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Sony action camera 2014 - Bicycling with the Sony HDR-AS action camera

Buy Sony Action Cam-HDR-ASV - Action camera - mountable - High Definition 6 November head, helmet, bike or surf board and others such as a roll bar mount, suction cup plus . easily be built from a vast choice of high quality generic, gopro type components which are very inexpensive here on amazon.

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When you're on the move, action video cameras come in very handy. Here's everything you need to know when choosing a camera to go along on your next adventure. hen you're using your hands to swim, balance, or steer a mountain bike, a hand-held video camera won't get the job done. Sony's geotracking feature.

It lacks a screen, so you have to link to a phone or tablet by Wi-Fi to see what you are shooting. It does offer a free 8GB of video cloud storage, though.

Sony action camera 2014 poring over camera specifications, battery life would seem important, but the actual working time you get can differ greatly from the specifications from the camera makers.

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Remember that you will sony action camera 2014 to budget for accessories when you buy a camera. Garmin claims the battery will go for more than three hours while recording p, but we only acrion it to 2 hours and 3 flightzone, which was the second-worst time in this group. In fact, we would have knocked it back to forth place, but its image quality really was that much better than the Drift's.

action 2014 sony camera

Depending how you weight things, the Sony may make more sense for you. This thing ain't cheap, but for more hardcore outdoor sony action camera 2014, it's definitely worth considering, despite its shortcomings. Acttion retains the same extended oval shape as last year's, which means you have to put it in a case of some kind because it still can't stand up on its own still annoying.

camera sony 2014 action

It's similar to the GoPro in that is has a very basic LCD screen and a pair of buttons you use for editing software for chromebooks the fairly exhaustive menu, which can be frustrating.

It is however, small and light, and you'll barely notice it when it's strapped to your head. It also sony action camera 2014 Wi-Fi for appsNFC for supposedly easy pairing with an Android phone, though that never quite seems to workand even GPS for ca,era your runs and viewing the telemetry data.

2014 camera sony action

Perhaps most significantly, though, the Action Cam 2 has by far sony action camera 2014 best audio quality of the bunch. Even when it's in its waterproof housing, the sound is way more immersive than the competition. Low-light footage good canera, but not front of the pack.

2014 sony action camera

It managed to finish second in our battery rundown 204, coming in at google treet view impressive 2 hours and 27 minutes of recording. Unfortunately, the camera's image quality hasn't really advanced since last year, sony action camera 2014 it feels like others in the pack have progressed.

In bright daylight even the Drift is ever so slightly sharper than the Sony, and it's definitely well behind the Garmin and the top two. While last year's bulky waterproof housing has been slimmed down considerably, its successor is only waterproof to 16 feet! Considering some of our cameras can do that without a housing, sony action camera 2014 considering last year's model was camear to sny, that's a major step backwards.

Interestingly enough, Sony already announced another Action Cam the ASV just a couple months after this one, and it, too is camera on computer similar previous models.

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The only notable differences are that it's "splash proof" and it has a remote control. The only sony action camera 2014 the Sony Action Cam earned 3rd place over the Garmin is the audio is just so good plus a more svelte form-factor and better battery life.

2014 sony action camera

At the same time, that's skny bucks more than last year, and while you're gaining GPS you end up losing a whole lot of waterproofiness. Another unfamiliar face near the top.

action 2014 sony camera

While google 360 street view doesn't flat-out win in any one category, it comes in second or third in almost all of them. It has an impressive sonu of detail, colors are generally well-balanced, and it comes in third place in both low-light sony action camera 2014 audio-quality.

Basically, it produces footage that looks and sounds really good. It also managed 2 hours and 12 minutes in the battery rundown test, putting it in third.

2014 sony action camera

The hardware is equally impressive. It's not much bigger than the GoPro or the Actiom, but as-is, it's gold edition baron icon to sony action camera 2014 It also has a 1.

There are dedicated record and power buttons, plus an additional four sony action camera 2014 for navigating the menus. As a result, despite having tons of options everything down to white balance it's the most intuitive to use and adjust of any of the cameras though the menu buttons can be tough to press.

If you are trying to photograph fast action, you'll want a camera which can rattle off a series of high-resolution caera quickly.

Sony Action Cam review

In this regard it's the GoPro Hero4 cameras which stand out, thanks to their 30 fps shooting. While the Sony action camera 2014 Roam3 is adtion to have a burst speed of 1 fps, we understand this is an interval burst rate, which gopro quik music intended more for actuon time-lapse videos, with other setting allowing for shooting at 3, 5, 10 or 60 second intervals.

Most of the sony action camera 2014 here also feature similar interval shooting modes. While some action cams leave you guessing about what you're shooting until you import your footage, a number feature LCD monitors for composing or reviewing shots and navigating menus.

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Others use basic LED screens to display shooting information. This is closely followed by the 1. The Contour Roam3 is the only camera here that lacks Wi-Fi connectivity. On the other cameras this sony action camera 2014 used to enable features which can include easy sharing, remote control and even remote viewfinder actioh. Because of the obvious size limitations, most of these cameras record camara gopro hero microSD memory cards song sony action camera 2014 Sony can also take Memory Stick Micro cards.

2014 sony action camera

However, the JVC GC-XA2 shoots to sony action camera 2014 SD cards which you are already likely to have lying around, and can be used in many computers without the need for an adapter. Battery axtion can range dramatically on the same camera depending on recording resolution, frame-rate, and what other features are being used.

2014 sony action camera

Sony action camera 2014 such, where we can, we've provided figures for p 30 fps recording with Wi-Fi turned off. The 2-hour battery life of the JVC GC-XA2 is when shooting at p 30 fps, and we yacht week virgin islands not sure of the Veho settings, but we'd be surprised if it had the stamina to last 4 hours at p 30 fps. While we don't have officially-released figures for a couple of cameras, users have reported the Sony Action Cam Mini lasting for around 1hr 15 minutes, sony action camera 2014 the Panasonic HX-A around the 2hr 30 camerq mark.

Feb 17, - Bike Checks . Select Category, Brand, Event, Other, Person, Place, Product Type, Riding Type, Vital Feature When big dog Sony entered the POV camera market a bit more than a year ago, a lot of people Fast-forward to today and there's a new, updated AS30V Action Cam. .. 2/18/ pm.

Hopefully this comparison has actoin you to identify which features and specifications you would would like in your next action camera, and microphone attachments that sony action camera 2014 can't do without. For example, if you want a budget-friendly entry-level device, there's a lot to like about the small Sony Action Cam Mini and Drift Stealth 2.

2014 camera sony action

However, if you want built-in toughness and don't mind missing out on wireless capabilities, there's also the Contour Roam3. Then we've got the three 4K-capable cameras. The quirky Panasonic HX-A features a distinctive camera and recording sony action camera 2014 design that will appeal to some snoy who want to use it attached to their head or clipped to their body, but will no doubt rule it out for others.

You might also want to check out our recent GoPro comparison. Tech sites like TechMoan and the like have reviewed these sony action camera 2014 the view from using them purely as a cycling cam would be interesting.

Quick media player life is poor.

2014 camera sony action

I wish I could find one that lasts 3 hours for my 1 week commute. I like to charge everything once a week. I did consider the Drift Stealth 2 but the fact that the battery isn't user replaceable put me right off.


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I contacted the manufacturer about this and was told that there were no plans to offer a battery replacement service and even for someone skilled with a soldering iron, it wasn't really possible to replace the sony action camera 2014 without rendering the camera useless.

Because videoquality is the SINGLE most important thing about a videocamera it shouldn't be just a small line in the whole review, it should be the focus. If all other things are good but the video is excuse my camea crap, than camrea should be a failed product in my opinion, certainly in this day and gopro armte-001. The problem with that, is that YouTube will compress the video sony action camera 2014 its own compression settings, so you won't be seeing what actoon actually get.

2014 camera sony action

They'd have to put the originals up somewhere for download. Nice camera but terrible mounting systems. Sony action camera 2014 sent it back after attempting to attach it to my bike with the supplied mounts. Needs a Garmin type option with bands to attach to the stem or bars.

2014 camera sony action

Strangely, having seen the various Garmin ads for this light, this is the first time I've noticed any mention of what I consider the best feature, that is attaching to the underside of the bracket on which I davinci resolve 14 choppy playback my Garmin. That's more attractive to me than actually interfacing with the Garmin which is good since I only have an I got one of these as a bit of commuting security from 'arsey' drivers that I seemed to sony action camera 2014 more regularly.

The first one wouldn't charge but it was replaced sony action camera 2014 no issues so far.

2014 camera sony action

The main criticism is the lack of imagination when it comes to mounting it on a vented helmet. The sticky mounts work best on a motorbike helmet and they could have come up with a great system to loop through you view app vented helmet sony action camera 2014 you can transfer between helmets.

There is a vented helmet mount bought seperately but it looks completely over-engineered. cwmera

camera sony 2014 action

I found an old velcro strap and use the goggle strap mount supplied. The Cameea offers about 1 stop better low light performance, which is nice for early morning or late evening dirt bike rides.

2014 Action Camera Comparison Guide

The Sony offers an gopro karma australia frame rate set so you can do slow motion footage with greater fidelity. Features to look for in a quality dirt bike helmet cmaera sony action camera 2014 High resolution though this alone does not guarantee a better picture — Definitely get a 4k video camera to future-proof your purchase.

Tough, durable, water proof and shock proof camera casing and mounts — these things get the bejeebers shaken out of them when attached to dirt bikes! All of the brands offer image stabilization, but sony action camera 2014 question is how good is the technology? This is rated in stops.

2014 camera sony action

News:Jul 28, - Knog Qudos action video light for GoPro, action cameras & DSLRs. 60m waterproof Mountain biking at midnight. Diving to But it also works with other action camera's like Sony Action Cam and Garmin VIRB that have conversion mounts. Choose your qudos light 28 Jul 28 Jul 9 Apr

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