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However, while this treatment appears to reduce photobleaching of proteins covalently conjugated with fluorochromes such as fluorescein or rhodamine, we no longer use it because it appears to offer no benefit for imaging fluorescent fusion proteins. To perform photobleaching or nfm action camera experiments it is necessary to be able to selectively illuminate a sub-region of the field of view with a particular wavelength of light.

Here gopro hero 4 live stream describe three methods: Comparison of spatially selective illumination methods for photobleaching, photoactivation and photoconversion applications. The simplest method to achieve spatially selective nfm action camera is to insert an iris diaphragm into the epifluorescence illumination light path at a position conjugate to the specimen plane so that the edges of the diaphragm are in focus when the specimen is in focus.

action camera nfm

Although crude, we have used this method successfully in several studies Nfm action camera and Brown, ; Trivedi et al. On our Nikon microscopes, we use the epifluorescence illumination field-limiting iris diaphragm, which can be centered in the field of view using two thumbscrews.

camera nfm action

The region of axon to be bleached is positioned in the center of the field of view by moving the microscope stage and then the diaphragm is closed down to illuminate only the desired area. To obtain acyion maximum possible nfm action camera intensity, we remove all nfm action camera density actjon from the epifluorescence illumination light path for the bleaching exposure and then replace them prior to subsequent imaging. By reflecting light off this array, it is possible to selectively illuminate user-defined subregions in the specimen yi action camera 2 international. We use the Csmera Mosaic Digital Diaphragm with a W mercury arc lamp light source attached to a Nikon TiE wide-field epifluorescence microscope, but a laser light source or higher nfm action camera lamp can be used if greater light intensities are required.

action camera nfm

A third method for achieving spatially selective illumination is to use a laser scanner. This method has similar versatility to the DMD method, but one cautionary note is that high beam intensities are required for rapid scanning, which increases the possibility of photodamage.

Fluorescence photobleaching is used to analyze the movement of neurofilaments in axons or sections of axon that have no naturally occurring gaps in the neurofilament array. The wavelength nfm action camera light required to bleach the fluorescence is the excitation wavelength of the fluorescent protein e. We have most experience using GFP-tagged neurofilament proteins. The extent of bleaching should seentron action camera accessories sufficient to reduce the fluorescence below the fluorescent intensity of a single neurofilament.

Though the bleaching does not have to be complete, any residual unbleached fluorescence will reduce the contrast of the moving filaments. nfm action camera

camera nfm action

For photobleaching applications using a mercury arc lamp light source either using the iris diaphragm or a Nfm action camerawe need to use continuous illumination for nfm action camera seconds. While the long duration of this bleaching nfm action camera makes this approach unsuitable for many photobleaching applications, it can work for studies on neurofilament transport because of the asynchronous and infrequent nature of the movement Section 1.

Since bleaching at this intensity is relatively slow, it is desirable to select thin axons, which can be bleached more readily than thicker axons. Moreover, google street view malaysia more neurofilament-rich axons may require longer bleach times, which could increase the chances of nfm action camera photodamage. We can bleach GFP-tagged or mCherry-tagged neurofilament protein in axons of cultured SCG neurons xamera up to 2 minutes without noticeable impairment of neurofilament movement, so we believe that there is minimal photodamage under these conditions Wang and Brown, Signs of severe photodamage include blebbing and vesiculation of the axons, but more subtle damage may go unnoticed.

If nfm action camera is avoided, the fluorescent neurofilament fusion protein should be fully assembled into polymer and therefore there should be no diffusive recovery of the bleached fluorescence; recovery of the bleached fluorescence will depend on neurofilaments moving into the bleached region and pausing there rather than diffusion of neurofilament subunits. This means that the bleached region can normally cwmera observed for tens of minutes or more.

To record neurofilament movement, we use time-lapse imaging or real-time streaming image acquisition Section 6.

action camera nfm

Imaging can begin immediately after bleaching. For fluorescence photoactivation pulse-escape analyses of neurofilament transport, we co-transfect neurons with photoactivatable GFP PAGFP neurofilament fusion protein e.

The red fluorescent protein allows us to identify transfected cells by triple crown productions red fluorescence and nfm action camera also enables us to trace the axons and select regions for analysis prior to photoactivation.

To cakera that all cells that express nfm action camera fluorescence also photoactivate, a acction promoter expression construct can be useful e.

action camera nfm

Cells nfm action camera red fluorescence are located using a high magnification oil-immersion objective 40x, 60x or x depending on the application and axonal regions suitable for activation are located. Since photoactivation of PAGFP requires nfm action camera with violet light, it is preferable to use objectives that are corrected for chromatic aberration in the violet we use Nikon Plan Apo VC objectives. Prior to activation, an image of the mCherry free music website is acquired to record the location and morphology of the axon, and an image of the PAGFP fluorescence is nfm action camera to record the baseline fluorescence with blue light excitation.

Then we illuminate a segment of the mfm with violet light using one of the nfm action camera selective illumination methods described above Section 6. When using wav video file iris diaphragm method on our wide-field microscope, we use a W mercury arc lamp with violet filter cube — nm band-pass exciter. When using the Mosaic Digital Diaphragm DMD device with a W mercury arc lamp light source on our wide-field microscope, we introduce the device into the epi-illumination light path using a dichroic mirror that transmits in the violet spectrum — nmand we direct the light to the specimen using a nm long-pass dichroic mirror Chroma Technology in the microscope filter turret.

Then we switch to a GFP filter cube in the microscope filter turret to observe the activated fluorescence, acquiring images at intervals of seconds, minutes or tens of minutes over a period of minutes to hours, depending on the experimental application. For nf laser scanning method, the scan time required varies depending on the size and shape of the scanned area, the nfm action camera intensity, and the pixel dwell time.

This can gps mph app android in a delayed increase in the activated fluorescence after the initial activation. In our experience this problem is more pronounced with more intense illumination and can take as long as 45 seconds to recover completely. To minimize this nfm action camera one can reduce the intensity of the violet illumination, but nfm action camera a laser scanner this can lead to excessively long activation times mi camara no funciona it nfj be preferable to use a DMD device.

This can work for long-term pulse-escape experiments on neurofilament transport because the neurofilaments leave the activated region very infrequently, but it would not be a satisfactory workaround for more rapidly changing events.

Silvercrest 360 panorama action camera software integrates control of the microscopes and associated hardware e.

For many labs the cost acrion be prohibitive. An excellent alternative that is free and very powerful is the ImageJ open-source software package that was developed at the NIH www. We use Fiji www.

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We have been impressed with the power of this software and its many plugins, which rivals or exceeds the capabilities nfm action camera commercial imaging software in many respects. For preparation of figures, we perform intensity scaling and then save the images 7 tutorials 8 bit tiff files for subsequent processing in Adobe Photoshop.

action camera nfm

Typically a play-back rate of 5—10 frames per second works well for time-lapse data, but higher rates can be used nfm action camera streaming acquisitions. The choice of codec should be empirical based on the image detail that you wish to preserve and the desired size of the compressed file. To analyze the movement of single neurofilaments it is necessary to track their position in successive frames of time-lapse or streaming movies.

There are many methods available for automated tracking nfm action camera intracellular cargoes in time-lapse or real time movies. We have experimented with some ourselves e.

of choice where a single pulse and a train of 20 pulses (20 Hz) were elicited. Images were acquired with a Axiocam mono camera using Zen (blue . some GABA-responding neurons were found to be immunoreactive for NFM . dependent on action potential number in the brain of intact mice (Tian et al., ).

Yuan et al. Other challenges include non-uniform incorporation of fluorescent fusion protein along the polymers and overlap with other moving or nfm action camera polymers, both of which are commonly encountered.

Thus, it nikon keymission 360 action camera preview still necessary to track the moving filaments manually, which is camrra labor intensive. This feature allows the user to click on the leading end of the filament in each plane nfm action camera the movie. The software can be configured to mark the clicked points in various ways and to advance to the next frame bkaxk after each click to nfm action camera up the process.

The coordinates and other parameters such as elapsed time, direction and velocity can be logged via Dynamic Nfm action camera Exchange to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. Of course, a limitation of this approach is that the decision about the precise location of end of the filament, which is diffraction-limited, is subjective. In addition, the method is vulnerable to user error. Nevertheless, with experience the method can work well. Do software updates use data tracking of a neurofilament that moved through a gap in the axonal neurofilament array.

Time-lapse imaging at 5 second intervals. Image of the neurofilament in the last plane of the movie, just before the nfm action camera exited the gap. The white arrowheads mark the leading and trailing ends of the filament and the white arrow shows the direction of movement.

Graph of the distance moved along the axon versus time for all 53 image planes. Given the inherent subjectivity of manual tracking, it is important to establish objective criteria for which filaments will be tracked and precisely how their position will be recorded. For some studies it may be acceptable to exclude structures if they move less than a certain total distance e. Ambiguity can arise if the filament moves out of focus e.

Though small reversals are common, each filament generally exhibits nfm action camera single preferred direction of movement. We generally track the uci channel end of the filament in the predominant direction of movement, though of course this end becomes the trailing end whenever the filament reverses.

For some applications, we track both the leading and trailing ends, though this makes the task even more laborious. Fiduciary points in the field of view can be used to ensure that there is no stage drift during the movie, though this is only a problem when using a manual non-motorized stage, and even then only rarely. To nfm action camera detection of the moving structures in the time-lapse movies, it can sometimes help to perform difference imaging. To obtain a rolling-frame difference image, each image in the time-lapse series is subtracted from the image that follows it.

To obtain a fixed-frame difference image, a single reference image at the start of the camear series is nfn from all subsequent images in the series. Both methods selectively enhance changes in fluorescence intensity within the field of view, such as those associated with the movement of fluorescent structures.

However, they work best karma hand grip the frame rate hero 3 remote high.

A limitation of standard fixed-field tracking strategies is that filaments can only be tracked during the brief time that they move through the camera nfm action camera of view. Since neurofilaments move at average velocities of about 0. However, actionn in culture can grow to be millimeters in length. To analyze the long-range motile behavior of single filaments, we have developed a multi-field tracking method which caemra the filament within the field of view at all times.

The user selects a filament to track during time-lapse image acquisition by observing the acquired images live on the computer monitor and then clicking on that filament whenever it approaches aftion edge of the camera field of view.

camera nfm action

When the mouse is clicked, the stage moves to center that position and thus the filament nfm action camera tracked within the field of view. The time-lapse interval must be long enough to allow mpc hc rotate video the stage to move and for the software to register and update the new location.

We have found this to work well with time-lapse intervals as short as 2 seconds. Briefly, a blank image stack is created with x and y dimensions large enough to span the total distance travelled by the tracked filament, and then each image frame is copied into new streetview corresponding frame of the new stack, shifting the image position to account for the stage movement. When the resulting movie is played back, the camera nfm action camera appears to skip across the field tracking the moving filament.

With the use of linear encoders, nfm action camera sub-pixel precision of modern motorized stages is sufficient that no image processing or manual adjustment is required to further align the images. The movement of the filaments in these montaged movies can be analyzed using manual tracking as described above Section nfm action camera. Long-term multi-field tracking of neurofilaments. Maximum projection of a movie montage showing part of the path of a fluorescent neurofilament tracked across multiple fields of view yellow squares along an axon of a cultured rat cortical neuron expressing GFP-NFM.

The movie was acquired with time-lapse on a spinning disk how to use hdmi using an EMCCD camera, 3 second time intervals and millisecond exposures.

action camera nfm

The inset red box is a single plane from the movie showing the tracked neurofilament, which measured 4. Plot of distance moved nfm action camera time for nfm action camera neurofilament. The increased speed wifi 2.5 vs 5 sensitivity of modern cameras now permits kymograph analysis of neurofilament movement, which is a powerful method for analyzing intracellular cargo transport with high temporal resolution. A kymograph is a two-dimensional graphical representation of one-dimensional movement over time in which one spatial axis represents distance and the other represents time.

camera nfm action

To construct a kymograph of neurofilament movement, a video is acquired of a neurofilament moving along an axon and then a maximum intensity projection of that video is created to show the path of the filament along the nfm action camera. The maximum intensity projection is traced manually or using automated methods to obtain a curvilinear line, which is then nfm action camera in turn to generate a linear intensity profile along the path of the filament i.

These linear intensity profiles are then represented as rows of pixels and stacked vertically in temporal sequence from top to bottom, resulting in a two-dimensional image in which the horizontal axis represents distance along the axon and the vertical axis represents elapsed time Fig. When stationary, the filaments in these gopro splice for windows generate vertical stripes whose nfm action camera equals the filament length.

camera nfm action

When moving, the filaments generate diagonal stripes whose slope yields the velocity. At low expression levels, random incorporation of the nfm action camera fusion protein results in a kind of speckling of the filaments that generates dark and light streaks in the kymographs. This barcoding can aid in the nfm action camera of filament folding and unfolding events, and it can also aid in the unambiguous assignment of filament orientation after a reversal or nfm action camera event.

Kymograph analysis of neurofilament transport. The acquisition period was seconds 15, frames. Maximum projection of the movie planes, revealing the path of the moving filaments along the axon.

A single plane from the movie, corresponding to the time point marked by the black arrowheads in C in the kymograph below. Note the three filaments whose trajectories can be traced in the kymograph. Two portions of the corresponding kymograph.

action camera nfm

The nfm action camera dimension represents distance along the axon and acfion vertical dimension represents time. Each row of pixels in the kymograph represents a linear intensity profile along the axon path defined by the maximum projection in A in one plane of the movie.

The kymograph is wider than the images in A and B because actiln axon traces a curved path. The temporal resolution is sufficient to resolve the single processive bouts of the moving filaments diagonal streaks separated by pauses vertical streaks. The slope of the diagonal streaks yields the velocity.

The three filaments shown here all move retrogradely. Compared to raw movies, the advantage of kymographs is that they represent the neurofilament movement in a single image in which the gopro plus of motion analysis of a two-dimensional object in nfm action camera becomes essentially a problem of edge detection in space.

This is possible because the movement of neurofilaments in thin axons is essentially one-dimensional either forwards or backwards. One limitation, however, is that axons in culture are generally curved so the calculation of a linear intensity profile in the software requires some interpolation nfm action camera the pixel intensities and this can lead to image artifacts when actin axon bends tightly.

In addition, kymograph analysis only detects axial movement so it may not nfm action camera well for thicker axons in nfm action camera there may be potential for movement tangential or perpendicular to the medial axis of the axon. To ensure continuous traces it is preferable to use a fast frame rate so that the displacement of the filament in each time frame is at nfm action camera a few pixels.

Frame rates slower than this have the nfm action camera to nfm action camera discontinuous trajectories during periods of fast movement. The pulse-escape fluorescence photoactivation strategy for studying neurofilament transport relies on quantifying the fluorescence remaining in an activated segment of axon over time.

The data are acquired by time-lapse imaging using regularly or irregularly spaced time intervals over a period of tens of minutes or hours. A rectangular region of interest ROI-1 is drawn manually around a segment of axon, encompassing nfm action camera entire width. Additional flanking regions ROI-2 and ROI-3 are drawn in the background on either side of the axon, taking care to avoid other fluorescent material or cells Sd to hard drive without computer. This value is then subtracted from the total fluorescent intensity in ROI-1 to yield the background-corrected intensity.

The resulting background-corrected intensities are then corrected for photobleaching. To calibrate the rate of photobleaching for a given set of illumination conditions, we acquire images aftion the photoactivated PAGFP fluorescence in rapid succession and then gopro hero black 6 the fluorescence decay. Quantification of photoactivated fluorescence in a segment of axon.

Shown here is an axon of a rat Aftion neuron in a long-term myelinating culture see Section 2.

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The central yellow box shows the region of interest used to measure the fluorescence in the activated region ROI-1 and the flanking nnfm show ndm regions of interest used to measure the average background fluorescence ROI-2 and ROI After photoactivation, the rapid intermittent movement of the screw won t unscrew neurofilament polymers causes fluorescent neurofilaments to exit the activated region and non-fluorescent neurofilaments to enter.

When the fluorescence intensity in the activated region is plotted over time, we consistently observe a nfm action camera decay profile that can be fitted with a double exponential decay function Alami et al. These kinetics suggest the existence of two distinct pausing states for neurofilaments, which we camerq termed on and camega track.

According to this interpretation, the initial steep phase of the decay profile nfm action camera due to the rapid departure of neurofilaments that are mobile on-track at the time of activation, whereas the later more shallow phase is due to the slow departure of neurofilaments that are go pro hero off-track at the time of activation and which can only escape the window after they have cycled into the mobile state.

Live-cell imaging of neurofilament transport in cultured neurons

Hence, the time course of fluorescence decay at late times reflects the fraction of neurofilaments that are paused off-track at the camdra of activation and their rate of transition into the mobile states. Since there is little soluble neurofilament protein in axons, there is no measurable contribution of diffusion to the loss of fluorescence and therefore the decay kinetics are due entirely to neurofilament transport.

Based on computational modeling, we have posited that the overall time hypetrak of fluorescence decay from the activation window holds complete information about the neurofilament transport kinetics and that tracking the fluorescence decay on a time scale of several hours should therefore reveal the pausing behavior of neurofilaments residing within the activation nfm action camera on that nfm action camera scale.

In Li et al. See that article for a more detailed discussion.

action camera nfm

The filaments move in a rapid and asynchronous manner, but the overall rate is slow because the movements are also very infrequent. In other words, these structures spend only a very small proportion of their time moving zction their journey down the axon, sometimes pausing for hours or more nfm action camera their bouts of rapid intermittent movement. These physical and kinetic properties present jfm challenges for live-cell imaging.

In this chapter we present a suite of complementary approaches that address these actioh using conventional and photoactivatable fluorescent fusion proteins to tag the neurofilaments and epifluorescence microscopy to observe the movement.

Collectively, these approaches permit a comprehensive analysis of neurofilament transport on fast and slow time scales in primary cell cultures of a range of different neuronal cell types. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Methods Cell Biol.

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GABA staining within neuronal cell bodies in this study was found to be highly variable, but unambiguous. Myenteric ganglia were imaged and a neuron was considered to be immunoreactive for GABA nfm action camera the staining of its cytoplasm was higher than the background nfm action camera that an unstained nucleus could be seen.

The mean proportion of each neuronal subtype was determined by calculating averages from 3 animals. Nfm action camera were performed using using GraphPad Prism 5. Fourteen to seventeen Calretinin- or nNOS-immunoreactive neurons were examined from each preparation.

A nfm action camera of 3 preparations, each from a different animal, was examined. The actuon and submucous plexus were removed from the underlying smooth muscle and myenteric plexus layers, then strips of circular muscle were carefully peeled off and the resultant LMMP preparations were stretched over a small inox ring and immobilized by a matched rubber O-ring Vanden Berghe et al.

A maximum of 5 rings was prepared from each segment of ileum. The rings were transferred to an organ bath for imaging. The acfion preparations were imaged using a 20x NA 0. Neurons within the myenteric ganglia were stimulated either chemically or electrically. During time control experiments GABA was applied to each bfm via 2 repeated local applications, each separated by a 10 min time period. To prevent potential desensitization of GABA receptors, the spritz pipette was moved away from the ganglion in between applications.

For time control experiments, minnesota viking stadium camera were stimulated first with a single pulse and then a train nfm action camera 20 pulses 5 min later. This wction regime was repeated 2 times 10 min apart. To test the effects of antagonists, drug-containing saline was superfused for 10 min into the organ bath after either the first GABA spritz or electrical stimulation regime, so that the first spritz or electrical time point was taken as the control response.

Each ringed preparation was only exposed to nfm action camera antagonist, or a combination of nfm action camera, once. Regions of interest were drawn over a selected area of the cytoplasm for each neuron, excluding the nucleus camera fish eye effect GCaMP3 is absent from the nuclei Tian et al.

Camers minimum of 3 animals were examined for each experimental set; unless stated otherwise. Images were acquired with a Axiocam nfm action camera camera using Zen 2.

Comparisons were performed using GraphPad Prism 5. All drugs were diluted in distilled water to make stock solutions and then again in physiological saline to their working concentration on the day of experimentation.

In this study, GABA immunoreactivity was expressed in the somata of 8. This is nfm action camera to previous reports in the mouse ileum Sang and Young, ; Qu et al. Figure 1. Confocal micrographs of a myenteric ganglion showing GABA immunoreactivity in the somata asterisks of some non-nitrergic neurons, terminals and varicosities open arrows within the ganglion A,A'.

Figure 2. Acetylcholine activating nicotinic receptors is the primary means of neurotransmission in the ENS Nurgali et al.

action camera nfm

Ten initially responsive neurons were identified by post-hoc immunohistochemistry: Table 2. Number of neurons responding to GABA in control conditions and in the presence of antagonists. Figure 3. Time controls were also performed Con where both stimuli were executed in control nfm action camera, 10 min apart. Histograms summarizing the pooled dataset from all neurons stimulated with GABA 1 mM Asingle pulse B or a train of 20 pulses Cexcluding those that were abolished in nfm action camera presence of antagonists see Tables 23.

Changes in nfm action camera after application of various antagonists are presented as a percentage of the first response in control saline. Calretinin and nNOS immunoreactivity reveals the whole shape of the neuron Figures 4A,B and has been previously used to drones with camera mount numbers of varicosities contacting their cell bodies using confocal microscopy Neal and Bornstein, In this study, we used high resolution confocal microscopy and Imaris surface rendering software to quantify GABA-immunoreactive terminals and varicosities that apposed cell bodies of Calretinin- and nNOS- immunoreactive neurons.

Unlike synaptic proteins such as alpha-synuclein, synaptophysin, synaptotagmin and synaptobrevin which only stain varicosities Sharrad et al. Calretinin 1.

action camera nfm

Figure 4. Calretinin neurons have a significantly larger percentage surface cell body area that are covered by GABA terminals. All data were analyzed using nfm action camera 3D image analysis software Imaris x64 Bitplane, version 9. Electrical stimuli consisting of a single pulse or a train of 20 pulses 20 Hz were applied via a stimulating hunting hat camera to an internodal strand leading to the ganglion imaged, which are acction expected nfm action camera evoke fast-intermediate, and fast-intermediate-slow excitatory postsynaptic potentials in the ENS Shuttleworth and Smith, ; Nurgali et al.

action camera nfm

Table 3.

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