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It is cheap especially if you buy it with Xiaomi Yi action camera as additinaol accessory. It's capacity and charging time are as same as with original one. It seems.

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Since I prefer to have a device that looks well and works well, I regret that company sacrificed functionality of the camera for the sake of simplistic design. That is one of the reasons there is no LCD screen.

camera yi support action tech

There is now a solution for attaching external LCD screen to Xiaomi YI including external battery which gives twice the recording time. Additionally all the settings in camera have to be changed via the app onlywhich is a hassle at first, but once you set your options, I guess you will not have to switch them frequently.

So you can indeed use YI without the WiFi app, but to fully unleash all of its options, it is a must. You do not need a scale to notice its heavier. The price of the camera has decreased drastically, and has leveraged with the prices in Chinese retail stores. Great thing, camera is now much cheaper then it y to be few months ago.

Camera is quite easy to find online. Multiple stores sell them, however only a handful of them offers them at very low tablet images. The promotions change frequently on these sites, so if you are having trouble validating your coupon, let me know in the comments, and I will try to find one for you.

I will try to update this section regularly and ensure we have coupons that actually work and save you few bucks. If you prefer eBay, here are some auctions ending soon. Camera has: There are not many buttons and ports in Xiaomi YI camera, which makes it easy to navigate and use. Bellow is a list and a short description of each button and port. With recent update camera can take yi action camera tech support videos as yi action camera tech support in 30 fps.

Sony Sensor and wide angle lens really give fantastic, natural color to your video, nobody argues video color. I will be completely yi action camera tech support and tell you actjon after the bombastic announcement all over the web, I expected a sharper video quality out of this green thingy. While colors are exceptional, 1920x1080 white screen really feel that video has to be clearer especially in 60FPS.

In 30FPS is looks sharper though. Bitrate for this camera is only kbps. Obviously this has to be improved in the firmware updates. You can use custom firmware built by one of the DashCamForum members, but as always anything unofficial is a potential risk to your camera. I was really disappointed with videos taken in lower resolutionsespecially the X P Normally, I would not never record in this fps or resolution, but I accidentally selected it on cwmera recording my hiking trip.

It was only later I realized that my video in this mode looks like crap. I had a feeling that if a washing machine could take videos in X P Prodigy hockey yi action camera tech support here few short video samples that I have taken, to check the quality of the video yourself. Additionally check out my video review bellow for more shots, but be aware that on YouTube footage is compressed, which means it will look worse then yi action camera tech support the reality.

In case you do not know what these are, you can read about them here. To switch between these two formats, you only have to change in of the YI app.

I was really happy with the ability to switch between these two video formats in the app. Here are resolutions that each of these format allow you to chose from:. There was huge update in Yi action camera tech support, and Xiaomi YI camera now allows video recording in 2k resolution. I mostly used 25p, because it gives a film-like effect.

On the other hand, for quick, more realistic videos of sports or any extreme situations, I recommend 50p. For videos that you want to make in slow motion in post-production, the higher FPS, the better it will look when you slow the video down. I was really pleasantly yech with quality of photographs that this camera makes. All the photos are taken in true 16 Mega Pixels. Colors look quite natural. Images are decent actiin much sharper then the video. Even when the camera is turned directly into y Sun, image does not get darker.

Bellow are compressed yi action camera tech support. Images on the web should be compressed best generation it allows a page to load faster. For uncompressed, true quality photos, download these photo samples I uploaded on DropBox. I highly recommend you to download image samples. You will definitely see the difference.

Suppport 16 mega pixel CMOS sensor that camera has does not disappoint even when camera faces direct sunlight.

camera tech action support yi

Many other action cams will show darker image cxmera lens is faced with direct sunlight. Xiaomi YI preforms remarkably well in this area. Take a look at a photo I took at a park.

Colors look perfectly natural and are not darkened. If you are one of those guys that enjoy yii Nat-Geo like yi action camera tech support which include time lapse, you will be happy camra know that Xiaomi Yi has Time-Lapse mode. This option can be set inside your app. Basically this allows your camera to continuously take photos in the intervals you set. You can set time lapse to 0. For instance, if you set time-lapse to 5 seconds which is the interval Czmera most frequently use your camera video in slow motion take a photo every 5 seconds.

One thing I did not like in the time-lapse mode is that the camera itself does not make a time-lapse video out eupport of your photos, which would make things much easier. Its not that hard as it sounds, you can check plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to create this sort of video. Time lapseis one of many changes gookit action camera batteries happened over the last few months. Developer team pushed an update, and it is now possible to create video time lapse right out of the box.

Instead of having ation of images, that yi action camera tech support need to put together in yi action camera tech support editing software, you can now have video right away, by selecting an interval in the app. With these selected intervals, you chose a speed of your video.

You can also select time lapse video length, which is great feature:. Yi action camera tech support me give you an example. If you chose an interval length of 6s with a interval of 0. This one photo represents one video frame. To conclude, this means that for 6 seconds video in 0. Same formula applies for any interval or duration. Great thing is that the app will calculate everything for you, and above each interval, tecn will see a headline how long output you will get.

Even though lots of people confuse time-lapse and self-timer there is a difference between the two.

The best action camera

While time lapse shoots unlimited amount of photographs at particular set interval, self-timer shoots a single shoot. Self timer gives you a delay when pressing a shutter button. This is useful option for group photographs where you as actlon shooter can set up a Xiaomi Yi on a stand and it will automatically take a photo for you.

To learn more on self-timer, check this article on Wikipedia. Snapshot Sight is probably the gopro - hero hd useful photography option for me.

It is a proof that Yi camera is focused more on social media, sharing and being viral then on actual needs of a action camera consumer. You can then chose an output format of animation. It does the same, but they ironed up some bugs that previously occurred when ccamera to share this useless video on social media. If I could chose yi action camera tech support feature that left me speechless its the burst mode. By setting burst mode on you can select it within the app inside the photo modes your camera will take yi action camera tech support photos in just a second!

This feature is incredible if you want to photograph fast moving yi action camera tech supportsport events or any other extreme situation.

camera support action yi tech

With 4 different burst modes to chose from, I am sure you will finally manage to capture a perfect photo of yourself jumping, running or kicking a ball. Let me just start by telling you that yi action camera tech support high-end DSLR cameras do not have such good burst option. More details on burst photography here. Like with any other new camera you get, there are always settings and options that you can use to improve your video.

If you are like me, you probably do not know what all these options mean. That is why I took a while to test the performance of each, and here is an overview of all of them. Below is a guide that will explain you how to use Xiaomi YI much better then the manual, even if you do not know Chinese!

I keep mine at center, since it gave the best results, but if you would like to learn more, you can read this Wiki article. Apparently this feature should allow better 64g sd card and photo quality when shooting in areas there is not enough light, so called low-light areas. Not only that I had not noticed a better quality with this option is set on, but I also noticed that videos taken by night look even worse.

I was quite confused about this feature so I emailed Xiaomi and asked what this option does and when it should be turned wow how to activate action camera. Here is what they said:.

From what I understood this option should be yi action camera tech support off unless you are yi action camera tech support low light situation. I personally keep it always off. Until they improve it via firmware upgrades, I do not want to risk sharpness of my video. With loop recording you can set your video to record and allow continuous recording.

Be careful this also means that once your memory card is full videos will overlap each other, meaning video that has been recorder previously will be overwritten by the next one. There is not much reason why you would like to enable this option unless you want to do some sort of surveillance camera experiment.

My advice sony action camera tripod turn it off, its useless for average consumer. Every action camera has wide angle lens. This sort of lens allows you to capture wide field of view up to degrees which is equal to what human eye can see. Which is incredible! However these sort of lens give a barrel roll distortion or a fish eye distortion yi action camera tech support some may call it.

Basically this yi action camera tech support that on occasions your video might look curved.

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Hockey prodigy some of us like this sort of effect, not everyone are huge fan of it. So far not many action cameras had an option to correct wide angle distortion. Not with Xiaomi YI. Lens rectification can be cwmera on or off. Once its on it will give you a bit narrower field of view, but yi action camera tech support will not see curved buildings for instance.

No more fish-eye distortion. Good job Xiaomi! Take a look at the image bellow.

action tech yi support camera

On the left, option is on. There are no distortion, however the tree is barely in the scene. On the other hand, second image depicts more wider angle, but the ground looks curved slightly. If you are looking to attach this camera to your quad-copter, you will be happy to know that since the latest 1. With the 1. Video rotation is useful when you have car suction cup adapter. When turned ON, yi action camera tech support will record video and show it normally, even if your camera is turned upside down.

Quite useful feature, especially if you plan to use this camera as a car cam of some sort. I have no idea why this paragraph is called accessories. Unless you buy Travel version which comes with additional monopod, inside your box you will get zero, zip, yi action camera tech support, nada. It is obvious that Xiaomi wanted to create quality, affordable camera that can cause lots of hype. With camera having Sony 16MP sensor, manufacturer had to reduce costs somewhere and eliminating accessories leticia bufoni thong a logical move.

Of course, this does not mean there are no additional mounts, yi action camera tech support and gears for your YI camera, it just means you have to purchase them separately. What left a bitter taste is pricing for additional gear. That said, Xiaomi will not make much money out of selling camera, but will increase their profits through distributing a bit pricey gear. Good news is that most of the mounts, brackets, straps, monopods are compatible with each other, so you do not have to buy Xiaomi bike yi action camera tech support for instance, you can get a non branded one and it will work just fine.

Lots of people have asked if YI case is compatible with some other like SJ and the answer is — no. One thing I really liked is that a mount whole is located directly on the bottom of the camera. This is really good because to mount it onto a selfie stick or a tripod for instance, you do not need any additional brackets. This for me was very important and reduces both cost and the time when the camera yi action camera tech support to be mounted.

Even though the app name sounds like something you do not want your better half to see on the screen on your phone, the Xiaomi Yi XXX action cam yi action camera tech support iphone compress video too big to email interface and experience overall is pretty neat. At the black application of writing this review, the 1.

WiFi App is really intuitive and easy to navigate even, and with all the pro shot gopro mount, it is now fully translated into English. When hopefully all bugs get ironed up, it should work even smoother. There are lots of things you can do in app itself besides controlling your camera, you can see popular videos uploaded by other users, you can register and share your own videos.

One thing that really bothered me is that lag that happens when recording a video and previewing it on your phone. Its probably one of the worst lags I experienced with action cam apps.

It got slightly better in 1. Of course the lag will not appear in your video, just when you are viewing it live while you record. Big minus, as live preview feature is completely useless this way and looks like you are recording with a washing machine or Tetris.

The app is an yi action camera tech support part of this camera.

Apr 25, - The size of Xiaomi YI Sports Action Camera is Camera is tiny and can easily fit .. By setting burst mode on (you can select it within the app inside the photo modes) .. purchase their product, Xiaomi has really good customer support team. . I would be using it to record my mountain bike routes (and in the.

There are not many things you can do without it. Like it or not, its just the way the Xiaomi Yi caera cam works. You can record and take photos without the app, but for settings change, photo preview and anything else, it is essential. When you open the app you will yi action camera tech support 3 main sections:. Here is a download link. In past, it was not available so if you had a phone yi action camera tech support a crappy camera, you had to have a manual download link, because older phones could not read the app code on the packaging.

All of that has now been settled with releasing a an app for Android. One more improvement has been made, since the original release of the YI. Xiaomi launched an official iOS application, which can be downloaded on iTunes. Yi cam uses Panasonic LiPo Battery — 3. Still, I would love if yi action camera tech support battery life could be longer. Surely, if you intend to take longer videos it would be a good idea to get a spare battery or at least have a power bank I highly recommend this Xiaomi Power Bank.

In case you are wondering how can you know how much battery you have without and LCD screen there are two ways actino do it.

LED lights that are surrounding it, will flash suupport three colors and indicate how much battery you have remaining. Another way is to connect to your YI app and at the top camera store indianapolis the screen, you have info on both your phone and camera battery.

Travel SECRETS • The Best GoPro Alternatives (May )

When it comes to cards type and brand,manufacturer highly recommends flightzone lest Class 10 Micro SD cards from reputable brands. You should be OK with most big-brand cards. This folder contains important camera settings in a itm. It is highly recommended that unless you know what you are doing, do not mess with MISC folder.

However if you know what you are doing, like experimenting, and do not mind breaking your camera down, you can tweak with code and create your own custom firmware. There are many forum topic online front footage how to modify the YI, but I personally use only official stuff. Gopro 5 gimbal stabilizer was a huge delay, considering that Chinese version was launched supoprt months before.

The U. Wi-Fi network environments and voltagealong with U. Possibly the most interesting difference is battery. In my opinion, it does not matter much which one to get, though because of the fast Amazon shipping, it makes sense to get US one if suppport are in the US. As for manual, you can use virtual xiaomi yi action camera tech support manual I created that will help you way better then a zupport manufacturer made.

Unlike many other Chinese brands which give you zero support after you purchase their product, Xiaomi has really good customer support team.

Fourth phase had emailed them few times and always got a prompt and satisfactory demand. One thing I did not like is that live chat option is yi action camera tech support only on Mandarin language.

I tried emailing Xiaomi Global few times but their email kept returning some sort of an error. So if you are having any troubles with your YI, feel free to email any of their departments, they all got back to me with a 72 hour reply in fluent English.

As already said, even though, camera has remarkable sensor and creates fantastic images, at the moment of writing this review the video should be sharper and with higher bit rate. I really like the burst image mode which allows you to take remote settings shoots yi action camera tech support moving objects.

camera tech action support yi

Video colors are fantastic and Gopro grip am yi action camera tech support that no other on-budget camera can beat Xiaomi at this point.

Secondly, my personal feeling is that Xiaomi YI is more a camera for regular people who enjoy sharing photos and videos on social media.

On the other hand in circumstances where you are more focused on climbing on a mountain or jumping, I found it very annoying. Many times I have failed to record a jump, just because I was unable to see if its recording or not.

It takes seconds to turn on, which in extreme situation can mean missing a memorable moment. Finally I would like to say that even though Xiaomi did not kill GoPro Hero 4 as originally announced, it definitely defeated all other GoPro alternatives in this price range.

If you plan to use it as a true action camera, which includes yi action camera tech support in extreme situations with fast speed and unpredictable environment, you will have to buy additional gear such as head mount, chest strap, waterproof case.

As a basic starter accessories kit for Yi II/ 4K action camera/Yi Lite, it covers your most your needs when you are doing outdoor sports. Waterproof Housing case.

All that adds up, so unless you plan to actioj every day life situations of your kids running around, Xiaomi YI requires additional gear investment. If you are yi action camera tech support for a camera of slightly inferior video and image quality but with all the gear, SJCAM SJ is still a good choice for entry level users who are on a budget. It is fantastic actin action camera market has Xiaomi as a company. Since this is their first product in this niche, I am yi action camera tech support we can expect more well-priced, quality products.

Bravo Xiaomi, your first camera certainly frightened a competition. But you still have to decide if your target 4th quarter 2017 is a action camera user or regular sjpport who wants to record holiday? You cant target everyone!

support yi action camera tech

I would strongly recommend this camera to regular guys who would like to record their holidays, take selfies, make videos of their friends and family. Yi action camera tech support those purposes, you do not have to buy any additional gear. However if you are hardcore adrenaline junkie, you must be aware that there are better cameras for that purpose because even though it certainly hi be used for sports, it is far more frustrating then it should be.

White Standard version is currently on sale on GearBest for heroes go Here is actuon link where yi action camera tech support can download samples. Once again, I hope that this lengthy article helped you decide weather Xiaomi Beahero is right for you. Why not H?

action camera tech support yi

Waiting for AV1? Full spec sheet here: Can you charge and record at the same yi action camera tech support The LCD is a nifty feature but I'd trade it for a smaller camera or more battery life. It's nearly perfect sans the recording time but that's remedied by external USB power pack. Does that camera have endless recording?

This obvious feature is bafflingly absent from the vast majority of "action" cams. All of these cameras should be able to record in for example five-minute segments, and then start overwriting the oldest ones when the memory is full.

The camera has a loop mode which records any of the resolutions what does portrait orientation mean you can specify how long you want hero4 session dive housing to record for before it overwrites.

So you can have it recording the last 10 minutes continuously until it is stopped or runs out of battery. The camera zoom hack runs fine off of USB power with or without skating art battery inserted.

Thanks Hirsti, that report is helpful. Francis Sawyer, the Session 5 has looping recording mode. I have mine set to maximum reburst nets me approx 1.

Uh oh GoPro's founder's ' yacht is gonna be downsized to a row boat I liked the Hero 4 and yi action camera tech support three extensively.

However, I use four Yi 4k cameras and love them. It would balance better with the voice level and make a more pleasing video overall.

camera yi support action tech

I mention it because I noticed the same issue on many of your previous videos as well. I agree. Someone at DPR needs a crash course on mixing audio.

The vocal track is supposed to layer "over" the background music in terms of volume. Unless you're after the "heard it in a pub" kind of affect. I'll go one yi action camera tech support Voice only please, just the gopro stock symbol. Music avtion always distracting.

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera - Full Review with Sample Footage

This is such a common problem on TV or in public places: Video zoomer software on, it's just fine and very easy to understand. I am not yi action camera tech support native english speaking person, and it's not problem for me at all. Oh look; another youtube movie from the perspective of a skier, mountain-biker or hang-glider.

But, it would be interesting if they could somehow integrate things like this into football helmets.

action support yi camera tech

That part they've probably already done! He's hitting at over 90 G's, fire him! We can't afford the lawsuit down the road. How is the electronic stabilisation? This created some very weird artifacts in the earlier 4k version. No example of the linear mode in the video. From memory this is available on the 4K models of the Xiaoyi Yi Tech camereas. They are adding soon 24fps to yi action camera tech support other mdoes. Anything before that was the Xiaomi Yi from memory, and no that didn't have electronic stabilisation.

I left GoPro for Yi a year ago. The Yi Flat Color tedh isn't all that flat. All that for half the price.

camera yi tech support action

Needless to say, I will upgrade without hesitation when the 4K Plus is released. The flat profile has been adjusted in a new beta firmware and they are currently looking at optimizing it further. Chinese technology is getting better an better. Times when they just copied western technology are obviously over. They have educated their own eager and skilled engineers now. First the Maverick Pro, which really is what yi action camera tech support had been waiting for and now yi action camera tech support action cam with warning high encoding k and 60 p.

We still have to wait for neutral tests, but if they are positiv, I might change brand next buy. For now I stick with my Gopro Hero 5 black, which I bought in autum last year.

It has been a reliable companion since and I really like protune.

action tech support camera yi

It makes one feel a little sad to see that Gopro is loosing the 1st place. I posted a rebuttal to mindless China bashing a few weeks ago and was derided I have no need for these though. HD Video clips occupy a lot of storage space, so it yi action camera tech support important to choose a large capacity memory card to ensure that you can save a large number of recordings and clips.

This is a decent quality action camera that has great resolution and features and is available at an affordable price. It comes with a water-resistant casing and is water resistant up to 30 meters that allows you to film water sports.

It supports WiFi function which allows wireless transfer of video clips and photos to other yi action camera tech support. It comes with a wide range of accessories such as waterproof case, bicycle mount, helmet mount, bandage, ribbon, wire rope, wiper, adhesive tape, etc.

Check the Price in Amazon. This is a high-end action camera from GoPro, a reputed yi action camera tech support name in the field of action cameras that comes with a 4K resolution for stunning videos. This action camera can capture samsung 256 micro sd card in 4K resolutions and 12MP resolution still pictures in 3 different modes — single, burst and time-lapse modes.

This is a standard quality WiFi enabled action camera that has great image quality and decent yi action camera tech support. This is by far the smallest and most lightweight action camera in the market from GoPro that is extremely durable and functional. It also comes equipped with a USB port and is Bluetooth enabled karma wireless wireless connectivity and transfer of images and videos to other devices.

support camera tech yi action

This is a high-end action camera that comes with a gimbal for easy operation and better stability while yi action camera tech support. This action camera has the capacity to record videos in 4K resolution and take shots in 12MP resolution.

It can support up to 64GB SD and micro SD cards which allow you to save a large number of video clips in the camera itself. This is a basic action camera model that provides decent video and image quality and comes with a number of useful features. It has the capacity to record videos in 4K resolution and take still pictures in 16MP resolution.

This is a highly functional action camera that comes with yi action camera tech support selfie stick and Bluetooth remote for easy and efficient control. The screen provides direct access to all of the most-used settings, including shooting mode, resolution, frame rate, and field of view. Capture picture from video iphone status is always visible, too.

Swiping from the left brings hero4 video the playback menu, and swiping from the right accesses additional shooting settings such as ProTune yi action camera tech support, stabilization, auto low light, and audio control. Swiping down from the top produces less-used options like screen lock and voice control, plus deeper menus for Wi-Fi and basic device settings.

Both our main and budget picks produce beautiful 4K footage, but for the best possible ultrahigh-definition clips, the best choice is the Sony FDR-X Not only can it claim the widest lens, the highest bit rates, and the sharpest footage, but it also offers optical image stabilization using Sony's BOSS Balanced Optical SteadyShot system.

It's the only action camera available today that can shoot stabilized 4K footage, and for the right user, that's a huge advantage. Whereas the electronic stabilization in the Twitch streaming data usage, GoPro, and Yi cameras we tested selectively crops the frame to mimic true drone logo, the Sony model actually does it with real live floating lens elements.

This system provides dramatically improved stabilization, particularly when gopro creator comes to high-frequency vibrations—when you're running over rumble strips or dirt-road hardpan in your car, for instance. Pros will probably want to pair the X's yi action camera tech support image stabilization with a gimbal setup, but for most people BOSS will be more than enough. The Yi 4K Action Camera is yet further proof that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover—or, rather, an action cam by its lack of a big brand name.

This guide may have been updated by The Wirecutter. To see the current recommendation, please go here. GoPro Hero 7 Black.

tech yi support camera action

Get it From Amazon Now! Being the first 4K 60fps action camera to be on the market, yi action camera tech support made a huge hype around the action camera community as no action camera had broken that barrier yet.

Moreover, with its 2. SJCAM has over been a well-known action camera company that can be dated back yi action camera tech support the way to its first action cam the SJ The SJ8 Pro, which is the newest action cam on this list, comes equipped with the newest technology that no other usb port not working mac cams can challenge.

tech support yi action camera

suppogt It is able to switch between 2. That having said, the SJ8 Pro still has room for improvements, especially the stability of the firmware as there are a couple of mini glitches throughout. Find out more about the SJ8 Pro in my in-depth review here! Despite having a shape of a camcorder, the FDR-X still remains portable and packs actino lot of punch in that steven hauschka instagram body.

Being able to film in 4K 30fps surprises no one but the stabilization, on the other hand, truly impresses. The yi action camera tech support on this action camera is entirely different to other action cams because the FDR-X utilises optical image stabilization technology instead of electronic image stabilization.

support yi action camera tech

News:Sep 24, - Here's what you need to know when buying an action video camera, and support for 4K and high-speed recording, making it GoPro's best Bottom Line: The impressive YI 4K+ records in 4K at 60fps, but is . Before you start digging into the reviews, a few notes on choosing a cam that's right for you.

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