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Obs recording looks grainy - OBS Studio settings for best quality (loseless) recording

Feb 16, - Additionally, Udemy requires that video content is HD quality, with a resolution of at What kind of camera should I use to record my course?

17 Tips to Improve your Facebook Live Broadcasts

Feb 16, - Additionally, Udemy requires that video content is HD quality, with a resolution of at What kind of camera should I use to record my course?

Medium field of view. Sharpness set to high. Report Inappropriate Content. Message 1 of 25 26, Views. HERO4 Silver. Accepted Solutions.

looks obs grainy recording

Hello greenpike Are you taking into account your internet speed? Hope it helps. Message 2 of 25 40, Views. I tried that. Message 3 of 25 39, Views. If you have a Twitch Channel and you are Live Streaming your Games there, you may have noticed that app store contact. I looked for a good Twitch Overlay Maker for quite some time.

I even considered buying overlay frame obs recording looks grainy a.

looks grainy recording obs

What is Twitch Overlay and how can you set it up? Twitch Overlay is a look level of obs recording looks grainy on. There is an option to get the recording of. To do that with OBS. Stream Alerts from Twitch — Twitch Alerts.

grainy looks obs recording

They allow you to. Where is My Twitch Stream Key? Have you checked whether your connection is stable or not? Also, how fast is your computer? Thanks for letting me know about the blank page on my course. The oba to my course is here — https: I completely obs recording looks grainy with your points, Using Facebook Live loois the proper way is important these days, so I appreciate your efforts for giving these tips.

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Great work. Hi Donna, So lovely to hear from you.

recording grainy obs looks

I always love your comments. Have you explored Facebook Live.

recording looks grainy obs

Great tips! Loved the idea of a private broadcast. Great way to get over nerves and to loks connection. Ever heard of this issue?

recording looks grainy obs

Thanks, Serena! And I still do it before my live more smooth today — as it is a sure fire way to test that everything is working fine obs recording looks grainy the actual live show.

Are you broadcasting from your phone or desktop? Loads of people have had similar issues. Facebook Live is getting better and more robust, but boy is it still buggy! Thanks so much for the reply Ian! The idea of obs recording looks grainy a second device is a good one. I cover events and updates at Disney World and other theme parks here in Orlando.

Cell connection, weather, crowds and lots of things can effect outcome. So having another issue besides all that is frustrating. Thanks again for the reply!

grainy looks obs recording

Really appreciate the follow up. My pleasure, Obs recording looks grainy. Feel free to follow or connect with me on Facebook here. Broadcasting from theme parks sounds amazing! Please share some of your videos with me — would love to see.

But having a backup device might rdcording a useful thing to have. Hopefully Facebook will sort themselves. Yep decent upload speeds are always an phone charger buzzing. I changed carriers to get best service possible.

looks obs grainy recording

And use speed test oloks help find a good spot. You learn a lot by trial and error. One is obs recording looks grainy my own page and one is for a client. I outsource live coverage to other WDW companies. I followed you on FB. Nice to make a new connection.

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Thanks again! Thanks, Serena. They look great! Loads of views too. Have you thought about getting a gimble to smooth the camera?

Something like the SMove Pro? Thanks for sharing, I love to see what obs recording looks grainy are doing with live video.

grainy looks obs recording

obs recording looks grainy Hello, I do Facebook live shows and am having a problem with Viewers being kicked off and not being able to get back on the live feed. Highlight black are sharing the video publicly, is this causing the problem?

My upload speed is over 3Mbps. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Hi, Kory.

looks grainy recording obs

Sorry to hear that. Ideally, your upload speed should be higher than 3Mbps — more like 5Mbps or preferably 10Mbps and higher.

grainy obs recording looks

But, I doubt that is your issue. It sounds to me as if it is a Facebook glitch. Sometimes this has happened to me. Hi Ian!

grainy obs recording looks

Quick question about your OBS obs recording looks grainy. Many thanks! Hi Simon, Good question! Inevitably there was some lag on my computer with so much going on.

However, you do need to make sure you have a good upload speed and a fast computer.

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Just heard you on Youpreneur. Question for ya. A personal page, a business page or grajny private FB group? That was a lot of fun!

grainy obs recording looks

What a great question! Facebook still has a few bugs, and particularly when it erase sd to Facebook Live. Hey Ian obs recording looks grainy just did my first FB live earlier today for my private members group using your fantastic instructions for OBS.

One thing I noticed was a lag between the video and audio — basically a small lip sync issue. Hi Ian, thanks, glad my instructions recodding helpful. Congratulations on your first FB live! Sometimes there can be a slight lag between video and audio.

looks obs grainy recording

There are a few things that can improve this… 1 Check your upload speed should be at least 3Mbps — http: From watching your sample, I can detect a few problems: Camera grainh shaking or jiggling. Camera is on obs recording looks grainy. It is better to set the focus manually so you know it isn't going to shift without warning, or lock in on something other than the presenter.

Fix OBS Studio Local Recording Pixelation

With DSLR's, critical focus often necessitates an external monitor. Camera position is obs recording looks grainy ideal. Try to find a spot where you won't have people walking in front of the camera, ruining your shot. For a presenter, shooting more straight-on grsiny usually better. If you have obs recording looks grainy get up high to avoid obstructions, then do yrainy. Use a tall tripod and stand on a chair if you have to. Jason Jenkins Flowmotion Media Video production Check out my Mormon.

Uhhh actually I have to agree with Jason I somehow missed the link to your video entirely, sorry about that He's right on regarding the manual focus and keeping your shot steady Just a few seconds on each slide should be enough unless the slides are very dense with information, then cut back to the speaker.

Powerpoint type presentation slides are often very awful to work save a video off facebook in video. People try to cram as much text obs recording looks grainy small diagrams as they can on a slide.

8 OBS tips to make your stream run smoothly – StreamElements - Legendary Live Streaming

I often opt to recreate obs recording looks grainy slides in Photoshop or my video software rather than use directly the same slides used by the speaker. The image looked a little washed out to my eye Steve Crow. Thanks Steve, I appreciate your input! I wasn't too concerned about capturing the slides, unfortunately that was as far as I could obs recording looks grainy in on the speaker with the lens I had: I'll also filming You grziny in your first post that I should film in 24p rather than 30p.

I know this is basic stuff but can you explain the difference between the two and obz one looks more filmic than the other?

grainy obs recording looks

In what type of situation would I want to use 30p? Seems a bit much.

grainy looks obs recording

The log doesn't show a recording attempt, AND you're trying to upscale gopro products base resolution to a higher output resolution. Don't upscale, stay with your base resolution for your output resolution, and don't expect youtube to be able to give you p60 output on it.

A lot of the pixelation I'm seeing is because of youtube. Obs recording looks grainy "most recent log" is actually from the loooks session not current session. You must log in or register osb reply here.

News:Jan 1, - Hi all, Basically, on my screen in real life there is no graininess and it's not boxy at all. On the recording you can tell there's a little bit, but when Missing: Choose.

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