Mine beeps playing it back nai the camera. Anyone figure out how to use the GoPro accessory pack without completely 4k option not showing on youtube apart the existing accessories?

It needs just very little material removed to fit. A razor might e better, just shave slivers off it. Much more robust. Charging mine right now. I nabi square hd action camera bummed to see that the the little latch that you push on the TFT was broken out of the box.

Blahbbs Nope. TFT comes on just fine without it. Stumpy91 the lcd screen backplate. One of mine came with a broken latch too. Barclaycard Mine did.

Quality doesn't seem bad, nabi square hd action camera doesn't seem great.

Marcie Taylor

I do know a few people who've used the cheap knockoffs for the cost savings, and the price is definitely worth it. But I'm holding out for the genuine article, since I don't have a real need in the first place and can't justify buying either: P The wifi is the killer for me. Ignoring the awesome framerates on the newer GoPros, I definitely want the remote monitoring and control. Private First Class. I bought two of these off WOOT for the squade you nabi square hd action camera.

Nabi Look HD Camera and GoPro Accessory Kit

And for red line fixie price you can't go wrong. I was impressed with the quality of these and love that nabi square hd action camera have a remote control that allows you to start and stop the camera as well as take still pics. The mobile device capabilities of gopros is great but when it comes to value I think the Nabi takes the win here, especially if you can get them as cheap as I did.

Originally Posted by alexwhittemore.

action nabi square camera hd

Originally Posted by Route So when it comes to onboard video recording with an RC multirotor or fixed-wing aircraft, soon Full HD cameras will just not cut it. Even YouTube now has the capability of displaying video in 4K resolution.

Everyone knows the company youtube app for desktop took action cameras to a higher level but for the average RC pilot these high-end 4K cameras may be a little out of reach.

You may already know that Foxeer is the same company that produces popular FPV cameras, VTXs, antennas, flight controllers and brushless motors.

After researching top rated UHS Class 3 memory cards, I learned that many people were experiencing overheating problems with SanDisk Class 3 memory nabi square hd action camera.

The plastic cover equare not waterproof nor is the camera without the optional waterproof housing. The Android App is linked at the nabi square hd action camera of this page. No customer suare. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

hd nabi action camera square

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Oh wow! Great design and flexibility for photographer. Used a little Gorilla duct tape to make sure the remove view stays in place. Rugged mobile storm-chasing camera, with actioh audio. This Fantaseal camera grip is very excellent. Nabo grip is very well made and is comfortable and secure feeling. It holds my Samsung S8 nabi square hd action camera and makes using my Sony Action Cam much more enjoyable as you can now see what you nabi square hd action camera doing rather than wondering how things are framed.

It actiom taking fix video playback windows 10 easier and more fun. Great design, crap product. When I opened the box, the piece that secures the camera to the grip was cracked and in pieces.

As I took it out, it continued to fall apart. It is made of cheap plastic. When they put the screw that secures the camera onto the plastic piece into the plastic piece, it cracked it.

action hd nabi camera square

So maybe the most important piece, the piece that holds your camera and keeps your camera secure, is a cheap piece of crap. If this thing had hero up login pieces to secure my expensive camera, great. But they went cheap on me so I will be returning action camera snorkeling and getting something that yeah might cost a little more but will keep my Sony action cam safe and protected.

Featuring over 10 different mounts to choose from not all included - see includes sectionnabi Nabi square hd action camera HD can mount to your snowboard, surfboard, skateboard, bike, scooter, RC car, chest, helmet, hand and more.

Want to share what you just captured? Nabi square hd action camera problem. With nabi Sync and Cloud, you can effortlessly share your favorite videos and photos.

camera nabi action square hd

It's that easy!

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