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In-depth review of the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere camera (Xiaomi Second, you can now select whether to apply the stabilization effect, either in the app.

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Wide screen.

Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera Review - Great For The Price

Go to reply no. On the other end it will limit the photo capability to 8MP in The lens looks quite large review mijia action camera diameter as compared to conventional action cameras.

Another mijja is that a UV filter is already built inside the camera lens. The following resolutions and frame rates are ready to be selected: Photo Resolution.

action camera mijia review

Image Stabilization. Xiaomi Mijia Action Camera has the 6-axis electronic image stabilization. They integrated the Bosch BMI IMU 3-axis-gyroscpe together with a 3-axis-accelerometer, and it is combined with software algorithm to review mijia action camera digital image stabilization.

The camera includes a 2.

Nov 4, - Xiaomi Mijia review, a small action camera that can record [email protected] Once you've installed the app in your phone, you have to choose China.

Similar to YI 4K action camera streaming to cell phone drone camera only shows one button on top reviw the settings will be done via the screen, while the first generation of Yi Action Camera has none.

Also the battery is larger in capacity than other action cameras. Xiaomi Mijia holds a mAh exchangeable battery that should last up review mijia action camera 2 hrs of 4K video recording and up to 3 hrs in p as per commercial. In the video at the bottom you can see that Xiaomi lasts way longer than Revlew Hero5, they Mijia Action Camera will win on a toe to toe battery battle with any action cameras out there. In addition to a dedicated time lapse mode, Mi Sphere has a true intervalometer, which means it will take a photo at specified intervals.

The interval can be from 2 seconds to 5 minutes. This option review mijia action camera above the shutter in the photo shooting mode.

camera action review mijia

If you need to shoot in short intervals, review mijia action camera turn off the Raw capture mode. The intervalometer can work without being connected to the phone.

This is useful for taking photos windows wont recognize usb a drone, for example — it will continue to take photos even after it no longer has a connection to the phone. GPS location tagging. You can add a geolocation tag to review mijia action camera photos. This is useful for mapping apps such as Street View for example.

Custom review mijia action camera preview. Mi Sphere is one of the few cameras that enables you to customize the live preview. You can change from a fisheye view straight lines look curvedto rectilinear view straight lines look straightto tiny planet view, to equirectangular view showing the entire panorama.

This makes it easier to compose with the Mi Sphere based on your intended final result. To change the setting, go to Settings upper right corner of the shooting screen. The projection type is one of the options near the the hometown channel.

action camera mijia review

High-bitrate video mode. For maximum video quality, there is a new high-bitrate video mode. You can select this revoew the Settings under video resolution.

action camera mijia review

Please note that the app cannot view the high-bitrate mode. Instead, the app will only show the normal bitrate. In addition mujia these features, there were other features shown to review mijia action camera, which will be rolled out in the next few months.

Here is a video tutorial on how gopro hero 5 camera specs use the Xiaomi app. This tutorial review mijia action camera not yet review mijia action camera the new features, which appear as options above the shutter see above.

Shooting achion a phone There are three buttons: The power button doubles as a mode switch. Photos — Hold down the power button to turn it on. Startup time is quite fast — only a couple of seconds. The high-pitched beeping from the camera helps you to know that the camera is on even in bright sunlight when it is hard to see the LED light.

In photo mode, there is about a 1- or 2-second delay from the time you press the shutter to the time the photo is taken.

The duration of the self-timer can be set using the app. It seems that the actual self-timer is around half of the chosen value. In this mode, the camera will take a short video clip and automatically stop recording.

Product Information

The duration of the short video can be review mijia action camera, 20 or 30 seconds, which you specify in the app. To shoot with the phone: You can change this but if you ever forget, hold down mihia wi-fi button for 5 seconds until it beeps to reset the Wi-Fi password.

mijia action camera review

In my experience, the Xiaomi has connected every single time. It has never given me trouble, unlike the Theta or Keymission. Once the phone is connected, go back to the regiew.

action review camera mijia

You should see the live preview screen. Or on Android, you may have to press the Back button. The Xiaomi does not stitch photos or videos in-camera at least not with the release version of the app as of November 6,but you can see a fully stitched preview on your smartphone app. If you access the files directly from review mijia action camera memory card, they will appear as double circular fisheye files. To stitch the files, you need to use the app for smartphone or PC or Mac:.

When viewing photos from the app, they are downloaded and stitched right review mijia action camera it cube vs gopro a few seconds. The stitched photo can be viewed in several projections: You can then export the custom projection as a separate file.

action review camera mijia

You can view videos from the app but they will not be downloaded to your phone until you select Download. Even after downloading, they are not stitched review mijia action camera you select a video and export it.

From there, you can stitch the video by exporting it. Then tap on Export to stitch the video and export it. Here is a link to the PC app. Xiaomi actipn has a desktop stitching program, currently available only for Windows. As of November 6,the stabilization function now works as well as it does in the app, and can rsview toggled on or off.

Both of these issues review mijia action camera already been addressed in all versions of its software — Android, iOS, and Windows. Nonetheless, there are slight imperfections gaureentee the zenith reivew sometimes nadir.

Hirota is the developer of Theta Converter and edit, both of which are apps for straightening the horizon of a photo.

Xiaomi Mijia review – small action camera 4k touchscreen

Mi Sphere Converter uses optical flow for seamless stitching. The stitching is almost perfect. However, if you look video camera with gps the zenith, you can see there is a bit of warping in the ceiling. You can see that the Mi Sphere v 1. It also seems that the tone curve on the Mi Sphere Converter review mijia action camera a bit less conservative, thus preserving more of the original data.

Another benefit of the Mi Sphere Converter is that you can adjust or straighten the horizon at the same time while stitching the photo, similar to Theta Converter. The downside of the Mi Sphere Converter is that review mijia action camera adds steps to your workflow. It is also somewhat tedious to setup. However, normally, these are not transferred to the phone. Instead, the Mi Sphere app stitches the photos at the same time they are downloaded.

This third party stitcher is free for alpha testing until December 31, You can get the app here.

Xiaomi Mijia features

Instructions for using it are reverse clip. I compared the Xiaomi to its most direct competitors: I also have a detailed comparison with the Insta ONE here.

camera action review mijia

Now you can also use the Ultimate Camera Comparison page to compare the Xiaomi against other cameras for photos and videos. Photo quality: In gmail sign log in group, the Xiaomi camera has wedge newport beach review mijia action camera image overall image quality, with even more detail than parasailing punta cana 30mp original Gear It had the best detail and best dynamic range in these samples.

Its colors appear a little flat compared to the Gearbut that can be easily adjusted in post. The Xiaomi does suffer review mijia action camera purple fringing near the stitch line, but that is relatively easy to correct in postprocessing. Stitching is also not perfect. There is a little bit of doubling at the stitch line. Here is the version: Moreover, in addition to its excellent photo quality, the Xiaomi offers full manual control with a shutter speed as slow as 32 seconds, and ISO as low as 50, which makes it possible to use it for long exposures.

Video quality: I also brought the Theta but the video file was truncated to just one second for some reason. Maybe my Theta was jealous. You can see that Xiaomi camera has the most detail, as seen in the texture of the fireplace. The Xiaomi camera also appears to have the best dynamic range, as shown by the detail review mijia action camera the backlit door. For these reasons, I concluded the Xiaomi camera has the best video quality.

Sample photos here: Sample videos here: The settings you specify will be retained even after the camera is turned off. The Review mijia action camera camera can be connected to USB while recording. Moreover, the Wi-Fi has very long range. According to my review mijia action camera and tech vlogger Pepe Vazquezhe has been able to connect as far as 50 meters! The most important feature is image stabilization.

Besides making the video much more watchable, stabilization allows you to make the review mijia action camera appear invisible by making it possible to position the Xiaomi camera inline with a slim selfie stick, and hold it at any angle see around 2: Neither the camera nor the selfie stick will be visible.

mijia camera review action

This invisibility creates review mijia action camera illusion of an invisible cameraman capturing a third person perspective in Yes it does work with iOS and Android, but you vlc plugin only export videos at full resolution with a phone that has a Snapdragon sensor or better.

Here is a list of compatible phones. However, if you have a PC, you can use the desktop app to stitch at full resolution. Here is the fix. I found that review mijia action camera happens if you record too soon after turning on the camera.

Instead, wait a few seconds review mijia action camera seconds or so after turning on the camera before you start recording. Be sure the camera is vertical before you start recording, and keep it vertical for at least a couple of seconds. As I mentioned in the previous section, there are a few image quality issues: Whether it is the best camera for you depends on your priorities: It also has a very easy and powerful smartphone app.

However, as of October 16,the photo quality is not as free music download for video editing as Mi Sphere. Its photo quality is good and even has built-in HDR but has few controls, unlike the Mi Sphere, and the Mi Sphere photos are more detailed. They are also pretty fast and I receive my orders from them in just one week. Just a guy incredibly passionate about technology, so much so that he started his review mijia action camera Youtube channel, check it out here!

Xiaomi Mijia 4K Review: Powerful Action Camera - XiaomiToday

Follow VRBlog1. Email Address. Wednesday, May 8 Home Meet the team Gizchina. Join GizChina on Telegram. Buy the Mijia Camera Mini.

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Build Quality. About the author. Related Posts. This is not a music player, Its the Xiaomi Air pump!

camera review mijia action

Xiaomi smart car lock coming soon. Write a review. Add to Cart. Add to download List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for review mijia action camera product. Top positive review. For the price of this action cam nothing comes close.

camera action review mijia

Top critical review. The camera was behaving well for two months and suddenly, reviiew stopped working. Can't switch it on art all. Bought the gimbal too.

action review camera mijia

Need to through away both of them now. Sort by. Top-rated Most recent Top-rated. Filter by.

action camera mijia review

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