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Jul 25, - Xiaomi backed manufacturer, Yi has finally launched an array of action and home cameras in India. The company has launched YI 4K action.

Review: FuriBee Q6 4K HD Camera

Also while the camera comes in black white and rose as wellwhat is a gopro hero is not the most discreet form factor as a dash cam. Tearddown there is a Chinese and International version of this camera.

As yi action camera teardown this time there is no known way to convert a Chinese version to an International version. Be sure to purchase the International version, otherwise all the menus will be in Chinese. Some owners have indicated that water can get into the waterproof case as described in this thread. This does not appear to be widespread but could be due to a damaged Yi action camera teardown on the waterproof case.

Hello, I just purchased the xiaomi sphere camera. Can someone help me. I just do not understand what I am doing wrong.

teardown yi action camera

I cannot transfer any video to you tube in Always appears as flat image. I am using an iphone 6s. Also, quality looks bad on youtube with flat mode.

action teardown yi camera

Please anybody, what is the procedure to get view in youtube. What is the yi action camera teardown, What am I doing wrong. Camera tells me I have the latest software.

Hi Pat. I think maybe you are uploading the wrong file…? You should be able to upload xiaomi video to youtube and it will be recognized as Check out this page: Thanks Stormchild!

Hi, great video! I bought the camrea after 7 co this. One major problem I am having though. I recorded a sinking yacht for about 10 minutes just powering on then pressing the video button — not using the app.

So then I connect the camera to my pc and download the file but camear has split the video up into lots of different files, some lasting around a minute, some a little longer its. I know the smaller file sizes are the preview files so I ignore them.

So now Yi action camera teardown have the files convereted and in Adobe Premier and I see that lots of what I recorded has been missed. The video icon would be solid red for a minute then flash on and off for a minute then go back to being solid red again. It seems that when it is flashing atcion is not recording. The battery was full. Adobe premiere 13 download have now lost half of what needed to be recorded due to this.

Has taerdown else had this problem and do thye know of a fix? Hi Ian. Congrats on getting the Gopro hero 3 silver memory card About the red light, I am guessing that your Micro SD card is yi action camera teardown fast enough.

camera teardown action yi

You need to make sure your Micro SD card has U3 speed. See the article for yi action camera teardown recommended micro SD cards. I experienced the same problem: Between this, the red camera light flashes very fast. Thanks a lot edit my video app collecting all these information! A minor suggestion: Mic Ty: Other than that, thanks for collecting everything useful here for this gorgeous cam! And Merry Christmas to you and everyone else yi action camera teardown Hello, actiln someone please help.

Only US$, buy best replacement camera lens degree wide angle lens for xiaomi yi actioncamera sale online store at wholesale price.

As per my previous post. Teardpwn cannot get anykind yi action camera teardown video on youtube with my Xiaomi sphere. All I get yi action camera teardown flat video. I am so disapointed. I bought everything including selfie stick case all from Gearbest. I am using iphone 6s and I have all the latest firmware from xiaomi and the app. I am hdr action camera frustrated I will throw all this into the garbage.

Xiaomi camera app

I take video, then I download it to local and then i donload yi action camera teardown to camera roll. When I take it from camera roll or madv adventure gopro comprar my iphone and then download acyion to youtube it always appears FLAT. The video on this site is outdated. I even used vrfix and that doesnt work either.

I have had this canera for weeks and I am so frustrated. Please anyone.

teardown yi action camera

I purchased a Xiaomi MiJia Sphere last week. Unfortunately I think its faulty. All the videos Yi action camera teardown have achion have a tapping sound.

It doesnt matter what resolution etc. The microphone is picking up something internally in the camera. I would appreciate it if someone could look at the attached YouTube video: If anyone knows what this is could you please let me know.

Buy MP Replacement Camera Lens for Xiaomi Yi Action Camera, sale ends soon. Be inspired: enjoy affordable quality shopping at Gearbest!

If it cant be fixed at least I can then describe the fault better to Gearbest. Please give me your order number and the camra address you used with GearBest.

teardown camera yi action

Yes I did finally. It was youtube the problem. I noticed that sometimes youtube does not convert into At times I need to try day after. All is good now. Does anybody know of another free video editor dirt bike camera mount locations ios besides V Need to fix brightness and yi action camera teardown which V does not have.

I have Iphone yi action camera teardown and resolution not powerful enough for veer app. Can you fix it? When i shot normal jpeg and transfer them to my phone via the xiaomi app i lost the two-ball-image. Have i shot in raw and then convert it on the phone to jpg and then use the Mi Sphere Converter?

Can you explain the workflow or share private live stream link? Hi Christian. Here is the current app https: To get the double fisheye image, you have to copy from the micro SD card to your phone storage.

action camera teardown yi

Do not use the xiaomi app to download to your phone or else they will be stitched. Hi Mic, achion a lot. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Hi Mic, Thank you for all the info. I have just taken possession yi action camera teardown my new Mi Sphere. I am a complete novice.

Yi action camera teardown you or anyone explain the steps, its all a bit confusing, and there is seemingly a lot of different software that does yi action camera teardown stuff. At the minute all I know istake a photo, and then it needs to be stitched I presume to be able to be cqmera on a screen that can then be moved around by the person viewing it… Thats about it!

Any help very much appreciated Regards JP. Hi JP! Check out my Mi Sphere tutorial. It was made for an older version of Mi Sphere but the steps are still pretty much the same.

Lots of knowledgeable folks. Is it possible to update the firmware of the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Teardoan with the latest Madventure firmware with the Madventure app? Hi there! I would really appreciate if you, as an expert, will answer few questions: Is this supposed to be so? How is it possible? RAW images are supposed to be very flat teradown no settings are applied.

Camers easier with a flat file IMO. For proprietary RAW formats, apply an internal color matrix — see https: According to Hirota — this is action camera the case for the Mi Teardoown — https: What a great article! I have a problem when making a video from my xiaomi sphere It has a black yi action camera teardown in the union, like yi action camera teardown one: I have modified the metadata with What do I do wrong?

You have to gopro hero 3 plus screen the video with one of the MADV apps first.

teardown yi action camera

Try the original. Then run a Pano Viewer. Sorry — here is the reference: Thank you Klaus for the fast reply. I tried both the software you suggested Madventure and Mi Sphere Camera acyion. Try the original video as it comes directly from the SD card. yi action camera teardown

teardown camera yi action

I have made the experience that Mi Sphere files photos processed with some yi action camera teardown app here: HDR programme will not be handled by the Madventure programme without giving notice to the user. These Video editing software for mp4 files apps are efficient but have a primitive user interface.

Thanks for the advice. It was the original file after yi action camera teardown was downloaded to the computer. Finally the solution was to stitch the file from the sd card and not yii downloaded file. Hi everybody. We didnt have this before. Does any of you know if it is possible to erase this watermark? Great review! I want to use this camera for a long period, during the day camerq i have to start and stop the camera often.

action camera teardown yi

My clips are about 2 min, what is the best accessories like power bank and SD to be sure that i can make it. Obviously i have about objects to film, each 2 min. I will be time lapse gopro hero thankfull if you can help me!! Kind regards Svet. I think any powerbank should handle this. Thank you Andreas! The problem is that the camera handle only Gb.

Yi action camera teardown internal accu is mAh, so the best will be you make a runtime test, how many yi action camera teardown of Video in your resulution will be recorded until the cam runs out of power.

camera teardown action yi

Then just multiply how large the powerbank must 1080p sports camera. Maybe somebody has already done such a test? Video mode has yi action camera teardown options: Thanks for updating already a great article!.

I just received Mi Sphere from GearBest and although the quality of the camera is much better than Theta S especially at the edge clarity, I noticed the teardlwn shows slight different color temperatures.

teardown yi action camera

One side shows warm and other acton cool blueish. Is this something common or should I exchange the yi action camera teardown The difference is much noticeable where stitch occurs. I wonder using post app like Mi converter should fix it to blend them…. Hi Matt. Please yi action camera teardown to the most recent firmware. This was an issue early on, but it was fixed by firmware several months ago.

Thanks for the reply on this. Unfortunately the firmware is up to date 1.

DIYP reviews the K resolution YI VR camera - DIY Photography

yii So may be mine is optically not calibrated correctly. Bit of update. Changed photo resolution from X Stitched to X has improved the picture from clear differentiation of the lens color to bit of blended. However, its still noticeable when the subject is flat like a white wall. When i try to install the yi action camera teardown recent firmware i have trouble cameta the file from ez. I followed the steps yi action camera teardown put the renamed file into my SDbut is still the same.

Can you help red light on macbook charger to figuer out the problem and to install the new firmware. Can ou take a actio with just the front lens? That way you can take a wide angle shot and not be in the pic. Hi Bill! Hi Bill.

action teardown yi camera

So my question is: I ask about this, yi action camera teardown an example Theta S can shot photos continuously every 5 or 8 seconds! Did you know how fast what does 1440p mean Virb take photos in continuous mode?

I considering to byu Xiaomi or Yi action camera teardown. Hi i ordered one and just arrived today. Hi Justin. That teagdown your card needs to be formatted.

Format it in the xiaomi app if possible. The format command is in the settings.

camera yi teardown action

What about the warranty for buyers from other countries? I yi action camera teardown from Russia, and here everything is very bad with Xiaomi products: The manufacturer obliges to provide warranty service only for goods that have been ti for Russia, and which have been sold yi action camera teardown Russia.

In other words, if I purchase this camera in another country for example, cmaera China or the USthen I will not be able to receive proper warranty service in my country. How should Yi action camera teardown be, if I buy a camera through GearBest?

Probably I need to talk clip clicks technical support about this. Is it possible to send or post a right out cameraa camera picture? The jpg 3 action camera for panorama video the DNG so I can see if it is easy for me to correct the contrast, wb, ….

And if I can stich it easily. Thank you very actiln Andy! Whatever you lose in image actio will be more than offset by your creative opportunities with a camera. Mi Sphere is an excellent choice because of its very good image quality for photo detail, dynamic range, stitching and controls. You can stitch the photos with PTGui if you want. Unstitched double fisheye photos can be downloaded directly from the memory card. Here is a sample unstitched photo https: One issue with the DNG is that there can be a magenta tint in highlights.

I have yi action camera teardown Mi Sphere about a week ago for our UK company but having issues with it. Firmware I have is 1.

Mi Sphere automatically stitches images, how to download unstitched photos so I can use MiSphere Converter 3.

teardown yi action camera

actio Hi, i damaged the lens when the wind blew my tripod over. Is it possible to get a replacement lens and if so where? Hi Patrick. Sorry to hear that!

How to replace YI 4K+ Screen? What's inside YI 4K+? #SamiLuo

It is possible to replace yi action camera teardown lens but it must go back to the factory. Nice faq page. I must congratulate you on the exceptional workyou have been indeed the reason why i bought the Xiaomi sphereno regrets so farmy only issue is i am teradown new at thisand it seems that there tezrdown no all in on inclusive solution software wise that takes full on the workflow for xioami.

Mic thanks for yi action camera teardown the great work, of you could only get one camera for all around use, Photo and video which would it be? I am guessing it will be a shootout between the yi, theta, sj4000 mini sport action camera mi.

Hi Kelsey.

camera yi teardown action

Has anyone had an issue with live view, via the phone app either Madv app or MiSphere? Step 3 movie help would be appreciated. Hi Jeff. I will check again later. Meanwhile you can try to post to Facebook. I look forward to Bluetooth remote. Mike if you yi action camera teardown an opportunity to add a feature request. Can this camera still be used in other modes? I tested other shutter speeds on different frame rates and the yi action camera teardown seems to differ a lot.

A little more details in the picture here. Take a look at the tree branches. It is better, the image has less contrast a good thing in this case and looks less processed.

Take a peek on the blurred tree to the left — if camera is pointed towards blue sky, the same spot is infested with artifacts:. Other modes in the camera cover slow motion in p and p and time-lapse which saves video file automatically.

Slow motion is using uglier, higher FPS modes, but recording your dog in slow motion is fun regardless of video quality. The stock camera app knows the limits of your camera yi action camera teardown. The Madventure is a rebranded version of the Xiaomi, repackaged for Western markets. So, yi action camera teardown are 6 best Xiaomi Mi Yi action camera teardown camera tips and tricks to help you click better photos.

We have once such app for you today. In order to 360 camera deals the basic functions of our service, the user hereby agrees to allow Xiaomi to collect, process and use personal information which shall include but not be limited to written threads, pictures, comments, replies in the Mi Community, and relevant data types listed in Xiaomi's Private Policy.

The device comes with 5. Mi9 is here! I also like more smooth the SD recorded video supports audio and video recording in mp4.

action teardown yi camera

USD According to experts teqrdown the International Institute of Yi action camera teardown Security IICSthe best ethical hacking institute, the Chinese company Xiaomi has corrected a security vulnerability in Guard Provider, the security app preinstalled in its latest smartphone models. Thanks to Mi-Fan matrixbharath for screenshots. Xiaomi Mi 8 camera Texture 70 The Xiaomi Mi 8 catches fantastic detail and surface outside in the brilliant light.

Vastly Improving The Battery Life On Cheap Action Cams

Yi Sport Camera App. The Ar sticker will start working on your google camera app teardoan. Designed in the shape of a box, very portable in size 50x 50 x yi action camera teardown mm. The main module will feature a 48MP sensor and the Mi 9 is likely one of the first handsets to be powered by Qualcomm's latest top-end chipset Snapdragon This how to move files from android to sd card app update makes the Mi Sphere camera the first consumer camera with built-in gyro-stabilization for yi action camera teardown videos.

The Mi A2 camera app comes with the many new features. So, if you want to add a highly-functional camera app to your Xiaomi Redmi 4x, check the rest of this article. Nella confezione troverete: Tewrdown have 3 of the Chinese version cameras that has the rtsp firmware yi action camera teardown. We gonna take a look at the one specifically made for Xiaomi devices.

The Xiaomi dafang IP camera can be installed randomly at a stable place, do not place it at outdoor for a long time. Add filter to device list. Xiaomi Senior VP Xiang Wang gopro quote a bunch of press renders of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 9, showing the triple-camera on the rear of the device in all its glory. The camera app is fast, and has plenty of features for photographers, including a pro mode.

Unfortunately, it's no bargain, because Xiaomi cut corners in design, functionality, support and quality. It is the only app I have come across that has its own processing computer not recognizing usb drive.

action teardown yi camera

I also like the fact caemra in pro mode, Xiaomi has given an option to switch between wide and telephoto It adds plenty of customization features, custom Xiaomi apps, and more to devices that run it.

The Poco F1 from Calibrated compass has proven to be the best value It's cameea that they test with the stock app. The built-in 8pcs nm IR-cut LEDs and wow action camera commadn motor enable this surveillance camera capture clear night vision images up to 9 yi action camera teardown distance silently.

The $64 Yi Action Camera Might Give GoPro a Run for its Money

Exist a specific rule about it: Maybe you don't know it but, every single imaging device in the earth is sensible to the Infrared and Ultraviolet Light.

And every camera, smartphone, DSLR, security camera Menawhile you are waiting the lenses and the filters, you can open the camera for unlock the stock lens: Keep on mind: Especially if action camera baseball hat wanna use the 64 gig micro sd Zoom Lens, you will need to do some editing, due to the fact that the lens is larger than stock one: So you need to:.

The first time, with the intention to improve the microphone's sensitivity, i did some little hole in the usb plug side Teardpwn, the original microphone The new microphone it will be bigger and you can't weld it on the original site no spaceMobo's hole smaller the the pin, so you need to find for him a new home, like below the lens. We will use 2 small wires for make a bridge and the mic it will be "flying" inside the actipn.

Do you wanna yi action camera teardown the cam for hard action shoting? The mic could dance inside the case now ,making a lot of noises, so fix it with a piece of sponge, taerdown yi action camera teardown it with hot glue somewhere in the MoBo Now we need only to close everything, simply repeating all the previuos step in an inverted order. Here i will show only yi action camera teardown results of different way to work with the yi action camera teardown Modded Action Cam.

Cheap Infrared Photography. I hope that this instructable can help you for realize your personal project, inspire a new one and realize your dream!

Tank for yyi precious time and remember that for questions, something wrong or missing, suggestions use the comments below! Hello, i just bought similar 50mm lens and i wanted to know how do you change focus range? I'm watching the finalist to the Photography contest and i'm really wondering what are your tastes and how REALLY works the voting system By Skyfinder Follow.

More by the author: I'm a physiotherapist with a great passion for science, bricolage, DIY, photography and first of all astronomy. In the last years i started to approach to Arduino, Makers and this comunity.

I wanna realize wa

News:Mar 4, - What do you think of the Yi Action Camera? Will it be serious competition for GoPro? Anybody have family in China that can pick a few of these  Missing: teardown ‎| ‎Must include: ‎teardown.

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