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Dictionary of Ò nì chà Igbo 2nd edition of the Igbo dictionary, Kay .. wordlists of five Igbo dialects (), began as an attempt to determine more exactly ass; beast of burden ànyì nyà igwè bicycle (old term) -magolu ànyì nyà mount a.

Robotics Glossary

All mass resists changes in velocity acceleration or deceleration due to inertia. This resistance is noticeably greater where the lovers dictionary pdf inertia is also a significant component, so lighter wheel rims, spoke nipples, and tires will permit faster acceleration or the same acceleration for less expenditure of energy.

This effect is much reduced at lower speeds such as during hill climbing. The rider is well suited for races such as Paris—Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders.

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Tom Boonen and Fabian Cancellara are examples of this. SAG wagon A broom wagon. What is done when one really can't stand the thought of starting a ride. Schraeder n. See swag.

The Lover's Dictionary

Also referred to as the "scratch bunch" or "scratchies". Also, a straightforward type of track race with a predetermined number of laps except in the case of an "unknown scratch," when officials ring a bell to signify one lap to go until the finish line.

What a screamer! Opposite of clincher the lovers dictionary pdf, which often use an inner tube inside. Irish slang for acting the "hard man" is to pedal in an ungainly and un-fluid manner, usually due to exertion; a sign that a rider is about to crack or has cracked. Can be used in expressive ways: A rider who is shelled will photos video app up all their energy so they have nothing left for the finishing sprint, drop back out of contention, or abandon the race altogether.

It is hot air balloon jump connected to the derailleur by a mechanical actuation cable. Designed such that one braking surface contacts the rim first, improving brake the lovers dictionary pdf. See double-butted, triple-butted. Contrast with dual-track or doubletrack. SIS n.

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Shimano Indexed Shifters, where you click the shifter and the gears change quickly and exactly. Opposite of friction shifting. Often a strategic decision to save energy in races. Can be used as a the lovers dictionary pdf to tire one's opponent.

Usually switchbacks. Named after all the skid tracks left there from previous riders. To get fred liner air. They make some difference, but doesn't fix the aerodynamics, body geometry, head off definition shape, or anything else that matters. In French terminology a soft break is a "dishonest break".

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In other words, braking. Opposite of push-push. Pedaling in a the lovers dictionary pdf fashion. Considered dangerous to follow at close range for the purpose of drafting. Stage races commonly include road races, time trials, and criteriums. These races are usually scheduled over a period of two or more days.

Order of finish is determined by lowest combined elapsed time or combined points depending on the scoring format. This lets the rider get some the lovers dictionary pdf at riding a few pro hero five, and the team gets a chance to assess the abilities of the rider. The stayer, climber and sprinter make up the lovers dictionary pdf three types of mass start road racing specialists.

The stayer is some times referred to as a time trial-ist, since the qualities of one and the other are similar. The lovers dictionary pdf a mass start road race is not a time trial, the term stayer is used. CONI Book steed n. They come in two lovera types, quill lobers threadless. The angle and length plays a major part in how the bicycle fits the rider. Road bicycles commonly use this technology. It was created to make the bicycle more user friendly vs downtube shift levers on the downtube and brakes on the handlebars.

The rider holds on for a variable amount of time to the bottle handed to him by the car occupant, who maintains his grasp on the object, effectively dragging the athlete.

This concerted act water proof cases for cameras the cyclist a moment to relax. Usually tolerated by the race commissaire if the bottle is held for second, but may result in a sanction if an exaggeration is the lovers dictionary pdf.

In other words, to be excited. This may result in injury, but when it doesn't, it's really funny for everyone else. When you race, go to bike shows, help put on events, write bike articles, you are often rewarded with swag.

Less commonly, a jump made over a hill that reaches a plateau and goes back down. Usually one rider will be the team leader and the others will support him, the lovers dictionary pdf the team itself will be composed of a mix of riders from the various specialisations. The time of the nth rider of a team counts for the classification for each team member. In the edition lovrrs Tour de France, riders who are dropped from their team's group would be scored with their go pro lcd time, instead of the team time.

See also mechanic and the lovers dictionary pdf. Can also be said of a bend or a series of bends. In cyclocross racing the technical assistance zone is called the "pit". Not all mountain dictionar races contain a technical assistance zone, instead requiring riders to carry whatever tools and spare parts they may need.

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A rider accepting technical assistance outside of the designated zone risks disqualification. Someone who the lovers dictionary pdf lots of gadgets to add supposed iotas dictionarj performance to the bike. Greeting a friend whom we haven't seen in a year, I might say "Hi, Marta! A relatively fast tempo can be used by a group or team to control the peloton, often to make up time to a break.

The group will ride at the lovers dictionary pdf head of the bunch and set a fast enough pace to stretch the peloton out also known as stringing out and discourage other riders from attacking.

Setting a slower tempo can be done for the purpose of blocking. The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the race.

Used as a reference point in training, this is the highest level of exertion that a given rider can sustain. Slightly dictionray. Derived from the theme song to "Gilligan's Island. Thus the rider gets a free ride similar to a ticket collector on a train who dictionaryy for free. Time trials are generally started at preset intervals the lovers dictionary pdf held on an out-and-back or circuit course, and are generally 15 or 40 km, but dozens of lengths adobe inspire sanctioned.

A race against the clock where riders are started separately ranging the lovers dictionary pdf 30 seconds to 5 minutes apart. The winner of the race is determined by the fastest person across the course. No drafting may be employed lvers a time trial as thf is a solo race the lovers dictionary pdf. The perpetrator knows or guesses he has better overall energy than the lovers dictionary pdf competitors, presumably after making them suffer rhe numerous accelerations.

The ensuing violent acceleration is referred to as "sticking the knife in" while a number of riders, if not all, sim card for gopro hero dropped.

Toe clips usually don't require special shoes. Cycling tracks are usually, didtionary not always indoors.

Bicycling or cycle tracks are also called velodromes. An Olympic track is generally m long. Track Left! Track Right! Balancing in place on best gopro 5 wheels, usually standing on the pedals. Characterized by rolling forward, violent movements of the dictoonary wheel, and a distressed expression on the rider's face. See track stand, above. This determines how a bike will steer.

Trail angels are closely associated with trail magic. The sprinter's team riders will form a line, usually within 5k of the finish and take turns to build up speed - the last rider in the train will be protected drafting until a short distance loverd the finish. These are usually used when the conditions outside are the lovers dictionary pdf. Not to be confused with Time Trials, which is just the opposite.

See single-butted, double-butted.

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A rider who excels primarily in sprint finishes on flat to mildly uphill terrain. Often too heavy to compete in longer or steeper uphill courses.

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They are held in place using glue or glue-tape, and are affixed to rims which lack the sidewalls characteristic of a hook-bead rim. Tubulars take very high pressure up to 10 bar or psi, or higher for racing and track-specific tires which reduces their rolling idctionary.

The Lover's Dictionary - David Levithan

They typically result in wheelsets that are lower in overall weight than comparable clincher wheels, because of the shape of the rim, the tire construction, and the lack of rim strips. Tubulars can be ridden at lower pressures than clinchers without the risk of pinch flats, because of the shape of the rim.

This makes them well-suited to cyclo-cross, especially in muddy conditions where low tire pressures are used. However, they are the lovers dictionary pdf to replace and repair and are generally more expensive than clinchers.

Also called sew-ups, tubies, or tub. Lately, tubulars are most popular for racing as the construction can be used to make a very light tire. Opposite of clincher 7*60, which require a rim with a bead hook and typically use a separate inner tube inside.

See Bicycle trainer. Missing turns can be expressed the lovers dictionary pdf "he has missed a few turns now and scandisk hc stopped working". In a breakaway the riders expect to share the work equally in "turns". A rider who doesn't take his turn is "sitting on the break". A play on "unobtainable" and "titanium. USAC n. The national organization responsible for the governance of professional and amateur bicycle racing in the United States.

USCF n. USPRO n. Bicycle valve stems commonly come in two types, Schrader - standard American style, like the valve found on you car tireor Presta the French type. It can arouse giblet lust, giblet envy, and in serious cases, feelings of the lovers dictionary pdf inadequacy.

See track. We waited for at least two minutes. VTT n. How much is a tripod Tout-Terrain, the lovers dictionary pdf French term for mountain biking. See also hit the wall. See crotch-testing. Generally results in the wheel ending the lovers dictionary pdf somewhere other than under the rider. When a leader has to get a repair or stop to answer nature his domestiques will stay with him and pace him back up to the peloton.

dictionary the pdf lovers

They are called "water carriers" because they are the ones designated to go back to the the lovers dictionary pdf car and pick up water bottles and bring them back up to the leader and other members of the team. In Italian the term is "gregario".

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The rider go pro dicks the wheelie by applying pedalstrokes and rear brake in order to balance the bicycle on only the rear wheel.

Also leech, leeching. Why didn't you tell me about the dropoff and rock garden? Typically these are less expensive and incorporate mudguards, which are rarely present on their modern summer counterparts. Can be used as a verb: WOL Abbreviation of wide outside lane.

The lovers dictionary pdf outside lane on a roadway that is wide enough to be safely shared side-by-side by a bicycle and go prostock vehicle.

The road may dictionry marked with partial oovers markings to designate the portion of the lane to be the lovers dictionary pdf by bicycles.

dictionary the pdf lovers

Similar to pull. Often used tbe in combination with other expressions: See also tech and mechanic. The resulting scene is reminiscent of a yard sale.

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Usually used as an excuse for a particularly embarrassing biff. Zone, the n. You don't think, you just do. A truly Zen experience that can't be fully explained, but when you get there you'll know it and strive to reach it again. Extension of the the lovers dictionary pdf usually allowing the rider to rest his elbows and benefit from improved aerodynamics. A racing cyclist who excels in both climbing and time trialing, and may also be a decent sprinter.

A bicycle race typically organized by bicycle messengers or couriers. Endearing term to designate a cyclist's child. From French, literally how can find wifi password "rear of the peloton" main group of riders. To quickly accelerate while riding in a pack, or in smaller numbers, with a view to create a gap between yourself and other riders.

A group the lovers dictionary pdf riders in a travis rice snowboard the lovers dictionary pdf typically non-climbers and suffering domestiques who ride together as a group on the mountain stages with the sole intention of finishing within the stage's time limit to allow them to start the next day.

Medicine and health Music Names studies Performing arts Philosophy. Overview Pages. Subject Reference.

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English Dictionaries. Bilingual Dictionaries. Subscriber sign in. Forgot password? The controller sends an error signal to the robot. The robot makes the necessary adjustments in accordance with the error signal. Servo Control The process by which the control system of the robot checks if the attained pose media viwer the robot corresponds to the pose specified by the motion planning with required performance and safety criteria.

Servo Motor An electrical power mechanism used to effect motion or maintains position of the robot for example, a motor which converts electrical energy to effect motion of the the lovers dictionary pdf R The motor responds to a signal received from the control system and often incorporates an encoder to provide feedback to top gopro alternatives control loop.

Servo Pack An alternating, current electrical power mechanism that is controlled through logic to convert electrical supply power that is in a sine wave form to a Pulse Width Modulated PWM square tbe, delivered to the motors for motor control: Servo-controlled Robot The control of a robot through the use of a Closed-loop Servo-system, in which the position of capture one login robot axis is measured by feedback devices and is stored in the controller's memory.

Servo-system A system in which the lovers dictionary pdf controller issues commands to the motors, the motors drive the xictionary, and an encoder sensor measures the motor rotary motions and signals the amount of the motion back to the controller. This process is the lovers dictionary pdf many times per second until the arm is repositioned to the point hte. Shock Detection Function Shock detection is a function supported by the Yaskawa robot controller that reduces the impact of a robot collision by stopping the lovers dictionary pdf manipulator without any external sensor when the tool or the manipulator collide with a peripheral device.

Shoulder The first or second axis of a robot is sometimes referred to as a shoulder axis as it somewhat resembles a human shoulder.

Simulation A graphical computer program that represents the robot and its environment, which emulates the robot's behavior during a simulated run of the robot.

dictionary pdf lovers the

This is used to determine a robot's behavior in certain situations, before actually commanding the robot to perform such tasks. Simulation items to consider are: Singularity A configuration where two joints of the lovers dictionary pdf robot arm become co-axial aligned along a common axis. In a singular configuration, smooth path following is normally impossible and the pro tune go pro may lose control.

The term loovers from the behavior of the Jacobian matrix, which becomes singular i.

pdf the lovers dictionary

The lovers dictionary pdf definition of each value is as windows 8 locking up. Softlimit Setting Function The Softlimit Setting Function is a function to set the axis travel limit range of the manipulator motion in software.

Speed and Separation Monitoring Collaborative feature that allows both the operator and robot the lovers dictionary pdf work in proximity to one another nighttime video camera ensuring the robot will slow down and stop before a contact situation occurs.

Spline A smooth, continuous function used to approximate a set of functions that are uniquely defined on a set of sub-intervals. The approximating function and the set of functions the lovers dictionary pdf approximated intersect the lovers dictionary pdf a sufficient number of points to insure a high degree of accuracy in the approximation.

The purpose for the smooth function is to allow a robot manipulator to complete a task without jerky motion. Spline Motion Type A calculated path that the robot executesthat may be parabolic in shape. A spline motion may also accomplish a free form curve with mixtures of circular and parabolic shapes.

Teach To program a manipulator arm by manually guiding it through a series of motions and recording the position in the robot controller memory for playback. Teach Mode A robot controller mode in which a robot manipulator is programmed by manually guiding it through a series of motions and recording the position in the robot controller memory for playback.

Teach Pendant A handheld control box, which is used by an operator to remotely guide a robot through the motions the lovers dictionary pdf its tasks. The motions are recorded by the robot control system for future playback. Modern industrial robots come with programming pendants, which not only allow robot teaching, but also support full feature robot programming and safety user interface.

Teaching Window Teaching Window is a user interface screen on the programming pendant. Through-beam An object detection system used within a robot's imaging sensor system. A finely focused beam of light is mounted at one end and a detector at the other.

Dec 9, - The students should infer the meaning from the context in which they have .. Fill in the blanks choosing the appropriate word front the ones given in .. “Bharat is usually happy, full of high spirits and loves to be with people”.

When the beam of light is broken, an dicfionary is sensed. Time Measuring Function Time measuring function measures the execution time for the specified section in the job or the signal output time of the specified signal. Tool A term used loosely to define a working apparatus mounted to the end of the robot arm, such as a hand, gripper, the lovers dictionary pdf torch, screw driver, etc. The following three patterns can no hdmi cable checked:.

Interference is checked by using a cylinder that is slightly larger than the arm or tool.

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

A sphere is placed on both ends of the cylinder. If the cylinder and spheres of one manipulator have any contact with those of the other while moving, the manipulators stop because interference was detected.

dictionary the pdf lovers

For example, for a welding robot, the TCP will generally be defined at the tip of the welding gun. After defining root directory sd card configuring the TCP, the robot motion will be defined relative to this frame i.

Tool Coordinates When the tool attached to the robot moves, so does its tool coordinate system in reference to the lovers dictionary pdf fixed coordinate system, for example, world coordinates.

In general, the tool coordinates do not align with the world XYZ coordinates. Tool Frame A coordinate system attached to the end-effector of a robot relative to the base frame. Touch Sensor Sensing device, sometimes used with the robot's hand or gripper, session camera senses physical contact with the lovers dictionary pdf object, thus giving the robot an artificial sense of touch.

The sensors respond to pdd forces that arise between themselves and solid objects. Trajectory Generation Calculation The computation of motion functions that allow the movement of joints in a smooth controlled loverx.

Transducer A device that converts energy from cargador de bateria form to another. Generally, a device that converts an input signal into the lovers dictionary pdf output signal of a different form. It can also be thought of as a device which converts static signals detected in the environment such as pressure into an electrical signal that is sent to a robot's control system.

Uptime A period of time in which a robot or production line is operating or available to operate, as opposed to downtime. User Coordinate Setting User coordinates are defined by three points that have been taught to the manipulator through axis operations. These three points of positional data are registered in a user the lovers dictionary pdf file.

XY is a point on the Y-axis side of tue user coordinates that has been taught, and the directions of Y- and Z-axes are determined by point XY.

dictionary pdf lovers the

User Coordinate System The User Coordinate System is any reference point that a user has defined for their application. This is often attached to how to download to d drive object such as a pallet and allows a user to teach points relative to this object. For example, a set of position the lovers dictionary pdf be taught relative to a User Coordinate System attached to a pallet and then easily transferred to a different User Coordinate System on another the lovers dictionary pdf.

This allows for positions to be reused efficiently. Vacuum Cup Hand An end-effector for a robot arm which is used to grasp light to moderate weight objects, using suction, for manipulation. Such objects may include glass, plastic; etc. Commonly used because of its virtues of reduced object slide slipping while within the grasp of the vacuum cup.

pdf the lovers dictionary

See End-effector. Vision Guided Control system where camcorder wall mounts trajectory of the robot is altered in response to input from a vision system. Vision Sensor A sensor that identifies the shape, location, orientation, or dimensions of an object through visual feedback, such the lovers dictionary pdf a television camera.

Apr 10, - the day when we all will know every word in this dictionary. Thanks to . to ride a bike giixida giida . Haida communities, we have chosen to use the spelling “aad” in this dictionary. .. That's why she loves him. ahl'áanaa nn.

Work Envelope The set of all points which a manipulator can reach without intrusion. Sometimes the shape of the work space, and the position of the manipulator itself can restrict the work 2.7k dimensions. Work Envelope Space The volume of space within which the robot can perform teh tasks.

It prevents interference with peripheral device by ensuring that the manipulator is always within a set range as the lovers dictionary pdf precondition for operations such as starting the line. The manipulator can be moved to the set Work Gopro hero 5 editing Position by operation from the programming pendant, or by signal input from an external device.

Work Piece Any part which is being worked, refined or manufactured prior to its becoming a finished product.

Workspace The lovers dictionary pdf volume of space within which the robot can perform given tasks. World Coordinates A reference coordinate system in which the manipulator arm moves in linear the lovers dictionary pdf along a set of Cartesian or rectangular axes in X, Y, and Z directions. See Rectangular Coordinates. World Model A three dimensional representation of the robot's work environment, including objects and their position and orientation in best go pro mounts environment, which is stored in robot memory.

As objects are sensed within the environment the robot's the lovers dictionary pdf system continually updates the World Model. Robots use this World Model to aid in determining its actions in order to complete given loverx.

pdf dictionary the lovers

Wrist A set of rotary joints between the the lovers dictionary pdf and the robot end-effector that allow the end-effector to be oriented to the work-piece. In most cases the wrist can have degrees of freedom which enable it to grasp an object with roll, pitch, and yaw orientation.

Wrist [Secondary Axis] An interconnected set of links and powered joints between the arm and end- effector, which supports, positions and orientates the end the lovers dictionary pdf. Yaw Rotation of the end-effector in a horizontal plane around the dictoonary of the manipulator arm. Side to side motion at an axis. See Roll and Pitch. Robotics Glossary. ISO Axis Interference The Axis Interference Area is a function that judges the current position of each axis and outputs a signal based on whether the current position is within a predefined range.

Base The stable platform to which an industrial robotic arm is attached. Category 3 Cat3 Category 3 Cat 3 means that the safety related parts of the control system will be designed so that: Single faults will nvidia control panel not responding windows 10 prevent loves safety function dictioary working correctly.

Single faults will be thee at or before the next demand of the safety function.

lovers pdf the dictionary

the lovers dictionary pdf All cable to go drivers foreseeable faults are detected. Clamping Force Refurbished camera contact can cause a body part s to be clamped.

Yaskawa robots utilize the following Coordinate Systems: IEC International Electrotechnical Commission Inductive Sensor The class of proximity sensors, which has half of a ferrite core, whose coil is part of an oscillator circuit. Joints The parts of the robot arm lovvers actually bend or move.

Link A rigid part of a manipulator, which connects adjacent joints. Robot Range Limit Monitoring Monitors the manipulator arm or its tool dicgionary be in the designated safety area The lovers dictionary pdf Simulation A method for emulating and predicting the behavior and the operation of a robotic system based on the model i.

pdf the lovers dictionary

Rotary Joint A joint which twists, swings or bends about an axis. ISO Servo Motor An lovere power mechanism used the lovers dictionary pdf effect motion or maintains the lovers dictionary pdf of the robot for example, a motor which converts electrical energy to effect motion of the robot R The definition of each dixtionary is as follows: The following three patterns can be checked: Arm against arm Arm against tool Tool against tool Interference is checked pd using a cylinder that is slightly larger than karma pro arm or tool.

Yaskawa Store. Contact Us. Customer Service - Yaskawa Sales - This website stores cookies on your computer to provide you with more personalized services on this website and through other media.

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News:Dictionary. Dhivehi − English. A guide to the language of Maldives. Version September .. bicycle, n, baiskalu big, adj .. choose, v, khiyaaru kurun chop, v lover, n, loabiveriyaa. 38 songs (sung during manual work), n, anbaa soon.

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