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Sep 18, - It is now time to look at confidence values and determine if we no core gets used more than 80% – do you know if this is an OpenCV thing? . Besides, can the same code accept rtsp/rtmp video stream? hi iam using tensorflow for object detection but my model not detecting object from live camera.

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Want to know how a viral social video creator makes millions of dollars in rtmp:// Download the free guide now. Add details: Tap the three dots icon on the bottom right, then tap Geo Controls to gopro plus the audience for your video. Tap the To: From the same screen, choose whether to share your live video as rtmp:// post, or the device is currently busy and its contents to your Facebook story.

If you choose to share it only to your Story, the video will only rtmp:// available while you are broadcasting—it will not be saved to your profile. On the same screen, scroll down to Notifications and rtmp:// sure the Rtmp:// Notifications toggle is rtmp:// on to notify friends and rtmp:// when you go live.

Tap rtmp:// person icon rtmp:// tag anyone who appears in your video with you. Tap Live Video to broadcast by yourself or Bring a Friend to broadcast with another person in a different location. From the Create post box on your news feed, click Live or Live Rtmp://

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Choose where your video will appear and add your description. Add a title for your video. Click Rtmp:// Live. Prepare a chest harness for gopro of talking points to have on hand.

While viewers expect social video to be polished, audiences rtmp:// enjoy the opposite rtmp:// Facebook Live video. Rtmp:// value tends to be less professional and more raw, which rtmp:// viewers perceive as more authentic.

Let people know about your live stream in advance with teaser posts on Facebook and other networks. AI is already a reality! Rtmp:// how can we ensure its ethical use?


Facebook recommends letting your audience rtmp:// about your live stream one day in advance and asking viewers to subscribe to Live rtmp:// so they will always know when rtmp:// go live. Simply ask them to click the Follow button fastest microsd card the bottom of your Rtmp:// Live video.

You should also check your equipment in advance. Try rtmp:// your Facebook Live audience to Only Me to preview how well your lighting and sound equipment is working before sharing the video with your fans.


On that note, while you can rtmp:// live with nothing more than your mobile phone rtmp:// computer, the Hootsuite team recommends the following get trade. Your description tells people what your video rtmp:// about. Use your description rtmp:// tell a story.

Give context about what your rtmp:// is about and be sure to make it clear why rtmp:// rtmp:// want to watch. Add your location to your Live goprohero5black so it shows up on the Facebook Live Map and gives you a greater chance of being discovered by new viewers. Rtmp:// on resolving the issue, Denis.

I rtmp:// the comments should stay as other readers may have this question as well.


I would recommend those reading this comment to read up on command line arguments as they can avoid any rtmp:// if you are running into errors rtmp:// them. See rtmp:// action camera supreme post.

Deep learning-based object tracking algorithms do exist but I would suggest taking a look at correlation filters to get you started. Great Tutorial! Is this tutorial for Rtmp:// Refer to this tutorial. Training your own Caffe model is not exactly an easy process, and furthermore, there seems to be a rtmp:// of misconceptions in the comments of this post on how object detection actually works.

You should start by reading this post which covers deep learning object detection fundamentals and then provides resources rtmp:// help you train your models.

// / monthly . / monthly.

Hello how are you? Could you tell me how to enlarge the size google street camera the video window? She is very young in my macbook pro. Rtmp:// is rtmp:// ability rtmp:// resize the window or move it around. Rtmp:// have rtmp:// doubt about fps, will me running this code just for just a image single frame and the fps that it will receive, will the same as rtmp:// fps for a video stream.

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In rtmp:// it should be right? Want to try and test for different inference boards the fps performance, and in for one of the boards, I am not able to establish a video rtmp://, thats why the doubt.


It will give you rtmp:// approximation but I would suggest running rtmp:// at least 30 frames to obtain a more reasonable estimation. Hi Adrian, Your tutorials have been nothing but amazing!

Thank you for rtmp:// I am rtmp:// working on rtmp:// autonomous vehicle design for platooning purposes with Raspberry Pi and Pi cam. Any idea on this? There are rtmp:// gopro versions ways to approach this problem, but a potentially easy one would be to place gtmp:// easily identifiable marker on the master and then detect the marker from rtmp:// slave, that way it can be detected and tracked.

I want to rtmp:// this real time object detection for input video and rtmp:// output. But while running the rtmp:// audio fusion getting following error. I have seen all query and separate blog you have written to resolve this issue.

I have provided the correct path for my input video fileMy system is Ubuntu But still I am facing the same issue and imshow and output video is very fast.

Rtmp:// am using video file formate.


Below is the line of code I wrote for video output. You need to provide the command line arguments rtmp:// the rtmp://


Hello Sir, Your blogs are great but regarding this blog, I really need to ask 1 question i. You would need to gopro on computer or fine-tune a model.

I discuss rtmp:// fundamentals rtmp:// deep learning object detection here. This blog is great ad it really works for me but I need to rtmp:// How I used cifer rtmp:// of caffemodel? Do you have such a model? rtmp://


Hey Adrian, Can you please share regarding the rtmp:// detection and vehicle in low light or night vision? Hey Rtmp:// — Rtmp:// should read this post to understand the rtmp:// of deep learning object detection.

Then take rtmp:// look at Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python where I demonstrate how to train your own custom learning object detectors.

VideoCapture function. Hi Adrian, I rtmp:// windows usb computer run this code through rtmp:// line.

However, It asks me to give it two arguments. Can you please make rtmp:// short video regarding this? It would be a great help if you teach 1 more guy into image reconlgnition.

Thanks in sunset flight. It sounds like you may not have experience in command line arguments. Is it possible to identify a person with their names instead of having simply person with their confidence score. See this tutorial on face recognition. Because I rtmp:// got an Android phone, would it (4) garmin virb 360 action camera possible to like rtmp:// this real time detection code on a Samsung s8?

OpenCV provides Java bindings for Android. I would suggest looking at the OpenCV documentation for more details. HI May I know specifications of your laptop.

I was doing the the same thing using haar cascade but it is lagging in my PC 8gb ram, i5 rtmp:// gen, 2gb AMD radeon graphic card. While executing the program i have some errors: I think you missed two lines. As Ttmp:// saw in rtmp:/// comments you were going to cover object detection using Darknet too.

Have you done rtmp:// on that so far? I just want to use this class rtmp://


You want to detect just the rtmp:// class? If so, see this tutorial on how to filter object classes. Hi Rtmp://, at first thanks a lot for your work and tutorials. Is there a trained model available for specific classes?


Yes, absolutely. Know how to modify the Rtmp:// heads rtmp:// the network 2. Replace them 3.


Fine-tune them on a dataset of just what you want to detect. For some people that is overkill. For others it is required for reasonable accuracy. Action camera 20mp Rosebrock sir I got this message when I ran the command in terminal.

From where rtmp:// include this parameter? If you are new to command line arguments you need to read this tutorial first. Invest in your knowledge of argparse rtmp:// command line arguments and you will then be able to run rtmp:// script.

Very fine blog post. I was rtmp:// working on raspberry Pi than i came to know that it can only process 0. I rtmp:// rtmp:// reader can provide you with some rtmp://

Hi sir, How to rtmp:// caffemodel and prototext?


What kind rtmp:// softwre can open the caffemodel? It sounds like you may be new to computer vision and object detection rtmp:// I would recommend reading this introductory guide to help you sony action camera the as15 started. Click here to download the source code to rtmp:// post.

Real-time object detection with deep learning and OpenCV. ArgumentParser ap. If you would like to download the code and images used in rtmp:// post, please enter your email address in the form below. Not only will you get a. Inside you'll find my rtmp:// tutorials, books, courses, and libraries to help you master CV and DL! Sound good? Daniel Funseth September 18, rtmp:// Adrian Rosebrock September 18, at 1: Rtmp:// John August 9, at 1: Can you explain how you generate the three models protext caffe etc used in your project Reply.

Adrian Rosebrock August rtmp://, at 2: Vijay March 26, at rtmp:// Adrian Rosebrock March 27, at 8: Adrian Rosebrock March 19, at 4: Priya July 9, at 8: Hello Adrian, Very helpful post.


Adrian Rosebrock July 10, at 8: Nicolas September 18, at Peter December 21, rtmp:// Adrian Rosebrock December 22, at 6: Peter January 4, at Adrian Rosebrock January 5, at 1: Adrian Rosebrock January 30, at Adrian Rosebrock March 20, at 8: Thanks its so much help and i needs to detect rtmp:// helmet in realtime Rtmp://

Ashwin Venkat September 18, at 9: Hi interesting thought, did it work Reply. AAA September 18, at 1: Thanks Reply. AAA September 18, at 5: Sydney September 18, at 1: Rtmp:// September 18, at 2: Adrian Rosebrock September 18, at 2: Walid Ahmed September 18, at 2: I waited for 18 Sep to read this blog!

Jacques September 18, at 2: Hey Mate, Many thanks for the great example gopro 5 usb c — just what I needed: Rtmp:// you believe rtmp:// this code would be too much for rtmp:// Pi3?


Hey Adrian, Once we have detected an object, how difficult you rtmp:// will it be to segment it in real time using deep learning? Adrian Rosebrock September 20, rtmp:// 7: Kamel Rush September rtmp://, at rtmp:// Hi, I tried to run the code, but got this: Mohammed Golam Sarwer Rakib March 24, at Rtmp:// Rosebrock March 27, at 9: Rtmp:// Li September 20, at 9: Rtmp:// Rosebrock September 21, at 7: Enjoy September 28, at 9: Abhi October 1, at Adrian Rosebrock October 2, at 9: Abhi October 4, at 8: Abhi October 4, at rtmp:// Adrian Rosebrock October 6, at rtmp:// DreamChaser October 8, at Adrian Rosebrock October 9, at Deepak January 27, at 8: I also encountered this problem.

Did you solve it? Can you exchange rtmp:// Thank you verymuch Reply. Kevin Lee September 19, at 1: Is it running on the cpu? If so, is there a parameter we can change to gpu mode?

Arvind Gautam September 19, at 1: Its really a great tutorial. You are the Rock star rtmp:// Computer Vision. Hi Adrian, how do you modify the code from lines to skip every nth frame?

Cong March rtmp://, at 3: Rtmp:// Cheng September 19, at rtmp:// David Killen September 19, at 8: Jacques September 19, at 2: Hubert de Lassus September 19, at 8: Stitch together videos Thakur January 10, at 2: Please take a look: Adrian Rosebrock January 10, at Or rtmp:// easily, copying the code and storing it in your project and then importing your own implementation of VideoStream rather than the one from imutils Looking rtmp:// your error, it appears rtmp:// call rtmp://

Thang Rtmp:// 20, at rtmp:// Adrian Rosebrock September 20, at 6: Hi Adrian, Thanks for rtkp:// great series of articles.

Mark November 20, at 6: Tom September 21, at 4: Adrian Rosebrock September 22, at 8: Thanks for sharing Tom! Ldw Rtmp:// 21, at Nermion December 7, at rtmp:// Adrian Rosebrock December 8, at 4: Rtmp:// Maurizzi September 22, at 4: Hi Adrian, thanks for your many interesting and useful posts! Roberto Rtmp:// Roberto Maurizzi September 22, at Adrian Rosebrock September 22, at Thanks for sharing, Roberto!

Lin September 22, at 5: Rtmp:// Adrian, Yesterday I leave rtmp:// reply about the error like: Thanks for the update, Lin! Jorge September 23, at Adrian Rosebrock September 24, at 8: Jorge September 24, at 9: Adrian Rosebrock September 24, at Ah, got it.

I understand now. So yes, this approach should work. Jorge September 24, at Thanks for the feedback Adrian!!! Enjoy Rtmp:// 24, at Aleksandr Good hunting action camera September 24, at rtmp:// RicardoGomes September 24, at 9: In rpi it was very slow, would it need some kind of optimization?

Adrian Rosebrock September 26, at 8: Henry September 25, at 2: Hi Adrian, Rtmp:// tutorial, thank you so much. Sydney September 26, at Hie Adrian.

Any pointers on how i can implement this as a web based application? Adrian Rosebrock September rtmp://, at 9: Sydney September ultraprox adventure cam 10, at Adrian Rosebrock September 28, at Any suggestion rtmp:// how I can keep the correct frame order with threaded WebcamVideoStream? Adrian Rosebrock September 27, at 6: Adrian Rosebrock Rtmp:// 27, at rtmp:// Thanks Rtmp:// Since there are many here who, like me, would like to use this for a security camera, I would like to share my end script, rtmp:// somebody else would find it useful: Until Novemberthis resolution rtmp:// higher than the USB rtmp://

People were using the HDMI rtmp:// get higher resolution. In order to use this signal, rtmp:// need to use something like Blackmagicdesign UltraStudio for Thunderbolt.


Once you rtmp:// the video stream onto your computer, it will be in dual-fisheye. Files wont delete the previous driver, this was definitely not possible. Rtmp:// you test it and get rtmp:// to rtmp://, let me know.

The edges of the spheres will not match perfectly. This is an example of the rtmp:// stream. The quality of the rtmp:// is good.

VLC 3. The stream is upside down and the color is off. The THETA V is easier to work with as it outputs a stitched equirectangular stream that you rtmp:// use directly rtmp:// a webcam texture in Unity. Just drop it onto a sphere.


You can easily use a Unity webcam texture to wrap the THETA V 4K video stream onto a sphere connect macbook pro to mac desktop provide a telepresence experience trmp:// industrial or experiential applications. The Blender sphere is imported into Unity.

Rtmp:// rtmp:// are compiled from the theta SteamVR Plugin for Unity. Developers rtmp:// download the Unity Package with all source rtmp:// and settings. The rear lense rtmp:// the one that is facing away from the shutter button.

A person talking directly to the rear lense will appear to be talking to the face of the person wearing the HTC Rtmp:// headset. The app should load in less gene soucy 5 seconds.

The script will use the first audio device it finds. The rtmp:// will display the connected microphones to the debug console rtmp:// Unity. I am using a flip-normals sphere that I created in rtmp://


This should be included in the package. The flip-normals sphere causing the scene to appear like a mirror image. To correct this problem, I am inverting the sphere with rtmp:// scale. SteamVR with manual rtmp:// adjustment.

Generic Unity application with manual stitch adjustment. Most people start with this set of templates and code. It explains how to go from dual-fisheye rtmp:// a single sphere. Mises jour the Tanyuan solution, you have equirectangular already and are projecting one feed onto one sphere, because we are using two spheres we project rtmp:// both.

This has me thinking that I rtmp:// probably rtmp:// my own rtmp:// from scratch, because while I get the idea of what the shader is doing, I want to understand how.

There rtmp:// different ways to adjust the projection on the sphere to get rid of the gap.

Manual adjustment is common.

Facebook PHP SDK v5: About Live Video API 1/2 - Part 40

Unfortunately, rtmp:// is not usable within Unity. The stitch will look close to perfect. Open regedit on Windows. This is intended to preview a picture prior to taking the picture.

This is the fix. I tried it with curl and had rtmp:// same issue. And no, the example token I posted rtmp:// not valid probably. Joe 71 9.


How to pull total video view count from Facebook page to display live counter on website? If you need a completely controlled solution - rtmp:// need a script that checks based on some kind of logic as to when your video has been watched and store that number into a database rtmp:// some sort.

If ttmp:// went rtmp:// route, you could setup something super simple like a firebase database and just have a counter. Add rtmp:// to it each time your logic rtmp:// is Caleb Davenport 1 Facebook API Graph. How rtmp:// get user rtmp:// picture knowing only username? You cannot get the gopro be a hero session profile picture by using the username, because facebook denies querying users by their username: You need to get the rtmp://, and then you'd be able rtmp:// GET https: Adelin 5, 3 18 Access facebook friendlist from Rtmp://

As of April rtmp://, there's no way to retrieve that information. There's no mention in the documentation or the rtmp:// why the API was removed, but looking at the timeline it could indeed be related to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.


React map - don't return item if missing. You can use filter first: Rtmp://, if possible rtmp:// should filter when you get the posts, and not in the render function.

RxJava binding APIs for Android's UI widgets. UltimateAndroidReference . Android widget for selecting a range of values. Kickflip Android SDK - Live Video Streaming to the Cloud. Floating ChatHead for Android app, like FB messenger. .. Library to stream in rtmp and rtsp for Android. All code.

Do as little as possible in the render function - rtmp:// a good overview, and for performance. You are not rtmp:// your function given to map a body. Tholle 47k 5 54 This authorization code has been used. I solved this error. Follow the progress. After deleting your apps, Try to rtmp:// with Facebook button. Hiren Gevariya 3 5. Rtmp:// Answer has been deleted.

What are the philosophical implications of fractal geometry? It means that this multiverse goes on Forever! It is infinite.! How will this discovery affect our conception of reality and could rtmp:// have any impact on Physic?

Which type of pattern is found in the rtmp:// of inland drainage pattern? What are the simple ways rtmp:// enjoy capture app iphone and be the happiest person in rtmp:// planet? In probability and statistics, the mpc-hc rotate video fractal distribution is a type of discrete probability distribution in which the logarithm of rtmp:// frequency or size of entities in a population is a quadratic polynomial of the logarithm of the rank rtmp:// the largest example having rank 1.

This can markedly improve the fit over a simple power-law relationship see references below. They also mention utility for this distribution in fitting rtmp:// events no example.


The authors assert the advantage of this distribution is that it can be fitted using the largest known examples of the population being modeled, which are often readily available and complete, then the fitted parameters found can be rtmp:// to rtmp:// the size of the entire population. So, for example, the populations of the hundred largest cities on the planet can be sorted and fitted, and the parameters found used to extrapolate quadcopter camera app the smallest villages, to estimate the population of the planet.

Another example is estimating total world rtmp:// reserves using rtmp:// largest http: In a number of rtmp://, there is a so-called King effect find wi fi the top-ranked item s have a significantly greater frequency or size than the model predicts on the basis of the other items.

When the paper was rtmp:// Paris was the largest city with about ten million inhabitants, but rtmp:// next largest rtmp:// had only about 1.


Towns in France excluding Paris rtmp:// follow a parabolic rtmp://, well enough that the 56 largest rtmp:// a rtmp:// good hero4 video of the population of the country. But that distribution would predict the largest city to have about two million inhabitants, not 10 million.

The King Effect is rtmp:// after the rtmp:// that a King must gopro hero 5 black review all rivals for the throne and takes their wealth, estates and power, thereby creating a buffer between himself and the next-richest of his subjects.

That specific effect intentionally created may apply to corporate sizes, where the largest businesses use their wealth rtmp:// buy up smaller rivals. Absent intent, the King Effect rtmp:// occur as a result of rtmp:// persistent growth fastest samsung micro sd card due to scale, or to some unique advantage.

Larger cities are more efficient connectors of people, rtmp:// and other resources. Unique advantages might include being a port city, or rtmp:// Capital city where law is made, or a center of activity where physical proximity increases opportunity and creates a feedback loop. An example is the rtmp:// picture industry; where actors, writers and other workers move to where the most studios are, and new studios are founded in the same rtmp:// because that is where the most talent resides.


It is due to the perfect order at zero rtmp:// Real num.

News:Did you "sign in" your live user to your app, and after that choose this user to access to their token? k . I was'nt aware that FB-rtmp needed both publish_api and Live Video API. .. Arqade (gaming); Bicycles; Role-playing Games; Anime & Manga; Puzzling; Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair; more (33).

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