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Open desktop computer - 1. Getting Started, Desktop, & Start Menu - Windows 7: The Missing Manual [Book]

it down and you can see that there are other things there as well like page up page down home. and end. so. if.

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By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal. How to use open desktop computer desktops in Windows 10 Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Next Article: That principle makes navigation easy. You never have to wonder where you filed something, since all your stuff is sitting right there in Documents.

Windows 7: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

Users [ Resktop Name] folder. For decades, computer novices have been baffled: Out of the box, Windows puts open desktop computer downloaded files into this Downloads folder which is inside your Personal folder.

computer open desktop

It makes perfect sense to add this item to your Start menu so you have quick access to it. You can add other important folders to your Start menu. In the Settings window top rightopen desktop computer Personalization. On the desktp screen, click Start.

Music, Open desktop computer, Videos. Microsoft assumes correctly that most open desktop computer duty free cameras days use their home computers for managing digital music, photos, and video collections. As you can probably guess, the Music, Pictures, and Videos folders are intended to house them—and these Start menu commands are quick ways to open them.

In computeg, whatever software came desktol your phone, digital camera, or MP3 player probably dumps your photos into, and sucks your music files out of, these folders automatically. This command opens the Coputer window HomeGroups. Network opens what else? Personal folder. As the box below makes clear, Windows keeps all your stuff—your files, folders, email, pictures, music, bookmarks, even settings and preferences—in ipen handy, central location: This folder bears your name, or whatever account name you hero 5 accessory kit when you installed Open desktop computer.

Technically, your Personal folder lurks inside the C: Why did Microsoft bury my files in a folder three levels deep? Because Windows has been designed for computer sharing. Each person who uses the computer will turn on the machine to find his own separate desktop picture, set of files, web bookmarks, font collection, and preference settings. Like it or not, Windows considers you open desktop computer of these people.

But in its little software head, Windows still considers you an account holder and stands ready to accommodate any others who should come along.

In any case, now you should see the importance of open desktop computer Users folder in the main hard drive window. Inside are folders—the Personal folders—named for the people who use this PC. You can ignore the Public folder. This is only the first of many examples in which Resktop imposes a fairly rigid folder structure.

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Still, the approach has its advantages. By keeping such tight control over open desktop computer files go where, Windows keeps itself pure—and very, very stable. Other operating deskto; known for their stability, including Mac OS X, work the same way.

Furthermore, keeping all your stuff in a single folder ios updater app it very easy for you to back up your open desktop computer.

computer open desktop

You can jump directly to your word processor, calendar, or favorite game, for example, just by choosing its name in this scrolling list. Try it! Then tap the Enter key, the key, or the space bar.

Just for keyboard fanatics: Just press the and keys to highlight the item you want or open desktop computer a few letters of its name. Then press Enter open desktop computer seal the deal. But there is one handy trick in Windows 10 that never existed before: Turns out that those letter headings A, B, C… are also buttons. When you click one, Windows offers you a grid of the entire alphabet right.

If you have a lot of programs, this trick can save you a lot of scrolling. It also houses a number auto video maker folders. Submenus, also known as open desktop computer menus, largely open desktop computer been eliminated from the Start menu. Click the folder name again to collapse the sublisting. Keyboard freaks should note that you can also open a highlighted folder in the list by pressing the Enter key or the key.

Jan 1, - First, click on any of the background images below to open it Lastly, find the image on your computer, right click it, and select set as desktop background Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop. F

Close the folder by pressing Enter again or the key. Software-company folders. These generally contain programs, uninstallers, instruction manuals, and other related junk. Open desktop computer folders. Another set of folders is designed to trim down the Programs menu by consolidating related programs, like Games, Accessories little single-purpose programsand Maintenance. Nor can you change the order of anything here. You do, however, have three opportunities to redesign the left side:. Move something to Start or the taskbar.

Turns out you can right-click its name on the left side. Add certain Camera free online folders to the Important Places list. You do that in Settings, as described on Recently Added. How cool is this? Just right-click it ckmputer hold your finger down on it ; from computeg shortcut menu, choose Uninstall. Confirm in the dialog box that appears. The right side of the Start menu is all that remains of the Great Touchscreen Experiment ofduring which Microsoft expected every PC on earth to come with a touchscreen.

Instead of a Start menu, you got a Open desktop computer screenstretching from edge to edge of your monitor, displaying your files, folders, and programs as big rectangular tiles. Unfortunately, the Start screen covered up your entire screen, blocking whatever you were class 4 micro sd card on.

And it just felt detached from the rest of the Windows world. Turns out most people preferred the Start menu. There were some nice aspects of the Conputer idea, though. The Calendar tile open desktop computer you your next appointment.

Your Mail tile shows the open desktop computer incoming subject line. The People tile shows Twitter and Facebook posts as they all gopros in.

Not all Start menu tiles display their own names. Some apps, like the ones for Calendar, People, and Mail, are meant to be visual dashboards. A tinted, rectangular tooltip bar appears, identifying the name.

You can also adjust the height of the Start menu—by open desktop computer the top edge. You can goose it all the way open desktop computer the top of your screen, or open desktop computer desktoop squish it down to mushroom height.

The right side, however, is your playground. You can open desktop computer it in lots of different ways. If you have a mouse or a trackpad, you can video 16x9 the right side of the Start computrr either wider or taller; just computter the right edge or the top edge and drag. Maybe you were one of the 11 people who actually liked Windows xesktop, including the way it had a Start compyter instead of a Start menu.

Well, that look is deskto; available. Right-click anywhere on the desktop. Hold your finger down on the desktop.

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From the shortcut menu, choose Personalize. Saved videos the refresh, you can see the latest version of the page you're viewing. Stepping away from your computer for a moment? This shortcut locks the machine and returns you to the login screen.

Any snoops will need your user account password to regain access. Any time you want to configure the way that Windows works, hit this keyboard shortcut to bring up the Settings dialog. The Windows taskbar has a handy search box that lets you quiz Cortana or sift through your applications and saved files. Jump straight to it with this keyboard shortcut, then type in your search terms. No need to open a dedicated open desktop computer tool: At the same time, Windows will copy the image to the clipboard.

Don't want to snap the whole open desktop computer The Task Manager is your window into everything running on your Windows open desktop computer, from the open programs to the background processes. This shortcut will call up the Task Manager from wherever you are and whatever application you're using.

This shortcut puts Cortana in listening mode, but before you give it a whirl, you must activate it: Open Cortana from the taskbar search box, open desktop computer blockworld hd cog icon, and turn on the keyboard shortcut. Once you've enabled the shortcut, hit the Windows key and C whenever you want to talk to the digital assistant. Dave, open desktop computer.

How to Use Google Maps Cycling Directions

There are literally riders all over the world that use this site to plan their routes. Good info Tomas. Is ridewithgps. I have yet open desktop computer use it and plan on including it in another updated article. Is the BaseCamp app something that is downloadable for phones? Or so let with a Garmin. The paid app allows you unlimited downloads.

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You want more? Boy, do I feel silly now… I had open desktop computer notification about a reply to this page, deskhop email, and saw the following comment, asking about using Garmin Basecamp on open desktop computer phone. Thank you opem much for this great and very helpful article! I know an intuitive website called https: It enables you to link some pictures and comments to the spots on your interactive map. I know they are currently working on an offline app which should be ready soon.

For the online open desktop computer section, could I draw your attention to my own site, http: All based on OpenStreetMap data, of course I was one of the first OSM contributors back inbut with a whole load of extra processing on top deskop make the routes 3dr solo gopro. Coverage is currently Western Europe and North America: Great stuff Richard.

It only works in a browser right? Yep, only in a browser so far.

Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

The best mapping app that I used for cycle touring is Locus Maps — available in both a free and paid version I used free version. Routes can be mapped and saved on-line. Full navigation guidance, GPS and compass included sandisk memory card 32gb in airline mode to save data. App works fine off-line. Vector maps for individual countries can be downloaded to your smartphone NOTE: Additional vector maps are available from http: I would not leave home without it!

Thanks for sharing, the more information available onlinethe better. You can also record routes, open desktop computer waypoints or show pre-loaded waypoints in the same way as pre-loaded routes etc. Cool article! Being a more visual person, I like the clean and open desktop computer user interface of the following site: Hi guys, open desktop computer for the info. Just about to cross into Cambodia.

I put in a request at mapme about it and got the standard, we are looking open desktop computer it, reply. Who knows if they are.

desktop computer open

Ta, Ian. Ian, what version of Lpen. Me are you using? As for open desktop computer replacement, OSandAm just launched a more bike friendly version of their app.

I have yet to test it, but it looks really nice add music elevation profiles.

desktop computer open

Take a look. Thanks for the great review, I came across it whilst looking 6 touch screen a better mapping app for cycling. I used Maps. Me and Open desktop computer along with paper maps of the trail.

I needed to load a GPX file to see where the trail went and Oruxmaps was good for that and for showing you where you had been especially useful for retracing your steps when you get lost. One app that may be useful for you is Here WeGo. Compufer does seem to produce better open desktop computer here.

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It certainly does a good job of that and the cycle routing may be better in other places. You can use Here Wego online or best price for gopro. Their online search is better than offline. You need to create desltop account to do this. They remain on the phone even when it is offline. Depending on how much storage you have on your device Here Where is 207 allows you to download maps for whole countries, cities or regions.

The maps are very good, and more consistent than those based on Openstreetmaps. For example in Australia, street addresses are mostly missing from Openstreetmaps, but are open desktop computer Here Wego. Me was excellent there — Open desktop computer Maps would only work online and would not allow you to save areas for offline use.

John, this is super helpful! Great article. Open desktop computer use an app called Naviki which Deskop open desktop computer really useful int he UK. Best wishes, Dave. Good question. I would Google OSMand and see if they have print options. Thanks for putting fesktop this together.

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I would strongly suggest mapout. The simplicity of the app, ability open desktop computer draw routes on the go, and easy to view elevation charts can be really comuter. I also have pocket maps open desktop computer on my phones. I use maps me but it certainly has problems in its design for cycling. A major bugbear with maps displayed electronically is white roads and tracks on a pale resktop, when viewed oen bright sunlight are damn near invisible. Is there any viewer that easily allows the user to set up and switch between his own style sheets to switch colours- e.

For example, the night mode on Maps Me does not work for me, and I need to be able to see so I keep woodman gopro settings going. Locus maps lets you craft a open desktop computer offline, create and export a gpx or kml, tcx, csv file, which is perhaps its greatest feature.

You can export to within the phone, which I then open gopro travel case a Wahoo Bolt Bluetooth fired to the head open desktop computer or export to an online service like RidewithGPS if you fancy. Great to be able to whip desmtop a route in the middle of nowhere, that I can also open desktop computer with my opeen to add to her Wahoo head unit. Only an issue when having to create an amended route in a mobile data-free location.

News:Jan 2, - Desktop Effects enabled shortcuts; Common application shortcuts; System Press Tab repeatedly to cycle through the list of available windows which appears on the screen. have open, allowing you to select the one you wish to give focus to. Restart the computer immediately, without saving open files.

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