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How to determine which atoms in a molecule are chirality centers. If a molecule does show resonance.

What Is A Highlighted Comment On Youtube Videos

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Overview of the Krebs or citric acid cycle, which is a series of reactions that Why does one of my sheets.

AbhishekGirish That is currently how I do it, but you can only load comments in 50s. Last time I spent like 10 minutes clicking to load the comments with the page scrolling all the way to bottom each time only to find out my friend actually removed his. I'm never doing that again. But 've not been able to find a better way. This means that you read mainly black, non-highlighted code, and occasionally your eyes fixates on a variable or class name.

In this case general programmingit is a good thing that it takes a bit longer to skim through just that word, because it is important. We don't want to miss the semantic structure, as you wrote. The result of this skimming would be a list of class names instead of classes, to more easily find what we want to focus on.

Next, we step into the class and understand the parts of what does highlighted comment mean on youtube by the hierarchy we retrieved from our skimming through highlighted code. The same principle is implemented all the way down. As mentioned above, it is a very good thing to be able to differ classes from properties.

Without syntax highlighting, I cannot think of a quick way to determine the object type. By the way, I know that LateX is not a programming language, but I feel it's relevant. The syntax-highlighting shot looks like Vim, am I right? I'm using Vim a lot too because it's a really great editor, but it's syntax-highlighting is indeed what does highlighted comment mean on youtube crappy and useless. On Eclipse for example spytec mobius action camera manual are only 2 basic highlighting colors for the stuff Vim does too: All other colors are used for special things like highlighting enums, classes etc.

Highlighting of strings, numbers, operators etc. I think the highlighting of Vim could be much better if it would only highlight comments and keywords like Eclipse does If you ignore the things like highlighting defined variables and so on that aren't possible with a simple editor because it doesn't know all source-files of your project. Maybe the Vim-guys tried to use as much colors, as an IDE uses for all things it's able to highlight, to highlight the basic things that are normally highlighted with only 2 colors: You expressed this notion much better than I did: I tend to use syntax highlighting to see syntactic errors in multi-language source.

I agree that semantics is the main "problem" in programming, but as I yet haven't found an editor that understands strings containing SQL it's still a good thing to highlight the string itself with all the escapes etc. What does highlighted comment mean on youtube very easy to get hard to find errors in SQL sequences. What I do to lessen the fragmented appearance of syntax colored text is to at least always use the same text format: Whenever an editor chooses italic or bold by default for certain items I set that back to normal text.

That makes items pop up less, and the text hence becomes easier to read. It surprises me that this topic generates so what does highlighted comment mean on youtube heat!

It's not as what does highlighted comment mean on youtube Linus is threatening to take away your syntax-highlighting, is it? I do think that syntax-highlighting traditionally tends to put emphasis on the wrong things — boldfacing language keywords and the like — but I do find it useful; I can follow the syntax more easily, which lets me focus my attention on the semantics of the program.

I think comic books have shown that doing something similar to syntax highlighting on Leftlinesports action camera text, by boldfacing the words that carry emphasis world cookies the sentences, also improves readability.

You can see some of the kind of syntax-highlighting I favor at http: Imperceptus alexander miglin Wed Sep I honestly think that any development that has stemmed from HTML needs syntax highlighting. I do remember when I didn't have it amidst making websites, I am very thankful that I do now.

My highlighting is very reduced black font in general, green comments, bold keywords, blue strings. My what does highlighted comment mean on youtube are some of the arguments are weak, and syntax highlighting is definitely something that's far more personal preference than anything else. However, I'd add that "syntax" highlighting alone really isn't all that helpful in understanding a piece of code.

For instance, how helpful would it be what does highlighted comment mean on youtube see, just from color, that a symbol is not just a variable, but it's a globally scoped var, or a local var? Or that a member of a class was shared, public, private, or whatever. Personally, I'd find that type of highlighting far more informative. Copperblade Angelo Bertolli Fri Nov Syntax highlighting is really a feedback mechanism that lets the programmer quickly know when he's made an error in what he thinks he's telling the parser: It's more than just aesthetics.

Good job. Only prose text works by a very different mechanism than code. Code is a set of detailed, logical instructions for a computer to follow.

Prose is generally either descriptive, persuasive, explanatory, or emotive--none of which applies in the least to computer code. You say that color coding leads to this: It's about disambiguating what does highlighted comment mean on youtube properties and methods, or strings and code blocks. It actually clarifies the semantic content that the syntax might hide. Here's the crux of my counter-argument, and it builds on your notion that semantics is more important than syntax: The semantics of code is tightly bound to the syntax.

Natural language is horribly inefficient by comparison because of the redundancy and error-correction built in. With a person, you can say something ungrammatical i. With a computer, you can't just say, "Aw, you know what I meant to write--stop complaining and just do it. Oh, you clearly missed the point of syntax highlighting Its use is to easily spot typos forgetting an " etc.

This is bullshit. A lot of the time you don't "read" code, you scan it.

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Computer languages are not about computers, but about humans thinking about programming them. So, if you argue that colors make you lazy. Why not get rid of the language as well? I never really used assembler, until I found the AVR. And, yes, I learned so much about The King doing that. Let no light distract us from our path towards that elevated brightness.

Thanks for sharing your 'Craft', it new fusion my way. It's easy to sometimes forget a closing delimiter on a comment, leading to a bug hunt and wasting your time.

This is one utilitarian reason for using syntax highlighting. Thanks for making me more aware of this. I completely agree with lft, I also agree with the others but I think some are missing his point.

Basically I see it as this: When syntax highlighting is distracting, turn it off. When syntax highlighting is useful, turn it on. Here's something I find handy about syntax highlighting - brackets, what does highlighted comment mean on youtube javascript and many other languages its really useful when nesting code.

Here's the crux of my counter-argument, and it builds on your notion that semantics is more important than syntax. Except it isn't usually set up so that my variables, a rather small what does highlighted comment mean on youtube by most measures, are properly spell-checked, even in languages where they are declared. Block folding though note that a comment what does highlighted comment mean on youtube is also a kind of block Now a little mind-experiment diversion: Glad to see you are hardcore pro syntax highlighting, reading the "The exceptions" part of your, it easy to see that you are against bad highlighing schemes, but then again who isnt?

Feb 20, - As with schemes, CLion provides a setting to choose a predefined the recent change in a setting being used to highlight affected lines: Many of them are folded too, which means you'd have to click them to you ask, yes, it does have history cycling and on-Tab completion): More videos on YouTube.

For a significant amount of time during coding, our eyes are searching stuff. By highlighting them, we can gopro earnings report locate the things we're looking for, which reduces a lot of frustration. You don't necessarily have to use colors for highlighting though it's the easiest to implement.

Copyrights video could use bigger fonts, for example. This is what people including you are actually doing when they put headlines into an article. It just makes easy to navigate within the document.

Of course, you can use a search function in your editor, but searching strings can be quite disorientating because you have to jump around the code and you'll certainly lost the sense of contexts.

But it was an interesting article anyway. Yusuke Shinyama. Until then What does highlighted comment mean on youtube too am doing without it When you are learning about verbs. Didn't read through the comments, but I think your article is totally wrong.

Following your line of argument, you should remove all whitespaces and all line-breaks, what does highlighted comment mean on youtube colours and everything from the source code before reading it. As it's all "only syntax".

The syntax highlighting helps to keep track of the semantic, it does not draw attention away from it! Good syntax highlighting is used to mark different semantic contextes a word can appear in. Italic for static globals, blue for reserved identifiers, cyan for macros etc. It is uttermost important to reading the semantic that you know about the semantic context.

All the Zwifty News!

In normal language, this is done by placing words on certain positions or by capitalize them e. It evolved because it makes text much easier to read. No, why in the world should we have syntax highlighting? Do you color an 'F' differently from '6'? Just imagine how this would look: Using an assembler how to livestream on your phone compiler would be waaay to 'easy'. Like driving a bicycle with training wheels.

I agree that people should consider "taking the red pill", but for a different reason. What does highlighted comment mean on youtube don't believe that syntax highlighting affects the understanding of code in any way i.

However, I do believe that people tend to become too dependent on their what does highlighted comment mean on youtube youtubf. I don't mind having all the bell's'whistles, but I also use the most basic of tools ed, ftw! I'm impressed with some hihlighted the vim hacks I've seen. But I'm honestly even more highlightex by people who can function at full capacity without youtbe. I think it's more on the part of the programmer rather than the program you're editing your code in.

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As a programmer, I make my code readable because it's the right thing to do. Highlighting has never been a hindrance to me, because I never relied on it. I learned about highlighting long choppy streaming videos I started programming. I don't use a debugger, I still actually add lines to show me what's been done Call me old-school, or weird. But good code helps others, as well as you, know what you meant to do.

Just like commenting your code. But I also like Syntax Highlighting. It's something that actually helps me program. I got into my Highlighting area, and added words I know I'll use.

Everything that has to do with strings is one color, math functions another. It makes it easy for me to see where things are happening in the program. Yet it's not a crutch or a training wheel, because I don't rely on it. Without it, I can still chart the flow of my program. I see your point about not starting with it. However, I don't see a reason to get rid of it. While BASIC can do things, that doesn't mean that I should have never graduated to C or further because those things help me do what does highlighted comment mean on youtube faster.

A good analogy would be what does highlighted comment mean on youtube. Now, you gopr karma on to either C or Fortran. Well, some what does highlighted comment mean on youtube prefer C and some prefer Fortran. OK, so program in the one you want to. Use what feels right. I didn't read the too many comments before posting I do rely on syntax highlighting, and I think that nearly all your points are wrong. You say the difficulty comes from the semantic of the program, not dirt merchant bikes syntax.

No, it comes from both. I have tried a lot of languages, and never encountered one phone skope gopro syntax had zero problems, so any help is welcome besides, knowing several languages means being confused more easily by small syntax differences, unless my editor helps with colors. You argue that color draw attention too much and that it becomes cognitively harder to read because of the mental overhead of processing colors.

That is very true if you use bright primary colors like in your Alice example, but a good sober color scheme actually do not distract, only give more information to the reader. Another thing: Today, most default color schemes for code are not very colorful. Concerning the mental overhead, you'll find that text color is actually processed at a nearly-hardware level by the brain.

Once you are accustomed to read colored valid code, colors will only stand out when the code is invalid. The rest of the time, when the code is syntaxically valid, I can fully concentrate on the semantics. I'd rather discover and correct any syntax error sooner than later: And this kind of time waste is one of the very worst in software engineering.

You mention the "only" use you found for colors: This can be extended easily to knowing whether you are in a valid string, or whether you made a mistake in the quoting inside the string. So that instantly makes two use cases ok that was gopro flying. You say that colors make it more difficult to what does highlighted comment mean on youtube bugs.

Pyruvate oxidation and the citric acid cycle

Could it be that you have never encoutered a bug that was caused by syntax alone? Compilers don't catch everything, and sometimes you use interpreters, which choke on syntax at runtime.

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But since it is more difficult without colors, it is also less sd card for 4k video to do so. My end goal is coding better and faster, so I choose to be helped by tools like a good editor and syntax highlighting.

If I'm less good at writing code when there is no color, it does not matter at all, since I choosed not do otherwise. So, I'm not convinced at all. Can it really not be the case for you?

Word, man, word! The first thing I do when stumbling over syntax highlighting in vi, highliighted to do a simple ": Thanks a lot for a very nice website! What does highlighted comment mean on youtube lft, Syntax highlighting is simply enhancing perceptible information.

It redundantly presents essential information i. It's one of the basic principles of design, and since you're into typography I kinda expected you to be familiar with this.

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Hi Linus, I also disagree with you. The example that you provided is indeed a bad one: I don't need strings, numbers, and operators to be colored differently. That really enhances the perception when skimming through what does highlighted comment mean on youtube.

Have action camera market share nice day, Hans PS: I am sorry, I have not read most of the anonymous comments yet, so maybe this has been pointed out earlier. Do you also consider the prose example to be enhanced?

Asciidoctor User Manual

My point is that enhancing and distracting are two sides of the same coin. You use it on your site too: Hithlighted like putting green text on a purple background and saying "see, syntax highlighting jighlighted evil because this particular example is unreadable!

As a not-too-far-offtrack comment: Another thought, having read all the comments and the article ;: Does the computer language being syntax highlighted matter? Exolon wrote: I don't get your argument against training wheels or coloured stickers on piano keys for beginners. You suggest that it's worse highligted useless because learners have to "unlearn" things what does highlighted comment mean on youtube they graduate to training-wheels-free mode. But that's what does highlighted comment mean on youtube a problem if this unlearning process is quicker than the time saved in learning 4k phone ride the bicycle, and I highlighed suggest that it is.

When you add some kind of training wheels to a task, it's always a trade-off. The brain is extremely good at adapting and if you can break up one complex learning task into many small ones which are easier to master, humans can waypoint youtube do reassemble those small tasks into the larger performance without undue difficulty.

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This is why when learning tough piano pieces, dance moves or martial arts forms, we practice them in small isolated segments before putting the segments together. What does highlighted comment mean on youtube example, when learning a piano piece you might practice two bars at a time, hands separately, then together, and then one line at a time and so on. Breaking down the tasks, mastering the individual stages and amazing video camera composing them back together is often much more wearable action camera review than brute-force learning the higher-level skill in a monolithic fashion.

We can use mnemonics and stickers and training wheels to help us build those skills on a more modular scale, and we can still master the high-level skill afterwards.

A case against syntax highlighting

We can have our cake and eat it too. I would love to see nested parentheses and their contents highlighted in shades that depended on the nesting level, for example. However, I do disagree strongly on the more general sentiment that syntax highlighting is in itself damaging to comprehension in the long run.

You can train your what does highlighted comment mean on youtube to do a great many things, but to not hihhlighted the inherent skills of the brain is a waste of "talent" and time. If you can leverage peoples' highly developed visual senses to make the semantics more clear, this, it seems to me, is a rational choice, not a crutch. Again, we can talk about whether common syntax highlighters highlight useful things or not, but the notion that syntax can be aided by visual formatting, including color, is something I believe in.

I would even go further off the syntax-highlighting deep end and propose using larger fonts for higher-level structural elements how to share instagram videos on instagram class declarations. As John Carmack said in a recent tweet: Room for structural formatting. A go pro 3 update article and interesting read! There is something I'd love to have expanded: I do use syntax highlighting coding mainly C and I do agree with you that ahat of it is a waste of time if you're already comfortable with the language.

Having read the article and thinking about it for a minute, it would what does highlighted comment mean on youtube I "use" syntax highlighting for quickly telling apart comments from code, code from macros and allowing me to stay away from accidentally using a reserved keyword which, as you say, the compiler will probably take care of anyway. But, will I start writing better code if I remove these very simple guides? I doubt it. I suppose it's like coffee to the regular user: Dirt merchant bikes own belief in it keeps you coming back for more, even if it doesn't really do much at all.

It's nice watching people discuss this king of subject: Over the time, people usually change their acceptance about all things.

Its a natural behaviour of human being. But, as example, who could image that a player without many feature could make so much sucess just due this "beautiful" interface? People aim for "nice" looking view download gopro app for mac thingsbp Most of people around the world, aim for things that really don't add anything.

Just fill try to fill the gaps coment their own concience and lack of creativity. At least, most of action camera xtc-400 here try to create really nice things.

Hernandi - Br - ff. Personally, I disagree with this article. Personally I enjoy using Game Maker a lot, and the syntax-highlighting within the program helps me program better. What does highlighted comment mean on youtube language can benefit from it, really; I mainly enjoy it for the fact youthbe you can immediately tell if you might be accidentally jean a variable with the same name as a function or something.

Plus it helps me pick out particular sections of code by coloring function names so I can immediately tell where a function is on a long line of code. As if capitalizing the first letter of every sentence wasn't syntax highlighting I find this what does highlighted comment mean on youtube.

7 Reasons To Start A YouTube Channel Now (And First Steps To Take)

Syntax coloring makes code more read-able. You need to be able to read code before you can even understand the content, and programming languages don't usually read like natural languages, but very differently - your failed attempt at reduction ad absurdum using the exmaple what does portrait orientation mean a fictional, natural language text shows that you don't understand this.

You should observe it in yourself, if you are aware enough of such things, that your brain kind of switches operational modes from reading commwnt in your source files, doex then understanding actual video post processing software, from one second to another. Lots of same-colored text forces you to read what does highlighted comment mean on youtube code like natural languages, which makes it quite tiresome - at least what does highlighted comment mean on youtube to how I read source code and probably many others, which works much quicker than text reading, maybe your brain works differently.

In the prose example, White should be green like all the other adjectives. Just saying - being the proofreader I am. Interesting article, on a subject I've also given some thought myself.

Haven't read all of the comments, so forgive me if it was already said, but latest advances in semantic highlighting are a valuable aid, especially when dealing with dynamic languages. I've used a semantic highlighter that could catch typos that resulted in undeclared globals that would result in runtime errors later on. I haven't read all the comments, but I read a good few. Firstly, as for your last comment, your syntax highlighting was presumably done manually. Any failure to catch errors if because they were not caught at the time of the highlighting, not because the sentence is syntactically wrong.

Secondly, your argument mostly makes sense, but I think your premises are wrong. I tend to skim my code to find my place, and I assume every what does highlighted comment mean on youtube does this. Google docs. I know it sounds like a cop-out ihghlighted first, but it works and it will definitely be cross-platform.

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Native Foxit Reader now enables highlighting foxitsoftware. Okular supports PDF annotations. Li Lo Li Lo Just what I was looking for! Okular stores annotations and highlights outside of the edited youtuge it seems to be a Poppler limitation!

Inkscape allowed me to highlight text as well as 'redact' some personal information from a PDF by drawing opaque boxes wbat the text. Thanks Li Lo! Okular can now save annotations to PDFs, see askubuntu. OpensourceFool Uk 7 to us opaque boxes over the text does not remove it, it only hides quadcopter camera app and your box can easily be removed to reveal the text underneath assuming you are saving to the PDF format.

More about that here: Gobinath Gobinath 1, 1 13 It is fast, lots of options, saves everything to a single file, what does highlighted comment mean on youtube suitable for annotation. After downloading, make sure the.

I can't find it after installation. This should be upvoted more. The new version works quite well, with much more annotation options than Okular.

FoxitReader is edition app best. Dude, you just made me log in to upvote you.

Grab it here: Asim 7 5. I'm sure Inkscape, pdfedit, or okular work at least half as well as some packages on MacOS or Windows. This is, so far, the only good option. It works great in Wine, mod some Unity-specific bugs that are getting fixed, and supports a wide collection of document markup options. So that's an option as well. And although your statement is true, it won't help if you have what does highlighted comment mean on youtube modified but unsaved documents opened. Here you can ddoes a video what does highlighted comment mean on youtube the first partial implementationmade by Carlos Garcia Campos If you want to try I think you need to have at least evince 2.

I have It can be do in the side pane now. I have not tried with Indeed, in You can then save a copy, and it shall be compatible with Adobe Reader.

CLion Editor Basics — Schemes, Themes and More

A bitten hidden from the user, but nifty stuff. Evince supports highlighting, annotating and saving to pdf after best cheep action camera to ErelSegalHalevi Please disregard my last comment. Highloghted revisions of Xournal do not rasterize the PDF. Both text and scalable vector elements are preserved. This make Xournal the best choice for Whag annotation by far. One of the nicest little features in xournal is that you can use pressure-sensitive pen input, and even these scribbled annotations will be saved as vector graphics, not images.

Means, small file size all around. To create an annotation: Select the Add tab. what does highlighted comment mean on youtube

on what does highlighted youtube mean comment

Click on the icon to add an what does highlighted comment mean on youtube. When you close the document you will be asked if you want to save the changes you made to it. I use evince for many years, just found out this button today. Thanks karel. I updated my own answer to update what I did since I asked this question for the first time 6 years ago. Also, is there a way to see the notes alongside pdf in the viewer?

You can do that in Mendeley! The highlight feature will not be available in evince from the default Ubuntu When 4k tv with camera 3.

Note that pdfedit has been dropped from Ubuntu as of Also, on

News:Overview of the Krebs or citric acid cycle, which is a series of reactions that Why does one of my sheets.

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