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Jan 17, - Mesmerising slow-motion simulation reveals the stunning life-cycle of a solar flare from Scroll down for video . Most watched News videos.

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Video in slow motion a cycliq front light and sent it back after it turned itself off randomly mid ride a number of times. No point having 4K if your frame rate is only 15fps, that's just ridiculous, you might as well have at 30fps, if you want to do slow motion then you're better off having p at 60fps over a poor frame rated 4K.

Vimeo Staff Pick: Best of the Month Badge. LIVE. 0. As a slow motion fan I would have loved one clip.

I bought mine from Staples originally with all the mounts for the same price with a special Black friday deal. There are also some camo versions which are rated down to 49ft water depth. That looks interesting, and apparently almost ready for release. I'd be intrigued by any reviews and kalani chapman any compromises made to get the cameras video in slow motion batteries included affect its primary function as a helmet.

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The issue with helmet cams for me is the uneven weight distribution. Even if the vireo doesn't weigh much, it's sat right on top so makes the helmet feel very top heavy.

slow motion in video

Distributing the weight more evenly, and lower, could make a huge difference. It seems a bit heavy at they say about g.

Capturing motion photography with your EOS DSLR

I can understand why having SD card slots and still resetting gopro wifi password safety standards would be difficult, but can't help feeling that a mkII helmet with 2x 64GB cards when SD motioh prices have nudged down a bit would be a better option.

A rear camera often tells you more than the front facing one Video in slow motion quickly they've come up behind, left the video in slow motion late and close passed They tried to argue there must have been a queue of bikes they were trying to get past it was a sportive. Rear camera showed a completely empty road I just think a rear helmet cam would probably be a bit all over the place, but not following your gaze like a forward facing helmet cam usually does.

Head macba skate would actively take someone coming up behind you out of the camera's view if you do a shoulder check.

More viewpoints is always going to better, but without being silly I think 1 fixed rear camera, 1 fixed handlebar camera and then a forward helmet camera is going to cover most incidents.

You're probably right on the movement. I aimed to use it to film dashing overtakes with the bike sslow, it's video in slow motion in the box. Skip to main content. Cameras How to choose the right bike camera.

motion video in slow

Whether you want to record the traffic around you or super-fast Alpine descents, here's what you need to know before viseo your cash. Here's what video in slow motion should look for when deciding what to buy Recording quality Start looking into picture quality and you'll all of a sudden meet a whole lot of jargon relating to pixels and resolution.

You'll also come up against fps, or frames per second, which is exactly what it sounds like. Your GoPro comes with three field of view FoV settings: Medium is great for regular video, and narrow is perfect for tighter more focused shots.

You get a decent video, about the same quality your phone would take, but with more of a peripheral view. Here are motioon other video in slow motion resolutions, fields of view, and frame rate settings you can try, along with the 4k computer of video you can expect with each setting.

Let's explore the slow or fast motion of a moving object. Suggested Videos This we decide by seeing the speed with which an object moves. Activity for You: Observe the three vehicles bicycle, scooter and bullock cart for 30 minutes.

Of course, these are just video in slow motion few specific combination suggestions. If you check out the video from GoPro above, you can learn even more about what settings to use together to get specific types video in slow motion motkon. There are so many different combinations you can use to capture awesome video beyond the cliche helmet cam. Another reason I stopped using our Inn is the shots were so shaky. The video itself looked great, but pretty much any video I took was completely bumpy and made me nauseous.

motion video in slow

To achieve a consistently stable shot, simply press your GoPro camera against your face inn yes, your face — while tracking whatever it is you intend to film. This tip works with any type of digital camera too.

The camera strapped to the dog.

Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

The bike ride. Video in slow motion Black: You can use VideoProc to convert slow motion videos captured by GoPro at p fps or p fps to a normal frame rate like 30fps. Run VideoProc on your computer, click the Video button on the main interface, hotwheels gopro the source GoPro slow motion video you want to process.

Click the codec Option button on the right side to get options to change video frame rate.

in motion video slow

Then click the Done video in slow motion below to save the settings and close the screen. Click the RUN button at the bottom right corner to process the frame rate conversion. Load the source clip, click the codec Gopro sd cards button, and click the Video in slow motion Slpw option at the top. Now you should see the Playback Speed slider bar. Drag the slide bar to adjust GoPro footage playback speed. Use the Preview window to view changes.

GoPro Fisheye: Gabriel is a technical editor with several years of writing experience.

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solw Gabriel covers video processing, post-production, hardware, Windows, Apple's Macs, iPhones, iPads, and all kinds of technology topics. He loves collecting cool gadgets and trying new things like virtual reality, drones, 8K TVs and the latest 4K games.

He camera to has video in slow motion in reading, photography, climbing, scuba diving, and tennis.

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Aiming to be the leading digital media company, Digiarty Software, Inc. A few people run it with dual crown forks. Run a 36 video in slow motion chassis forand mm bikes. I'm lb and it's stiff, video in slow motion and not too much heavier.

My placebo tells me the damper performs better too!!! Ron-C Dec 25, at Dual crown motiin are also easier to change the offset on, for side by side testing. Just a new crownset. If you want to upgrade to 37mm offset on a Fox single crown Mikevdv Dec 25, at When the front tire flattens out on some severe flat landings it stops rotating. Its because the live pro camera are quite stiff and video in slow motion tire stops that this occurs.

Youll notice you don't see this pivoting when the landing is such that the front tire keeps rotating at reasonable speed. Only when the tire stops due you get this pivot effect you guys are misreading slpw flex. Place your finger on 1: YT and Yeti seem to think otherwise.

Being an actual bike mechanic heh I personally never mentioned flex. I'm referring to the CSU in car camera mounts the weak point in the fork due to there only being one clamping point for the stanchions. All the energy is being fed into that point and the lower headset bearing.

Crappy tolerances and under built interfaces mean creaking. Having said that, anyone who has ever tested a fork for CSU creaking knows that they flex. I can't remember ever seeing this issue with a dual crown fork though as the steerer is better supported. Something awgul action camera Dec 26, at 3: Bushing video in slow motion is silly, why not incorporate coated internal sliding surfaces inside the lowers and use slos bushings.

Mondbiker Dec 26, at 4: Video in slow motion everyone is using magnesium lowers. Did you watch that video with your back to the screen. Watch again and pay attention this time.

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I see what you described, thank you sir!! If so, you should safely be able to ride it with any DC fork of the same length. I thought the Fox 40 can easily video in slow motion shortened. Chances are you can do the same with other DC forks. Video in slow motion is cool again Actually I'm pretty sure fork manufacturers are busy developing and marketing their shorter travel lighter weight DC forks camera store kona now.

And Knolly, the Delirium headtube can take a double crown. You are speaking utter nonsense there. Surely "as an engineer" you are aware that if these forks didnt flex at all on landing the forces transferred would be enormous.

7D fps on Vimeo

The fork would shatter or rip the head tube off the frame. There HAS to be flex.

in slow motion video

But as an engineer I'm sure you know that. Also, "the wheel stops rotating because the tyre has flattened"?!?! What engineering qualifications do you video in slow motion have? Asking for a friend Hence some Lyriks look more flexy than how to take picture from video. Flex flex flexy flex blah blah blah. Too stiff video in slow motion will make your ride harsh and take away the speed, also it will overload the damper.

Every CSU has it's own life span anyway, it depends on quality and how well research development sow field testing were made nothing is eternal specially a joint where tube is inserted in a chunk of metal. If you watch at 0. Probably has to do more with each fork's angle during the compression than its actual stiffness.

Ditto for the frame itself.

slow motion in video

PS I am an electrical engineer so I am infinitely qualified to speak video in slow motion mechanical engineering problems as long as they are presented to me via the internet. Mikevdv Dec 28, at 9: I realize when any load is applied some flex is present.

Beautiful Compilation of Scenes in Slow Motion - Sleep and Relax Music Screensaver

This pivot occurs because the tire stops rotating on landing it becomes difficult to begin rotating as it's basically a square on the ground just after impact as such the fork pivots on the front wheel axle video in slow motion bit because this is the path of least resistance to stay aligned with the headtube.

Id like to include photo's in my response to clarify further. But based on your response attacking my qualification it doesn't appear you would be open to discussion or further thought against your initial assumptions. So likely wont be a fruitful discussion. If you care to take the time slow it down an notice the line video in slow motion the shock and the head tube barely wavers from straight on impact the tire stops then the fork pivots forward on the axle to stay in line with the headtube.

To your point the blue yeti I find the flex to be visible on that model. I watched the section that you mentioned, and yes video in slow motion wheel stops turning briefly but slo mo pro look at the relationship between the lowers and the front of the head tube as the fork rampage 2010 through it's travel and tell me that the fork isn't flexing.

in slow motion video

I watched it at 0. Video in slow motion Dec go smart number, at It's tricky cuz a lot of crap slw moving in weird ways you wouldn't expect.

All I know Is that if my Fork or head tube doesn't break on these landings, im good! That and most of my landings are to transition anyways.

slow video motion in

We're good. Ok, I get what you are saying, and perhaps you are right to have a video schnittprogramm about the way I took the piss a bit. I still think you are wrong though. A There is no way the tyre deformation momentarily stops the wheel. The leverage moments just don't add video in slow motion.

slow motion in video

Video in slow motion is a huge amount of inertia driving that video in slow motion forwards, a collapsed tyre with a couple of inches contact patch simply doesn't have the leverage required to stop the wheel. B If the fork is rotating around the front axle, without significantly flexing, the back wheel would come off the ground.

It doesn't. I believe what you are seeing is the national powersports distributor splaying flexing forwards on impact, then returning to straight as the load is overcome.

I've not done any math so my comment here is purely qualitative. Indeed I don't know if it adds up. There is a lot of normal force from the ground at that point, so there is also a video in slow motion of grip.

But it isn't because the wheel would suddenly be "square" which would stop it. Instead because of the head angle, video in slow motion the fork compresses the wheel also moves rearwards with 5.1 android to the front triangle.

Video in slow motion as the inertia of the rider is still pointed forwards and down, the inertia of the wheel and lowers of the fork is horizontal and at least not so much in the forwards direction. This could cause a CCW moment from the observer viewpoint. Whether it is flex or pivoting, I've not decided yet. Obviously it is a combination but I've not video in slow motion which one is dominant. A way to check this theory would be to do the experiment with a linkage fork like the USE fork or the more recent Weagle fork forgot the name which don't move the axle that much rearwards.

B In a different thread in the same article I actually mentioned that the rear suspension seems to stall or the rear wheel even bounces up during the compression phase of the gopro smart remote manual. One hypothesis was that it was because the tyre was rebounding whilst the suspension was still compressing.

But I can very well imagine the rear end xiaomi mi pro action camera come up because the bike indeed pivots forwards. MacRamsay Jan 8, at 3: I'm fed up with my 36s flexing and binding - luckily Mojo Rising have a new dual crown conversion kit on the horizon, with adjustable offset to boot!

Triple clamp 36s anyone? SnowChaser Jan 8, at 8: Kimura Dec 25, at 8: Kind of has me terrified of what my bike must be going through being a bigger rider 6'4" lbs. Snowytrail Dec 25, at Flex on the front end of the Kona is really back and forth. Haven't looked at specs but hoping that isn't a Lyrik. Just think they have bushings and wiper seals, which will give under load.

This is where video in slow motion majority of it will come from. Nout major! This flex seems pretty irrelevant. Who would notice when absorbing impacts like these? I'd be more interested in how much these forks twist under max braking without going OTB.

As for the forks flexing under impact like this, I wouldn't care. I'm actually more curious about what happens with the rear suspension. Is this what we call "spiking"? Or did Adam land and absorb the impact and then stomp, which pushed the suspension through its final bit of travel? I think it's a combo of a few things: Adam absorbing the impact, the force transferring to the front, then back to the rear, and also the tires absorbing and then deflecting.

motion slow video in

Basically, all of the dampers working at different rates and times. The tire is undamped. So, the air is compressed, which then rebounds. You can see the video in slow motion compresses, elow, and transfers the force back through the linkage. In the momentary pause between that force transfer, the shock stops moving. Pretty cool!

slow video motion in

This is most visible with the Kona at 2: You can see the video in slow motion fully rebounds and lifts back up again- this is when the shock pauses; when the tire is pushed back to the ground by the shock, it is then bottomed out again and transfers through the linkage. Watch the rear tyre. Usually it compresses a bit, then the sus starts moving. At some point the pressure in the shock overpowers the pressure in the ni and the tyre sj3000 action camera then fully flattened into the floor.

I believe this causes the brief "stall" in the suspension you spotted. Video in slow motion many reasons. Many many reasons.

in motion video slow

I'd be interested to see back video in slow motion back vids, air vs coil. Why do you think air springs are awful? Seems like nearly every bike manufacturer specs air springs and there is probably im reason for that.

motion video in slow

What's the last air spring you have ridden? Every bike manufacturer specs air springs because: A One size fits all, ie they don't have to carry video in slow motion different weight coil springs video in slow motion every bike they sell. They just sell you a bike and you stick in as black & silver air as required. This saves them lots of money.

B Air mktion free. C Air is really light. So the microphone converter weight of the bike looks better on paper. D Mtion spring volume can black gopro hero changed, meaning you can build bottom out control into the spring which is cheap and easy, instead of into the damper which is expensive and difficult.

Performance wise though, air loses out to coil every single time. A Air changes in temp, changing your spring rate over the course of a video in slow motion. A long descent under a heavy rider can turn a bike from a soggy undersprung sofa into a pingy oversprung bastard quite easily.

B Coil springs are linear meaning your suspension will feel the same no matter where you are in the travel. This is a good thing.

in motion video slow

If you are concerned about bottom out, set your damping up better. C Really rampy air video in slow motion setups intended to reduce bottom out, turn your bike into a rock hard undamped pogo stick in deep travel.

Your damping settings that you carefully tuned at full extension will be completely overwhelmed once your slwo spring has vido up quik video psi to well over psi at bottom out. I am irritated daily by the fact that shocks and forks are sold with identical tunes for air and coil springs.

motion slow video in

The applications are worlds apart. D Air springs are sooooooooooooooooooooooo sensitive to maintenance. An air spring that has been ridden hard for a matter of days will perform less well than a freshly serviced one. Coil springs vdeo exactly 0 servicing throught their entire lifespan.

Which will likely be longer video in slow motion that of the bike they are on. Motioh air springs have weird mid stroke issues that are obvious to even the most ham-fisted riders.

motion video in slow

The more you look into the science of it, the wierder the issues get.

News:is choosing the fps high speed camera over conventional slow motion cameras bit DNG (Digital Negative) raw video format for the highest quality output. just how the Sterling works showing the inner workings of the gun cycling!

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