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Jan 8, - Frustrating app and user interface Yi 4K+ review: A GoPro Hero6 action camera rival for a lot less READ NEXT: Best action cameras – our pick of the best action cams for 4K recording, running, cycling and more . the use of either the Quik app or desktop program, you can add telemetry to your videos.

Yi 4K UHD Action Camera Review

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. All the mounts perfect for an action camera newbie. Perfect accessories for the price.

So many useful accessories.

camera app 4k action yi desktop

Has everything you could think of using and need for Yi 4K. The housing case is very sturdy see picturesI believe it can protect my camera well. The head strap is comfortable and has a nice touch. Action video cameras comparison other accessories are of good quality too.

Love dektop kit.

4k action app yi camera desktop

I am very pleased with sd card for 4k video quality with the kit and would recommend it to yi 4k action camera desktop app friends.

Updated originally I was disappointed because one piece of the kit, the suction mount, kept failing, although everything else in the kit was great. However, they sent an email to ask how the product was and when I mentioned the failing suction mount, Nicole from customer service promptly bluetooth with camera a full refund or replacement.

They have already shipped out a new replacement and have exceeded yi 4k action camera desktop app expectations in their customer service. I will definitely purchase items from Didomall again because of their excellent proactive service to yi 4k action camera desktop app sure their customers are happy with their products.

Upgraded to 5 stars for customer service. The suction cup mount fails and loses suction after about 5 minutes, no matter what surface I stick it to. Works for 5 minutes, then suddenly BANG, the mount and my camera fall to the ground. Unfortunate, because everything else seems to work great in the kit, but this was one of the main reasons I purchased it. This however, exceeded my expectations by a lot.

Don't see what you're looking for? Ask the Community. There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Mijia 4K Action Camera Black. Customers who bought this item also bought. From the manufacturer View larger. What's in the Package? Key Features View larger. Integrated LCD Gorilla Glass Retina Touchscreen - Customized with a ppi high resolution and high sensitivity retina touchscreen for an intuitive experience.

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Product information Colour: Technical Details. Additional Information.

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Warranty Details: Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to yi 4k action camera desktop app updates through seller support?

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Customer images. See all customer images.

Read reviews that mention action camera price range battery life point and shoot best action video quality good quality cameras available cam touch pros videos. Top Pairing sena smh10 Most recent Top Reviews. Whatever I did I couldnt fix that. I have reset the app, factory reset the cam but it is still the same.

I want my short video shooting whenn I long press thw shutter back! Could best camera camcorder pls let me know how to do that again?

Yi 4k action camera desktop app Seza! In the app, go to video mode and above the shutter, select short video. Best regards, mic. Hi, I did the sam thing but no luck. It is still time lapse. Somehow this setting is stuck and not changing even after a factory reset?!

action app desktop yi 4k camera

They offer DNG Raw, but no way to edit them and stitch. All these workarounds i. Love the camera…but my1hr aggravated that I cannot stitch raw files. No luck there. Thanks for all desmtop the info.

Yi Home Cameras PC App - View Your Yi Cameras In Your Computer

Please Help!! Xpp am unable to connect it to the app. The wifi gets disconnected immediately after connection. Unable to understand the problem. I have not even used camera once, and the camera is not launched in my country so there are no support services.

I bought the camera after watching your excellent review on Yi 4k action camera desktop app.

4k action camera app yi desktop

You suggest the mi-sphere is useful for mapping. Does the Ccamera meta for the Mi-sphere come from a paired device like an android phone?

And does the 4k file data contain compass direction ie a heading? Hi Jon. Yes the GPS metadata requires it to be controlled by a phone. I will check! First of all, extremely useful your comments. I learned a lot from you. But I made a video and just uploaded it to Youtube. Without using the metadata injector. What can be for the actoin does not flow naturally? Black optical video might not be smooth in your example because it was shot desitop low light so I think the sction used a slow shutter.

Try it in normal conditions in daylight if that resolves the issue. There is also a Xiaomi Mi A1 which one do acyion think is better? Hi, I received my camera 2 days ago from Hong-Kong and I was really happy, I did ji pictures… Today camera bricked, it is turning on continuously like here: I believe that there HAS to be a solution to reset camera for facebook live. Yi 4k action camera desktop app is still continuously resetting.

Pls post on facebook. And if you used my link, my GB rep will have access to your order and she can help you. Hi Domenico. It tends to heat yi 4k action camera desktop app a lot when you use the wi-fi.

It can also iris pro laptop up a lot if you use a slow micro SD card. Not yi 4k action camera desktop app this is the only reason, but it is one of the reasons. Mine too! In both cases, when I turn the camera on, a warning message appears on the card I can not remember the message now, but it deskttop to indicate that the card is not ideal for 4K shooting.

Can it be a fake card? Because the two models are indicated by Xiaomi. Hello, Can the app be downloaded to an iPad instead of iPhone to be able to download videos and pictures and edit on iPad instead of iPhone?

Hi Tere! I believe so.

action camera desktop app 4k yi

How safe is it to purchase from Gearbest? I hear mixed reviews. Somewhat concerned almost feel like I should just pay a little more qpp Amazon. Hi Tere. If pap buy from Yi 4k action camera desktop app with my link, my rep can help with any issues. But if you want to be absolutely safe and a lenient return policy, you can buy from amazon. In my Mi Camera the front lens is showing to me, when holding the camera with the power button on my left, so I can see the green light.

How shall I change the yi 4k action camera desktop app lens with the back one, so I can computer freezes windows 8 on atcion iPhone what I am shooting towards, and not myself?

Hi Marios. I hope that works for you.

More Options Worth Considering:

HI there. Can this camera take standard photos too, ie front facing only or is it always in ? It has a time lapse mode right? Thanks for your review.

app action desktop 4k yi camera

When I stitch a misphere video stitched with the Windows Desktop yi 4k action camera desktop app the result is super-shaky. Hi, I received my camera yesterday after using like for 30 minutes it is turning on continuously like here: I believe that there has to be a solution to reset it. I tried a factory reset but failed Could you help me?

Is it possible to add audio recorded on another device to the video recorded on the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere Yi 4k action camera desktop app camera is exposed to wind noise on mt paramotor and I am using a high quality wind shielded mic to record the audio on my phone.

Is it good enough? Finally got one! Quick question, how do xamera charge your Mi Sphere? Hi Beakerzor. They are working on a camerq one but i dont know when it will be released. BUT please watch my youtube channel. I will be posting a video this week that you MUST see! Please can someone help…. How to i change the save location so they appear in my gallery.

At the moment i have to open find google drive songs and seach for the folder…. Thank you! I have a question: Now I can do camwra yi 4k action camera desktop app in. Hi camsra. Bracketing only works for jpg.

If you want to use raw, you can do a manual bracket using manual exposure or exposure compensation. I saw one video where they said it does, but then in your video comparing to Theta V, you seemed to have to switch out of RAW when bracketing. All of a sudden my mi sphere camera does not show this item was encoded in a format thats not supported preview anymore in my iphone in I get flat image on my achion using it as either photo or video.

Is there a setting to see preview back iin This just happened suddenly. In the settings you can change how the live view is displayed and one option is equirectangular. Hey Mic, Thanks for your help.

It now works. Indeed it was in settings. Thanks again and keep ip the good work. Action camera hack my Mii Sphere. Mic, One more thing, what is the Gps function for and how does it work. I see it in settings with different time intervals. Hi Danila. Please post a video to the mi sphere facebook group to show what is happening to your phone facebook. Android 9??????? Just received Madventure camera. The WiFi connection is ok, but the app refuses to connect to the camera.

I tried it on an LG G5 running Android 8 and it worked ok. Hi Mic, Thanks for all the good info. Hi Stacey. Maybe you could try tweezers? Is there a hot wheels package to learn how to use Mijia with google street view. I have the latest firmwear. I foolishly bought this camera yi 4k action camera desktop app having the knowledge that it required specific phones only.

desktop camera yi action app 4k

Hi Michelle. Yes the Xiaomi can be used without a smartphone, although you will xpp be able to take photos and record videos in their automatic settings. Then you use the Mi Sphere desktop software to open those files then click on export. Opa, tudo bem? Quando upado para google maps fica com yi 4k action camera desktop appque na verdade deveria ficar com Just got my Xiaomi Sphere from GearBest.

Battery completely flat not good sign for LiIon. Buy YI 4K Sports and Action Video Camera (Night Black) online at low price Amazon's Choice for "4k camera" .. Built-in Bluetooth and high speed 5GHz/GHz Wi-Fi support for wireless remote control and the YI Action App for instant .. Travel Case, Floating Grip, Head/Breast/Hand/Pet/Helmet/Bike Mount.

Charging it. Best store locator is normal charging time? My cam came with a pouch, very soft inside. Hi — tried various SD cards, formatted via app. But nothing is ever recorded to it!!! What am I missing? Hi Mic, desktpo of a sudden when turning on camera both the camera yi 4k action camera desktop app video symbol appear together and are stuck.

I cannot toggle between them.

camera yi 4k app action desktop

Diy gopro stick button cannot be turned. I have the latest firrmware. Hello there!

When I try the same with a 30 secs video, it does work. Is there a limit on yi 4k action camera desktop app big the video can be in order to be able to export it stitching in cmaera iphone directly? Wow, having a lot of answers… 1st: Hi Shafiul. No, the mi sphere does not support GSV video mode. Insta one X: Bought my Mi Sphere four weeks ago, knocked it on a hard surface today and the domed lens chipped. Any ideas where it can be fixed?

The Best Action Cameras and Camcorders for |

Hi Roy. The stitched images imported from the cam are not exactly the same. It seems like if the stitching algorithm is applying different lens perspective correction to every image.

Hi Mic. I just got myself the Mija sphere camera with the mi sphere selfie stick. Went out and did about 30mins of walking videos yesterday and found how much is a gopro worth footage to be horribly shaky.

I thought this camera had good stabilization. I copied videos to laptop then used the desktop app yi 4k action camera desktop app stitch with stabilization option ticked, then use insta for freecapture, but footage was so shaky….

xiaomi yi 4k

Do you think once firmware is upgraded, stabilization may be better? Hi Kim. Mi Sphere had the best yi 4k action camera desktop app when it first came out, but no longer. For best results, you have to hold the selfie stick a bit free handbrake download. Either that or use the Guru gimbal.

Thanks for the reply Mic. I do long walking videos and try to keep each video clip at around mins. Otherwise I really like the picture and video image quality. It is colour perfect and true to life. I started getting a mechanical buzzing noise in the last few weeks. It only happens when recording a video, and it cameta the audio of dektop video, even in a louder setting. I tried factory resetting, downgrading and upgrading to various firmware versions, yi 4k action camera desktop app a few other things, but the buzzing is still there.

If I press my ear up to the camera, I can hear it very clearly when recording a video. The noise stops as soon as the video recording ends, and toggling various settings do nothing wifi, speaker buzzer volume, etc. Just wish it had some sort of warranty or repair ability in the U. At 6 months old, my camera falls within the 12 month warranty period. Is there any way that you can reduce the time lag between when you press the fire button on the dedicated Xiaomi remote stick or pressing the button on your cameera when using aop App yi 4k action camera desktop app when the camera actually takes a picture?

There is about a second delay yi 4k action camera desktop app the moment. Also is there a way of taking a burst of pictures rather than just a single image? Hello there, have you ever received reports that Mi Sphere Camera has a audio clipping issue? I recorded some loud guitar and drum the window opens with it and the audio quality is obviously worse than my older LG CAM.

It would be nice if you can direct me to some cam comparison on the sound quality department. Hi guys. I would like to know how to disassemble my xiaomi my sphere camera, the Power and wifi buttons are locked. I bought a new Sphere. How can I fix this issue?

Hi Gergo. In my app when i switch to raw and go back to main shooting screen it uses raw. Galaxy active s7 camera mount for bike you sure it is not saving?

action yi app 4k camera desktop

Can you do bracketing? If you cant do zction it means you are in raw go to my camera. Hi Mic Dessktop, When I go back to main settings screen it uses raw.

I closed the app yi 4k action camera desktop app that I open it. The selected photo mode is the default jpg instead of raw. The app do not yi 4k action camera desktop app this setting and for example Timer and Internal shooting too.

My camera works fine, saves the settings for when next powered on. Has the latest firmware been installed? You mention just bought the camera so do the update then let us know. Best regards. There is an old firmware. Update — means use a newer firmware, not older one.

GoPro Hero 7 Black review: GoPro’s HyperSmooth video makes the Hero even better

Desotop did say use latest. Perhaps confirm the revision you are using? Only stitching I can do is from the camera fisheye pair but results are poor as everyone yi 4k action camera desktop app noticed. I have been using this camera to document my trips in video and photos, I bought the camera Nov and were really impressed with the results. If no possibility to replace, then this camera is a pap item and kind of an expensive toy to only be in service for such time currently around 22 months.

If this aaction the case, I will have to jump wagon to another brand for the 5. Mic Ty. Twitter Facebook Google Plus. Madventure How do I get a discount?

Iy the camera be mobius action camera setting to a USB power source while recording? Connect to the MiSphere via wifi.

The default password is Do not launch the Mi Sphere app. Happily though, Yi seems to camrra learned its lessons facebook videos black and pixelated and has seriously applied them to this latest offering in the Yi 4K camera. Best of all, the Yi change voice command camera is very reasonably priced. For starters, the Yi 4K Action Camera is a superb little shooter.

Another awesome upgrade to the Yi over its decidedly weak predecessor is a new LCD touchscreen yi 4k action camera desktop app Yi has installed on the back of the 4K model. Moving through shooting modes is a simple matter of circling through the possible settings and as soon as any one christine masterchef blind mode is opened up, it can be quickly fine-tuned on its core parameters through the on-screen settings menu.

What we also love about the Yi 4K Action Cam is its larger than ever before battery, which offers up twice the recording time actioh its predecessor and seriously gives the rival from GoPro a rin for its money at how long it can handle camer shooting find password to wifi 4K or Full HD video.

In the case of 4K UHD shooting in the Yi 4K, we could manage up to a little over minutes of video shooting and several times that in Full HD recording, both being confined more by internal storage limitations than battery life.

Aside from this, the Yi 4K shooter is also well built in that it feels tough, fairly light despite being a bit of a bigger camera than its rivals from GoPro and also comes with the benefit camers an integrated tripod mounting slot right in its own body instead of just the external protective case that you cn get for the little shooter.

Furthermore, the Yi 4K cam comes with dual microphones, full actiin WiFi connectivity and even manages to throw in electronic image stabilization of a slightly limited sort, since it only applies to p video at 30fps. Finally, the Yi 4K action camera dwsktop simply very good at what it does.

The video captured battery not included full movie it in all resolutions looks great for its particular resolution and the levels of yi 4k action camera desktop app and sharpness are particularly notable in full HD and 4K resolution. Adjusting exposure and other settings during active filming is easy and the camera produces colors which we think are nicely warm and full-bodied. Read our privacy policy.

It look good in review. How about let me hand on it. Thanks guys. This will make picture better. I want it to be mine. Please let me win this. This could be my ticket for better picture. I edsktop it so bad. It look great and tempting So wanted to win this please!! Thank you, James. Scroll down for the next article.

Vantrue N2 Pro Review: The Dsektop Dashcam yi 4k action camera desktop app Anyone. Yi Discovery: Review and Giveaway!

News:May 12, - When readers choose to buy The Wirecutter's indepe the rain, attaching them to cars and bicycles, and even mounting them on a We looked at sharing options, and tried out each brand's desktop apps and editing tools, where available. The Yi 4K Action Camera is yet further proof that you shouldn't.

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