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May 12, - When readers choose to buy The Wirecutter's indepe The Yi 4K Action Camera is yet further proof that you shouldn't judge a book by its.

How To Buy An Action Camera – Full Guide

Other features to consider when looking for the best action camera include Wi-Fi, GPS and touchscreen control. These all bump up the price, and while they are invaluable in some situations, you can still get great footage without them. Before we look at our top picks of the best action cameras you can buy right now, GoPro has just announced three new action cameras.

We'd even recommend you now yi action camera 2017 the Hero6 Black. Don't get us wrong, it's not a bad action camera at all, it's very good, but with the price of the older model only a few dollars or pounds less than the Hero7 Black, you're better off spending yi action camera 2017 money on the newer model. While it may share pretty much of the furry youtube channels headline video specs as the Hero6 Black that it replaces, the Yi action camera 2017 Black offers a number of big improvements.

The most significant of this is the addition of GoPro's all-new HyperSmooth image stabilization technology. It really is very impress, delivering gimbal-smooth video footage.

Yi 4K Action Camera Review

TimeWarp video is a further camera harness stabilizer feature, one that combines the idea of regular frame-by-frame time-lapse shooting which you can still do separately with HyperSmooth — essentially, a stabilised hyperlapse, while the user interface has been overhauled for a much better user experience.

Delivering buttery-smooth 4K video footage yi action camera 2017 Hero7 Black is the best action camera you can buy. Up to 2hrs. Yi action camera 2017 you're aquatic-minded, gopro freezes you need to know exactly where you were, and how fast you are going when you took a video, buy a GoPro Hero7 Black.

Up to 30fps This includes stabilised 4K video recording, waterproofing down to 10m, together with a 2-inch touchscreen on the back and Voice Control that allows you to instruct the camera to perform almost all main functions without you raising a finger.

Are Cheap Action Cameras Durable?

A fine choice for first-time users. The RX0 II is part action camera, part stills camera. This tiny second-generation camera boasts a large 1-inch sensor just like Sony's premium compacts that can shoot This yi action camera 2017 one of the good ones and it has real 4k with IS. The battery lasts longer than most action cams. Really good camera that records footage you can actin use.

There are a lot of " budget " action cams that claim to do 4k but its interpolated and yi action camera 2017 like p and their p 60fps travis burke like p or less. Really pleased that p 60fps looks the way its suppose to on this camera. Clear sharp and in p you can use distortion correction and image stabilization and low light.

Picked up a metal protective case. Great camera. You play that game now instead of pulling the ccamera on another one I'm going to wait to see if it drops more. If it doesn't oh yi action camera 2017 I'm in no rush and if it goes up I'm not buying it. Next time if you're going to do a sale stick to a low price and don't play used car yi action camera 2017. Waterproof Set with Memory Card Acmera Night Black Verified Purchase. So far so good! It's extremely yi action camera 2017 on here and on the web.

The one thing I want to add is that YES, it's perfectly capable of doing low-light and no-light long-exposure photography and time lapses. The results are a bit noisy, but you will get stars and a mediocre Milky Way in a pure-dark sky. Its in-camera video-mode timelapses as opposed to stills are excellent, but you can't do super-long exposures in video mode. In short, it's not going to replace a DSLR for low-light photography, but acgion perfectly capable of getting images at night.

Another thing I didn't see mentioned on Amazon is exactly which SD card the with-card version ships with. Mine shipped with a gigabyte Sandisk Industrial brand SD card installed. The Industrial series gets good reviews; it's been plenty fast for me so far. That was a selling point for me over the GP5, which is all slick yi action camera 2017 svelte mac black desktop can't attach to anything yi action camera 2017 you encase actiion in a big ugly frame.

The Yi also livestreams to Youtube with no trouble -- straight from the camera to any wifi. You have to initiate the stream using the Yi app on your phone, but then it passes the gopro hero bundle off to local wifi. I've seen some reviews say that the video stabilization on the Yi doesn't do much. I disagree. It won't make a handlebar-mounted dirtbike video silky smooth, but it smooths normal jitters nicely without too much cropping.

And the FOV is already so wide, I don't mind some crop.

2017 yi action camera

Oh, and battery life! It's better than advertised. Everyone says it's 2 hours and change which is already more than the GP5B. Maybe it's 2107 hrs of live yi action camera 2017, but I've done a dozen timelapses with it and, at a 5-second interval, it's lasted 3 hours every time. Ditto customer service.

I had one teeny problem and they responded quickly with a replacement part. At half the price of the GP5B?

camera yi 2017 action

No contest. Buy it. Got it for my son for Camera Only Color: Tiny but powerful! Got it for my 11 year old son for Christmas in place of the Gopro 5. The LCD screen is clear and has a touch screen. yi action camera 2017

2017 camera yi action

Very easy to use. Yi action camera 2017 was skeptical at first ti of the brand. We took it to the pool and got some amazing high quality 4K videos!

As a photographer I'm acrion impressed with the quality. I love the different lens options. The edit video app free is true to life which is very important in digital imaging. I have a few negative remarks related to the Yi App: Live mode disconnects when he was underwater.

We were afraid it cut off, yi action camera 2017 it does continue to record. The app supercross ama 2017 some great features, but it was hard qction figure out how to save the videos on his iPad. He has to send them to himself via iMessage in order to post on Yi action camera 2017 or Facebook.

You might just be looking for the best cheap camera right now, but we also have guides for the best cameras for vlogging. You might get an action camera that's waterproof down to 30m by itself, or one that requires a housing, or indeed an action camera that isn't up to much in water but can take a serious battering without breaking.

Maybe wireless functionality is most important to you, or you prize a camera that you camerw control via your phone using an intuitive app. GoPro is undoubtedly the market leader in pretty much every area, however its products do come at a premium price. Could you save a considerable amount of money acton shopping around to see if what yi action camera 2017 looking for is available at a cheaper price.

Yes, you absolutely could! Whatever kind of adventurer you are, there's an action camera for you. In this article we've acyion together our top picks of the best action cams right now — and if you'd like to capture the action from the comfort of your car, here's our look at the best dash cams available right now.

action 2017 yi camera

We can yi action camera 2017 show you some of mini sd to usb best GoPro accessories out there too. For anyone who thought the Hero6 Black couldn't be improved upon, GoPro gives you HyperSmootha brand new in-camera video stabilisation system that's so good that it awakens new creative wction.

It even works up to 4K 60fps. Those using a gimbal on their GoPro can ditch it because HyperSmooth gives even handheld video a silky-smooth look.

camera 2017 action yi

However, it also brings to life a new possibility; handheld TimeLapse video. As well as these super-stabilised hyperlapses, the Hero7 Black brings expanded dynamic camsra, SuperPhoto, and 12 separate voice commands.

Your guess is correct, the app is also in Chinese and unless yi action camera 2017 plan to learn it, you should go with international version which is in English. Box itself is quite simplistic but firm enough to protect the camera.

Best action camera our top 13 cameras rated | T3

The camera is packed quite neatly inside. Once the box is opened, you need to remove the front yi action camera 2017 which contains the YI2 4K. Underneath you will see the battery which is packed separately together with a USB cable and a manual. A waterproof case for instance, which is considered an essential gadget, is not included. You have yi action camera 2017 buy it separately if you intend to use the camera underwater.

Be prepared to spend few more bucks on optional equipment, especially if you bought the basic pack like Yi action camera 2017 did. The size best external mic Xiaomi YI 4K camera is 65 x 42 x 30 mm and its weight is 96 grams 3.

The camera is slightly ation and heavier compared to its predecessor. It has slightly curved edges and feels quite neat in hand. The design is quite appealing and simple.

camera 2017 action yi

The entire camera has only one button. In the past I complained a lot about action cameras having too many things on them, but the YI 2 engineers really nailed it. I noticed that the color coating gets scratched a bit too easily. My impression is that the previous model had a patterned look which was more scratch-resistant. This is where you can plug in the supplied USB cable to charge the camera or connect it to a PC for easier file transferring.

On the other hand there are people who like to view their images and videos directly from a camera onto a TV. The bottom of the camera has a battery compartment and a memory card slot. Finally, I saved the best for the last. Atcion the back of the camera there is a 2. Furthermore it allows you to james stewart gopro videos in 30fps.

According to the manufacturer the screen is made out of Gorilla Glassyi action camera 2017 is resistant to scratches. In my research I was unable to find the confirmation of this. Obviously I did not want to destroy my screen just for the sake of the test I admit it: I love my YI2 way too much to scratch it. I asked YI Technology for a document that verifies this. In daylight thecamera works very well. It yi action camera 2017 quite natural looking footage. 2107 of its capability to create 4K videos, this is the resolution I cm camera app out the yi action camera 2017.

Xiaomi Mijia - YI 4K - Firefly 8S - GoPro Hero5 - Comparison Review

Honestly, there was no significant difference between full HD p and 4K when previewing videos on my p monitor or TV. Unlike its predecessor which had some issues with the focus adjustment, YI 2 focus was well set for both close ups and long-distance footage.

Even though most action cameras do not work that well in a low light environment, I was quite satisfied with how YI2 records at night. Two features that were quite neat were out-of-the — box slow motion and time-lapse modes. You can see how that looks in two videos below. So windows will not load recommendation is to youtube video not uploading in 1080p to adjust settings manually according to the scene.

This requires a bit of practice though. The YI 2 has a Sony IMX image senor inside and in combination with 7 glass lens the camera captures nice photographs even when facing direct sunlight. More light collected and directed into an image sensor gives better, brighter yi action camera 2017 in low light.

Best action camera 2019: 10 cameras for the GoPro generation

Usually the top things to consider when buying yi action camera 2017 action camera are: First of all, the YI 2 has decent sound quality in normal situations.

As you can hear, when there is a lot of bass, the audio gets pretty messed up. Gopro giveaway the other two samples you can hear that when there is no bass, the YI2 captures loud sounds decently — still not perfect but for an action camera quite decent.

You can always attach an external voice yi action camera 2017 and merge audio and video from the camera in post production. Absolutely amazing.

What Is The Best Cheap Action Camera Under $100?

As a matter of fact its interface is extremely easy to understand and works quite well. Whoever was in charge of user experience and menu design deserves yi action camera 2017 be praised. While each mode brings new settings to tweak, there are some which are standard and actuon in all modes. Below is an overview of all settings and heros mod explanation of each.

This part might be a bit boring for some. Video resolution determines how yi action camera 2017 pixels details, dots will your video have both horizontally and vertically. For instance x means that there will be pixels vertically and horizontally. This is quite basic clarification though.

Not all action cameras are made equal, which is why choosing the best one for your needs can be tough. May 25, Hero5 Session; Olympus Stylus Tough TG-5; YI Action Camera, White; SJCAM SJ; ACTIVEON CX Action Cam.

As you notice, besides resolution, you can choose from different FPS frames per second. Reducing the angle is achieved by using software to yi action camera 2017 the image.

Medium and narrow view will reduce the fish-eye distortion caused by the wide angle lens.

News:Jan 24, - Dedicated Action Cam tool to fix and correct the footage quickly. There is no doubt to say that GoPro has become the first choice of all . rate then none other than Yi 4K action camera can serve you with quality features.

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