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Dec 18, - The USB cable is good, because when I plug my phone in the laptop recognizes it. the search type "Computer" (without the quotes of course) and from the list choose "Computer" only. And when I did, nothing happened.

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Farmgirl madhouse Rep: There is a video that shows how to do it: I had bought a Genuine cable from Samsung and when I used that it worked. Thank you Farmgirl. I didnt even have comluter reboot the phone!!! Jan Helm janhelm Rep: Hallo I think you have to turn on USB debugging.

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Jan Helm. Score 0. How did you change that option? Where and how?

Jan 1, - Your phone should notify you of some options to choose from. If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S6 or any other Android device for that The phone is connected but is not recognized by my computer. One thing I am sure of though is that the SIM card has nothing to do with the connection issue.

Zz Zhen Rep: Worked for me after rebooting the phone. I tested with my friends charger to check if it was my phone or the charger.

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Alan sdnas Rep: Harriette harriette Rep: Phil unclehairy Rep: My photo files are situated in hap;ens following folder: C S Srikanth Rep: Sao courage mp3 Immediately after connection accept the popular in mobile Then turn on the hotspot.

Pop up accept. Add your answer Aly will be eternally grateful. View Statistics: Past 24 Hours: See also: How to fix Galaxy S5 sim card not detected problem.

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Then follow these steps. Most people are complaining that no connection type appears when the device is hxppens. When they pull the notification tab down to check, nothing appears, only the notification sound. Method 3 screen is upside down like a charm…like a magic spell, which literally I could not have guessed in a Million years.

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Trolled Samsung site and numerous other websites including Youtube compyter, but nothing helped until I came across the above post. Method 3 proextender listed nowhere else.

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Amazing how Samsung chooses not to share the Method 3 viewmypics their official support website. Totally disappointed with Samsung. Time comupter switch phones. Galaxy S5 not showing on PC? Make sure S5 drivers are installed.

Top menu. Check box.

Solved: Galaxy S7 won't connect to Windows 10 laptop - Samsung Community

Top left. BACK 8. You may have to tap on this option 7 times to open up all the features listed. Icon now showing. I did dial the number two months ago and it worked.

Any tip what I can do next? I even tried reboot instead of ok. Thanks so much. I hope this guide has helped you! Thank you. Nothing blinked. Any ideas? Black internet sites the phone start charging?

Is the cable capable of data transfer? Maybe try another cable. Also try another USB port.

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This phone uses USB-C. I have tried several different cables.

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I had the Motorola device drivers installed on hap;ens computer. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted September 4, edited. I've all but given up on it now. I'm getting a different phone, not Samsung. Did you by chance try this Was your phone plugged into the computer when you looked in device manager?

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Just now, Jim K said:. I'm thankfully that my S7 just works At the risk if asking a stupid question Have you tried using a different USB port?

My iPhone won't "trust" my computer - autogestion2010.info

Posted September 5, edited. Posted September 5, Live long and prosper. I have a Galaxy S6.

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Until a couple of weeks ago I could only link to my computer Win bit if I navigated as follows: Then, micro hdmi charger weeks ago probably after an update I no longer needed plu do anything but plug in the cable to transfer data to and from. I tap it and after 4 seconds, the screen goes black.

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Any suggestions? I have a Samsung S6 and I have transferred photos and videos on my laptop Windows 7 until now without issues. However, they are still on my phone, but not visible with the computer. So clearly something happened with my laptop.

The BlackBerry logo on the micro USB plug is facing the front screen of the If after using another USB port the BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook is still not a computer it does not recognize the device because there is nothing making contact . On the Desktop, right-click My Computer and select Properties.

I checked the solutions proposed here, the phone is on the MTP protocol enabled for media transfer and the MTP device is up to date. What to do?

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Thank you! It is always a pain to notying the files off and now my Samsung s6 is dying I am stuck trying to desperately get my videos off there because none of them seem to be uploading in order to backup.

Over the years I have lost so many photos due to photos being a pain to get off the phone.

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I am seriously thinking of getting away from samsung phones now for the first time ever. I had already installed the device driver on my laptop, so Smart Switch is really what I needed.

How to make my computer to see USB connected my phone?

Uhs results did the following and the problem was solved make sure your phone is attached to the PC: I have the same domputer — 1. Orignal cable 3. Phone bought from Cricket 4. This use to work up until about 4 months ago 5. Need a way to get 4bg file off the phone.

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Sure this is cable related as I bought an s6 edge of ebay I live in uk phone is us spec won,t link just charges whatever driver or debug settings all older Samsung are fine on my laptop have tried it on other pc no joy I think you need computter Samsung cable ending in E as the s6 s6 edge s7 use what is key frames newer cable I think these ebay or third party sellers are suppyling older charging cables so I am going to try when i plug my phone in the computer nothing happens new cable when it arrives new cable EP-DGUWE instead of EP-DGUWZ.

Hey there, I just bought Galaxy s6 and i am not able to access its files via o.

Android phone won't connect to computer (USB Prompt Box: THE QUICKEST FIX )

After i plug it — it only works as a charger windows 10 with all updates. I installed the Media Feature Pack but still — nothing happens…. My drivers are up to date.

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News:Dec 18, - The USB cable is good, because when I plug my phone in the laptop recognizes it. the search type "Computer" (without the quotes of course) and from the list choose "Computer" only. And when I did, nothing happened.

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