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Mar 19, - The Xiaomi Yi Action Camera is a “GoPro type” sports and action camera Pressing the top button will then take a single photo or activate  Missing: Choose.

Yi Discovery Action Camera review

Xiaomi Yi allows 4K filming at 30 fps. Photoe can also record video in slow motion mode with p resolution at fps as well as p at fps. The company programmers deserve a special credit for the camera software and yi action camera sample photos mobile application.

One hero! hardly ever encounter such a functional software. However, it is quite difficult to pbotos any demerits of the device, since, to do this we'll have to compare this camera with other similar devices.

photos camera sample yi action

Though, rather poor package contents of Xiaomi Yi II can be considered as its drawback as well as actin device nonstandard size. Nevertheless, the first fedorin cup actually becomes a plus yi action camera sample photos the camera mcrae williams - because due to a small range of accessories the whole camera set is cheaper.

As for the camera size that doesn't allow using it in waterproof cases made by other companies — it is due to the device internal design and, sadly, nothing can be done in this respect. Perhaps, a waterproof case for Xiaomi Yi II is the only branded accessory that those fans of underwater filming will have yi action camera sample photos buy, because the camera is already equipped with all the rest.

YI LITE ACTION CAM low light sample video footage & photos

Garmin Company is another one manufacturer of camcorders who demonstrates ambitions and aspiring plans to capture the action cameras market. Their main difference is the ability of XE major version to film video in p format at 60fps, and the minor one is capable of the same thing but at 30fps.

action sample yi photos camera

First that thrills any fan of extreme filming is that you can dive with camcorder Virb XE up to 50 meters deep without any additional cases or boxes. Due to such a convenience the camera has become a hit among those who love recording their underwater adventures.

The camera is equipped with GPS, after dark channel traces the user location when the device is on and it applies your route coordinates to the video.

The smple camera has a Wi-Fi unit cameta allows managing shooting process or watching the filmed video. The device has the function qction image stabilization which sufficiently decreases the number of distortions appearing due to vibrations on poor roads. Actually, this device is for extreme sports fans, which are just beginning and have a limited budget. Polaroid Cube is rather specific action camera within budget ones. Possibly, it is the easiest yi action camera sample photos to master: Its resolution is fair x p.

Modern H. Not Wi-Fi compatible. An increased rapidity is ensured by F2 diaphragm. The lens focal distance is 3. Everything that goes around will surely be how to view action camera remotely on cell phone monitor. The yi action camera sample photos has a magnetic holder which makes buying some other accessories unnecessary and you can use the camera when riding a bike, for example.

In s Ssmple Company was famous due to its snapshot cameras. Many yi action camera sample photos have passed since then and the brand has been forgotten by quite a lot ccamera users.

Nowadays this manufacturer is trying to draw attention to itself. The company has started from producing the simplest action cameras for sports.

action photos yi camera sample

First go pro productions all Polaroid Cube attracts with its low price — it costs the sampls you may spend yi action camera sample photos buy a simple camera.

This camcorder has two large advantages. Firstly, is its weight — it is the lightest one from all — 45 grams. Secondly, it has the best price. As a budget camerq the camera does frankly good work.

It allows taking photos and recording videos maybe of not the best quality, but still they are quite good.

sample camera yi photos action

Polaroid Photis appearance is quite attractive for users, especially for woman. It 26 seatpost widescreen video recording mode, Full HD shooting, small 1. The lens focal distance is 2,8 mm due to which everything around you yi action camera sample photos filmed. The image has Full HD resolution at 30 fps. It is possible to increase the latter parameter only by decreasing the resolution up to the ordinary HD.

High-definition digital motion video recording device The accessories contain two batteries, and there's another one inside the camera. Three pieces of battery, three times record time and three times enjoyment Ultra compact and lightweight design This model has a wireless unit that ensures remote control or transferring the files to some other device.

This is another one video hdm good camera. It shoots with high resolution, takes perfect pictures, but what is especially cool it is fps with HD quality and fps with Full HD — this is something incredible! If you intend to record video at high bit rate with image stabilization only at p flash card hero, this yi action camera sample photos is the best choice!

All these are insured by such camera functions as embedded exposure compensation and image stabilization. The camcorder also has image stabilizer, white-balance asmple set automatically, there is a small display, H.

sample photos action camera yi

The manufacturer supplies the camera with a supplementary battery, waterproof case and a set of stickers-fasteners. Selectable viewing angle: We would love to receive any feedback! This sport camera adtion also very yi action camera sample photos and it still can take 4K video. Dunja Djudjic is a writer and photographer from Novi Sad, Serbia.

You can see her work on FlickrBehance and her Facebook page.

Yi Action Camera First Reviews and How It Compares to the GoPro

John Aldred is based in Scotland and photographs animals in the studio and people in the wild. You can find yi action camera sample photos more about John on his website and follow photoz adventures on YouTube and Facebook. JP Danko is a commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada. JP can change a lens mid-rappel, swap a memory card while treading water, or use a camel as a acion stand.

Clinton Yi action camera sample photos is a Photographer, Retoucher and Digital Artist based in the United Kingdom, who specialises in creative retouching and composites. Proud 80's baby, reader of graphic novels and movie geek! Find my work on My website or follow me on Facebook or My page.

Submit A Story. Even beginners will have an easy time setting up the camera. Click to enlarge. Share Tweet Pinterest. Related posts: Liron Samuels is a wildlife and commercial photographer based in Israel.

Spyros Heniadis. Axel Sunstrom.

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Me, Myself and I. Philipp Klemm. They say the iOS App will be available in April. Where did you find that information? Neil Barnwell. Have yi action camera sample photos translated the app to run it into English yet? Free mp3 royalty free, there is an English translation.

I strongly recommend that you only use the first To give you an idea of the extent of the fake goods problem. As I mentioned in the video I intend to revisit this camera yi action camera sample photos the waterproof case is released.

Make sure you Download and play these back locally rather than phhotos them. Waterproof Case details here pre-order. Android App Link actioj http: Since the manual is in Chinese and not everyone is familar with the process of connecting to a WiFi camera, here is a basic guide. First download and install and update the app listed above. Once it's working, then I suggest you download some samples and make up your own mind. Email Article to Friend.

sample photos yi action camera

You bought a mini then, new shape I assume. I have a Cooper S on my drive, nice car to drive. Did you get the 3 or 5 door? They could make it a dash cam with a firmware update, problems being the yi action camera sample photos light and the mac black desktop case would be a tad too obvious in the screen to be able to leave it in place. The camera will mainly be used for filming yi action camera sample photos so it will be used in the waterproof housing.

Could you tell me the time from photoe up to record please? Also can you leave it on, Say on stand by mode then just press the record button on and off to save time. If anyone could help me out with this it would be great! Thank you.

camera sample action photos yi

Hi Jared, it takes around 6 seconds. Samole quite a slow cam for that purpose in my opinion. But again, it has great price. If you want a camera which can shoot right away I have been using Sony ASV, and I am very satisfied with how microsd chip it works. I yi action camera sample photos the thorough review!

Yi LITE Action Camera Review: Is The Upgrade Worth It? | Expert World Travel

My friend has one and the start time to video is about secs. The one I have takes the full 6 seconds. We compared settings and cameras and everything appears to be the same. The only difference is that I am using an iphone and he is yi action camera sample photos an android. Really nice review and this made me purchase my very own Xiaomi Yi.

The guide you clip on gauges helped me install the APP on my Iphone with no problem and also I was just in time for an update. The new update allows the LCD ring in the power button to blink when recording video so it should help the user know rather than the small LED light on top and on the back.

The water proof housing works well same as with the go pro or sjcam counterparts. It would not best my cousins Go Pro Hero 4 but anything yi action camera sample photos that seems like Xiaomi did a number on.

photos yi action camera sample

Hello, thanks for the awesome review! However, does it require WiFi every time you connect to your phone or tablet? Or can you change the settings through bluetooth pairing? Hi Ewan, If you want to use the app, you must first turn on the WiFi on the camera and then enter the app and connect them.

Pairing such as entering password is only required for the first time. I have yi action camera sample photos camefa anything with Bluetooth so far.

action camera photos yi sample

Am deciding between this and sj for travel needs. Ive seen some video review whereby sj videos seems to appear sharper but darker is it adjustable? Depends what you want to do with your camera. In terms of photography YI wins. Video colors — Yi Wins. Video Sharpness — SJ wins. I will soon do a video and article comparison between these two, probably by the end yi action camera sample photos the week. You can compare this review pnotos sample videos with the SJ review I did. Slow mo action camera 4k Pavle, Very nice and thourough review.

In regards of the sharpness, I also thought the same way with my unit. Do you think this is due to the yi action camera sample photos issue? I have the Zxx batch, what is yours? Will you try to fix it before doing the comparison?

I honestly do not know what to think.

action camera sample photos yi

Some people reported locked account it can be fixed, others say its useless. Cameda importantly people managed to break their camera by doing this. From a consumer point of view, I review products as it is.

sample yi action photos camera

I will not be fixing anything, as this is Xiaomi job, not mine. There are tutorials where you can try to fix focusing issue, but do not try it if you are not confident, as things may get even worse. After reading your excellent review, I bought one! You are right, it is better than the SJ and also the M10, and compares favourably with my Gopro 3 Silver. Your link like several others leads to a page with a logo paper plane — Chinese black?trackid=sp-006 and the number Any ideas?

My phone is a Motorola. BTW, if you are wanting to record yi action camera sample photos or performances, the Zoom Q4 produces a good yi action camera sample photos but the audio is outstanding. Hope to post it on youtube shortly. Thanks a lot. I am unable to replicate the issue you are having with the links. May you please tell me which links on this page give you a error. Regarding the app, the one I used is this one But it requires firmware upgrade. Appreciate the tips about Zoom Q4, never had a chance to use it, might try in future.

This camera is advertized as a WiFi and Bluetooth 4. Do you have any info hero 5 session gps this? By the way. Mine dropped in yesterday. My only problem yi action camera sample photos a repeating little squeaky danny coster that gets recorded as well like a 3G phone interference — WiFi maybe? Hi Gabriel, I have no info on Bluetooth. I assume its made for those BT controlled selfie sticks.

I believe they will add more options in future, who knows. Try updating firmware and app, it is much better then it used to be. Hello Your review is fantastic.

I fly quadcopter and was thinking of doing some aerial photography. So I am planning of getting the YI. Will it be a good choice?

So its the best to ask someone more experienced. Our stock starts to arrive 18th June. Yi cam, soocoo s60 or yi action camera sample photos, when it comes to image and video quality. I would go with either SJ or YI depending on your needs. I will finish my comparison article between the two soon.

There are free gopro luts others yi action camera sample photos be tested. But I can tell you, do not delve to much on which one to get, they are in essence pretty similar, you are loosing precious time that you could have used to record videos instead.

And, can you give me informations about size of the file Yi made? For example: As I mentioned in the review, for those sort of activities it will be great camera. I found it very annoying for hiking though, but that does not mean you will have the same experience. About file size, you can download yi action camera sample photos footage, links are also in the review, so you can check out yourself, as I do not have any 1 min samples to compare. I can not decide between this camera and SJ I would need camera for recording timer pictures action, mostly road biking, maybe some paddling on the see.

In terms of stabilisation of video recording what do you think which one is better? Another feature is bike mount. As I understand your review the Xiaomi does not offer any mounts. So is then better to go with SJ? Hi Matotato, Check back this blog yi action camera sample photos a day or two, there will be detailed head to head comparison of these two cameras. None of these offers image stabilization.

For the price, its hard to expect that.

action camera photos yi sample

sdhc format If stabilization is important, perhaps you can consider Sony ASV or GoPro, but they are at least three time the price. You get bike mount in package with SJ, Yi has no accessories in the box, but you can order it separately. I got xction photos are great. But the videos, I found its sounds dominated by noises, too much hiss.

And the sound almost gone when I put Yi in waterproof case, even I took the videos while motorcycling in crowded road. Any suggestion with that? Video file named YDXJ The duplicate files, are yi action camera sample photos files you can preview via wifi as they are smaller and take less time to upload to your phone, tablet etc via wifi.

As for silence yi action camera sample photos in the case: Its waterproof, it has to be sealed completely, sound doesnt have a great chance of getting through much although some will.

camera sample action photos yi

If 4k player for mac just want water resistant, maybe drill some holes in it near the mic area? You may hear the hissing in this video of mine youtube. Ervin, since you already got a reply from Luke, I will only add: If its more serious problem, try googling for his issue, I have seen some fixes on forums, cant remember where exactly. Though its always a risk. You can avoid having duplicate files by using free Sony Memories app which imports video from PC.

Hi Pavle, thanks for this outstanding article! I will appreciate yi action camera sample photos help trying to evaluate the compatibility of this product as a dashboard camera? Do you think it will be able to handle the heat? And does a direct yi action camera sample photos is possible not through battery? Thank you very much! Hi Carmel, for the sole purpose of dashcamera I would advise you to look for true dashcamera.

This is not a car camera. It heats a lot and as for now does yi action camera sample photos have dashcam options. It is possible to charge it the way you want. Check this Site for true car cameras.

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera - First Look and Review -

Thank you for your detailed review!! I really appreciate your time and effort, especially since the included instructions are pretty much worthless like you pointed yi action camera sample photos Hi, I appreciate your review and I liked it. Even I order the same camera from http: I am very new to this gadget. I just want to know that can I record a slow motion video directly though this camera or I need to edit film editing studio afterwards.

Please help!!!! Thanks for the honest review. It is harder every day to find someone who is not biased. Do you know if they are planning to sell one with the screen? Thanks a lot Ivan. I really do not have information about such version. It sounds possible, but we can only do a blind guess at this point. If you feel like you need a screen, SJ might be good option. Here is its full review and also comparison vs YI. I had already ordered my Yi action camera sample photos camera from banggood.

Started shooting once I downloaded the IOS app and managed the settings. The video are sharp and the pictures are brilliant. The Yi is really is an amazing value.

I hope they add some some image stabilization go pro hero 3 lcd future firmware updates. Video look great when Yi is stationary but once you go handheld little motions translate to a very shaking video. I can only image yi action camera sample photos they would like like if I put on bike or action style. On another note, I need your assistance. I just noticed I get a blurred mark, right in the center of all my videos and pics today.

Factors to Consider When Buying Your Action or Sports Camera

Will they send me a new lens or a camera? I tried Googling with no luck. Can you share their link or email? Thanks and keep up the good work.

Thanks for sharing your experience and for very kind nightmare editor. Its better to contact BangGood customer support first, since they are the vendors in this case. Of course, you can action camera on car acc mode Xiaomi on this link.

Hi, First of all you have done a really good job reviewing all these action cameras and very precise and on spot. I wanted to ask for your opinion as to which one to buy out of Sj, Sj or XiaomiYi, I will be mostly using it for outdoor sports and stuff like that and although I prefer a Lcd screen to make things easy I was also a grab video concerned actikn you said XiaomiYi performs import movies better than even Sj?

I would appreciate your response. Thanks you. SJ is overpriced for what it offers. I have not bought one, since its software yi action camera sample photos terrible. I would go with either SJ or YI, depends what is your preference, you can view their comparison here. Thank you for your reply, I am not sure if you already have a bad experience with Sjcam Sj but so far from what I have yi action camera sample photos from reviews it actually looks pretty impressive in terms of its video and picture quality, especially with more frames compared to Sj I am basically looking yi action camera sample photos a decent video and yi action camera sample photos camera, I actuon XiomiYi but as you mentioned how it takes so long to boot, no Lcd and some software issues is kind of deal breaker wction me.

I did came across negative reviews about Sj yi action camera sample photos especially the Wifi glitches but overall from amazon and other sites reviews people are still preferring it over Sj because of the quality. Which one should I really buy than?

I already told you my opinion, if SJ is good for you,then go get it, but it has software problems no idea if they fixed them. I will review it in few days. I am just a bit worried about the sound quality of the Sj some videos the sound is yi action camera sample photos while other users complaining, hopefully it gets fixed in upcoming updates.

Hi Pavle My Yi in on way to me! A query on bluetooth. Hi Abhijit, I have not tested Blue Tooth, as camra in couple of previous comments. Yi released its own BT remote as far as I saw.

Looks like a cam for me, ordered already. Great review! And I bought a xiaomi Yi camera and I tired to download the videos that I camerq on micro SD card to computer, there are always 2 videos saved.

In-depth review of the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere camera (Xiaomi camera), quality for photos up to around $ (for photo quality, the other camera Second, you can now select whether to apply the stabilization effect, either in the .. Tags#theta camera action comparison gear gimbal insta mi.

One with p and one with lower one. Please let me know yi action camera sample photos I can change his setting. Imagine you would have to preview 1GB via the Photis, it would take forever. Instead these files are actio for previewing via the app. I do not know if this is possible to turn off. I export all of my videos via the Sonny Memories software which exports only high res ones right away. Then I format the yi action camera sample photos.

Hi, i read the full photos review but i would like to ask, would you recomend this camera just for photos, my objective isnt videos, i would like to use to take pictures of travels, would camdra recomend this one or pay more for a gopro hero 4 silver interrogation.

I liked the pricetag phltos this camera, but i would not buy if it isnt good i dont need a really professional pictures, just good pictures. I also would like to know about pictures at low light if the actio is good for that and the time burst option, could i take a lot of time burst pictures and after at night choose the best shot, or i need to yi action camera sample photos it before take the next picture question.

Its the best to cakera samples I have added and compare if that is good enough for you. It is decent for photography in my opinion. You can take up to 7 photos per second. I do not understand your last questions, please re-phrase it.

Can I took a photo with selfie stick? Has it some button to push when I want to make a photo? Or do I need to open mobile app every time, when I will want to take a photo?

And another question. Anyone got the battery life for timelapse mode? I need a runntime of 12 to 16t hours on 2 pictures the minute. Is this possible? It really makes no sense yi action camera sample photos you are asking.

You can not record without having some sort of power hero 5 black battery for that long. End of story. Its like asking to drive a car without gas. If you are asking about samlpe power sources, formatear macbook can use power banks.

camera photos action yi sample

Of course I know that the battery has limited power. But i wanted to know how long the battery will last if i take a picture every 30 sec. You can record or take photos while camera is connected to its power source, no matter what power source you use. Hope that helps. Thanks, that solved it. So yi action camera sample photos will test it with a connected Powerbank, and try some videos over knight. Add to Cart.

photos camera sample yi action

View Cart xrzyudcdwrvsbcwuyaxfvvuyb. Email Print. YI Technology Overview. It supports H. Electronic Image Stabilization with 3-Axis Gyroscope and Accelerometer Iphoto support help fight against vibrations and shaky footage, the camera features built-in electronic image stabilization. It utilizes built-in 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer sensors to detect position and motion change, using algorithms to compensate for yi action camera sample photos movement and produce clearer, more stable looking footage.

Lens Distortion Correction Yi action camera sample photos distortion is common to many action cameras and often results in photls fish-eye like effect. Rather than having to correct this in post-production, the YI 4K eliminates this step by offering in-camera lens correction for chdhs-501 distortion and more naturally looking images.

One-Button and Touchscreen Control Simple and intuitive to use, all features and operation are controlled using a single zction and the built-in rear christine behind the scenes LCD, bringing smartphone-like simplicity when changing modes and settings.

Automatically Adjusts to Lighting Conditions The Image Signal Processor can be set to automatically adjust the frame rate and parameters to produce optimal results whether you're shooting in bright outdoor environments or low-light scenarios. Manual Settings Adjustment for Advanced Control In addition to auto-control modes, you can also manually set parameters such as shutter, exposure value compensation, ISO, metering yi action camera sample photos, white balance, and more.

photos sample yi camera action

Nine individual shooting modes are available. High-sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio of the photoz provide clearer audio yi action camera sample photos noisy environments. Fast Start-Up Wake the camera from sleep mode photox just android bluetooth problems second and start recording by pressing a single button.

Even when powered off, the camera can be ready to record in just three seconds. Efficient Power and Photoos Management The camera uses a mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery from Amperex Technology and a customized power management chip from Texas Instruments to create minimum heat while operating.

The innovative heat management design helps release heat quickly to reduce overheating while recording UHD 4K video. A fully charged battery supports approximately two hours of recording time UHD 4K at 30 fps and up to eight hours of standby time.

In the Box. Table of Contents. YI Technology Specs. Auto, Manual Compensation: YI Technology Yi action camera sample photos.

Rated 4 out of 5 by Zubeyr from Great camera but could be better with firmware updates!

photos sample action yi camera

Video quality at 4k with this camera has lots of details! After using the camera at 4k you will think twice before using p again. The spec list yi action camera sample photos between this camera and Hero 4 Black edition does not reveal that Hero 4 Black does 2.

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