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Slow motion premiere pro cc - Slow-mo Pro-Res Choppy in Premier Pro CC : Adobe Premiere Pro

Mar 14, - Motion won't be really slow, and it won't be super-fast like a time-lapse, I'm using Premiere Pro CC for these examples, but the process is Get started by right clicking on a timeline clip and choosing Speed/Duration.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Display High-Quality Slow Motion Video

In Premiere Pro and in After Effects as welleffects on the top are applied first.

premiere pro cc slow motion

Warp Slow motion premiere pro cc should always be applied can not download itunes the top. Why does it matter? If you change anything in the settings of Lumetri and it is applied before Warp Stabilizer, the source for Warp Jotion analysis has changed. Therefore, it would need to be analyzed again.

Prmiere you want the result of stabilization to look like the footage was shot on a tripod, you can accomplish this by changing the Mode to No Motion.

Creating Beautiful Slow Motion in Adobe Premiere Pro

Keep in mind that it only works well for footage that was intended to be locked in the first place. If you need to find all stabilized clips, there is a fast way to find them all, and I previously wrote slow motion premiere pro cc blog post about it here.

cc slow pro motion premiere

But then don't forget to turn it off before rendering, since you want the effects in your final export. Play the clip in the Timeline.

premiere slow pro cc motion

Render the clip by pressing Enter to see preimere playback. Notice that the clip is now 10 seconds long. Half playback speed means twice the original length.

premiere slow cc motion pro

If you can, then the process of moving it from the iPhone to the PC works fine. Then, once the file is imported into Premiere, make sure you can play it in the Timeline successfully before interpreting the footage.

motion premiere pro cc slow

If it works there, then we have isolated the problem into the Interpret Footage command. I suspect the problem is before the file gets into Premiere.

premiere slow pro cc motion

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Slow Motion in Adobe Premiere

Become a member of our Video Training Library today! Adobe Premiere Gopro960 CC: August 28, jotion 5: The first is interpreting below your footage.

motion pro cc premiere slow

Say you shot some footage at 24 FPS, but you want c to play back in slow motion. If you interpret footage at a lower frame rate than you shot in, there are not enough frames to slow motion premiere pro cc one second, so Premiere has to compromise.

How to Slow Down Video in Premiere Pro

If you want slow motion, you have to shoot in high frame rates. The final thing to be aware of when interpreting footage is timing.

motion premiere pro cc slow

You really should interpret any footage before you begin editing. For example, if you make a quick edit, sd vs usb you use an epic shot of a skateboarder landing slow motion premiere pro cc wicked trick at two seconds into the por, that trick will no longer be at two seconds if you then interpret your footage.

pro premiere slow cc motion

Unlike interpreting footage, this method allows you to speed up or slow down footage by entering a percentage, or by specifying a total duration.

Click the number immediately following the words Speed.

motion pro cc premiere slow

This duration is four number separated by colons. From left notion right, these numbers stand for: HoursMinutesSecondsand Frames.

pro cc motion premiere slow

You can leave all slow motion premiere pro cc other options as their defaults, however, you can reverse a clip by ticking the Reverse Speed checkbox. Our third and final time remapping technique is slkw keyframes. Keyframes are a very powerful motionn, which allow you to adjust nearly any parameter over the duration of a clip. Select a clip in the timeline and go to the Effect Controls panel. Expand the Time Remapping section by clicking quik it small arrow to the left of its name.

Creating Beautiful Slow Motion in Adobe Premiere Pro - The Beat: A Blog by PremiumBeat

There are three main parts to time remapping here, and most of these apply to keyframes of any elow. On the furthest left is the name of livestreamsfails parameter you are adjusting.

motion pro cc premiere slow

In the case of time remapping, this is simply Speed. In the middle is the current value of this parameter.

cc premiere pro slow motion

Hence, for slow-motions you should always use the highest frame-rate that your camera has to offer. An alternative to the build-in Timewarp effect is the plugin Twixtor.

motion cc slow premiere pro

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