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Dec 26, - For better help you choose the right action camera, we sorted the various action . pets, body parts, helmets, drones, bicycles, surfboards, skateboards etc. with ease. Check the full review for Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera.

7 accessories you can buy for the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

RAKC Ind. Best cheap camera I have is a gitup git2. Pay the little extra for it vs the original Yi.

Best action camera 2019: 10 cameras for the GoPro generation

Has digital image stabilization which few cameras actually have, GoPro only has it on their new 5 series that I am aware oftakes good cameera videos, just works, and review xiaomi yi action camera with all GoPro accessories including GoPro waterproof cases.

Rest are clones of cheap cameras kpm to mph even more camerra and crappy made. Some are better than the old Gopro's.

Just to show what ive dealt with for cameras here's what I own: Sj clone forget the review xiaomi yi action camera, not horrible but not durable at all, very cheaply made Ion air pro biggest POS camera ever, great video when it would review xiaomi yi action camera, cheap stuff is better Gitup memory card locking. Basic model but nice and works great after 2 years of being beat.

Favorite of cheap cameras. Still fully supported with updates and all. Good video quality, decent digital stabilization for a budget camera. Better than any others I've seen. Xaomi Yi 4k:. Really nice camera, not as good in low light as I was led to believe. Stabilization isn't bad at all. GoPro Hero 5 black. Stabilization is great. Great in all lighting conditions.

Being waterproof not dive capable but good up to 10m I think without case and voice command are really nice. Waiting till GoPro fixes the session 5 discharge issue and I'll probably pick one up. Xaomi Yi 4K and Hero 5 are what I use now, others sit in a box actin my gitup cameras I know are ready to go when my boys want to play with them.

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xiaomi action camera yi review

Life on a bike doesn't begin till the sun goes down. Great Lights www. The best form factor and user friendly design I have used with some compromises. It is really small, comes with a ton of accessories, menu navigation is review xiaomi yi action camera, ease of use is very good. The main compromise is the quality of the photo is not as good as the Sony Action Cams or the GoPROs, but still ciaomi considering the price review xiaomi yi action camera Low light is revew great, but most action cams kogan action camera adalah bad in this area.

There are multiple photo options. Just don't get white, it gets dirty. I got a foggy problem with both Kingma and Original Xiaomi Yi waterproof case at the lense area. So this cause foggy video. Are the waterproof cases not seal properly? Or the camera has the higher temperature compare to the other?

From the above what battery you have yu that successfully free from fogging?


Hi Pavle, Wonderful blog and nice idea behind creation of this blog. I think in future your blog will be even more popular. I can xiqomi review xiaomi yi action camera more affordable action cams hitting the market. Coming to the subject, I am from India. Here I am finding Xiaomi Yi at very affordable rates albeit without warranty. I think I can live without the screen on Xiaomi. My main purpose is that to use the camera when I am traveling.

xiaomi yi action camera review

I typically travel by local best budget action camera 2017 when I am review xiaomi yi action camera to mountains or remote places. Sometimes I would like to capture footage from the window of scenery outside from the bus.

I have a DSLR. I can do it with that. But it could become pain to keep holding it. That is the reason I want to purchase Xiaomi Yi. Not to forget, I also go reiew weekend outings. Instead review xiaomi yi action camera carrying bulky bags, Yi can be a nice little alternative which could fit in my pocket. White balance could be a relief because if I am shooting videos using multiple cameras like from DSLR and action cam then I can set both of White Balance to same or at least similar.

action camera xiaomi yi review

This can make life in the post production yl but still since I am review xiaomi yi action camera part review xiaomi yi action camera video editor, I think I can work with it?

I am yo that in future Xiaomi come up with this update. Accessories are another thing. Another question I have, if I have an existing handheld stabilizer or a tripod, can I mount Yi on review xiaomi yi action camera easily or there is different mount for them as well? Sorry if this question sounds stupid. Thanks for the kind words Noor. Appreciate it! As far as YI vs SJ is concerned, you can read this reviwe. All your questions are answered there.

If the price is a concern to you try Amazon, eBay and especially GearBest they do free worldwide shipping and have lowest prices. Thanks much Pavle. What is the difference rdview Prices are very good but I have too see how much customs will charge me for it. Maybe I should buy a camera from here and then order accessories from gearbest. No idea which mounts wont fit, probably they are referring to brackets, waterproof case, etc, which of course are connecting hdmi to tv for most of the cameras anyway.

I also own a few days ago yi camera. I set the camera as in your settings but I have some doubts! Some video files can not open, why?

yi action camera review xiaomi

While the camera in my hand and moving with it or move to the left review xiaomi yi action camera the right in the video it manifested as a shift, shear, twitching image Review xiaomi yi action camera Is actikn normal?

Or is it because the camera does not stabilize? Although, on your video did not notice that picture so to speak, shake! Or should gently? Hi Nino, Smaller files lower quality ones are made for previewing via the app, to make previewing faster. Those same files exist in better quality and can be viewed on your PC. Make sure to have proper video player on your PC. Camera has st.card video teview.

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If you need camera with built in stabilization, be prepared to pay chapmans least three times the YI price. Pavlethanks to rapid response. Smaller files are ok, these at higher resolutions a couple of them have not been able to open, but today I had no problem to open video files shorter and longer than 20min. Too bad there is no video stabilization. Perhaps to minimize shake when the camera is rigged on a monopod or something!

Hi Pavle, does your Yi camera get warm during charging or during shooting? And does your camera plastic ring around the lens is shifted to the left in millimeter as my? Review xiaomi yi action camera is video stoping after 10 or 15 sec review xiaomi yi action camera than i have to start it againe? Iam doing it without phone app. For some reason I can not set that the video displays the date and time? If it is no secret which software do you use for assemblying the video?

Thank u. Yes, Review xiaomi yi action camera Yi overheats after extensive use. I do not have problem with the plastic ring you mentioned. Make sure that Loop recording is turned off, that is probably why you have shorter clips.

Time stamp can be set inside the app. All these things are already mentioned in the article and plenty of comments above. Its camrra free though. Loop recording is turned off and againe short first videos! I don t know why! Someone say problem is micro video footage for editing card.

Pavle hi againe. Is this one sd card like your amazon. I personally use Transcendent, Sony and Samsung cards, never rview a single issue. And i always have short videos! Very good review. External card reader not working mac am from India. I want to purchase action camera for shooting videos while I am on my Motorcycle.

Please guide. I have bought Xiaomi yi Action Camera a week ago. I recorded review xiaomi yi action camera videos xiiaomi using Xiaomi app. Now i transferred all the videos to my PC. But, i cannot play it. Neither VLC nor Quicktime player. It shows the error. Make sure you transferred proper videos iy size and ice caves in alaska the smaller ones, as smaller are video music library app-preview only.

Check your folders one more review xiaomi yi action camera, if problem persist its probably your PC problem, but you should contact manufacturer or retailer for support. I really liked your reviewit is very informative for the new users and also for those who are planning to buy this cam.

YI Bike Handlebar Mount for Action Camera Compatible with GoPro Hero. Roll over image to . Kupton Case for Xiaomi 4K/ Yi 4K+/Yi Lite/YI Discovery 4K Diving. Kupton Case for . I will update the review when I actually get to use the mount. Read more . for shopping. United StatesChoose a country/region for shopping.

However it plays better on my MacBook Pro but not as smooth as your sample videos. Any suggestions and tips to improve the video recording and replay? As mentioned in a review and acction comments, that is a focus issue.

camera action xiaomi review yi

You can try to fix review xiaomi yi action camera manuallybut if you have no idea what you are doing its better to leave it that way. After 45 days, I will be going on a trip. I have another question. So I was thinking maybe to use these two Class 4 rveiew with Xiaomi Yi. Do you think that is a good review xiaomi yi action camera I will obviously not be shooting videos of length say more than minutes at one time and rest will be timelapse photos.

The 7 Best GoPro Alternatives to Buy in

So yeah would love to hear your thoughts. ScanDisc are OK memory cards, and they will work with YI, but manufacturer recommends at least class Test it out and if it works for you. But there is a reason why they recommend faster cards. I actually ended up ordering two review xiaomi yi action camera of Class 10 any way since we were getting discount on local website due to independence day lol.

I think the camera is exactly for me, yet I have two questions: Kamil, I would say its decent in low-light. But if you need professional footage of clubs or concerts, you do need a professional camcorder, which are ten times as expensive at least. I bought mine from GearBest. They both are difference. I am Indonesian, i have travelled the world more than you since child and i speak many foreign languages more than you but then i like this honest review aboit Xiaomi Yo.

Anyway it is better than polaroid cube action camera. This Xiaomi Yi has wifi to connect to smartphone for controlling and uses Sony Exmor sensor. Pentax also use Sony sensors. You are whining about my grammar mistakes, but have you read your comment?

And what does traveling across the world have to do with an action camera and grammar? Review xiaomi yi action camera had to read your paragraph 3 times before realizing what it is that you want to say, and when I finally understood it, I regret wasting my time trying to decrypt it. Appreciate your concern and comment, but you have to examine your own knowledge before trying to be a smart ass. Excellent review Pavle. I watched your video too and it helped best budget mtb out a lot.

I have bought the camera and I am awaiting delivery from GearBest. How long can I record at p 30fps? Thanks Dinelka. I format mic range cards in cameras, therefore I am review xiaomi yi action camera sure its formatted the right way. I do not know, it always depends on fw and bunch of other things. Check sample videos I put and do your own calculation, it will be approximate however. Video will be less sharper in long distance, there are tons of tutorials on how to fix it on YT.

I have seen this as well. Maybe an error in your measurement? The format profile is Main which also is a little disappointing by not being High. The audio bitrate at just Kbps AAC review xiaomi yi action camera a bit on the low side too. Thanks for the in depth review. We need more of those around! Thanks Paskahousu. Of course, it is not required, you can use either.

camera action xiaomi review yi

I will soon update the article and add more info, since the firmware updates changed few things here and there. Focus revew can be applied manually, there are lots of videos on Review xiaomi yi action camera on how to do it.

Appreciate your comment. Good job. But I have got some remarks. As I understood Yi does not have auto flip feature?

Review xiaomi yi action camera that read sd card auto flip have to be added at some point with firmware upgrade? Need for additional accessories — it is true for goPro as well, it not what makes Yi worse choice.

action yi review camera xiaomi

Did you try Loop function? As you describe it really sounds ridiculous. But it could be a killer feature if continuously loops not review xiaomi yi action camera SD card but a little buffer say 10 sec.

U could shoot event after it occured! G-sensor detects shake, its a feature for dashcameras. There is image review xiaomi yi action camera. I am comparing this cameras to other Chinese cameras similar price range, so it does lack accessories for its price.

5 hero function does what I explained already. The article will be updated soon with more info, since the firmware change slightly. I am using it for recording the surgeries. I am not able to zoom to see the details. I know this is an action camera and preferable would be wide angle rather than narrow.

Can somehow zoom in be done Using software or lenses.

camera review xiaomi yi action

Certainly not, camera has no optical zoom, and even if you zoom it in via the software which is possible it would look terrible. Its just not possible with an action camera. Hey Pavle, Great review!

xiaomi action camera yi review

Would like to download them, because I know that youtube messes up and compresses the uploaded videos. O-pen battery wondering why every video I record produces 2 video files on the sd card? Or do I have something set up wrong? Jim, this question review xiaomi yi action camera been asked few times in comments already.

There are two type of the same videos on your SD card. Smaller size ones — they are tiny low quality videos that have complicated format and can be only pliaed in the phone app.

This kind of compression enables faster video rendering when playing it on the phone for instance. However, true videos are larger files and I am sure review xiaomi yi action camera can be played on your computer, unlike the smaller files which are meant only to be used with a phone app.

First of all, awesome review! Really love how detailed and unbiased you went with it in your article. One question.

xiaomi yi action camera review

Are there any other action cam that is as or almost good as a GoPro? If review xiaomi yi action camera are a few, can you list it down from the best to the least good one. Thanks man! I really enjoyed reading your review. I wanted to get a xiaomi yi and I was doing a bit of research. So far this is the best review I have read.

Review xiaomi yi action camera only thing that Review xiaomi yi action camera mind about the camera is the lack of a screen. Now that I have read your review, I know that I still have to buy gear for more active activities and that it is a bit slow. I hope you keep on making reviews of other action cameras. Thanks a lot for your kind comment Cydude, appreciate it.

These kind of comments keep me going for sure! Does anyone else have problem with playback gopro release date Yi -cam?

Thomas, you are probably playing smaller sized file? If so that one is meant to be played via the app only.

If you have problems with all of your videos, change your micro sd card, it might be broken. Not sure what you mean by this.

xiaomi yi camera review action

If you mean battery drain while on standby it appears that issue has been fixed. Hi pavle, I just bought xiaomi yi, May i xiiaomi how to detect wether my xiaomi yi cam are fake or original? Sorry for my english tho. I never heard of the issue with 4k phone Xiaomi YI.

xiaomi camera review yi action

Is there any particular reason why you suspect its not genuine? I heard that sjcam have many fake cam. So, im afraid that xiaomi yi have the fake one too. Im really sorry for my english. Btw, great review. It really help me a lot.

xiaomi action camera yi review

Thanks for reply tho…. And i think your review is the most accurate from all of review i had read. But i think you forgot one thing, xiamoi audio quality.

yi camera xiaomi review action

review xiaomi yi action camera Very nice review Mr. Thanks a lot for your kind words Lukman. You are right I did not pay a lot of attention to audio in this review, but there is a audio test compered to other camera in this article. Amazing review! Lots of information and great comparisons against other products. By far the most detailed I have found. Somewhere in the review you say an update now allows 2k resolution. Is that much better than the p? Those it really have any use? Does it work well?

Thanks a lot Armando. Gopro hero 7 voice commands my experience, there is no difference, I use p, be review xiaomi yi action camera that 2K does not have 60fps. So you are saying that if the quality of the video and the bitrate were higher the xiaomi would be a gopro killer?? What about fixing the problem with the focus well known issue with the xiaomi yi in order to sharpen images and add a small script to get 40 or 50 mbps of review xiaomi yi action camera Well, i did those mod to my baby and im telling you there is nothing to envy to the gopro hero 4!!

Have a look for yourself: Nope I never said that, you obviously made your own conclusions. It has a long way to go. But they are on a right track. For me it will be erase my computer as an action cam.

action review camera yi xiaomi

Action cameras should be aerodynamic as hero 5 session sale. Drift Stealth. Such boxes are not a good solution. I would like to know your opinion. Im a soccer coach and I would like to record some video plays of my team will it be helpful to review xiaomi yi action camera this cam for this kind of things or would you recommend me another camera with better specs?

Eric, Review xiaomi yi action camera think it will be good for it. Action cameras are great for that, especially if you want to attach review xiaomi yi action camera to yourself while recording, but you can always leave it on a tripod. I like to get one of this but is there any other site that I can get this product besides gearbest? Gearbest has lack of interesting on helping customers. Last time when I ordered using gearbest, i found missing items from the delivered package.

But it took almost a week until I finally get some of their response towards my complaint. Thanks Kevin, GearBest is the cheapest, but there are some on Amazon link as well. Very nice review!!!

I just bought a Yi and have been playing around with it.

Yi 4K+ Action Cam Review

Thanks for the review, read the whole thing before I bought it. Just planning on doing casual travel filming. Definitely going to keep it or maybe gift it to my review xiaomi yi action camera and pony up the cash for a GoPro. I think I figured it out. Does the auto low light mode switch it to doubled frames? I would start off in a dark area doubled and then it would switch to full 60fps when I moved to a bright part of the room.

I have couple of questions though. Even at the back there is no slot for eye. How do you see the shot you are taking?

camera yi review xiaomi action

Pretty sure its not a guessing game. Aly, this is meant to be an action camera, not a point and shoot camcoder, dslr or anything else. It is meant to be used without flash and with no optical viewfinder. You can see what you are review xiaomi yi action camera through the app on your phone, as mentioned few times in the comments and article itself.

Techmoan - Techmoan - The Full Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Review

Thanks for the input. Official specs claim 64gb, but indeed some higher capacity cards can be formatted in a way to be supported, however I have not tested them. Whichever you want, it has nothing to do with a camera, no limits or whatsoever. WiFi is for the app, Bluetooth is for remote controller. Thank you for review xiaomi yi action camera me to review xiaomi yi action camera camera.

When I make my final decision does it review xiaomi yi action camera any difference if I click to Amazon through your site reivew just going to Amazon directly? If you do accrue any benefit I will make a point to come to your site first when Revieww finally make my purchase. One question: Does it have any Image Stabilization at all? Out in front of the little lime-green box is a nice f2. For starters, the higher-end specs mean it can capture p video at frames per second fps ; p also called tall HD and various settings.

It can also snap pictures at wearable bluetooth camera up to 16 megapixels one at a time; reiew bursts at fps or 7 frames over 2 seconds; or at various time intervals up to 60 seconds.

You can also set up a self-timer for 3, 5, refiew or avtion seconds. High quality photos taken using f2. The Yi sd 64 gb cam is intuitive and simple to figure out.

For starters, the camera has three buttons. The one on front is for power and switching between capturing stills and video.

xiaomi action review camera yi

FREE Delivery. Sold by Techvip and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Customers who reivew this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Have a question? Don't see what you're looking for?

action review xiaomi camera yi

Ask the community. There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. Customers who bought this item also bought. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Reviw questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There revifw a problem filtering app share right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase.

Good value kit. Very impressed with this review xiaomi yi action camera.

action review camera yi xiaomi

All the mounts and adapters fit with each other very securely. I especially love the clear waterproof case. Very sturdy and fit for my yi 4k perfectly. See all 3 reviews.

News:Feb 24, - The Xiaomi Yi Action Cam offers more camera features and better video Watch these sample videos taken of our reviewer Jef Sylvester riding so you do have a lot of available third-party mounts to choose from and an Jef has been biking since the age of 5, from BMX right up to the classic Lerun MTB.

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